veggiekat asked:

Hi! How're you doing? Anything interesting happening? Just checking in. Have a great & magical day & make sure you take care of yourself!

Oh my gosh. I have no idea when you sent this ( because Tumblr and notifications, smh ) soooo hopefully it’s not been too long :)

Meh, work is work but I’ve finally gone back to school for my last two classes for my undergrad so that’s great! ( and slightly stressful but in a good way? )

I’ve also started kayaking, which is super fun and not nearly as scary as I thought it would be. Actually, it’s very peaceful and relaxing and I highly recommend that everyone tries it at least once in their life. Just floating along down stream listening to nature, with the sun and the water.

So yeah. That’s what’s new for me. How about yourself?

veggiekat asked:

Hi, You offered so 11, 14, and 89.

11 // How many pairs of Shoes do you own?

Seven, if I have counted correctly

14 // Are you psychic in any way?

I don’t think so although I get a lot of deja vu moments, does that count?

89 // Do you like your age?

I do, because its that age where I could have adult responsibilitys if I wanted to but its also that age where I can just have my parents do everything for me.

Thank You for Asking!! :D

Throughout my whole life, I’ve generally befriended people who were older than me- far older. I usually got along better with teachers than I did with the people in my class. I always kinda figured that would change once I got to be an adult.

Nope. Even today, I’m still usually getting along better with people who are older than me by years (with one or two exceptions of a baby here and there coughcoughDawnelleandfabyourlosscoughcough)

And I’m still not sure why. Not that I’m complaining, no sir. I enjoy the company of the friends I have and am thankful for every one.

veggiekat asked:

Yeah, I know this is just wrong: Crowley, Ezekiel, and Meg.

oh hell 


Kiss- Ezekiel

Fuck- Crowley

Marry- Meg