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Hey:) I still go to school so I usually eat 🍟 in the cafeteria. Today they offer chickenwings *ugh* and my friend wants to eat them. I said I'll eat in the classroom because for me it's disgusting. He wants me to be more tolerate. What do you think?

Well, if it grosses you out then it grosses you out, there isn’t really much more you should have to say to him. You shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable just because your friend would rather you sat there, and he should really be more understanding of that. I think a lot of meat eaters don’t really understand how we see it, but it isn’t up to you to make him understand, the fact that it makes you uncomfortable should be enough.

goldfish in bags...

I’ve been working at my county fair all week, selling sweet tea as a fundraiser for 4-H. Although we’re a pretty tiny fair, we have most of the usual stuff: lots of concessions, a couple rides, and loads of the “GUARANTEED PRIZE!” booths that are total rip offs. well there’s one (possibly more) of the “play to win a goldfish!” booths where they give you a little fish in a plastic baggy of water. so I see all these people walking around with like 4 bags of fish in one hand, almost dropping them, taking them on rides, laying them down, bouncing them around, etc. and i swear to god i just want to bawl my eyes out every time i see it.
how does ANYONE think that’s okay? those people don’t have fish tanks, they can’t feed the fish in the baggy, the bag is nowhere near large enough to keep a fish healthy, and everyone knows the fish are going to die in 3 days or so and they’ll be flushed down the toilet and forgotten.. all for an hour of “ooh look at my cute fishy!”
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