vegetables with dip

Here some super easy food ideas/recipes! You don’t need much time for them and these are ingredients that you probably have at home:



  • try buying different cereals for some ~variety~
  • with yoghurt, different types of milk
  • and fresh fruits
  • or dried fruits and nuts?
  • honey / cocoa powder as sweetener

bread/toast with:

  • avocado and roasted tomatoes
  • roasted sausage & egg 
  • cream cheese and cucumber
  • nutella and banana

some more ideas:

  • smoothie w/ banana, hot cocoa, vanilla sugar, peanut butter, cinnamon
  • french toast with blueberries
  • banana with honey and chopped nuts (so yummy)
  • apples with peanut butter
  • oatmeal with apples and cinnamon (+nuts and other fruits myb)
  • fluffy pancakes →2 eggs, 150ml milk, 3 tablespoons oil, 1 ts sugar, 150g fluor, baking powder, pinch of salt


  • mac n’ cheese
  • store-brought pizza pastry (just throw some of your fav topics on top)
  • salad w/ tomatoes and lamb’s lettuce (for the dressing I use oil or creme fraiche with herbs)
  • sandwich (i use a sandwich maker) with lots of cheeeeeese 
  • buritos (i like them with avo, tomatoes, bit onions, lettuce, carrots, corn, mince and cream cheese tbh)
  • pretzles (i live in germany okay?)
  • vegetables with a dip as a supplement
  • tomato soup with toasted bread
  • chili con carne (fav)
  • self made burgers
  • tomatoes + goat cheese ‚baked’ 

Once upon a time a 17 year old English girl fell in love with a talented but relatively unknown country singer by the name of Taylor Swift. PLOT TWIST: 11 years later she is one of the most successful artists in history and I just spent my Friday night hanging out with her at her house. Wanna know how this happened? I’m going to tell you my story. Get yourself comfy (maybe some cocoa or a nice sweater) and listen up. 

I don’t claim to be the biggest Taylor Swift fan in the world, but like every Swiftie I would always like to think I am. I have loved Taylor for longer than I can remember and one of my biggest dreams in life has always been to meet her. 

On 3rd October 2017 I woke up around 5am as I do every morning, and I turned off my alarm and turned my internet on. I had a few notifications, Facebook messenger, twitter, tumblr….but then there was a DM? I never get twitter DM’s, I’m not remotely interesting enough for anyone to want to speak to me, so who was this messaging me?

Half asleep and with my eyes still adjusting to the light I opened the DM screen and saw the words ‘Taylor Nation’. My whole body froze…that’s not what is says is it? I rubbed my eyes and looked again…it was. I clicked on the message and read it quickly. I didn’t really take it in, something about a Confidential Event. I dropped my phone onto my chest and looked at the ceiling trying to take in what I had just read. Was I having another Taylor dream ? Somehow I knew I wasn’t - the last Taylor dream I had we were eating banana splits in an old railway carriage turned into a diner…i don’t even like bananas. Somehow this seemed more plausible. 

I closed twitter and decided to ignore it for a second and look at my other notifications. There was a facebook message from my Swiftie friend Bethy telling me to have a good day and reminding me to keep my DMs on….wait, she had one to? I replied back saying 'I have, you too?’ and for a solid hour we were messaging eachother in code without either of us admitting what we had received in text…but we both knew. 

I sent my details over to Taylor Nation and tried to get ready for work…putting my jeans on back to front, loading the laundry into the machine without adding the washing liquid, walking around my house doing things which usually came naturally but for some reason took extra effort and concentration…something I was lacking. 

It was another 10 hours before my DM was replied to saying they would contact me soon. Soon? How soon is soon? Bethy and I continued talking to eachother imagining what it could be. Would we be in a live stream? A music video? Are we being invited to a show? An interview? In the back of our minds we wanted it to be a secret session but it wouldn’t be would it? People like us with a handful of followers whose idea of a great Friday night is to play Yahtzee while listening to Taylor Swift on repeat wouldn’t get invited, would we? 

