Lisa Simpson: INFJ [The Simpsons] 2017 INFJ FOLLOWER FAVORITE

Dominant Introverted iNtuition, Ni: Lisa Simpson has a huge inner world, is solitary, and can be obsessive. She follows whatever path of knowledge she is on until she sees exactly where it leads, honing in. We see this in her uncovering many Springfield myths and mysteries, including the truth about Jebidiah Springfield. Because she often has so much knowledge on a topic of interest to her she can be stubborn in her intuitions, like when she was presented with the angel skeleton. She refused to believe that the angel skeleton was in fact a real angel and was baffled that her mom, an intelligent person, could disagree. 

Lisa works by the framework that everything is simply a perspective of life. Even the physical/athletic parts of life are another perspective to work through. This is how she approaches physical activities like ballet, gymnastics, and even playing the Saxophone in this way. Each is another perspective of life and carries it’s own truth to her. It is how she seems to over complicate her interests or new activities that she tries. She approaches each activity conceptually and acquires as much knowledge before jumping into anything. It is why she can get so angry at Bart, an Se dominant, when he can just jump in and be good at things (especially things that Lisa does to define herself) without having all the knowledge and expertise of it. We see this when Bart picks up the drums and is “better at” Jazz without even knowing how to pronounce the word, Jazz. The professionals want to jam with him and not her and it breaks her heart. 

Lisa often lives in her own fantasy world that is detached from the reality around her. In one episode she literally creates a fantasy world in order to escape. She often romanticizes the unknown and the unrealized. She imagines these great adventures, people, and futures, but often then finds herself disappointed when reality doesn’t live up to her expectations. This is especially true with her heroes and people around her, which is caused by he Fe, people focus. 

For Lisa, everything needs an underlying meaning and connection. It just needs to be uncovered. We can see this when she wants to date Nelson. She wants to see more in him and why he does the things he does. She creates a deeper Nelson that may or may not exist. But that almost doesn’t matter because she likes the idea of him that she has created. Obviously, once reality doesn’t match up with the idealized Nelson she created, they break up.

Secondary Extraverted Feeling, Fe: Lisa’s Fe is what makes her quite sensitive to criticism and approval of others. While her Ni seeks an emotional truth, he Fe seeks approval from others. Lisa is always caught in being true to herself and social harmony, acceptance. She succumbs to peer pressure at first, quite often. She often finds that in order to acquire the approval she loses herself and by the end of the episode learns to find herself again. Despite this happening over and over, she still finds herself, like all INFJs stuck in this struggle. 

Even in her humor and sarcastic moments, it is her Ni and Fe struggle. She can do the surface things to appease her family and school mates, but there is a cynicism underneath as she isn’t being authentic, but performing for those around her. We also see this in big ways when she first becomes Buddhist. She fights so hard for her autonomy in her beliefs that she stops participating in cultural rituals with her family around Christmas time. She needed someone to point out to her that being part of these rituals with her family, of retaining those harmonious relationships doesn’t compromise her personal beliefs. 

Not only does Lisa need approval, but she needs encouragement. We see this in how she learns in school. She needs to feel appreciated. She needs the affirmation that she is smart. As soon as she loses this she starts to doubt herself or grows angry. This makes it interesting that she has a teacher who really doesn’t care. Lisa doesn’t work well when she doesn’t have encouragement. We see this again when she goes to Military School with Bart. Although she didn’t feel challenged at her old school, she has a tough time because she doesn’t received enough encouragement at the Military School. We see her rise to the challenge though when Bart is there to root her on and be there for emotional support. 

Tertiary Introverted Thinking, Ti: When her Ti is healthy it is what can help her discern that truth isn’t just conceptual and based on perspectives but is experiential. She often inuits and bases her judgments off of her idea of things she hasn’t experienced. So Ti, helps he make judgments based off of an individual situation and experience. It often isn’t her first step. Her Ni creates a narrative, her Fe an expectation, and her Ti then later, after experiencing the event, discerns logical conclusions. 

When her Ti is unhealthy, it stirs feelings of self-doubt. Instead of keeping her Ni-Fe in check, it often makes her skeptical of her Ni. As soon as her idealism doesn’t match up with reality or the specific situation she is in she can go to a dark place. Not only doubting herself, but humanity. When Bart and Lisa take in a homeless folk singer, Lisa romanticizes the singer (Ni). She wants to help realize her image of the singer in the real world and help the singer make it big (Fe). But once the reality becomes that the folk singer is a drug addict and won’t be able to make it big, her Ti skepticism takes over and sends her down the thought that no one can be helped. That she was wrong and shouldn’t have tried. This formula happens a lot in Lisa arcs. 

Inferior Extraverted Sensation, Se: Despite being inferior Se still leads Lisa to crave material comforts and sensory novelty. Although her beliefs of Buddhism, Vegetarianism, etc shouldn’t support a life of wanting material things, we often see Lisa “cheat” in her love of material things. Ignoring those beliefs to get a pony or other things. Once the novelty has worn off though, she goes back into her dominant function and judges herself harshly for interacting with her own Se.

