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  • the catcher in the rye by JD salinger heeelelelelllllll yeeeeaahahhhh myFavourite book of all time, with my favourite main character of all literature, my agonizingly depressed teen-relateable son
  • notes from the tilt a whirl AND/OR death by living by ND wilson, listne to me, you must tread these, i realize you will probably not be able to find them anywhere other than ordering them off amazon, but please do it,,, warning they are religious/christian books but i have a Really hard time imagining even a staunch atheist hating them, they are so soaked in life, marinated in the wonder of existance, BUY THEM, READ THEM, BE UTTERLY UNDISAPPOINTED 
  • if you havent read the book thief by markus zusak now is the time my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a literary, historical, human treasure 
  • listen this is so white girl of me to say but the fault in our stars is worth cutting through the stupid hype and reading. ive read it seven times and im honestly so disappointed at the cheap and stupid publicity its receiving it is an actually profound and moving book
  • good omens by terry pratchett and neil gaiman because its dripping with hilarity and macabre humour and basically just a gem
  • the old man and the sea by ernest hemingway is good if you liked life of pi and want more stories about people stranded in boats suffering hugely and the Human Experience

So I’m on fucking Skype with Ali and she starts bursting out laughing and after like 5 minutes she finally manages to say ‘I just remembered fucking Moon Moon’

Ali beesus christ go to sleep you are drunk off Kraft Dinner

someone on my dash earlier was talking about how they wanted to have some pepsi throwback but couldn’t get any for some reason or another and i thought it was tumblr user veggie-pants but i can’t find the post??? on her blog????? and to be honest i’m somewhat embarrassed of how many different shots i took of myself with this dumb bottle of soda only to not remember who i was even supposed to be submitting it to that i’m going to post it here and hope they see it UvU

i really like pepsi throwback because it reminds me of royal orange which also isn’t as super carbonated as regular cherry pepsi  and a lot of other sodas are!!!

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i am very much like this too but whenever things get really difficult or upsetting i just remind myself that things take time. it takes time to master something new. if you want to improve at something, just be patient with yourself and work hard!!

thank u :’))))

haha, you’re definitely right, but it’s a lot harder to convince myself of that when i’m actually working on a thing, y'know?

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what is nose goes?

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the hell even is that

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I PLAYED IT I KNOW WHAT IT IS BUT I CALLED IT THE NOSE GAME LIKE A NORMAL PERSON see interbvutts and ask the oncefurs are on my level aw hell ye

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please explain what this is

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I have ten bucks saying I will regret this but what is “nose goes”? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it


you guys oKAY NOW I FEEL LIKE A BULLY;;;;;

it’s one of those mini games you do when you’re with ppl and you’re trying to decide who’s going to do something like be “it” so then someone yells NOSE GOES and puts their finger on their nose and the last person to do it is the person who has to do “it”

there’s also MOOSE MASTERS and JUMP IN THE CANOE!!! but if you guys aren’t familiar with nose goes………….