Luckily soon was only 3 hours and I got a call from a New York number. I was at my parents house so I ran up the stairs to take the call. Some other Swiftie friends in a group chat were messaging me about stuff and I was trying to pick up but notifications were sending my phone into meltdown. Eventually I managed to pick up…then hang up on Taylor Nation. Yes, I hung up on Taylor Swift’s management group!!! (Sorry Ali). 

I tried to call back but it went to voice mail, so I sent them a DM and went for a wee. Ali called me again while I was on the toilet so I was nervously trying to finish peeing and then ran out to the top of the stairs to take the call. The signal in my parents house was awful and I kept shouting 'huh’ and 'hello?’ down the phone but Ali was so lovely. She told me I had been picked to be invited to a special event because I was a super fan and I could bring a +1. I knew Bethy was already going and I made a pact with Megan if ever we had an opportunity to meet Taylor we would take eachother. I hastily gave her Megan’s details and then passed Alex’s on to Bethy for her call before screaming at Alex to keep 13th October clear (for the record he is so difficult). On top of this I was also on holiday that day and so going to this event also meant cutting my holiday short…but this was Taylor Swift! 

I found out on Sunday 8th October that we had to meet at a hotel and would be shuttled to the location via bus. Unfortunately my bladder condition flared up on 10th October and I nervously contacted Taylor Nation for details of restroom facilities, scared I wouldn’t be able to go. I cried as I waited for an email back but Taylor Nation were so lovely….you could tell they worked for Taylor. I went to the local Dr on holiday and got antibiotics and instructions for bedrest for the 2 days before the event.  My bladder was still bad by early morning day of the event but luckily started clearing up as I travelled from Devon to London. 

The day of the event we all met up at Waterloo Station in London before travelling to the hotel where we needed to meet Taylor Nation. I was so nervous that everything was going wrong and had been in so much pain and in denial I was going to be well enough to go that I couldn’t believe it was happening. 

On the way from the tube to the hotel we saw a funeral directors with 4 gravestones in the window - were they for us when Taylor killed us with her music? A bus went past…the number 13? So typically Taylor! 

We arrived at the hotel and checked in. Taylor Nation were in the lobby (we didn’t know it was them). The receptionist asked if we were going to the knitting convention? I was confused…was this a cover story? All I kept thinking was 'I knit sweaters yo’….'no, we are going to meet some friends' we told them. 

We went upstairs to our room to get ready and when came down we didn’t know where to go. There seemed to be some type of line forming around the building and the sheer quantity of red lipstick and floaty dresses told me we were in the right place. 

We checked in with Taylor Nation and as I gave Elise my ID she said she liked my passport cover. It’s a picture of Taylor with 'grab your passport and my hand’ written on it. She confirmed with me that she was the one I had been emailing and I thanked her for her help. I then signed a NDA and got my really cool wristband which has 'United Kingdom’ in reputation font on it. And then we headed downstairs to wait for the bus. 

I was on bus number ¾ with Megan- Alex and Bethy had already gone on bus 2. I sat right behind the driver and he had his Satnav programmed with 3 different routes. He took the first route to somewhere random, loaded the second route and followed it, then loaded the third. It was clear he was trying to throw us off. As we entered part of the neighbourhood I felt very out of place. The cars had personalised plates, the houses were getting bigger, the hustle and bustle of London life seemed to getting further in the distance. 

Suddenly the bus stopped in front of a beautiful house…this was it…this was Taylor’s house? We were escorted off the bus and down to the side door which lead to a basement. The carpets were bouncy and the soundproof walls were so soft. We waited patiently for a few minutes and then suddenly the door opened and I caught a glimpse of a canvas of the New York skyline….this IS Taylor’s house. 

We were taken up the stairs to a central entrance hall with a staircase leading up to the top of the house and a corridor towards a large group of people with music playing - her Spotify playlist. The party was in the kitchen. Megan and I walked in to the kitchen, everything was so perfect. Ice buckets full of cans of soda and water, the best chicken bites I have ever tasted, cheese, vegetables and dip, reputation m&ms and cookies with REP on. There was so much I couldn’t even see it all.

