veggie steak

I tried this out recently. It was way cheaper than all the other vegan mayo/sandwich spreads out there, from what I’ve seen, and I was making veggie cheese steaks and wanted some mayo to go on them. I really like the stuff. Imo it’s just a hair too salty, just a teeny tiny bit, well to me anyway. Overall it’s really cost effective considering jars of vegan mayo this size are normally around $9-12 and I got this for like $3-4 and the other vegan mayos in that price range come in jars significantly smaller. So for the time being Hellman’s will be my mayo of choice!

Cook your own damn food!

I work at a sandwich line inside of a high end grocery store local to Texas. On top of sandwiches we also have burgers and other “hot foods” that we make to order. We always get customers coming up with steaks, fish, veggies etc. And ask us to cook it for them, and think that just because we’re in a grocery store we HAVE to make them whatever they want. No. The stuff on our menu has the price of labor included for a reason, if you want someone to cook all of your meals for you, then hire a private chef. Tbh it’s super offensive to say that my cooking isn’t worth paying for.

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Post-workout prep 🤓 #cheflife #MandyCakes #MandyCFit #BootyMaker
Steak and veggies over a skillet 🍳 super easy & quick!! The rest of my meal prep will be slow-cooked 🙄 #mealprepsunday

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Best zucchini ever!!!

So I was messing around in the kitchen, trying to make a side to go with the steak Jon was grilling. I knew I have two zucchini a but no eggs or bread crumbs (I usually make baked zucchini fries). So I seasoned them with Italian seasoning and tolled them on the grill with the steaks.

No surprise them smelled like pizza so Jon said lets sprinkle cheese on them right off the grill.

AMAZING. We hardly used any cheese and happened to have a Mexican blend of shredded cheese (not my favorite). They literally came out like little pizzas!!!!

Jon doesn’t even like zucchini but he ate as much as I did. I have never seen him eat veggies before steak but he couldn’t stop. So I had to share this.

🔹Zucchini sliced to about half an inch
🔹seasoned with Italian spices (come in a jar labeled as such lol nothing fancy
🔹grilled or baked to your preferences
🔹sprinkle with shredded cheese as soon as they come off of the grill or out of the over

This isn’t something I even would have thought of. I usually put mozz on zucchini if anything but the Italian seasoning really kicked it up to a pizza level 😍


Dinner was a SUCCESS 😍🙌🏻✅
Veggie steak rolls and green beans. All the veggies!! I felt so satisfied, and I had two steak rolls, not gonna lie. I am very proud of myself.
Also, I don’t actually keep track of my macros because I dont know what I should be eating and to calculate it and such, but this is the first time the chart looks balance and isn’t at like 80% carbs lol 😅
And the only carbs I had today was this morning at breakfast (that aren’t in healthy things like veggies). I’d call that a success too!
Here’s to tomorrow’s high carb day, hiking and at home workouts!

@muraqiba I’m glad your day was good for the most part!!


Peter Pan Imagine/ His Throne

Warnings: One shot/fluff,cursing

You hated it, you hated his stupid throne,chair,seat, whatever he wanted to call it. You hated how he sat in it, he lay down on it waving his legs all around, having a cup on his hand, drinking it, bust most of it just spilled on the floor, it pissed you off, he was so cocky,and immature,it made you sick.

“Y/n! Where’s my dinner?!” Peter yelled as you got back into reality.

“Coming!” you yell.

You walk to his stupid chair as he is already clearly gone with whatever rum he is drinking tonight.

“Here you go Peter.” you give his his steak with veggies on the side.

“Ahh thank you love.” he winks at you and gets his food.

“Yeah whatever.”

“Don’t talk to your king that way Y/n.” he then tries to stand up but too drunk to do so.

“King? The only thing you do is order me and the lost boys around like we’re some type of servants or something while you drink all day.”

Peter starts to sober up taking in all that you’re saying. “You might want to take that back.”

“No I will not take anything back, you treat me like shit and I’m tired of it.

