vegetarian privilege

5% Of China adheres to a vegetarian diet

13% Of Taiwan adheres to a vegetarian diet

It is accepted that some Greek philosophers brought their beliefs of vegetarianism from Egypt.

There are sources that say ancient Egyptians ateplant based diets and have been recorded as abstaining from animal flesh and skins since 3200BCE.


Upwards of 42% of India adheres to a vegetarian diet

But because some white people in western cultures also adhere to plant based diets it is now a “white people thing.”

Veganism and vegetarianism spreading is now “imperialistic.”

This kind of erasure is perpetuated to discredit veganism and vegetarianism by the common meat eater, to make veganism and vegetarianism seem childish, pointless, privileged, trendy, and unnecessary. It makes veganism and vegetarianism seem like new concepts without histories deeply rooted in many cultures. Veganism and vegetarianism is NOT a white people club, it never was. It is simply something that has existed in most cultures around the world and continues til this day to be practiced by all colors.

Call out post to all the vegans/vegetarians that have strong opinions on the topic. I get why people choose to live this lifestyle. It’s a privilege. Vegans/vegetarians who feel the need to imprint their chosen lifestyle on me or any other meat-eater need to realize how they are acting. Making me feel bad for eating what I want is not acceptable. My contribution to the meat industry is not making a difference, and neither is your lack of contribution. Me enjoying a burger or a piece of chicken is far from the worst thing happening in the world right now. Vegans tend to fall on the liberal side of the spectrum, as I do. There are plenty of other, more present issues that need more attention besides what I’m putting into my body. Like come on. Focusing that negative energy into fighting for LGBTQ+ rights or women’s rights would be much more valuable. If me eating meat is the worst thing in your life then good for you.

Just so we clear
  • i’m feminist
  • i’m pro-sex worker
  • i’m against terf (trans exclusionary radical feminism)
  • i’m against the romanticizing of abusive relationships (meaning i’m against reylo, jessica jones/killgrave, etc)
  • i’m against cultural appropriation (wearing bindi if you aren’t hindu, wearing native american war bonnet to look “cool and ready to go to coachella”, etc)
  • i support #blacklivesmatter
  • i’m against autism $peak and autism awareness month because their methods are dangerous, abusive and harmful toward the autistic community and because we autistic people don’t need awareness but acceptance
  • i’m against peta because they’re more interested in making money than actually saving animals
  • i’m against hydra!cap
  • i’m against whitewashing
  • i’m against the romanticizing of mental illnesses
  • i’m against white feminism and the “oh the poor oppressed women in non-white countries they don’t know any better” mentality
  • i’m against islamophobia (i’m against any sort of discrimination based on religion anyway but i’m precising this one specifically because it’s rising horrifically in my country)
  • i’m against the use of the g*psy word to describe something “boho”, “hippie”, etc. g*psy is a racial slur, just like the n word
  • i’m vegetarian but i’m against the “if you’re not vegetarian/vegan you’re a horrible person/not trying hard enough/lazy, etc” mentality. having the possibility to be vegetarian is a privilege and i’m aware of that
  • there’s probably more but this is what i could think about right now
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