Super Easy Noodle Bowls

Here’s a soup recipe I’ve been using a lot recently, adapted slightly from a recipe that I’ll link at the bottom! All you need to heat this up is some hot water, so it’s like instant ramen noodles but yummier and probably better for you.

At my workplace I don’t have access to a microwave or hotplate, only a kettle, which makes it really difficult to have hot meals for lunch. I don’t know why I didn’t think of doing something like this sooner! It’s really easy and quick to do, is pretty cheap, and filling too. 


-package of noodles (I use a brand of udon noodles called Mr. Noodles that I can buy at my local Sobeys for 99 cents a pack)

-any veggies you might want to add (I like green onion, bean sprouts, and thinly sliced bok choy myself when I have them) 

-whatever leftover meat you have in the fridge (or omit this if you don’t eat meat, or substitute with tofu–just make sure if you add meat it’s already cooked!)

Soup paste ingredients: I’d recommend starting with a teaspoon of each of the following ingredients and from there you can adjust the flavours to your preference!

-chicken or vegetable stock powder

-soy sauce

-miso paste

-hoisin sauce


-a bit of sriracha sauce if you like a bit of spicy


-cook your noodles according to instructions, drain the liquid and place your noodles in the bottom of your container 

-mix together your soup paste ingredients and add the paste on top of the noodles. You want it to be a paste and not a really runny liquid because it’ll be diluted later when you add hot water to make the soup, and you don’t want your noodles getting soggy before this.

-add on top the veggies/meat/tofu

-when you’re ready to eat, it’s exactly like instant noodles: fill the container with boiling/hot water until your ingredients are covered, then cover the container and let it sit for a few minutes to heat everything up. Mix it a bit before eating to make sure your soup paste is all dissolved!

And there you have it! Yummy soup that’s perfect for lunches or for meals when you don’t have the energy/time to cook. I’ll usually make a few of these at the beginning of the week to take to work throughout, so they’ll last probably up to a week in the fridge. What’s nice is I can imagine that this recipe can be adjusted to any flavour preferences or dietary needs, and can be made for pretty cheap. I literally looked at the original recipe, didn’t have some of the ingredients, and went home and made my own delicious version from what I had on hand and remember my mom cooking with all the time.

I hope you enjoy and come up with your own yummy variations!

(You can find the original recipe HERE)