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Closet Softie

Or, How Bucky Barnes Nearly Ruined His Tough-Guy Rep

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The trail mix was gone. 

The nice, expensive trail mix, with twelve kinds of nuts and the big sunflower seeds and dried fruits, the kind Tony only rarely left sitting on the common floors for everyone to get at, was gone. 

Clint had been looking forward to that stuff all morning

All the way through a hellish morning “jog” with Steve, all through Nat handing him his ass on the training mats, all through firing the same batch of misweighted arrows over and over so Tony could take scans and fix the design, he’d been thinking, when this is done I get to go upstairs and hang out on the couch and watch Dog Cops and eat the good trail mix, guilt-free. 

And it was gone.

Clint was gonna shoot somebody.

Just as soon as he figured out who’d taken the trail mix.

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yesterday i saw a sad duck in the park who kept getting picked on by the other ducks so today i brought some trail mix and we had a nice lunch together. also i think he might be the duck who pooped on sam last week. if so, he is officially my new best friend. 

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(49) Gladio’s pick up lines.

Gladio: I’d turn into a dog just so you’d take me out for a walk.
Ignis: That’s creepy and not working.
Gladio: Dammit.

“Harmony” Honey Garlic Slow-Cooker Chicken

So recently I got very sick, and had to move back in with my parents. This was disruptive in a lot of ways, not the least of which being that I had to move across the country (from Ohio to Arizona) to move back in with them. It’s also very disruptive to our lives. I’d been living on my own, and have developed my own habits and living style. It clashes with theirs. Still, I want us to live together in some sense of harmony, so for dinner tonight, I made this: my “Harmony” Honey Garlic Slow-Cooker Chicken!


- two pieces of chicken (some people use thighs; I used breasts cause it’s what we had)
- honey (your binding agent. It’s thick and sweet, and is the product of a lot of hard work. Channel that into your meal)
- teriyaki or soy sauce (soy if you want a little more of a kick to it, teriyaki if you want it sweeter)
- 4 cloves of garlic (every relationship, no matter how smooth, will have some element of bitterness to it. Combining the bitter garlic with the honey helps to bring both sides of it into your meal)
- onion salt (to taste)
- a dash of basil
- the tiniest bit of rosemary (for a little power-up)

Place the thawed chicken in the bottom of the slow cooker, and turn it to “low”. While the slow cooker is warming up, combine the sauce ingredients in a bowl. Stir together the honey and teriyaki/soy sauce first, either clockwise or counter-clockwise, depending on the intent you would like to put in it. I stirred clockwise to bind. Add in the dry spices, and crush the cloves of garlic into the bowl and stir it all together, then pour over the chicken. Cook until the chicken is cooked through (5 hours on low, 3 hours on high), turning the pieces over occasionally.

Serve with whatever side dishes you would like! I’m serving it with long grain rice and steamed veggies, cause I try to stay healthy, and I like rice and veggies :)

imagine noctluna’s kid refusing to eat their veggies cause ‘dad doesn’t eat his!” and luna just glances across the table at noctis and she’s not glaring or anything but he feels a chill run down his spine and starts shoveling veggies into his mouth

This woman around my age (20s) came up to my register and before I started the transaction, she picked up one of her things and said she wanted it left out.

I thought it was kinda weird cause it was like an instant steam veggie pack but I’m a cashier… people are weird… nothing phases me anymore. So I say ok.

And people leave things out a lot to begin with… heck I’ll even ask them. “Do you want your drink/snack/chapstick/small item left out or do you want it in a bag?”

So nothing weird there at all despite what the actual item was and even then like… whatever, don’t care.

Anyways, I scan things and I scan the package, and place it in front of her on the counter and bag the rest of her things. Let it also be known that we have a large monitor that faces the customer at our registers, so they can see what’s being rung up and the price.

Well, she pays and everything is fine, but when she starts walking away I see she’s forgotten her veggie packet. So I say, “m'am, don’t forget this!”

She turns around and says she didn’t want it.

It was anticlimactic because I apologized like 3 times and she said it was fine and just ended up taking it. I feel really bad… but I also feel like it’s not my fault.

There were so many opportunities to see that I misunderstood her and to clarify… starting with saying “I decided I don’t want this.” Instead of telling me to leave it out? Idk.

