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Dirty little secrets (Barry Allen)

Anon: 15 with barry allen (the flash) please ? love your blog keep going

N/A: The reader has a power called psionic blast which is the ability Ability to overload another’s mind causing pain, memory loss, lack of consciousness, vegetative state or death after having created a psionic link into that individual’s mind.

“Babe, are you here?” He said entering his office where he told you to wait for him, but when he saw his office turned upside down he knew something wasn’t right, he walked over to the wall were he had the map that hides his father’s investigation.

On the map there was a note glued to it “Come to get us Flash. Top of the highest building” the note said, he took it and couldn’t help but wrinkle the note in his palm “Zoom” he murmured under his breath running out of there.

Barry asked the guys for help and with a little help of the location skills of Cisco they could find you. So without hesitation he went to your rescue, praying that you were safe.

“Leave her alone Zoom!” He called out appearing out of the blue, you were behind Zoom, laying on the ground, shaking and talking through the piece of cloth he put around your mouth

“Nice Flash” he laughed in his deep voice “But I think I’m going to keep her, at least until I find out what her powers are” he stated and Barry frowned

“What are you talking about? Y/N is not a meta human” he frowned confused and Zoom laughed at him

“Well this is just precious” he said walking over to you, he kneeled down behind you as he sit you up against your will, he took the cloth of your mouth to allow you to talk. He started tracing your jawline with his fingertips looking directly into Barry’s eyes as you abruptly pulled your face away from him.

He used super speed on his hand and pulled it closer to your face, and as he did so, your eyes turned into a pale gold shade, when he backed away your eyes came back to normal.

When Zoom looked at Barry and saw his dumbfounded expression he slides a ring towards his direction, that touched his foot, he picked it up and saw it was a ring you always used. He even remembered when you told him it used to be your grandma’s most precious possession.

“It’s a neutralizer” He clarified “I tried to provoke her but her will is stronger than her powers” he said eyeing you before roughly choking you, cutting your airflow, you tried to stop him but he was too strong, so you rested your hand on his forehead and instantly he seemed to back away roughly as if he was pulled away from you.

You fell to the floor and gasped as you caught your breath, while Zoom let out some loud piercing screams as he hold his head with both hands. You got closer to him and when he looked at you he asked between his own screams “What did you do to me?!”

You kneeled down to his height and let out a small grin “It doesn’t matter, because you won’t remember it” you said making a little gesture with your hand knocking him out completely.

“Thanks a lot superhero” you mocked and he grabbed your hand
“Would you please, care to explain?” He said gesturing towards the knocked villain on the ground
“Long story short it’s called psionics, now, can we go? He’s gonna wake up any minute” you said and he nodded picking you up to take you to the Labs

I’m so angry humans can’t live without sleep. Think about it, it’s the biggest waste of time. You spend 227,468 hours in your lifetime laying motionless in a vegetative state. I could be spending that time on more important things. Like laying motionless watching Netflix in a vegetative state. Or eating more food.

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How would got7 react to you being in a coma for three months and just when he thought that he had lost you forever(cue dramatic music) u wake up thank you

Good lord I’m such a sucker for angst like this… I hope you enjoy and thank you for the request!
I was intending these to be little blurbs, but they came out to be mini-scenarios instead… ‘mini’ used lightly. I got a little carried away with some.