We spotted our friend Bethy over in the corner by the French doors and headed over to speak to her. As we got there so did Scott Swift….the total legend and biggest fangirl ever. I told him I had briefly seen him in Nashville for 1989 and be told me the Mick Jagger story…the same one Taylor tells in interviews. Word for word and he beamed with pride as he told us stories about Taylor. There I was on a Friday night in Taylor Swift’s house talking to her dad about 2 megastars as if we were all old friends. And he was really interested in us, not just polite conversation but so enthralled that we loved his daughter as much as he did. True to Scott Swift fashion he gave us some guitar picks as me made his way onto the next group. 

I asked Alex where the toilet was and he took me out to the corridor…which hid a restroom behind huge grey panels. It was the nicest smelling toilet I have ever been in…and I have been in a lot! As I sat there peeing in Taylor’s toilet and looking at the Jo Malone candle burning by the sink I wondered…how did I get here?

Shortly after I left the toilet we were ushered across the entrance hall to a huge rectangular room. Opposite the door were large windows covered over by drapes and a single armchair - Taylor’s seat. The floor was adorned with cushion after cushion and Megan and I ran to the closest cushion to Taylor. Megan sat right in front of her and I squeezed in behind. This was a SECRET SESSION!!!!

A few minutes later I looked behind as the door opened and in walked a real angel to a round of screams and claps- red lips, natural 'I’ve just washed it’ curly hair, snake boots and a huge smile. She sat down in front of us on the seat and said 'Hi I’m Taylor’. Just like at tour, only this time not to 70,000…to just 100. 

And then the mystery was revealed. Taylor Nation hadn’t just randomly picked us off of various social media sites - we had been hand selected by Taylor herself who had stalked us for over a year and sent TN our profiles to invite us. It hit me…Taylor picked me?!?! The woman I have been 'stalking’ for 11 years had been stalking me too? Out of all the fans in Europe I was one she wanted to meet. I don’t think that will ever fully sink in. 

Taylor played us her album, telling us little stories about each song - the inspiration, the recording processes, the reactions from friends and family. It was so much to take in but watching Taylor mouth along to the words, act out different expressions and sitting-dance to all of the songs was hilarious - I wasn’t in the presence of a celebrity, I was sitting with my best friend appreciating the biggest achievement she will ever have - true happiness. Taylor Swift is truly happy, about life, about her music, about her fans and it is nothing short of magical. 

As each song played I really wondered how Taylor could top it, but she did…over and over again. Time went so quickly and it felt like the world’s biggest and best slumber party, except we didn’t get to sleep over. 

At one point it was so hot that Scott Swift had to open all the doors to let the air in. As Taylor played his favourite song from the album she called for him to come and listen and he made a joke that he was actually handing out guitar picks to the neighbours. 

After Taylor finished playing the album I looked around. Everyone was so Wonderstruck by what they had heard and I looked at Taylor and she looked so content. I don’t know whether she was worried by what our reactions would be but all we had for this album was love…and I hope Taylor knows that. 

After the listening session we were handed copies of the reputation magazines while we were waiting for photos. Megan and I were some of the first to go in. I was so focused on getting to the event that I hadn’t even thought about what to say. Taylor ran over to Megan and hugged her and started talking about her bright pink hair. She loved it and it had been distracting her all evening. Then Taylor hugged me and I hugged her back like I had never hugged anyone before. She was so tall like a giraffe but with the grace of a swan…and I was me. I whispered 'thank you for inviting me’ and she smiled. I didn’t want to let go.

As so many people were waiting they sort of rushed us with a picture. Taylor grabbed hold of us with her arms around our shoulders and smiled so sincerely at the camera. I wanted to talk to Taylor as I didn’t get a chance but we were ushered off. As Megan walked out front if me I went to turn and talk to Taylor when Megan suddenly shouted 'we went to Nashville’. Taylor screamed back excitedly 'I know’ with the biggest smile on her face. So…I didn’t get to talk to Taylor but she knew we went to Nashville. She really did stalk me.