It honestly wasn’t that big of a deal but something that I kinda felt bad but mostly confused about. Please, be clear and pay attention to what’s going on when you’re checking out if you can!

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How about C3 Ignis then? Because I don't think I've ever seen him make an expression anywhere near that and I think I may die laughing if I do. Please and thank you.

Gosh, okay. So, I did brotherhood!Iggy and noct because it looked too weird otherwise. x) It’s a bit messy, but I did it during my break at work.

BONUS, Iggy getting mad ‘cause Noct and Prom did’nt ate their veggies

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Hello hello! I would like to see Quartet Night fail at cooking as well~ (it's a bit more unlikely with these guys, but it could happen >.>)

Lol what a quartet XD


You could smell the food being cooked, the aroma wafting through the airs of the house like a lull. Your stomach growled as you placed a hand on your waist. Looks like you will eat till you drop tonight. With a soft smile, you entered the kitchen but dropped your bags in shock when you saw Reiji fumble with the blowtorch, before clicking the wrong button, causing a flame to catch on the veggies surrounding the chicken, and his apron. Clearly he forgot to read the torch’s instruction manual.

“IYAAAAHHHHHHH KORE NANIIIII” He yelped, immediately hunting for water, as he tried to shrug off his apron, squawking like a duck. You tried not to laugh at the sight and ran for the fridge, taking a bottle of water and splashing it onto his burning apron and pants. Some water fell on the charcoal where the chicken was roasted upon, filling the kitchen with a drift of smoke and the two of you coughed loudly. You waved your hands frantically, finding the latch of the window and unlocking it, letting the smoke out.

You turned back to see Reiji’s cheeks dusted with charcoal, his hair done in a weird bun. You eyed him head to toe. His apron was half burnt and his jeans were saved mercifully.

“Whose blowtorch was that?” You asked sheepishly.

“RenRen. I borrowed it but didn’t ask how to use it..hahahaha” He laughed nervously, embarrassed but thrilled at you gawking at his messy attire.

“Reiji.” You stated. “You have been cooking since forever. Why wouldn’t you know how to use a blowtorch??”

He pouted. “I do know! RenRen has a weird one though!!”

You rolled your eyes before chuckling at his look. “Yeah right. Who uses a blowtorch over chicken?” You knew the answer though. He was experimenting with his techniques. Usually they’d turn out good though.

He shimmied, lips still shaped in a pout. “Me.”


You blinked. Once. Twice. Thrice. You were about to blink again but he growled, muttering indignantly “What are you looking at huh?” You shook your head. “What on earth happened here?” You asked, pointing at the orangish red sputters on the walls. He shrugged.

“Ranmaru.” You pressed. He grunted. You sighed, taking a handkerchief out of your pocket and wiped off the tiny splat on his cheek. He eyed you, waiting for when you’ll repeat your question but you said nothing. After long moments of silence, he gave in.

“I was blending. The cat found another kitten so I went to check it out.” His eyes softened and you noticed the new addition to your already present two cats and two kittens. You smiled softly.

He growled and huffed. “I turned the blender on but forgot the lid. When I came here to get it milk..” He snorted and you chuckled. “Its alright. Let’s clean up together.” You offered, your lips curled up to a smirk. He made a sound that sounded half amused and half choked but shrugged, grabbing the rags to clean to the walls.


Your mouth formed an ‘o’ shape as you chuckled at the sight of your cyan haired boyfriend who had a little chick that tweeted cheerily while two other pecked at his shoulders and neck.

“Oh my god.”

“You never told me that these would hatch. I assumed these were infertile.” He said flatly and you chuckled.

He narrowed his eyes and continued. “I assumed that the eggs you got from the nearby farm were infertile. Since we couldn’t keep them in the fridge due to lack of sufficient storage, I left them out here in that box and they hatched out when I broke the egg, about to make an omelette, as the heat of the stove was enough!”

You couldn’t help but poke the chick on his head which flapped its tiny wings in response.

“Ai, I’m sorry.” You said, with no remorse and he pouted.

“It’s not funny. I wasn’t able to complete my task. Also.” He breathed immediately, you raised an eyebrow questioningly.

“They aren’t leaving me!” He said, motioning to the chicks, his voice a little shriller than normal. You felt laughter bubble up your throat and you let the giggles out, knowing it would get worse if you held back.

“They think that you’re their mama.” You poked him teasingly. He huffed with indignation, not enjoying the thought.