*trigger warning - implications of death/dying

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  • Poor People: It's difficult to afford food.
  • Tired Argument #1: Just make everything from scratch
  • Person #1: I would love to, but I can't afford food in general, period, notwithstanding the fact that it's more expensive for me to make things from scratch, especially since I live no where near a source that sells the basic ingredients I would need to cook with.
  • Person #2: I'm disabled, I can't physically make everything from scratch, not only is it incredibly dangerous for me to attempt such a thing, but it's physically exhausting and emotionally draining.
  • Person #3: I work too many jobs, and am too busy I do not have enough time in the day to make everything from scratch by myself. My work hours barely allow for me to sleep.
  • Person #4: lmao, my EBT card doesn't cover basic ingredients, because the politicians in my state thought vegetables were too luxurious for me.
  • Tired Argument #2: You just aren't putting enough effort into it, make long trips, spend more time researching food prices, find the cheapest source. Do extreme couponing, like in that show. You just need to put your time and effort in.
  • Person's #1-4: Did you even read what we wrote?
  • Tired Argument #3: You just want to eat unhealthy
  • Person's #1-4: What the fuck are you talking about
  • And Repeat back to Tired Argument #1: Make everything from scratch.
  • Functional Children
  • Brigid Tenenbaum
  • Bioshock

The children must remain functional to be effective producers of ADAM. I had hoped we could place them into vegetative state, so they would be more pliable. I find being around them very uncomfortable. Even with those things implanted in their bellies, they are still children. They play, and sing. Sometimes they look at me, and they don’t stop. Sometimes they smile.

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Test the vaccine on a POT.08 clone! We use them for tests all the time in CauseTale. They feel no pain and remain in a vegetable like state for as long as they choose, plus they don't really mind the tests as long as they are cured afterwards. They really help out the doctors here and love to see cured people, I could ask one to come and test this if your interested.

“Uhhh….. I-I don’t know…. This seems kinda risky….” 


Jane: When they say “you’re always unhappy Daria”, what they mean is: “You think Daria, I can tell because you don’t smile. Now this guy died and its making me think and that hurts my little head and makes me stop smiling. So tell me how you cope with thinking all the time Daria until I can get back to my normal vegetable state”.

Daria: Ok… so then why have you been why have you been avoiding me?

Jane: Cause I’ve been trying not to think.”

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any thoughts on episode 6x17 being titled as it is? nearly dropped my phone when I saw it

Exciting, isn’t it?

I suspect that in that episode Snow and Charming’s curse will be broken. To get technical, coma is a state of complete unawareness. Emma was only in a coma for a very short time in the very beginning of the series, after that she has been in a minimally responsive or vegetative state. It’s an odd in-between state between being awake and being completely unaware. Science isn’t quite sure what to do with it. Let’s say for the longest time Emma has been closer to unaware than to aware. When the Evil Queen cast the curse on Snow and Charming’s heart, it marked the moment when Emma was on the threshold. Half awake, half asleep. 

In “Awake”, she will cross over into a state where she is more awake than asleep and that’ll be symbolized by the broken curse. I suspect it will all still be very gradual, they are not trying to draw too much attention to it beyond the symbolism.


So I have been messing around a bit with Post-DR3 Teruteru, and boy howdy am I having fun. I call it Kuruteru for short.

I headcanon that he has gotten Kuru’s Disease from eating humans, a degenerative neurological disorder. Basically, your brain slowly start to resemble a sponge more and more.

Usually barely any time passes at all before you kick the bucket, where you basically end up in a vegetative state unaware of your surroundings, before it’s over. But thanks to Seiko’s drugs, and Mikan and Hajime’s combined talents, he manages to survive a few years.


  1. Can’t walk right: Crutches, wheelchair, he’ll use what he feels like he can handle that day. Without them he stumbles, loses his balance and most likely falls over
  2. Trembling: He got the shakes pretty bad. That pompadour will have to go.
  3. Can’t coordinate his movements: Cooking? Aint happening. His hands just won’t go where he want them to anymore
  4. Emotionally unstable: Mood drops, sometimes he’s feeling great, and he’s always feeling depressed
  5. Sporadic, uncontrollable laughter: This thing isn’t called The Laughing Disease for nothing
  6. Dysarthria: Struggles with speaking, specifically when it comes to pronounciation, speed, strength, timing and steadiness.

And of course on top of this, he has to deal with the fact that he almost sacrificed all his classmates to get off Jabberwock Island, actually killed the imposter, to find out he murdered millions of people, as well as his precious mum.