When we left the room we were greeted by Mama Swift. I told her about my mum being terminally ill with Cancer and how she had gotten test results that day but she wanted me to be with Taylor instead. She gave me an extra hug and told me to hug my mum for her. I told my mum later and she started crying. Someone she has never met wished her well…it isn’t just Taylor, it is her whole family. 

We were taken back to the basement to collect Merch bags with a T-shirt, hat, sticker, pop socket and exclusive secret sessions keyring. It was so lovely of Taylor to give us something more to remember the day. 

I got the bus back to the hotel and sat talking to Ali the whole way about the album and Nashville….I may have also invited her to CMA fest next year.

By the time I got back to the hotel and collected my belongings (which had been taken from us earlier) I was shattered but I couldn’t sleep. I posted on twitter and suddenly my phone couldn’t stop vibrating…thousands of retweets and likes. I sat there trying to figure out what happened but I’m still not even sure I believe it myself.

It took me 2 whole days to cry…not because I didn’t care but because this wasn’t the norm. I had stood outside countless radio stations and events before and not met Taylor…I had cried. I had come away from concerts and not been picked for Loft or Club Red etc and cried…but this was different. Not only had I met Taylor, she had picked me. I couldn’t cry…I just felt a sense of fulfillment, of achievement, of love. By the time I did cry if wasn’t because of what happened; it was because I missed her. 

But this is not the end of my story with Taylor…I feel like this is the start of a new chapter. I came away with a whole mind of memories and countless new friends - affectionately known as FANtom Squad.

Friday 13 October was the best night of my life; I will never be able to thank Taylor enough and I’ll probably never have a chance to say what I wanted to say. But after years of hiding it & toning down this side of my life to please people I can honestly I am not ashamed of who I am because who I am is exactly how @taylorswift likes me. 

Eating cleaner, feeling cleaner.

I’ve been so focused on my diet lately and despite having a major breakout at the beginning due to the huge change it has definitely made a mahoosive positive impact on myself both physically and mentally.

I’ve swapped my cows milk for soy and coconut, swapped from quick supermarket snacks to healthy, organic, clean snacks such as fruits and natural yogurts. I’ve been having my vegetables with homemade dips so i know all thier ingredients, removed ALL caffeine from my diet and minimised my sugar intake, drinking 2 litres minimum of water a day. I have removed the majority of red meats only eating these once a weeks, and have added more quorn into my diet. I have started shopping locally for my meats and dairy too supporting smaller butchers and farms it’s not much pricier and you know the source. Smoothies have made a great breakfast replacement for my stupid early hours at work after eating a solid breakfast in a morning anytime before 6am was giving me the worst stomach pains ever.

Overall i feel so much fresher, so much more awake and alert. I have tonnes more energy and it is all definitely taking an effect on my body. I’m shedding my fat like crazy and due to the dairy and white meats my muscle building has sped up incredibly. It’s a strict diet but it’s definitely worth it and your body soon adjusts to its new routine and all bad cravings vanish!

angelcontagion replied to your post “Two things: one, you are a writing machine the likes of which the…”

poor hunk tho…hunk is Dying Inside do none of these people know that food is Life, it’s the fuel we run on, it has to feed /the soul/ too

Lance is okay.  Lance can usually feed himself.  Fine, he maybe tends to overspice things for Hunk’s tastes (he can eat it but he wants to taste the actual food in there too), but that’s nitpicking.  Lance could survive on his own.  Hunk trusts him.

Keith is, at least, a blank slate.  He doesn’t really care what he eats, so if Hunk starts him on good habits, he usually keeps them up.  And he likes snacking on anything crunchy, so it’s easy to get him started on some vegetables with dips rather than anything bad for him.  He’s also good with a knife and attentive company when making snacks, so he’s Fine.  Hunk doesn’t trust him yet, because given the opportunity he’d probably go back to his old form, but for right now he’s fine.

