vegetarian wear





Seeing their best friend fail at their choreography 



Fans bullying their significant other

Hearing you sing very badly



Asking you out

Discovering that you’re vegetarian 

Seeing you wearing a onsie


“Why Bother?”  (Bad Boy AU/Rocky/Eunwoo/Moonbin) 

Chapters:  1  2  3  4



Seeing you wearing a Hanbok for the first time

Love at first sight

Their significant other was jumped  (Possible trigger warning?)

You asking to shower with them

Discovering that you’re a rape survivor  (Trigger warning)


“Castle in the Air”  (Fluff/Angst/Poly!Vkook)


Seokjin + “I just had a couple of drinks.”



Exo-M:  Spending the night at your house for the first time

You hold their hand for the first time


Junmyeon + “Don’t tell me to stop, you’re not my mom.”



You fangirling over another idol



Vocal Unit:  You tripping over your own feet



The members see another member’s significant other wearing only his shirt

Topp Dogg:


Discovering that you’re vegan



Hearing you sleep talking in your native language


“Cold Pizza”  (Angst/Fluff/Jinhwan)



Seeing you cry over a death in a cartoon

Christine Canigula Headcanons

- she isn’t the best artist but that doesn’t stop her from drawing all her friends constantly. She gives them little sticky notes with doodles all the time

-knows every Disney song by heart. Every. Disney. Song.

- that friend who bursts out into song randomly and doesn’t stop until you either harmonise with her or she finishes the song.

-when she laughs too hard she snorts

- she carries every thing in her purse. Bandaids, fidget spinners, candies, tampons, extra chargers, hairbands and headphones: all for her friends

- she likes parties and she also likes to be there in case she needs to be the designated driver for someone

- she has!! So many cute dresses for different occasions!! Her favorite is this one covered in puppies and she never knows when to wear it

-vegetarian :3

- that kid who released the frogs for dissection

- she also kissed a frog once as a kid

-an amazing dancer! When do her talents end!!

-if needed though she will slap some sense into you, she sits there and takes a lot of bs in but the second she feels a line is crossed she will take no shit

- she can be pretty damn blunt

-expresses emotions with wild hand motions and random nosies

-knows sign language! She’s very proud of herself for it too

- she does this thing where when she’s nervous she taps her feet together and just watches it, usually while rambling

- she and Jeremy went on movie dates a lot, but on like Wednesday’s at 4 to see movies so they are the only ones in the theater

-they watched boss baby together like that and were screaming the ENTIRE time

-“RANDOM TRUST FALL!” “Christine wait-!!!”

-smart bab! Tons of honors classes! She also loves reading and sits in a hammock to read a lot at home

- Jeremy is afraid of spiders and thought Christine would be too but then Christine killed a spider with her bare hand and it traumatized him

-loves bees!! Cute fat honey bees are her favorite kind!!

-really likes tap dancing, she loves the feeling of the clicking

-“I will fight you” “oh please we know you’re too nice to fight” “that’s what you think”

- greets with hug tackles

-jake worried that Chrisitine wouldn’t like him anymore but she asked if they could hang out. Then because of his experience with women he thought she’d try to win him back and was preparing a “I can’t do that to Jeremy” speech, but she just wanted an excuse to go back to sbarro.

- she has mood drops every now and then and tries really hard to cope well with them, but It can be really hard? Sometimes she just lays on someone’s shoulder and that’s all she’ll need for support

-was the last to find out about Jake and rich dating, “I knew someone in this group had to be gay besides Michael”

-tangle fidgets are her favorite!

- she has these really cute ice cream cone earrings that she adored and she wears them on board walks and makes jokes about seagulls stealing them

- she actually makes a lot of dirty jokes when you get to know her well and GOD she’s so funny

- “wow christine you handled that really well” “oh no. Inside I think I’m dying. BUT the perks of being an actress!”

