photos I took of some beautiful cows a couple months ago that are now all dead :’( with toronto cow save at st helens meat packers in toronto. every single one of the cows in these photos were tortured for their entire lives, they were viewed as products and as a way to make money since before they were even born. they were never shown any love or compassion or empathy in their lives, except for these few moments (a total of 2 minutes) before they were taken into the slaughterhouse to get murdered. just look into their eyes, from these photos you can see how helpless and sad they are. they know what is about to happen to them and they are pleading for help, probably wondering what they ever did to deserve such a terrible life and ending.. cows are some of the most beautiful creatures out there and they deserve to live in peace with their families, eating grass in the sunshine, being friends and not food. how can someone look at these animals and think “yummy!” like that’s just so fucked up to me. i feel so helpless because this is happening to millions of cows all over the world literally every single second of the day. not just cows, but chickens, fish, pigs, turkeys, and other animals as well. it is so depressing and just truly heartbreaking. 

this is why I am vegan. i refuse to contribute to the suffering of these animals, I have been vegan for over 4 years now and I promise you it is the best decision I have ever made. these animals need our help, they can’t speak for themselves so they need us to be their voice. please go vegan for them. we owe these animals so much, there is an amazing quote from my friend hannah that runs sympathy at slaughter that goes: “the only thing we need from animals is their forgiveness.” and it is so true. 

please reblog this photoset to get the message out there. thank you to all the vegans out there making a difference every single day just by choosing to eat plants instead of the corpses of these angels