My first video. Cringing from the awkwardness. This will be a fun ride.
Animal Lifeline of Iowa, a no kill, special needs shelter

An article just came out about the outreach and event coordinator of Animal Lifeline of Iowa, the no kill, special needs shelter I volunteer at. Reading about her passion for these creatures reminds me of something that’s in me. 

A reason why I can’t bring myself to volunteer or seek an internship at the popular animal shelter in the area is because I know the cats and dogs they want to euthanize. I learn their stories and how they almost get put down because of illness or allergies. That is until Animal Lifeline rescues them.

I see those cats and dogs recover and thrive at ALI. I see them get adopted into loving homes. ALI gives those animals another chance at life and love. They see the potential in every animal despite health problems. I know the reason regular shelter euthanize animals, but knowing what I do, I can’t support a shelter that doesn’t give those animals I care so much about the same opportunity for love. 

I want to do something impactful with my life. I want to save animals. Cats, dogs, cows, turkeys, pigs, all animals are created equal. The perfect job would be exactly what Hannah does at ALI; for a dog and cat shelter, a farm animal sanctuary, or a pigeon rescue. I hope someday I can do that. 

I recommend watching the video the link has and get a peak at the place I love so much.