You walk to your cabin and slam the door and start to cry until you fall asleep.


You wake up in the middle of the night to pee, short girl problems, you get up and put your slippers on and start to tip toe to the bathroom. Once you’re done you decide to go see if there are any lost boys there because you were a little bit awake.

You then see Peter passed out on his char, not even making it to his tree house. You roll your eyes and decide to wake him up.

“Pssst” you push him slightly

“Peter!” You say a little louder

He flinches a little bit but that’s it.

“Peter, you can’t lay here, you need to get up and go to your bed.”

“Mmmmm” he says as he rolls to the other side of the chair.

“Peter, you’re going to get sick, it’s cold outside, your nose is already red.”

You touch it and his nose flinches, you giggle at that, you quickly go to your cabin, and grab your blanket and tip toe back to Peter, you lay the blanket on him, you then rub your fingers through his hair, his hair was super soft, and you couldn’t deny, no matter how much you hated it, deep down, you really cared about Peter, he was the one who took you away from your house, you were extremely grateful for what he has done in your life, but sometimes, well most of the time he took you for granted.

As soon as you’re about to walk away you feel someone grab your wrist, you sqeek like a mouse but then realize its Peter.

He has his finger over his lips, signaling you to be quite, you then sigh and relax, but then your heart starts to beat faster as he raises the blanket, wanting you to join him, on his throne. You were nervous, confused, tired,and a little bit excited.

You go and snuggle up to him, you lay your head on his chest, ever so slowly wondering if this was all just a cruel joke, but that though quickly disappears as he starts to rub your arm ever so softly and kisses your forehead as he whispers sweet nothings into your ear.

“I know I may act like an asshole sometimes, but just know, I didn’t take you away from your home to become a servant, or because you were lost, or you thought you needed me, truth is I needed you.”

Your eyes widen as you take in all of what Peter just said, “Th-this is just the rum talking I should go back to my cabin.”

“No Y/n.” Peter says a little louder than he should’ve. “ don’t go, I’m not even drunk anymore, let alone tipsy, that wore off as soon as you yelled at me.” he confessed.

“What? Why?” you asked looking him in the eyes.

“Because it kills me when you’re upset with me my lost girl.”

Your heart melts, he then grabs you by the cheeks and kisses you, it was amazing, it wasn’t soft, it wasn’t rough, it was simply in between. He definitely knew what he was doing, as he thumbs rub against your face, and your hands slide up his neck and rub against his jawline. The kiss couldn’t be more perfect.

Once you both decided you needed air you detached yourselves from one an other.

“I’m sorry I’ve taken advantage of you, I promise to never do it again.” Peter kisses you on the forehead and then pulls you in and you two fall asleep into each others arm.


Like Mr. Rogers Sliding Into Your DM’s

I’m pretty sure the easiest way to get me to lose all interest in a restaurant is the phrase “health conscious eatery.” This is some serious fuccboi verbiage. I mean even fresh after making New Years resolutions that PBS language gets me so fired up. Feels like Mr. Rogers is sliding into my DM’s and whispering in my ear, “learn something and taste this broccolii.” FUCK OUT OF HERE MR. ROGERS I GOT NO TIME FOR YOU THO YOUR CARDIGAN GAME IS THE BEST I’VE EVER SEEN. Anyway, Cafe Clover is a dooooope restaurant and you can find some weight watchers appropriate items there. Brb I need to go get some cardigans in a wide variety of colors

Cafe Clover

Tip: I think this is one of the best restaurant openings in a while. Cauliflower STEAK????

Tip: Can you get a healthy meal here? YES. But what’s more important is how amazing it will be. It’s healthy in the how they sub butter for coconut oil, or use whipped olive oil for steak.

Tip: This is the ultimate please everyone spot, as their burger is super fire, and the veggie options are incredible.

Pricing: Crudite Bowl $12; Pasture Raised Striploin $21/39, Cauliflower Steak $17.

When to come here: DATES, this place is sexy and what girl won’t be impressed with a cauliflower steak??? I really can’t get over this.

