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The people who say ‘one person won’t make a difference’ are usually the ones who have gotten comfortable with the way things are and don’t want things to change so they try to convince others or themselves that one person cannot make a difference.

But that’s a lie because all it takes is one person to make a difference.

That Deaf feel when every hearing person ever always asks how you lost your hearing.

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If you're still taking prompts, would you consider writing 24 or 32??? Love all the previous ones, by the way <3

send me a ship and a number and i’ll write a short fic

Notes: thank you! i’m not into doctor who lol so here’s 24! sorry for the delay :p


24. literally bumping into each other au



It happened three times. Three times, in a single day. Three!

How could it not have been destiny, or something bigger than them, playing a role in this so-called coincidences?



The first time, Sakura is on a bench, waiting for the bus.

It’s cold, it’s seven in the morning, and she hasn’t had her coffee, as she didn’t have time to make it, unless she wanted to miss the bus. Therefore, she is cranky, mentally cursing herself for taking so long at showering, her life for sucking so much, and the entire world for, well, everything else.

The bus arrives and she stands up from the bench. Absent-mindedly, she walks towards the doors as the open, ready to climb the steps, find a seat, and wait half an hour until the bus stops in front of her university. However, she does not remember that some people are supposed to step out of the bus now, and she bumps into the first person exiting.

It’s him: a tall, dark-haired guy, more or less her age, wearing an expression as grumpy as hers.

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Vegetable Puns? Oh Peas...

It’s National Vegetarian Week over in the UK, so what better time to celebrate vegetarian food. We try to get plenty of veggie recipes up for you guys and like to think we’ve come up with a few very different meals for you guys to try.

Any meat eaters would enjoy the squash wellington… we definitely did! :D

Approximately 25% of the world’s population is vegetarian and Indians make up 70% for the world’s vegetarian population, and thank goodness! Curries are one of the best vegetarian things to eat, not to mention paneer, daal and the rest! 

We can’t talk about vegetarian food without mentioning tofu as well. It’s really popular, but we’re never sure about the taste! It’s perfect in asian cuisine and we reckon we’ve found something a bit special with our Sesame Tofu. If you know any other recipes that make great use of tofu then please let us know! :) 

There’s been a real increase in the popularity of vegetarian food recently, but apparently it’s not necessarily because more people are becoming vegetarian! Instead, meat eaters are consciously trying to reduce the amount of meat they eat. 

Have you been reducing the amount of meat that you eat recently, or are you a vegetarian. We would love to hear your favourite veggie dishes in the comments! 

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Hey I love your blog! Just wondered if you could give me some quick diet advice. I'm wanting to try cut out carbs as much as possible (for a while at least) but the problem is I'm vegetarian so carbs make up most of my meals! What type of foods can take over the role of carbs as being the main focus of my dishes, that isn't meat? I'm okay for breakfast and lunches (salads etc) but I do a lot of exercise and find I need a lot of energy from my main meal of the day! X

Keep in mind that losing weight is not just about cutting carbs and eating as less as possible. Since you exercise, you will need carbs, even during a fat loss.

In fact, if you want to become healthy, you will need to eat, constantly. Eating constantly the right food, will provide you good nutrients and help you fight hunger.

The right food can be: veggies, carbs high in fibers (complex carbs), good fats and high-protein foods. Since you’re a vegan, it’s very important to find non-animal source of protein:

There is a lot to say on fat loss and the importance of eating, I highly recommend you to read this weight loss article: