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Your OTP + Kids
  • Who in your OTP carries them from the couch/car to the bed?
  • And who soothes the kids after a nightmare?
  • Who wants to throw out the car seat because the stupid thing won’t strap in?
  • Who cries on the first day of school?  
  • Gets the kids into the local sports team?
  • And who’s the parent that gets way too aggressive at these games?
  • Who in your OTP lets the kids stay up and watch movies and who sends them to bed?
  • Who sneaks candy to the kids before school, whilst the other pretends not to notice?
  • Who is the parent that yells at the kid for being called to the principal’s office and who is the parent who yells at the principal?
  • Who teaches their son to tie a tie and who
  • Explains periods to their daughter?
  • Who cries at graduation?
  • Who reads the book in silly voices?
  • Who’s the one against sweets before dinner and who lets it slide?
  • Who gets rid of the monster in the closet and under the bed?
  • Which parent sneaks veggies into the kids’ dinner and who doesn’t like veggies themselves?
  • Who in your OTP does the “hurt my baby and I’ll kill you” speech when their kid brings someone over?
  • Who goes on all the rides with the kids because their partner gets queasy on rides?

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I will lol forever if the new song Harry performs tomorrow is Kiwi after buying the standby line kiwis.

i actually think it’d be funnier if he didn’t perform it. it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he’s currently watching all his fans think “hmmmm i think the kiwis are a hint about what he’s performing” while he’s sitting there like “nah, my dudes, i just thought i should give you some healthy options! eat your fruit & veggies, kids!”

Love Triumphs  Chapter 10: Roomies

Jared Padalecki x Reader

1550 Words

Chapter Summary: It’s the morning after you moved in with Jared.

Story Summary: AU (I love Gen, and love her with Jared.) Jared and Gen have split up, but are still friendly. You, the Reader have recently started acting on Supernatural, and have fallen in love with Jared. Both of you get hate due to the fact that you are much younger than he is.

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Waking up the next morning, it took some time for your groggy mind to remember why your bed was extra comfortable, or why the sun wasn’t hitting you in the face like usual. Pulling on the sheets, you tried to cover your head, wanting nothing more than to fall back asleep. You didn’t have to be on set until late that afternoon, and you loved to sleep in on those mornings. But you could literally feel the music as it pounded through the house. Not loud enough to actually hear the words, the beat was forceful enough that you knew sleeping was out of the question.

Yawning, you slipped out of the silky sheets, brushing your hair back from your face with your hands as you remembered why everything seemed so different. Last night had been your first night as Jared’s roommate. The two of you had stayed up late into the night, enjoying the cheesecake you had bought, along with a couple of glasses of wine. When he had walked you to your door, kissing you on your cheek it had been after midnight, and you had fallen straight into bed.

Still in your sleep shorts and tank top, you slipped out of your room, making your way down the stairs. The music was louder down here, coming from a room off of the garage. Heading straight for the kitchen, you poured yourself a cup of coffee just as the music turned off. You could hear footsteps seconds before a very sweaty, breathing hard Jared came into the kitchen, using a towel to wipe off the sweat from his face. He was wearing a tank top, along with basketball shorts, and you couldn’t help but take in the muscular arms, and the thin but strong legs of his. Even sweaty the man looked amazing, and you wanted nothing more than for him to kiss you senseless.

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Boys taking care of their baby when they're sick?


~Shu is the ultimate nap buddy. 

~Believes that rest is the key to recovery

~ Makes sure the child also eats soft, easy to settle foods.


~Will try to fashion his own herbal cure, don’t try to stop him

~Doesn’t understand how or why his child got sick but will try to cure them anyways

~Is the most patient if the kid gets whiny and will more or less keep them bedridden 


~Dad-sama will make soup

~Dad-Sama cannot make soup

~Dad-sama needs help


~Sets them up as comfortably as possible and lets them watch their favorite movies.

~Will snuggle if the child asks and is in need of comfort

~ Most protective, no one is allowed to come near is child for fear of bringing in more infection.


~Pajama. Party.

~Insists light, delicate sweets will help the child feel better.