And very likely ate her.

The Terminal, Ch. VIII

But I carved a map in the back of my arm.
Don’t worry I’m coming home.
I said don’t worry cause I’m coming home.

Rarely did sleep come, and even more rare was it that the sleep was all encompassing or even enjoyable when it arrived. Thus creating this state of vegetative necessity that was disinteresting or fulfilling, but merely a way to pass time. Most nights it came when it could, never lingering for very long, never satisfying the almost innate exhaustion between her ears. Instead, all that came with sleep was the ability to let her body rest while her mind ran rampant, tossed and turned and kicked at the sheets. Falling in a heap on her barely made mattress after dancing through barely unpacked boxes, or slipping into a dingy on-call room for a few hours of sleep, none of which were satisfying, Clarke found herself unsure of if she ever slept at all.

Sleep came finally, in an empty on-call room after her third delivery of the morning. Clarke collapsed, beeper firmly in place under her cheek as she tried to check it, but fell asleep before she could really see anything. It was her fifth day straight of working, and she was starting to feel it, though every time she woke, no matter how long she’d been asleep, she marvelled at how much closer the days seemed to get to finding Lexa home again.

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What happened to Dick was Jason’s fault. He got caught, Dick tried to save him and paid the price. They found Nightwing broken and battered, a Joker smile painted on his face in blood. He was alive but barely. The Joker had disappeared and they were left to watch Dick slowly deteriorate in a coma that he would likely never wake up from. Bruce had gone into overdrive after that, desperately seeking out Joker while looking for some way to revive Dick from his vegetative state. Jason would try to help but was shut out time and time again. Maybe Bruce blamed him. Jason surely did.

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If you are looking for proof that Americans’ vegetable habits lean towards french fries and ketchup, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has it: Nearly 50 percent of vegetables and legumes available in the U.S. in 2013 were either tomatoes or potatoes. Lettuce came in third as the most available vegetable, according to new data out this week.

And while the USDA’s own dietary guidelines recommend that adults consume 2.5 to 3 cups of vegetables a day, the agency’s researchers found that only 1.7 cups per person are available.

“The dietary guidelines promote variety,” Jeanine Bentley, a social science analyst at the USDA’s Economic Research Service, tells The Salt. “But when you look at it, there isn’t much variety. Mostly people consume potatoes, tomatoes and lettuce.” (The data technically tally domestic production and imports, then subtract exports, but researchers commonly use them as a proxy for consumption.)

The U.S. Doesn’t Have Enough Of The Vegetables We’re Supposed To Eat

Photo by Ryan Kellman/NPR

AU where Robin doesn’t die- physically, that is. Rather, everyone has to deal with Robin being in a vegetable like state with a dead gaze, unable to talk or possibly even think, but, in a sense, alive. Chrom assists his friend/spouse by calling for the best healers and spending as much time with Robin as he can. (”This used to be your favorite book, so I’ll read it.”, “I’ll help you get changed today, if that’s alright.”,“The weather is nice, so let’s go into the garden today.”) 

Both of Peiper’s brothers met tragic and premature ends.  The eldest, Hans-Hasso (1910-1942), attempted suicide during high school, which left him in a vegetative state in St. Joseph’s Hospital for Gentlemen with Emotional and Nervous Disorders* in the family’s hometown of Berlin.  He died, ostensibly of tuberculosis, in 1942, but may well have been a victim of the T4 euthanasia program.

Horst (1912-1941) died in unclear circumstances in 1941, likely from suicide, possibly stemming from rumors of homosexuality and pressure from his commander, Theodor Eicke.

Shortly after Horst’s death, which cannot be found in the painstaking records of his division, Peiper abruptly withdrew from his position as adjutant to the notoriously homophobic Himmler and transferred to the Waffen-SS.

* The only “St. Joseph’s” hospital I can find record for in Berlin at the time was a general hospital in the Friedrichshain, the hospital where Horst Wessel died.