You raised your hands in mock surrender when he gave you a glare. “I’ll call Uncle and have him take these back.”

“Please do.”

“Also Ai,” you met his eyes. “Is something burning?” You asked, wrinkling your nose.

“My toast!” He darted for the stove, chicks still in tow.


Wouldn’t happen. Not a chance. He’d rather belly dance than have you see him screw up while cooking as he’s too proud for his own good. Even if he did screw up, he’d clean up and then let you into the kitchen or dining room, after making a fresh dish.

When WHO says meat causes cancer, and the media say it’s fine to eat meat in moderation

The general public is like…

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and I’m just like…

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Please do a headcanon with Sid, Nico and Giles where they go grocery shopping with the MC!

Oh a modern AU, I like the idea… Well, here you go dear Anon ;)


-Spends hours in the liquor aisle

-Buys an insane amount of meat and bbq sauce

-Teases the MC whenever she spends too much time in the beauty aisle

- Always tries to carry everything in one trip and never succeeds


-Likes to race through the aisles with the shopping cart

-Tries to convince the MC in buying more candy than veggies

- He always gets lost in the store, causing the MC to make an announcement at the customer service

-Once stole the shopping cart and got scolded Albert (after chasing him around with it)


-Searches with a lot of dedication for the ripest vegetables

-Holds the MC by the hand all while driving the cart (them shopping skills)

-Collects coupons

-Buys a new toy for Michelangelo every time he goes shopping

We love soy yogurt with sugar free apple sauce, nuts and a variety of fruits and veggies. This breakfast actually includes a food challenge, cause we toped it with 60 grams of nuts. Just a couple of weeks we could barely manage to eat 10-15 grams, because of the high amount of fats and calories. So it gets better, because if you are honest these fats are good for your body.

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What's your headcanon for how well the MC suitors take care of their pets?

Byron: He pets and feeds Spinner at 8:30 sharp. He has used some of Spinner’s feathers to write to people. When it is really cold outside, he puts his/her cage next to his bed, since he’d be really worried about Spinner getting cold.

Albert: Won’t acknowledge tying his shoes as Bunny ears because he thinks Benjamin will hear. Gives him carrots every single morning while he has his tea. Benjamin has a bed at the foot of the bed, but he ends up stealing Albert’s pillow, though he thinks he is too cute to move. He gives him a bath once a week. He also carries him over puddles. He can’t get his feet wet.

Alyn: Will bake Arthur a peanut butter cake for his birthday and refuses to ever miss it. Will not let Arthur in bed with him if he leaves him and goes to someone else when he calls for them. Brushes him with Leo’s comb when he gets too annoying.

Leo: Has learned to do impressions. He teaches them to Sebastian and gets others into trouble. Also made a keychain out of Sebastian feathers. Likes to make Sebastian have something on different days of the week to match his colors. Peppers on one day, mango on another. Sebastian has learned to sing Leo to sleep as well as make white noise.

Nico: Nico collects acorns from different places while traveling wondering if Chirol prefers them from a particular place. He/she? doesn’t. He keeps to acorn shells and builds bird houses out of them and puts them all over during his travels. Chirol does have a bed but prefers Nico pockets and socks.

Louis: Gets fresh food every single week because Lucia is his precious girl and she deserves the best. She has a cage, but he rarely closes the door. She has chewed off some of his hair before, but he loves her too much to care. She gets sung to by Louis when he feels bad he’s had a long day.

Sid: Jess gets dirty real quick and with white fur, it shows. She refuses to get bathed unless Sid sits in the bath tub with he while giving her one. Sid is always worried someone will walk in and see him in the bath. Sid grew up giving her his veggies cause he didn’t want to eat them. so Jess always thinks she’ll get food and is a brat when she doesn’t. She sleeps at Sid’s feet and he kisses her nose when he leaves.

Giles: Michaelangelo comes and goes. Sometimes Giles won’t see him for days. So when Michaelangelo does decide he wants attention Giles brushes him and gives him some boiled fish. It is ugly looking, but Michaelangelo always eats it. When he’s doing documents Michaelangelo has knocked over the ink before, but all Giles worries about is getting it off his fur. He sleeps wherever he wants. The balcony, the bench by the fountain, the kitchen, Giles’ face? He’s allowed

Robert: Amber is pretty relaxed overall. She has a stool next to his easel that she sits on while he paints. He’s done a couple of those handprint things. Where there is like a dad, then mom and then the babies handprint all stacked together to see the size difference. Though one tiny paw on his hand was cute. It has also been painted and placed as his signature before. She really likes apples as Amber as she is. She has stolen mice from Michaelangelo before. She cuddles in the crook of Robert’s neck when he sleeps. He rolled over onto her once and felt so bad he actually overfed her.

