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My twice baked sweet potato:

Bake half of a sweet potato until it’s soft. Use a fork and scoop out the meat onto a pan where you have sautéed some spinach and kale, put the mix back into the sweet potato skin and bake it again for about 10 minutes 🍃

On the side I baked som cubed sweet potato and thinly sliced tomato on the side. I drizzled with a mixture of nutritional yeast and water, that, when combined, is a very delicious dressing ✨
Sprinkle with some fresh herbs 🌿

Imagine you come home to find a dead animal in your house. Most people would treat such a discovery with sadness and/or revulsion, because even if you don’t like animals, it’s still pretty gross to find a corpse in your house, and your first instinct would likely be to put the body outside, to bury or otherwise dispose of it.
So why do you not treat the dead animals in your fridge in the same way? Is it because they don’t look like dead cows, pigs, sheep and birds? Because they often come in neat little packages with dissociative names like ‘beef’ or 'pork’?
Make the connection.
Go vegan.

Switching to a fully plant driven “diet” has been one of the best decisions I’ve made so far. I’ve been vegan, vegetarian and it has been good. I’ve lost weight and in the beginning I felt really good. Being vegan is not only about food…it is a lifestyle..A lifestyle I admire, but not necessarily agree with it (with some of the issues concerning non edible products)

I say plant driven because I’ve still have these moments…when my body speaks to me….wanting eggs, butter, honey, fish…and I listen. That’s really what it’s all about. I think our relationship with food is the source of a majority of our happiness, or lack there of. Food shouldn’t make us feel remorse or guilt. Rather joy, clean burning energy and satisfaction. I’ve lost pretty much any cravings for junk food and I fill up quickly on very little. It’s a daily journey and it’s been super cool seeing and feeling my body, and mind, shift. I Highly recommend this way of eating to anyone who suffers any kind of ailment in relation to digestion, weight & bloating, lack of energy, trouble sleeping, trump trauma….plants are very powerful medicine. However, power to the people! Some humans need meat too and by no means is that wrong…bio individuality is where it’s at! Make sure you support local farmers and buy organic…If you have a garden plant your own veggies and fruits! Non gmo!!