Stuff I Eat: Vegeterian/Vegan Soul Food

It’s obvious by now, I LOVE food. I write about it and take pictures of it ALL the time. I have to often be creative with my food intake as well because during the week I have a pescetarian diet which consists of for me, seafood and vegetables only. It’s just a health choice that I’ve made with my partner in crime =) It was difficult at first but I actually enjoy it now. I find creative ways of cooking and eating out, I have more energy throughout my workday and I feel healthier. What makes things even more difficult at times is that I also have a gluten and dairy allergy, so I have to be even more particular with food than most vegetarians and vegans that I know.

One great part about “Stuff I Eat” was that it was walking distance from where I worked. I love being able to walk to places, especially because in LA most of your time is spent in a car. “Stuff I Eat” is such a pleasant atmosphere from the minute you walk through the door. The staff and owner are very kind, the music is always soul or reggae when I eat there, and of course, last but not least, the food is GOOD!

When I came back with some friends, everyone was happy with what they ordered and ate. It was all healthy, vegetarian soul food! Not as heavy as the usual soul food that you eat, where you aren’t that productive for the rest of the day.  This time, we left the restaurant with energy and feeling good about what we devoured.  

We came on a Sunday and four of their tables were full of people enjoying their meals.  What seemed to be the owner, came out, stopped everyone while they were eating and grabbed our attention to say “thank you”.  Who does that?  Not many.  More cooks/owners should, it definitely put a smile on everyone’s face and made you feel like you were eating with family =)  Now, that’s what I call service!

Many people associate Inglewood or other neighborhoods in South Los Angeles as not having many healthy options.  Sadly, this is true a lot of the times.  This is what makes places like “Stuff I Eat” important businesses to support.  Not only do they create healthy food options, but they do so while preserving the cultural diet of the community that they exist in so people eat the food that they’re used to enjoying with a healthy twist.  This is what makes restaurants like these lucrative and smart, in my opinion.

“Stuff I Eat” is definitely a place to enjoy in the south side of LA.  It’s perfect for the more health conscious and vegetarians that miss a good soul food meal on a Sunday but don’t wanna feel guilty about eating bad.  This is real food for the soul!