~Mostly just snuggles with the child and reads storybooks.


~Oh Fuck. 

~He is not a happy camper.

~Does his best to comfort his child while maintaining a safe distance so he doesn’t hurt them and add to their discomfort.


~Makes the best freaking soup.

~Reads his child stories and makes sure they are the snuggest bugs rugs ever met. Is also more patient with his sick child.

~10/10 best Dad to have when sick. 



~He really wants to make them feel better. He just doesn’t know how.

~How long does a thermometer take to measure a temperature?!


~Get ready to eat your veggies kids

~Probably makes them smoothies to help it all go down easier.

~Not bad but is still kinda clumsy when doing things like tucking them in or taking their temperature


~This is not good pain.

~When will you be better? Oh…. Well I’ll wait then.

~Hums lullabies and uses old herbal remedies he remembers from when he was a kid.

~Also broth. Not soup. Broth. Fight him.

i think my biggest problem with SU is that it’s a lot less focused on telling a good story than it is trying to teach some pseudo-liberal moral and the way it does it… often talks down to its audience?? now i don’t like the morals it’s teaching, i think it’s got some serious stuff to figure out but even if it WAS good morals, it talks down and uses characters as mouth pieces

and speaking as someone who wants to write children’s media and who is currently working to become an art teacher: kids HATE being underestimated, they HATE being taught stuff that way and they value a good story more than they will ever value the morals because they’re going to find their own morals in it

i’m not saying you can NEVER EVER teach kids things in your stories, but you have to be a lot more careful about it, you can’t make a character a mouth piece– why do you think kids like Veggie Tales more than those other cheap ass religious shows from the 90s?– you have to make things fun and when it’s no longer fun, it’s just a lecture and no one likes that



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Synopsis: One evening a little boy named Harry is playing and pretending to be a lion before dinner time. His mummy calls him to come eat a meal of vegetables which his daddy has cooked. But Harry only wants to eat meat like a lion. So his mum and dad think up a story about which animals like to eat their vegetables, hoping to encourage Harry to not only eat his veggies but enjoy them too.

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Headcanon of Jason with a s/o with kids? :)

This is adorable! Of course!

–He’d be a little wary at first
–especially since he believes he wouldn’t be able to be a good father figure since he never had one himself
–but he’d try his damned hardest
–the little daughter loves loves loves Jay
–your son takes awhile to warm up to him
–but as soon as he does, he thinks Jason is pretty freaking cool.
–all guns go in the safe when around the kids.
–it’s a hassle to get them back
–“babe, where’s the key to the gun safe?!”
–“I hid it!”
–“no you don’t!”
–he rolls his eyes when he realizes that’s from The Incredibles.
–the struggle to make him and the kids eat veggies is real.
–family movie night is a routine event
–You guys almost kill each other over Monopoly and Uno.
–“I was gonna buy that house! Fu-!”
–“no swearing.”
–speaking of swearing, the swear jar is legit.
–you both hold each other accountable.
–your kids do too :)
–your family may be small (or huge) but you love Jason as apart of it

Thanks anon! I hope you like it :)

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How y got money to feed a bird but not get gas

I have money to get gas. But the more money I take out for gas and food, the less I have for bills.
I’m trying to keep it so that for all the money I have to take out from the savings account for bills for gas/etc, I replace before the end of the month.

But when you start….. with not enough money in your savings account for bills, and on top of that you still gotta get gas and other stuff, you need to try and figure out how to replenish all that money.

But when you get a ONCE IN A LIFE TIME OPPORTUNITY, you end up spending more money.
I don’t mind, I’ve wanted this bird and he may get adopted by another throw away family and I don’t want that.
That’s why I’m asking for extra (illegal) hours at work, and taking more commission.
So I can put back the $180 I’m short.

(Which by the way thank you so much to all the people who ordered things, I’ve got 77/100 !)

Plus my boyfriend’s mom might end up lending me the $80 anyways because either she or Michael need to be with me in order to purchase the bird.
They’re both angry at my mom for what she’s doing so this is their revenge.