Wow. 500 followers. I never thought that i can reach it so fast.
Thank You all. Thank you for a LOT of reblogs, for your support. You are awesome, i respect all of you.
II’m happy, happier than ever. I think, this number is a good stimulation for going forward.
I have met a lot of nice people since i start this blog.
But my list of people i follow isn’t big. Those blogs are awesome, i like them all! Oh, i hope, i won’t forget anyone XD


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Can you believe that i reached 1000 followers?

So I can’t.
At first I want to thank everyone of one thousand people that follow me. Yes, i know, I did thank you SO MUCH TIMES, but your support is SO AWESOME, that’s why I may thank you again and again.
Since I started this blog, I haven’t ever thought that I can reach 1000 followers. I met very nice people on this way, SO MUCH BLOGS, that i like, I adore!
And i want to include this coolest people in my 2'nd Follow Forever.
Yea, this FF not much different than my first. But who cares? :D
Sorry, i may forgive to include somebody.


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P.S. Sorry that I did’t post anything for this loooog time)