In our world today, Cows are impregnated continuously and injected with chemicals, causing them acutely painful infection and illness. After they collapse from years of exhaustion and pain they are slaughtered. Baby calves are kept in crates where they can’t move. They’re fed a poor diet, they almost starve before slaughter. Hens, at slaughter, are plunged into defeathering tanks filled with boiling water, fully conscious. Male baby chicks are grounded up in blenders by the thousand. Mother pigs are confined to crates so small they can’t move. Geese have metal pipes forced down their throats so massive amounts of grain can be pumped to their stomachs. Fish, suffocate to death, are crushed, or are sliced open while still alive. Sheep, like all slaughtered animals, are hoisted upside down by their back legs and their throats are cut. They are left to cry in pain as the blood drains out of them until they die. If you consume animal products, you subject billions of innocent beings to lives of suffering. They all feel fear and pain, cruelty-free meat does not exist. This industry is the most evil and repugnant creation of man existing today. Please consider if you want to be causing such barbaric acts to take place. Please consider following a vegan diet and sparing these animals such suffering. Please help save them and reblog. 


4 Ingredient Orange Creamsicle Green Smoothie… This smoothie is simple, delicious, super healthy, and perfectly creamy (despite the spinach!) no matter what blender you have with my special trick! Get the vegan/gluten free recipe here!

10 Minute Nutritious Stirfry

Hi all, I’d like to share with you a moderately easy/low spoons recipe that can be adjusted for pretty much any taste. I have been making this a lot lately, as it has lots of veggies and is very simple! 

Here goes! (By the way, this makes approx. 3 med. or 4 smaller servings. You could easily adjust this to make more!)


-One small soup pot, depending on how many noodles or how much rice you’ll be making 

-One medium skillet 

-a wooden spoon or other stirring device (I say wooden so you won’t scratch your pots and pans!)

-A bowl to put it all in and an eating utensil!


-approx. 1/3 a bag of frozen mixed vegetables (I use the kind with peas, corn, and green beans)

-1 small chopped onion OR frozen pearl or pre-chopped onions

-a spoonful of chopped garlic (can buy this jarred)

-Any kind of preferred Asian noodles (I use chow mein) or rice or any other grain, if you prefer

-Sauce of your choice (I use teriyaki, but peanut, orange, or any other Asian style sauce would be great)

-A dash of red pepper flakes

-A small amount of oil for stir frying it all


A bell pepper (any color, I’ve used green, you can sometimes find these frozen as well)

Fresh or frozen broccoli

Pretty much any other vegetable you think would taste yummy, I bet water chestnuts would be really good too. I’ve also topped this with avocado and it’s so good!

All you have to do is start boiling some water for your grains/noodles, and follow the package directions. While doing this, add some oil to your skillet, and add your onions and mixed veggies once it warms up. Stir fry these for maybe 3 min, making sure to stir every so often, and then add any fresh veg you may be using (If using a thick veg like broccoli, make sure to add it at the beginning). When everything is almost finished cooking, add your garlic. Stir and make sure not to burn it! I’ve burned mine a few times, to be honest. Add your red pepper flakes. Drain your noodles, turn of your stove, toss it all in a bowl and top with your sauce. It’s a hearty meal that tastes even better the next day and can be easily re-heated at work and school. I hope this helps and adds a bit of variety to your diets! Good luck chefs :)