X Men Apocalypse as Babies Headcanons:

Peter: A quick baby. You can’t even catch him, even if he’s a toddler. Dammit Peter, slow down! He knocks things over as he runs past you and he runs between your legs as he starts running all over the place again trying to catch him.

Kurt: Super adorable little blueberry. He laughs when you tickle his stomach or his little feet. He makes a funny, cute little giggle when you do that. He ‘bamfs’ somewhere random like high on the shelf or high on the stairs or the roof. You tell him to get down gently so you won’t hurt his feelings.

Warren: Has small little wings. Really stubborn cause he won’t eat his veggies. Eats things between the couch. Likes to be carried almost constantly. He likes to grip your hair really hard when he’s carried or grips onto your shirt when you carry him around the house.

Jubilee: Adorable baby. Loves to climb into your bag and steal your makeup. She loves to cling onto the curtains and she’s one inch away from getting hurt. Likes to wear your heels around the house and she sticks to your Crocs you have stored in your closet. How did she get into your closet??

Jean: A calm baby. Never cries as she gets into your mind unknowingly. Likes to cling onto your pant leg when she meets new babies like Peter or Scott. She likes Scott a lot.

Scott: Usually cries because he wants to be carried almost all the time. He grabs a hold of your hair and doesn’t let go. He’s a cute baby and you like to play blocks with him. You help him with the alphabet but he can only spell ‘Alex’ or ‘Jean.’

Alex: Likes to hold onto your pant leg and doesn’t let go. Likes to be carried like his younger brother Scott. Likes to play with your hair and knows how to say your name. He’s like 18 months old. He rarely cries and you get worried when he doesn’t cry.

Betsy: Likes to hide between the couch and eats things between the couch like Warren does. She’s a rebellious baby, even though she’s 16 months old. Likes to steal others toys and has a balloon sword. Favorite color is purple. 

Ororo: Likes the children cartoons on the tv. She never cries and likes to play with Kurt and Jean. Likes to sit on your shoulders and play with your hair. Likes to color in your coloring books you bought.

En Sabah Nur: Thinks he’s big and scary. He’s really…you know…sweet at this age. He doesn’t like to eat vegetables. Actually likes to sit in front of the tv all day and ‘learn’ whatever they do. You have to turn it to something non violent so he won’t do that stuff cos he’s Apocalypse. 

Papa Wonwoo

-He’s the type to spoil his kid.
-A lot.
-Whenever he comes back from a tour, he always bring back home a present.
-With no fail, he’ll get his little girl a new dress.
-Also he does her hair after she puts it on.
-Then, they’ll end up playing castle.
-Wonwoo becomes her horse and piggybacks her around the house.
- Once they both calm down, he lets her sit on his lap.
-He blushes when his little girl says, “I want to marry Papa when I grow up.”
-‘Cause it means that he’s doing a really good job so far.
-Then he replies, “Papa likes girls who eat their veggies.”
-Cause he fails every time he makes her eat peppers.
-But she’s like, “I’ll marry someone else then.”
-When she’s in high school, he finds out his little girl is being bullied.
- So he goes with her to school
-Everyone would be like
-“Wow. Thats Wonwoo from Seventeen. My mom likes that band.”
-Some girls walks up to his girl (fishing idiots), & ask for lunch money.
-Then he just goes, “I feel so bad for your parents. Must so poor, they can’t give you money themselves.”
-He leaves after giving them $10.

-His little girl definitely wants a guy like her Papa.

Alice ~

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What do they make veggie burgers out of? Ground leaf! Get it? 'Cause you're a leaf in the ground! .....uh are you ok in there?

The Leafeon didn’t quite get what a pun was, but very quickly took on a rather mean-looking glare in response to the play on words, if only momentarily. After the glare dissipated and left it with a neutral expression, it just tilted his head and said, “… I think??? Don’t see why I wouldn’t be…”