Happy National Burger Day!

From classic to vegan, and every which way to cook them - wikiHow to Burgers: 25+ Ways!

Burger Basics

1. Make a Hamburger.

2. Want cheese to ooze out of the burger? Make a Juicy Lucy Burger.

3. Core out the center to make room for an egg. Make a Hamburger Egg Sandwich.

4. Add beer to the recipe! Make Baked Beer Burgers.

5. Make a Ramen Burger.

6. Make Blue Cheese Burgers With Carmelized Onions

7. Make Teriyaki Onion Burgers.

8. Make Grilled Pineapple Burgers.

9. Make a Homemade Low Fat Hamburger.

10. Make a McDonald’s Big Mac.

Alternative Burgers (Meat)

1. Make a Good Turkey Burger.

2. Make a Chicken Burger.

3. Make a Salmon Burger.

4. Make Lamb Burgers with Mint Yogurt Sauce

Alternative Burgers (Non-Meat)

1. Make Chickpea Burgers (vegetarian, option for gluten-free).

2. Make Curried Tempeh Burgers (vegetarian, option for vegan).

3. Make a Portobello Mushroom.

4. Make Vegan Black Bean Burgers.

5. Make Vegan Red Bean Burgers.

6. Make Soy Patties.

7. Make Tofu Burgers.

Get Weird

1. Make a Peanut Butter Bacon Burger.

2. Make Pizza Burgers.

3. Make a Krabby Patty.

Cook Burgers Every Which Way!

1. Grill Burgers.

2. Make a Burger in a Pan.

3. Cook Hamburgers on the Stove.

4. Make Baked Hamburgers.

5. Reheat a Cheeseburger.

Good to Know

1. How to Buy Hamburger Meat.

2. How to Season Hamburgers.

3. How to Wrap a Burger.


Watermelon Jerky - There isn’t really a recipe because there is only one ingredient…Slice the watermelon to about 1/4″ thick strips and put in a dehydrator at 135F for a day. Once they are dried out and firm, let cool and put into a ziploc bag. No extra sugar, no extra additives. Just watermelon.

healthy chocolate mousse

hi! okay so this is a great way to use overripe avocados so that they don’t go to waste!!

for every one (medium sized) avocado use:

¼ cup of almond/coconut milk (I’m lactose intolerant but you could use regular milk too!)

1/6 cup of honey

3 tbs of cocoa powder

2 teaspoons of vanilla (to taste)

3 tbs of melted chocolate chips (optional)

just mix all of the ingredients up in a blender! It’s super easy and filling, plus it’s a great desert and it’s healthy, and vegan!
if you blend it enough it has a wonderful smooth texture, no lumps or anything, it’s very smooth and rich.

if you want you can put it in the fridge to chill it, but I just eat it straight out of the blender haha