This also leads her to judge others who live by Se. She sees those who are n the moment enjoying things from moment to moment as only appreciating the surface leveling things in life. Why don’t they question the moment? Why don’t they try to find the underlying meaning? It is why she can be super judgmental of Homer and Bart (both Se dominants). She sees what they do has frivolous and can judge them too harshly at times and leads her to underestimate them. 

Her Ni-Se tug makes her a perfectionist. Her Ni makes her focus on concepts, but her Se drives her to want to see these concepts and ideals realized in objective, concrete reality. She wants her inner world to be actualized. Lisa is often discomforted when this doesn’t work out perfectly. 

Take a moment to reflect honestly…
If you are still eating meat your journey to liberation will never be finished.
Reflect, how can one being organizing and condoning cruel and horrific treatment of another species be in a loving relationship with life?
However intellectually you may separate yourself from the inhuman ‘growing ’ of meat, without your consent, approval and custom, this barbaric practice could not continue.
Dhamma is not a game, it is a true commitment to life, to your life and the lives of all the beings we share this planet with.
The Buddha said, 'I do not kill, nor do I encourage others to kill’.
Again reflect, listen to your heart, be brave enough to go past supermarket convenience, and bring a gift to the lives of all beings. Be a Buddha in your own life.
The awakened heart spontaneously manifests love, compassion and joy. It is not a choice, it is the expression of oneness.
May all beings without exception be happy and peaceful…
—  Michael Kewley

Of all the great religions, only Jainism has always preached strict vegetarianism and absolute nonviolence toward animals. This religion, which originated in the sixth to fifth centuries B.C.E., was very widespread in ancient India. It still has around five million followers and often exerts a major influence on Indian society.

Following their ideal of nonviolence, or ahimsa, the Jains denounce sacrifices, arranged animal fights, hunting and fishing, and also the consumption of meat. They have built numerous shelters for animals and run a charity-supported hospital for birds in Delhi—the Birds Charitable Hospital—which can accommodate as many as six thousand birds. There, a doctor in an impeccable white frock, a volunteer like all the others, can be seen treating an old rooster suffering from pneumonia; another might be cutting out a cancerous tumor or setting the broken bone of a kite or a pigeon. If a bird cannot be cured and released, the hospital hospice will keep her until she dies.

They regard it as their duty to avoid treading on insects or other crawling creatures when they walk. Jain monks tie a cloth over their mouths in order to avoid swallowing insects that might be in the air they breathe. For similar reasons, they filter the water they drink. They even avoid eating vegetables that grow under the earth (potatoes, carrots, etc.) for fear of injuring subterranean fauna such as worms and insects. In all conservative Jain homes, fires for cooking are not lit in the morning until forty-five minutes after sunrise so that insects will not be drawn into the flame. For the same reason, cooking fires are put out forty-five minutes before sunset.

—  A Plea for the Animals: The Moral, Philosophical, and Evolutionary Imperative to Treat All Beings with Compassion by Matthieu Ricard  
Buddhist Vegetarianism & Physical Health

Mahayana Buddhism traditionally teaches a vegetarian diet, especially in countries like China and Taiwan. I’ve been listening to Dr. John McDougall, and he talks about the benefits of having a vegetarian, starch-based diet, including how the traditionally rice-based diet of Asian countries is a healthy diet:

I am overweight, and because of it, I have sleep apnea, acid reflux, high blood pressure, etc. While we’re often told to avoid starches, there’s documented cases of people having dramatic weight loss from a potato-based diet, since potatoes are rich in nutrients and are highly satiating.

What if vegetarianism is recommended in Mahayana Buddhism, not just because it’s compassionate, but also because it’s a healthier option? I would like to set a better example for my children, while also reducing my health problems. Should I give the Buddhist vegetarian diet a try?

The important thing I am trying to say is that I am interested in changing my diet, not “going on a diet.” If anything, I’d like to eat more food than I already eat, but healthier food.

The Buddha taught that, if you are addicted to sexual lust, then you should think about all the individual components of the human body, and how unappealing, how gross, they are when thought about individually. What if we applied the same principle to animal products, to think about what’s really in them and how they are made?

What if Gold Saints had blogs?
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  • Aiolia: Health lifestyle, sport, motivating photos of himself.
  • Shaka: Buddhism. Yoga. Vegetarianism. Indian culture. Occasionally angry rants.
  • Dohko: Dad jokes, "old Chinese proverbs" (not really) and cats.
  • Milo: Women, ladies, girls and chicks. Not necessairly in clothes.
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  • Aphrodite: Blog full of fashion and make-up tips. With a touch of feminism ('cause make-up looks great on every gender~).
  • Bonus: Kanon and his hipster blog - one of those you've probably never heard of.
  • And Shion runs an astrology blog and makes up horoscopes for everyone ('cuz stars say so =3=).

radchanelteens  asked:

Please describe the WHOLE expierence of you becoming vegetarian/Buddhist! Like what made you decide to be a vegetarian/Buddhist and what helped you become one? <3 aaaand, what life is like as a vegetarian/Buddhist!