Where: 10 Downing Street New York

Times: Monday-Wednesday 5:30-11pm Thursday-Saturday 5:30-12am Sunday 5-10pm

Phn: 212 675 4350


So much cooking today. I had a blast. Perfect hard boiled eggs, prepped salads and yogurts for the week, home made croutons, maple almond coconut granola, brownies with help from my little and cooked venison steaks with veggies and broccoli cheddar noodles for dinner. So much fun! AND I hit my step goal AND got my 30 minutes of treadmill time in.

A+ day!

A Top Food Trend in 2016: Plant-Based Everything!

Remember when veggies were relegated to the side of the plate? Now they’re exalted, becoming the stars of the culinary show, especially in the eyes of chefs. Whether it’s cauliflower “steaks,” mashed veggies beyond potatoes, or spiralized veggie noodles, plants are replacing meat on the plate and becoming signature entrees in their own right.

The movement to “eat your veggies” goes way beyond the produce aisles. Plants are popping up in unexpected places — from vegan nut-based cheeses and yogurts to popsicles. Plants have found their way into body care products, vitamins and skincare, too, with superfoods such as broccoli, kale and acai as key ingredients in vitamin supplements, and quinoa protein being used in hair care products.

anonymous asked:

46, 48

46. How do they sleep? Are they picky about where and how or can they sleep basically anywhere?
SHES RLLY PICKY heather will honestly refuse to sleep for as long as she can if she can’t sleep in a bed. like there better be a bed or No Sleep because if she feels the slightest pebble where shes sleeping she will Die 
its not her being snobby or anything she just has sensory issues 
when she DOES sleep however she like 
curls up in a blanket burrito and just s n o o z e s 

48. What’s their favorite post-apocalyptic food? Are they a picky eater? Do they know how to cook?
shes not a picky eater since,, well,, being a picky eater in a post apocalyptic wasteland isn’t smart… u gotta eat ya food whether u like it or not. she rlly likes fresh veggies tho….. and steak…….. those r two things she rlly rlly rlly likes. she isn’t really one for junk food >0< 
she can cook! she finds recipes from the old world and likes testing them out bc ??? like that was food that probably wasnt eaten for like 200 years thats p neato. she finds cooking fun !!!!!!! its like science but u can put it in ur mouth


I took a break this weekend from caring about what I ate, enjoyed myself, also had a few tummy aches and decided with a new start to the week to care again. Kevin prepped meals for the week and wrote out a meal plan for me which is really wonderful. I’m not much help in the kitchen but I have started taking over the cleaning portion after so we make a pretty good team.

The way I’m currently eating during the week is I have 3 main meals:

️Breakfast: bacon, eggs, toast (optional) and fruit

Lunch & dinner: Meat (turkey burger, chicken, steak) with veggies (corn, asparagus, peas, broccoli etc) and either brown rice or sweet potatoes.

Snack: protein bar
Post workout: Chocolate Protein shake
Dessert: Oikos yogurt

It doesn’t seem that exciting but honestly in eating like this it’s been the best for us. We aren’t throwing away tons of leftovers, we both really like the meals, and it’s been cheaper with our grocery shopping. Kevin works so much and I’m out at the gym till late so it’s working with our schedules too.

Big Hero 6 was the absolute cutest thing!! I would like a Baymax now please and thank you.

Sarah is going out of town soon and so that means she won’t be teaching as much this month. I hate to be that girl who doesn’t go to the class because her favorite instructor isn’t there but that’s what I plan to do. 75% of the reason…okay 98% I enjoy Zumba so much is because it’s so much fun with Sarah so while she’s gone I’ll probably do a lot of workouts either at home, maybe some classes right after work, or go for a run. I actually think it’ll be nice to just slow down and have a couple of weeks where I’m not getting home from the gym and eating dinner at 9:30pm. I don’t hate my schedule now but it will be a nice change of pace.

I was a bit more chatty than expected this morning so I’m going to go meow. Happy Tuesday, friends!