Emily was a cow that escaped a slaughterhouse in Massachusetts by jumping over a gate, and roaming around for forty days by herself until she was found. It is said that she was sometimes locally seen running with a herd of deer. 

She lived out her life at Peace Abbey until her natural death in 2003 after eight years at the farm, and has since become somewhat of a symbol for the animal rights movement. 


Those of you who can afford to buy organic, or even just buy fresh produce: please do. The more healthy food we buy, the more in demand it becomes, the cheaper it will be.
The cheaper it is, the more people in poverty will be able to afford healthy food, the more kids won’t grow up obese, the more adults won’t be trapped in a cycle.

Every time you buy something, you cast a vote for it to be in supply, to be produced more, to be cheaper.

Remember that.

  • Society:*places images of animal flesh on billboards,
  • websites, buses, trains, social media and in television commercials*
  • Vegan:*wears two pins, one reading 'Go Vegan!' and the other 'Meat is Murder'*
  • Society:Wow, you vegans are so preachy. You'll get nowhere shoving it down people's throats. Also did you know I find greater issue with you deeming meat as 'murder' than I do with the systematic torture and killing of animals that I support?
Just so we clear
  • i’m feminist
  • i’m pro-sex worker
  • i’m against terf (trans exclusionary radical feminism)
  • i’m against the romanticizing of abusive relationships (meaning i’m against reylo, jessica jones/killgrave, etc)
  • i’m against cultural appropriation (wearing bindi if you aren’t hindu, wearing native american war bonnet to look “cool and ready to go to coachella”, etc)
  • i support #blacklivesmatter
  • i’m against autism $peak and autism awareness month because their methods are dangerous, abusive and harmful toward the autistic community and because we autistic people don’t need awareness but acceptance
  • i’m against peta because they’re more interested in making money than actually saving animals
  • i’m against hydra!cap
  • i’m against whitewashing
  • i’m against the romanticizing of mental illnesses
  • i’m against white feminism and the “oh the poor oppressed women in non-white countries they don’t know any better” mentality
  • i’m against islamophobia (i’m against any sort of discrimination based on religion anyway but i’m precising this one specifically because it’s rising horrifically in my country)
  • i’m against the use of the g*psy word to describe something “boho”, “hippie”, etc. g*psy is a racial slur, just like the n word
  • i’m vegetarian but i’m against the “if you’re not vegetarian/vegan you’re a horrible person/not trying hard enough/lazy, etc” mentality. having the possibility to be vegetarian is a privilege and i’m aware of that
  • there’s probably more but this is what i could think about right now
  • Vegan:Can you believe that some people kill cats for fun?
  • Non-vegan:I know right! They are sick and evil people. They should all rot in prison cells. What kind of selfish monster could do that to a cat?
  • Vegan:Did I say cats? I meant cows.
  • Non-vegan:OHMYGOD SHuTtheFuCKUp! Vegans are so irrational and judgmental! Respect other people's choices!