Vegetarian Experience:

I decided to become vegetarian after watching a documentary called “Earthlings” which was recommended by essenaoneill. Essena really inspired me, I loved how healthy and positive she was and I decided to watch the documentary. I don’t usually cry. In fact I never cry. But while watching that movie I bawled my eyes out. I decided I would never eat an animal again. Not eating meat has been insanely easy ( mostly because meat now grosses me out) I feel a lot happier and healthier after becoming vegetarian.

Buddhism Experience:

I have never really cared much for religion because I don’t believe in God or any higher power, but I always found Buddhism very interesting. I never committed because I didn’t want to be grouped with any religion. Then I did more research and found that its not really a religion but more of a philosophy and I realized that I agree with every one of the Buddha’s teachings so I said what the heck and became a Buddhist. After becoming Buddhist and vegetarian I’ve looked at life a lot differently, I’ve become happier and more positive and I think I appreciate things more.


anonymous asked:

Harley, it breaks my heart to see all this hate directed to you by people like Vegan Gains who just have minimal life experience and therefore lack your wisdom. They fail to see the bigger picture and to publicly hate on you the way you do is just irresponsible, for the vegan message and for all that you do. Thank you for standing by women and calling out predators. As a woman I will be forever grateful to you for all that you do.


I just got this from a reader.

Hey Harley!
Hope you’re doing well with all the things going on.  So, I turned google upside down about this guy and here’s what I got:

1. All results on “Eisel Mazard” from Google Searching are about him, no other people with this name show up. 

2. The earliest results are all about Buddhism and East Asian Cultures. Stuff about veganism are not mentioned before 2015, with the exception of a blogpost in 2012 about Vegetarianism and Buddhism. I don’t really buy that he’s vegan. 

3. His articles/papers appear in the webpages of the Oxford Center for Buddhist Studies,  the Australian National Univercity and other obviously serious  databases, but oddly never with a writer’s photo as is usually the case in online publications.

4. It appears that there was a man in Canada named Benjamin Dexter Lord who changed his name to Eisel Mazard in 2002, as  seen in the Change of Name Act in the 22nd June 2002 issue of the Ontario Gazette in these two links:’t find anything more on that man though. 

5. There is a pdf of a municipal french magazine for 2011, where his name along with a woman’s name appear in the list of marriages of 2010. I included a photo of that part.

6. In his video “Durianrider’s  Threats & Allegations” he used a song by Killarmy called “Murder Venue” (weird choice!). It’s like he achieved something and was proud of it, strange video presentation given the negative content. And in the photo at the end of the video, the french graffiti means “those who are awake are the nightmare of those who are asleep”. Dr Evil or what??? 

He just gives such strange vibes, especially that creepy laugh he does by himself. He clearly thinks he is above everyone else in terms of intelligence, he apparently disables comments because people on the internet are stupid. LOL. Watched a few of his videos and barely made it alive. People watch him just to give themselves a false sense of intellectuality. He talks over and over like a smooth manipulator without saying anything but in the process turns your brain into mush! Can’t believe Vegan Gains fell for it, so disillusioned, I thought he was smarter. 

Don’t be bullied into apologizing Harley, the guy is dodgy and if more people were as vigilant the world wouldn’t be this bad. You are a very inspiring person and you don’t deserve all this shit. I don’t get how people can put so much energy into hating you. Hopefully justice will be somehow restored, although it’s doubtful in this  world we live in. There is a quote that I think  descibes things perfectly: “If you had anything in common with the world, the world would love you as one of its own. But you don’t have anything in common with the world and that’s why the world hates you.” They just cannot tolerate someone being so bloody honest, it’s triggering!

Keep doing your thing, you and Freelee are rapidly becoming the only credible vegans online with everyone acting so flaky! Take care of yourselves and don’t let it get to you too much. Substance over style all the way! Enjoy the fest!
Cheers :)

anonymous asked:

Misha isn't Buddhist, can't be. Because he's a dirty little meat eater. I suppose his kindness and compassion doesn't apply to non humans and as recent discoveries would suggest, not always applied to humans either. His kind acts are all done in a very public self aggrandizing way anyway, can't be nice without an audience to glorify him afterwards. Gotta keep jerkin' that fragile ego.

Plenty of Buddhists eat meat. I’m a Buddhist, and I eat meat sometimes. In your quest to bash Misha, could you please refrain from spreading myths about other groups? It takes literally seconds to Google “Buddhism + vegetarian.” I’ve even talked about how Buddhism influenced Misha’s practice of eating meat before.

Good deeds done in public are still good deeds, and they’re still better than doing nothing or doing wrong. And you know what? People have caught Misha doing good deeds in secret.

Someone once saw Misha giving some food to a homeless person. I wasn’t sure that it was Misha, since they didn’t have pictures, so I asked, and it does match his description. The poster isn’t a Misha or a Supernatural fan, so I don’t think they made it up to make Misha seem nicer than he really is.

Know what else? That was posted on August 20, 2014.

I’m not saying that Misha’s a saint or something. Lots of people give to homeless people, and I don’t even know for sure that this story is true. I’m just saying that your reaction to him seems totally disproportionate to reality. Most of the time when you hear rumors about what an actor was doing in LA on their birthdays, it isn’t “giving food to homeless people.”