I think extremism is what gives a bad name to really positive things, like people think feminism is a bad thing because mainstream media usually associates it with extremes, “women shall hate all man, no exceptions” when in reality is not like that at all (or at leat what true feminism looks for) but there are a small amount of persons who portray it that way and those are the ones who get attention. Gun control? people think they won’t ever have guns in their power again (for whatever reason they want them) when in reality it’s just being quite a little more strict on who get those weapons, as in “you are mentally stable and know how to handle a gun safely”. Same thing with veganism or vegetarianism, I’ve had so many people rolled their eyes when I tell them I’m a vegetarian because they think I’ll lecture them about not eating meat, I will just share my point of view and my (very valid and scientifically backed up) reasons if the other person wanna hear about it, but there is no need tho shove them down. If you are extreme on your views and how you approach them to people of course you’ll give your cause a bad name, people are way to stubborn and unless a person decides to learn about something for their own initiative being aggressive and rude about your views won’t change shit.