Advice to the Young

* Eat a healthy diet with emphasis on vegetables;
* do not use tobacco;
* exercise everyday, a walk will do;
* limit sun exposure, use sunscreen, moisturize your skin;
* moderate alcohol intake or avoid it altogether;
* take good care of your teeth;
* get plenty of sleep;
* learn to shut off your mind when anxiety strikes;
* plan for the future but live in the present;
* live in compassion, it is the least stressful mode of life.

Part of today’s lunch 😍 A mushroom omelette stuffed with feta and Swiss cheese, and a side of avocado 👌 The other part was some naan with spicy peanut butter ❤️ Clearly, I am an omelette fiend 😏 Just finishing up my #mealprepsunday, then studying until OUAT comes on, and hitting the sack early because I have course enrolment tomorrow at 6 am 😭 #vegetarian #iifym