-goes to a performing arts school at some point and does amazing, she gives friends tickets to shows.

-“Christine COOL-nigula!!” “Please stop”

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It always made me uncomfortable how young Bumi wore green and older stayed in uniform all the time. It's like since he was not a bender he could not be a part of his parents cultures. It just upsets me in general how this mixed family never mixed cultural clothing. Would it have killed the creators to make Kya a vegetarian, Tenzin wear water tribe coats in the south pole and Bumi enjoy skinning animals? Bryke was not ready for a mixing of the 4 nations.

I think it’s not so much Bryke not being ready for the four nations mixing (after all, they created Mako and Bolin, as well as the concept of bending triads), so much as them thinking of the “purity” of Aαng’s legacy and not wanting anything associated with other bending types (or nonbending types) to get in the way of that.

Remember how “The Promise” taught Katara to feel bad for expecting her own boyfriend to realize she was feeling left out due to him dropping her like a hot potato for the attention of his airbender fanclub?

(Even when this is a consistent problem in their relationship?)

Remember how Bumi apologized to the statue of Aαng for being a disappointment due to being a nonbender?

Bumi: Uh… hey there, Dad. You’re looking well. Look, uh, I’m sorry I didn’t turn out to be an airbender like you hoped, but I’ve tried my best to keep the world safe. Hope I made you proud.

Remember how Aαng’s supposed spiritual successors had no idea he had two other children (what, Aαng didn’t feel like passing that little factoid onto them)?

Bumi: Ugh. Phew. Excuse me, a little help here?
Air Acolyte woman: Sorry, I thought you were the servants.
Bumi: We’re Tenzin’s brother and sister.
Air Acolyte woman: Avatar Aαng had other children? The world is filled with more airbenders?
Kya: We’re not airbenders.
Air Acolyte woman: Oh. I’m so sorry.

Remember how much focus in the story of LOK is on people with airbending ability, even with no background in airbending philosophy (Kai), versus people with all the cultural background and no airbending ability (Pema)?

Episodes where Pema appears in The Legend of Korra but has no lines:

Book One: Air (气)

Book Two: Spirits (神靈)

Book Three: Change (易)

Book Four: Balance (平衡)

Episodes where Kai appears in The Legend of Korra but has no lines:

Book Four: Balance (平衡)

(And even when Kai has no lines, he is still part of the main action.)

“Kuvira’s Gambit”:

“Day of the Colossus”:

Remember, Bryke have a very different attitude toward nonbenders than the others writers of A:TLA. Bryke see bending in much the same way that Korra does: as an awesome fighting power-up that people who who lack it can never really make up for. It’s no wonder that all the Air Nomads were airbenders due to their “high spirituality” (the irony is amazing considering the lengths Bryke went through to strip anything spiritual from the Avatar mythos in LOK). 

So let’s return to Bumi’s clothing. You mentioned that he was never out of his army uniform, even when it would be practical to do so. Well, once he magically becomes an airbender in Book Three, what happens?:

That’s right. The army uniform he never parted company with before is gone–replaced by airbender clothes! 

Oh, Bryke.


In Monday I traveled to Koyasan from Osaka for just a night. It is an important historical site for Buddhism in Japan. I stayed at a Shokan which is a temple stay. The food was all very delicious and vegetarian, I got to wear a yukata and I went in an onsen for the very first time! I was alone though so didn’t 100% count hahaha I liked the outdoor one, it was very peaceful I’m the drizzle.

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I live in a quiet normal area but my school is in a cigarette filled car polluted area so every time there's break my skin is fine but once I go back to school I get painful cysts on my nose and/or forehead, can I do anything to prevent this from happening everytime

This is such an interesting topic right now that I think needs to be researched further. There’s an entire wave of “dust-cut” and “anti-pollution” skin care coming out to help combat exactly what you’re referring to: People are breaking out from poor air quality. These products are typically being released from east asian beauty companies, as pollution is notoriously bad there. (read up on it, its actually really interesting- and horrifying)

Air pollution can cause “increased sebum production, amplified dehydration, reduced natural anti-oxidant defences at skin’s surface [and] a weakened defensive barrier.” (x) This means havoc for your skin.

