vegetarian fresh rolls


Making homemade vietnamese fresh rolls is so simple and yummy!  (Bonus!  They are gluten free & easily made vegan)

You will need rice paper & vermicelli rice noodles for sure.

And then pick some of these ingredients:  thai basil, opal basil (pictured), fresh mint leaves (pictured), thinly sliced carrots, thinly sliced cucumbers (pictured), shrimp, tofu cakes, lettuce, jicama, bean sprouts, celery, fresh cilantro.

Cook vermicelli noodles in a microwave safe container for 5 minutes (I don’t have a real kitchen, that’s how easy this recipe is).  Meanwhile, cut up your veggies in thin, long strips.

Soak the rice paper under warm water for about 20 seconds (be careful, it will stick to itself once it’s soft), and lay it on your cutting board.

Pack with yummy veggies, etc.  And wrap it by folding in the sides and folding in the top/bottom of the rice paper.  And tada!

I’m a bit of a food purist, so I like it plain… but check out chili sauce, hoison sauce, and peanut sauce if you want something delicious to dip it in!

Yay!  Now you can impress all of your friends, eat healthy raw veggies, and fill your stomach too!

***PRO TIP: when you buy mint, you have to buy way more than you need, so i recommend making mojitos or fresh mint tea to go with your fresh rolls so your mint doesn’t go bad (which would be heartbreaking!!!)<3***

This combo never gets old ❤️ ((pre-run breakfast)) ✨

-¾ cup rolled oats -1 cup water -cinnamon -1 tsp vanilla extract -fresh fruit -1 tbsp @earthbalance peanut butter ✨ cook oats, vanilla extract, cinnamon + water on medium heat until fluffy. transfer to a bowl and top with fruit//pb. I added more cinnamon and microwaved everything for a minute afterwards so it got all melty and amazing 👅✨

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