veggie with a cause

imagine noctluna’s kid refusing to eat their veggies cause ‘dad doesn’t eat his!” and luna just glances across the table at noctis and she’s not glaring or anything but he feels a chill run down his spine and starts shoveling veggies into his mouth

X Men Apocalypse as Babies Headcanons:

Peter: A quick baby. You can’t even catch him, even if he’s a toddler. Dammit Peter, slow down! He knocks things over as he runs past you and he runs between your legs as he starts running all over the place again trying to catch him.

Kurt: Super adorable little blueberry. He laughs when you tickle his stomach or his little feet. He makes a funny, cute little giggle when you do that. He ‘bamfs’ somewhere random like high on the shelf or high on the stairs or the roof. You tell him to get down gently so you won’t hurt his feelings.

Warren: Has small little wings. Really stubborn cause he won’t eat his veggies. Eats things between the couch. Likes to be carried almost constantly. He likes to grip your hair really hard when he’s carried or grips onto your shirt when you carry him around the house.

Jubilee: Adorable baby. Loves to climb into your bag and steal your makeup. She loves to cling onto the curtains and she’s one inch away from getting hurt. Likes to wear your heels around the house and she sticks to your Crocs you have stored in your closet. How did she get into your closet??

Jean: A calm baby. Never cries as she gets into your mind unknowingly. Likes to cling onto your pant leg when she meets new babies like Peter or Scott. She likes Scott a lot.

Scott: Usually cries because he wants to be carried almost all the time. He grabs a hold of your hair and doesn’t let go. He’s a cute baby and you like to play blocks with him. You help him with the alphabet but he can only spell ‘Alex’ or ‘Jean.’

Alex: Likes to hold onto your pant leg and doesn’t let go. Likes to be carried like his younger brother Scott. Likes to play with your hair and knows how to say your name. He’s like 18 months old. He rarely cries and you get worried when he doesn’t cry.

Betsy: Likes to hide between the couch and eats things between the couch like Warren does. She’s a rebellious baby, even though she’s 16 months old. Likes to steal others toys and has a balloon sword. Favorite color is purple. 

Ororo: Likes the children cartoons on the tv. She never cries and likes to play with Kurt and Jean. Likes to sit on your shoulders and play with your hair. Likes to color in your coloring books you bought.

En Sabah Nur: Thinks he’s big and scary. He’s really…you know…sweet at this age. He doesn’t like to eat vegetables. Actually likes to sit in front of the tv all day and ‘learn’ whatever they do. You have to turn it to something non violent so he won’t do that stuff cos he’s Apocalypse. 

Thanksgiving tips

Hey babes, today will be hard for a lot of us so remember:
Drink lots and lots of water even if you aren’t thirsty
2/3-¾ of your thanksgiving meal should be veggies. It’s okay if it’s a little more than normal cause they’re so low cal!
Don’t add extra butter to things
Go easy on yourself, it’s a holiday
If you have dessert don’t get seconds. And the first bit should be very small. Eat it slowly!
Tomorrow exercise to feel better about today

Stay safe loves and happy thanksgiving xx

When WHO says meat causes cancer, and the media say it’s fine to eat meat in moderation

The general public is like…

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and I’m just like…

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Can you give me some advice for eating healthy? I don't really eat a lot and usually pick from what my parents have in the kitchen. I'm struggling with 1. eating enough food for the amount of activity I do and 2. Incorporating healthy foods into my diet. It's obviously preventing me from reaching fitness goals but I just don't know where to start? I've tried eating healthy but it just seems to make me hungrier? If you don't want to respond I understand, and hope you have a nice day

So I am someone who strongly believes in eating according to your training because food is fuel and that’s it’s purpose.
So depending on your training eating things like

Starchy carbs:
Brown/white rice
Sweet potato
Purple potatoes/yams

Non-starchy carbs:
Veggies (eat any and as many as you want cause they’re veggies, green are the best)
Fruit - bananas (great post workout carb), berries (antioxidants)
Beans/legumes (not canned preferably)

Chicken breast
Lean ground beef
Red meats
Eggs/egg whites
Turkey/ground turkey

Avocado oil, coconut oil, olive oil, MCT oil
Nut butters

That’s a pretty solid list to go from, obviously there’s so much more you can add but those are the most basic staple foods.
As for not sure if you’re eating to right amount download my fitness pal and get on your macros!! Find a macro calculator online (katyfithearn’s website has a legit good one) and figure that out so you can eat accordingly to your body, goal, and fitness

Haikyuu x Fairy Tales/ Princesses (pt. 1)

•Kenma as lil Red Riding hood
•"Kenma-san, be careful. There’s a panther in the woods.“
•He has to deliver fruits and veggies to a sick Lev, cause let’s face it, Lev only eats them when he has to.
•Oikawa as Sleeping Beauty and Iwaizumi as his prince charming.
•"I sometimes wish I never woke you up.”
•"So mean, Prince Hajime.“
•Tsukki and Yamaguchi are the prince and the frog.
•"Why are you following me? Go to a swamp.” *ribbit* “How did you even get into my palace?” *ribbit* “Shut up.” *soft ribbit*
•He eventually gets a lil cage for froggy Yamaguchi and he jeeps him until he sees that lil froggy Yams is sad. He takes him out of the lil cage and talks to him a lot about his struggles of being a prince.
•"Maybe you should kiss it, Kei.“
•Shut up, Akiteru.”
•Kisses the frog anyways
•Asahi and Noya as Cinderella and his prince.
•Lets face it, Asahi def. has lost a shoe somewhere. It only makes sense that Prince Noya wants to find this handsome young man.
•Beauty and the Beast = Daichi and Suga
•Okay but Suga being the cutest boy in the village and one day he stumbkes upon some foot prints and he follows.
•HUGE fucking castle, so he decided to investigate and oops Beast!Daichi finds him and keeps him there.
•Makki and Mattsun as Ariel and his prince.
•Mattsun is minding his business and fishing, and Maki sees this beautiful man.
•"I need those walking things.“
•"I think you mean legs, Maki.”
•"Yeah those.“
•Hinata as Alice and oops this lil ray of sunshine follows a rabbit that’s actually Kageyama??
•Akaashi as Bambi. Let’s be real, that’d be great.

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Bilvy not knowing what programs lullabye patrick likes to watch, so he turns it onto the kids channel and veggie tales starts playing and little trick screams cause he is terRIFIED Of the veggie tales (this totally didny stem from my current fear of veggie tales)((do you have veggie tales in the britaina?)) -p

We do have Veggie tales here and it’s fcking terrifying honestly, I feel Patrick’s fear

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Because I reblogged from you it would be stupid if I didn't ask you a question. What is a moment when someone in your system pleasantly surprised you?-Vanessa

Tho Tay and I don’t get along when I went through a period of proper fronting every other day she brought and ate only veggie food cause I’m a veggie and it was proper nice cause even though we don’t get along she was still looking out for me
- Peter


Dark AU sketch dump #21!

It’s all fun and games ‘till the veggies are served… |_・)

Sosuke!! You’re suppose to be the example here! The pooch is definitely questioning that face you’re making… (・・。)ゞ But no worries, Kisumi got your back, boy! The satyr had to show how delicious veggies can be, and to Sou’s surprise, the pooch started eating them cause of him! Leave it to the satyr–they adore greens after all! ❤️

Sou, you owe him big time… (。◝‿◜。)

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PALEO THAI PASTA SALAD [with zucchini noodles]

2 zucchinis
Sea salt

1 bell pepper (I used half red and half orange cause I like the colors)
5-6 large mushrooms
Handful of snap peas
1-2 green onions
Fresh chopped cilantro

SAUCE (from Against All Grain cookbook)
¾ cup coconut oil, melted
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 tbsp coconut aminos
1.5 tbsp almond butter
1 inch ginger, peeled
1-2 cloves garlic, peeled
1.5 tbsp cilantro
2 tsp honey
1 tbsp lime juice
Sprinkle sea salt

For the noodles: stick zucchinis in vegetable spiralizer and spiralize those bad boys. Lay on a paper towel on a cookie sheet (one layer of the zucchini is best) and sprinkle with sea salt and bake at 200 for 20-30 minutes. Pat extra moisture off with paper towel.

For the veggies: chop em up.

For the sauce: stick all the ingredients in a small food processor and process em. (Note: because of the coconut oil, this sauce will harden at room temp and will need to be heated a bit after being stored in the refrigerator)

Put zucchini noodles in a bowl and toss with the Thai sauce. Top with veggies and cilantro and eat that right up! (Would also be good with chicken!)

[note on zucchini noodles: honesty, I am usually the biggest fan of regular old pasta–I love carbs and they love me. But this stuff is so good. It’s clearly not the same as pasta but it has a very similar texture and the taste is neutral, so it goes well with basically any flavor. Plus it’s a vegetable, so it’s healthy! It takes a bit more work than regular pasta but is well worth it, in my opinion. ]