Gnocci and Pesto

Really quick, easy and satisfying food (albeit probably not the most helathy)
can be altered as you wish

Ingredients - 



Tomatoes (I tend to just chuck in whole cherry tomatoes)
Sliced Meat (again, I throw in whole slices of Chorizo)
Cheese - grated, or chunks


- heat oil in pan (if butter, I like to brown it a little first)

-toss in Gnocci

- fry for ¾ minutes on reasonably high (I like mine super crispy, so do it longer/hotter)

- add spoonful of pesto

- add meat and warm through

- add olives/tomatoes/cheese 

- serve

I like this because it’s easy to… add in more/less ingredients depending what I have to hand
it’s incredibly quick and filling
and it’s easy to adjust to how hungry you are/to taste