vegetarian recipe books

Vegan Resources:

These are the most helpful ones out there! Feel free to add to the list!!


  • Animals: Earthlings
  • Environment: Cowspiracy
  • Health: Forks Over Knives


Wondering about:

  • Nutrition on a vegan diet - Vegan for Life or Becoming Vegan
  • Being a vegan athlete - Thrive or Eat & Run
  • Living a vegan lifestyle - Mainstreet Vegan and The Kind Diet
  • How it helps the animals- Eating Animals
  • Why it is the best way to live (and SO IMPORTANT)- The World Peace Diet

Research on Plant Based Diets:

  • Eat to Live
  • The China Study
  • How Not to Die


  • Oh She Glows blog & book
  • Minimalist Baker blog
  • Farm Sanctuary book


Kale & Caramel: Recipes for Body, Heart, and Table lands this Tuesday, May 2. Pre-order your copy now and download a Bonus Recipe Bundle, with a love letter from me.

This sumptuously photographed and beautifully written cookbook presents eighty recipes for delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes featuring herbs and flowers, as well as luxurious do-it-yourself beauty products. Each chapter celebrates an aromatic herb or flower, including basil, cilantro, fennel, mint, oregano, rosemary, sage, thyme, lavender, jasmine, rose, and orange blossom.

The recipes tell a coming-of-age story through my kinship with plants, from a sun-drenched Maui childhood to healing from heartbreak and my mother’s death. With bright flavors, gorgeous scents, evocative stories, and more than one hundred photographs, Kale & Caramel creates a lush garden of experience open to harvest year round.

Pre-order here!

Mike Hanlon Birthday Headcanons!

Okay so my friend @richiietozierr asked for fluffy content and here’s fluffy content on the one and only Mike Hanlon and what the losers gang would do for his birthday! Also because she’s my Mike and they both deserve love (go follow her!!!)

They’ve been friends for years at this point, Bev never left and it’s based off the movie sorry I haven’t finished the book but I’ll write some headcanons for when I do!!

  • The others had a meeting of sorts a couple of times. To make sure their gift plans didn’t clash and to look at the gifts they all chose right next to each others.
  • They all put such thought into their gifts.
  • To the far left is bev’s gift and it’s a large frame with a collage of all the photos she’s taken with her camera since the first time they celebrated Mike’s birthday. Every photo had Mike and at least one of the others being the happy teens they deserved to be.
  • Bev has written all around it, just little comments of the moments and words of love for Mike.
  • Everyone remembered almost all of the moments and it brought a smile to know how happy they can make Mike.
  • Next to Bev’s gift was Stan’s
  • He got Mike a history book that he put together himself of the losers’ history together, how they met and everything they’ve done up until the last time they had hung out together. Stan is an excellent observer and listener when it comes to his friends and hanging out with them.
  • Richie called Stan a weirdo but nobody took him seriously with the genuinely touched smile on his face.
  • Richie’s gift was next
  • He got a joke gift of a photo Bev took of him that he asked for and he signed.
  • His actually gift was a vegetarian recipe book. He knew Mike wanted to start out being a vegetarian even though the way they killed the sheep was humane. Everyone can see how affected he was by the sheep dying and the fact that he was the one doing it.
  • Bill’s gift was after Richie’s and it looked like a simple teddy bear and reading book.
  • But Bill explained it’s significance and why he chose to gift it.
  • Mike was running some errands in town and Bill was helping him out since the others were busy at the time and couldn’t help.
  • While running the errands, they walked into a store to sell some of his and his grandpa’s things.
  • Bill noticed Mike had looked at the bear and book a few times over the years, since Mike rarely went into that part of town anymore, before he finally asked.
  • The toy and book obviously belonged to Mike.
  • It was from the first time Mike and his family were allowed to go to the carnival. His dad bought the plush bear and his mother told him that he should read to the bear whenever he felt alone since the bear would always be there for Mike.
  • Bill totally didn’t cry when Mike finished telling him and neither did the rest of the losers when Bill told them.
  • After Bill’s present was Eddie’s present
  • He was really stressed when he heard about everyone else’s presents and didn’t ACTUALLY know what to get him so he said the first thing he thought of when it came to Mike.
  • Books
  • He felt unoriginal to just get books for Mike but then he thought about how much time he had. He could get books that Mike had never read, could get books signed!
  • So he did both. He got some of Mike’s favourite books signed, admittedly it was hard to do that one since he spent most of the time actually finding the authors, and the books he chose for Mike were ones he had read when over at other relative’s houses and thought the latter might enjoy.
  • But if anyone asked, the handwritten note of appreciation at the back of each of them were most definitely not from Eddie,,,
  • Ben’s gift was on the very right and nobody knew what it was til that day.
  • it was just a paper in a frame?
  • But what Ben read on the paper made the rest of the losers’ hearts swell with adoration for the chubby boy.
  • It was a letter to Mike, from his parents.
  • Ben was the closest to Mike and Mike’s grandfather gave him the letter to see if he could read it properly.
  • Ben had re-written it word for word and Mike’s granddad teared up when hearing them.


  • Mike’s grandfather’s present to Mike was accepting the rest of the losers club into his home that day so they all could celebrate together. It was the first time in years he had opened up his house to the rest of the gang aside from Ben and Bill.

My new cooking tutorial: Moomin Mushroom Stew. (CC) It’s a simple, easy, quick and super yummy recipe to make! The recipe says you only need 300g of mushrooms, but I actually used around 1500g! It has a really nice, creamy taste to it and if you add rosette potatoes, it gives it a very nice, round taste :)

Vegan Book Masterpost

Our Top 5 Picks:

Recipe Books:

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Add any of your faves to the list!

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By toethefinishline and fittybittybody

I’m gonna try going full on vegetarian for a while, or at least 90% vegetarian, since I refuse to stop using chicken stock when cooking rice and potatoes and such. My stomach has just been way too sensitive to meat lately :((( I picked up The Accidental Vegetarian today since it was in the bargain section of B&N’s, but if anyone else has any good vegetarian books/websites/recipes to recommend, I’d love to hear them!

Edit: I should also add that one of the fun things about my particular case of Crohns Disease is I can’t eat raw fruits and vegetables without OMG PAIN so most salads are right out. Breads and pastas are basically my go to right now for food, but I should probably eat things other than carbs all day every day.