veggie beds

some of our raised beds, the ones on the right side are different kinds of cabbages and onions & carrots, the left ones are lima beans and lettuce, peas and rhubarb and the barrel in the middle will be filled with wizard beans by summer, but its still too cold for them to grow at the moment


I bravely dug up and moved a few Broccoli, cauliflower, ground cherries, heads of lettuce, and had peas about 2 feet long growing in a flat that planted out beautifully.  The garlic out back has perked up, though I suspect the stress has them shooting out their scapes early.

I inherited these raised beds, they were built extra high to keep the rabbits out, I’ve put up a deer fence and was thrilled to find out the previous tenants, of 12 years, were organic gardeners.

All in all, my fear of moving a garden early June was kept at bay with clouds blowing in on transplant day to give everyone a break from direct sun….I’m hopeful this years garden will be as epic as any other! :D YAY!


The veggie bed update: Since I’m moving in August I decided to just grow greens, that didn’t last, I ended up planting broccoli (the winter crop is almost finished) cabbage, cauliflower, and cilantro.  The beds are currently a blend of the winter crop finishing, volunteers rooting down, and the spring supply of brassicas. 

Yes Canada, this was all planted well before this May long weekend, I don’t know who started the rumour that planting out should happen this weekend, there’s precious growing season missed if you don’t get them in the ground in April.

As if I could resist putting in a garden…


Bed update:  Top photo is the Siberian Kale, it’s the best variety to over winter, that bed was under 5mm plastic all winter, just pulled it off yesterday, garlic and shallots in there too.  

I left the remay cloth on the one bed, there’s already peas, broccoli, and new lettuce planted, there’s still some swiss chard, red kale, carrots and mustard greens growing that I planted in fall, and I’m about to fill it up with greens from the flats I started indoors.

I made a new lasagna layered bed in front of the rock wall, that is in the deer zone, so likely it’ll be planted out with ground cherries and tomatillos.

The last photo is of some kale I didn’t protect, like the first pic, it was to see the difference a hoop house makes.  The Siberian is still growing, but the Russian Red is bolting.

This little section of the garden is my favorite.  I smile whenever I see it.  

Dill, Candytuft, Zinnias, Salvia, Orlaya (gifted to me by the lovely wildhobbitjam), and surrounded by, but not shown here, marigold-encircled tomato plants.  I was unsure at first about mixing flowers in with my veggies, but now that I see how it looks and know how it makes me feel, I’m doing this from now on.

I hate grass in my veggies beds! Don’t make this rookie mistake!

So… this spring, I not only flipped both of my veggie beds. I dug up both beds, removed the frames, dug out all of the grass PLUS 3-4 feet all around. Yes, it sucked. I then put the remaining weed block I had down, as well as cardboard! This is referred to as sheet-mulching, I believe.

The borders were then piled of mulch. It looks great! I wish I would of  done this in the first place… stupid rookie mistake. *doh!

hello sweet oatflakes!

here’s my dinner after a stressful day: sauteed veggies&chickpeas on a bed of arugula + lettuce + homemade oil-free salt-free baked spiced potato chips + hummus, seasoned with a tablespoon of evo oil, salt, parsley and lemon juice + not pictured brown rice cakes