veggie rice

When in doubt, nourish bowl😌👌🏼✨ the best part is, you can switch them up with different ingredients every time so they’re always new and exciting🌟 today I filled mine with brown rice, steamed veggies, purple cabbage, kale, my favourite falafel (recipe from my Ebook) + a drizzle of homemade BBQ sauce👅👅
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dinner is served! huge plate full of delights: lettuce, broccoli, grilled zucchini, quinoa&veggies soy burger, white rice, flax seeds, all seasoned with evo oil, fresh parsley, pepper and chili pepper. AWESOME!

This lunch! 😍😍😍 Besides our steamed veggie dinners with rice, I’ve been eating only raw fruits and veggies during the day. No caffeine for a week now. I feel great! So much more energy than when I was having my matcha lattes every day. I love matcha but needed to step back from a bit because I was getting caffeine headaches. I think I’ll leave caffeine as a treat once in a while. 🍊

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What's your daily food plan? I'm interested in going vegan! Thanks!

- oats, smoothies, fruit, toast with avocado

- salads, salad sandwiches, rice/potato and veggies

- rice/potato with beans/tofu, salads, pasta/lasagne, pizza, noodles with veggies, curries,

- nuts and seeds, raw bars, fruit

I like to eat simple things that are easy to make but are filled with energy and nutrition :)