However, knowing exactly what pollution does to the skin, we can combat it.

  • Keep your face clean. Carry around travel-friendly cleansers like Cosrx One-Step Pimple Pads or micellar water soaked cotton pads, and touch up your face throughout the day. Also, regular mild exfoliation can help to keep the skin clear of built up pollutants.
  • More water. Dehydration? Water. Drink loads of it and include hydrating layers in your routine. I recommend the 7 skin method and sheet masks.
  • Go antioxidant wild. Definitely eat your antioxidants (fruits and green veggies are key), but include them in your skin care…. In massive quantities. I’m talking antioxidant toner, serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen. The more the merrier.
  • Beef up your barrier. In your skin care, you can also include moisture barrier building ingredients like cholesterol, ceramides, fatty acids, urea, squalane, and niacinamide. Also, take fish oil supplements (or flax seed oil if you’re vegetarian/vegan).
  • Wear sunscreen. This is the ultimate defense against free radical oxidation on your skin. 

I wish you luck! Thank you for this question; it really got me thinking!

clark is also the most millennial millennial to ever millennial? vegetarian who wears ray bans and birkenstocks and flannels and carries around a moleskin?  rides his bike everywhere? probably drinks kombucha and has pins on his bag and stickers all over his laptop? succulents all over the house? abuses emojis and sends videos to the league of animals or just tags them all in them?

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‘i saw you throw that wrapper on the ground when there’s a trashcan right over there, dickwheeze’ au OMG PLEASE YES I CAN JUST SEE THIS WITH STEREK

“Hey, hey! Excuse me! Douchebag in the cap!”

Stiles turns on his heel, touching his beloved Mets cap as he does, and peering in the direction of the loud voice. He’s caught off guard when he spots the owner of the tirade– super hot dude, glasses, eyebrows Tom Selleck’d be jealous of, and a worn satchel across his broad chest– and feels torn between glaring and putting on his best come hither face. 

His expression must not come off as alluring in the slightest as the dude stalks right up to him and waves trash in Stiles’ face. 

“This is a first for courting rituals,” Stiles drawls slowly. 

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TNFEC50k Race Recap

On Saturday morning, we got up super early (3:45a). Matt’s co-worker Walter was running the 50 mi and doesn’t have a car, so we picked him up. I wasn’t sure how long Matt would take to run, so I brought a change of clothes and my iPad (books) for post race.

The 50 milers went off at 5 am. 

My race didn’t start till 7am, so I waited around and got my stuff together. I waited with my friend Abi, whose husband was doing the 50mi (he’s in the blue shorts and black shirt). She is super prepared for spectating. 

The biggest fear I had about the race was the heat and humidity, I was certain the heat would be the thing that got me. The night before, I checked out my age group winners, the girl who got first did it in 6 hours. I was pretty sure I could do it sub 6, so I decided to aim between 5 and 6 hours for time. Ideally, I would like to do a 50k sub 5, but knew it would not be in the cards for Saturday. 

I was in wave 1 and at 7am off we went. Lots of guys in the back half of the wave were very vocal for the first few miles.

Parts of the course are single track, and there were a few bottle necks. I managed to pass one girl, and I think she was making snake hissing noises. Weird.

Before the race, I had tried going the bathroom but couldn’t.  I found a nice tree about mile 7. So thankful I bring toilet paper on long runs. 

Hill around mile 5 I walked up. I walked up all hills. 

Around mile 10 there was an aid station and a guy was shouting bib numbers. Even with going to the bathroom, I heard him call out my bib number and that I was lead female. That got my adrenaline pumping. A guy behind me asked if heard correctly, and I was just as surprised. I think his name was Dave…we ran together for most of the race. 

Dave behind me.

I think I was lead female for only a few miles. Around mile 14 one passed me. During the 12-13 mile mark Dave and I ran into another guy, Jim, who does a lot of ultras. The 50k was training for a 50miler next week….He commented that we were going pretty fast for an ultra and he thoughtfully slowed us down and talked about running. I mainly listened in. Both cool guys. I kept wanting to call Jim “Scott” because he looks like Scott Jurek. He also said he was vegetarian and was wearing Brooks, so who knows. 

Up at Great Falls we did an few little loops and saw a lot of the 50 milers. I was super excited that I might see Matt. Going up and down a hill we saw him and our friend Zach who was pacing him. 

The 50 milers do the loop 3 or 4 times. Matt tynz1986 will tell you. I was glad to be done with it once. In this section I heard someone call out KATEBIKERUN. I felt like a celebrity. 

Great Falls was a nice little motivation boost for the spectators, I saw our friend Kris, Tara, who was volunteering, and some other folks I knew running the 50 miler. I did lose Jim and Dave when I stopped at an aid station.

I felt good all the way up until about mile 22 when I started really feeling sore in my hips. I caught back up to the guys I had been running with. 

At one of the aid stations I noticed the appx mileage there was way off from what I had on my watch. I asked Jim what he had, and my watch was a whole mile and change off. Which kind of relieved me, since I didn’t have as far to run, but also annoyed me because my watch wouldn’t say 31.07 at the end. I think on the map you can see where the red line just goes straight instead of curves with the trail.

Matt and Zach passed me with about 6 miles to go. This was the hot humid marshy part of the trail. My vocal chord disfunction thing kicked in and made it super hard to breathe in. I was really stretching out my walking times then. 

After mile 22, just holding on to finish!!

I had passed Jim at the aid station, and Dave had ran off, but I later caught up to him. I think he got hurt. I’m a bit disappointed in my second half splits, but the heat caught up to me and not being able to get enough air in also hurt me. I’m not sure if slowing down any in the beginning would of had any effect. 

I’m not sure how I look good…I felt like death. I staggered around the finish area.

Our friend Kris was waiting at the finishers shoot, he said Matt was right behind me. The 50 milers do a little extra loop around the field. I was very relieved to have to not do. I didn’t have to wait long for Matt to finish. 

No blisters or chafing at the end, just extreme soreness! We found ice baths and sat in them for about 10 minutes. 

There was a results tent and we both found out we placed in our age groups!!

I was not sure how many females passed me, but I ended up being 14th female…My time was 5:48 and change. Not as great as I’d like, but good for my first ultra!

Since it was my first one, I didn’t know really what to expect as far as organization. Matt and Zach both ran it last year and they both said it was put on well. Everything seemed pretty organized, and they had a wave start which was smart. I don’t think I would have changed much…maybe a better shirt :D

Also mad my GPS got off track and didn’t get to 31.07 miles. But for once my pace from the race results is better.

me at 12 years old: [feels a really intense connection with a camp counselor who has very short hair, is vegetarian, and doesn’t wear jewelry/makeup] huh why do i feel so drawn towards this person…i feel like i know her…

me now: ah

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What is the difference in a non ovo & non lacto vegetarian diet and the vegan one? A collegue told me she is the first one and not a vegan, but the only real difference I can think of is that unlike vegans she can eat honey... ?

The original meaning of vegetarian is technically no meat, no dairy and no eggs. Most people think that’s just a vegan but the difference is veganism is a lifestyle that goes beyond diet and because most vegetarians are lacto-ovo vegetarians which means they have eggs and milk and just don’t have any meats, Ovo (egg) Lacto (milk). (Not speaking for all) but vegetarians usually will still wear leather and other skins/furs and might not avoid animal testing/ other animal exploitation. So her diet is vegan but her lifestyle may not be I’m guessing.