Pidge, on the other hand, is not as trainable.  She wants her salty snacks and what is truly, deeply, too much peanut butter for any one human to eat.  But she’s not opposed to healthy alternatives so long as they taste fine.  She likes fruits when they have them, and she at least has good quality tastes.  Pidge knows when something is done Right, and also she HATES anything that tastes like it came out of a sealed container, can, bag or otherwise.  Except snack foods.  Those are fine.  Hunk is Trying.  He’ll get there.

But Shiro.  Oh, Shiro.  He was allowed to roam for too long on his own, spent too many of his developmental years eating what he did.  It’s in his blood, now, it’s what he thinks is Normal and Right, and it’s what he’ll actively seek out, even with better alternatives.  Shiro doesn’t just devour Mac and Cheese: he likes the microwavable kind and the awful Garrison mac.  It’s unspeakable.  Hunk is pretty sure he saw them putting Cheese Wiz on it once.  It still gives him nightmares.  At least Shiro is willing to eat other things if they’re placed in front of him, but how someone who can calculate flight vectors in his head can so thoroughly misunderstand the fundamentals of his own chemistry is a total mystery to Hunk.

Hunk needs a vacation, honestly. 

Everything Sauce

This short, simple, and healthy Dip/Sauce/Dressing/ect. was a idea that turned out pretty satisfying. Using only 3 base ingredients (and spices and herbs to taste), I have used this stuff on literally everything. This time I’m having a platter of veggies to go along with this spicy/cheesy variation I made.


- 3 cups cherry tomatoes

- 1 cup sundried tomatoes (drained)

- Juice of one lime

Blend all three together and you have your Everything Sauce base. 

Because I have them laying around my cupboard, I added a few more spices and also nutritional yeast to give it a spicy/cheesy flavor.

- cumin

- cayenne pepper

- chili flakes

- mixed dried herbs

- nutritional yeast

Nutritional Yeast may sound unappetizing, but it is a great addition to a raw or vegan diet. Full of B Vitamins and amino acids, dairy/soy/gluten free, and it has a delicious cheesy flavor that can enhance many recipes. I tend to use it in sauces and on salads (instead of grated cheese) to give me that cheesy flavor without all the dairy and fat. I also heard that it is great sprinkled over fresh popcorn instead of all that melted butter and salt… Ill have to try that out sometime.

This sauce is short, simple, and delicious in my opinion. And it is versatile enough to span all kinds of recipes.

Hope you enjoy…


Thai Inspired Grilled Chicken Tenders w/ Honey Sambal Dipping Sauce 

a parting gift from me to all of you for the holidays! please try these and tag me in the photos! 

Ingredients for Chicken Tenders 

2-3 lbs chicken breast tenderloins 

1cup coconut milk 

3  tbsp granulated garlic 

1 tbsp turmeric 

1 tbsp hot paprika OR chili powder 

½ tbsp cayenne pepper 

2 tsp Chinese five spice 

1 tsp fresh cardamom

Juice from ½ lime

Kosher salt and black pepper to season

Few tbsp of high heat cooking oil (grape seed, avocado, or vegetable) 

Ingredients for Dipping Sauce 

2 cups honey 

1/3 cup (or less) sambal (chili garlic paste) 

Juice of ½ - 1 lime 

Dash of fish sauce, about 1-2 tsp (be very careful with this) 

1 ½ tsp sesame oil 

1 tbsp rice wine vinegar 

2 tbsp sesame seeds 

2 tsp Chinese five spice 

1 tsp ground ginger

Fresh cilantro, chopped 

Salt and pepper to taste

You are free to adjust these measurements according to your taste! 


Pierce each chicken tender a few times with a fork. 

Combine all of the ingredients for the marinade (except the oil) into a bowl. Mix (and taste the marinade) and coat all of the chicken and place into a ziplock bag to marinate for at least 1-2 hours in the fridge, removing 20 minutes before cooking time so that the chicken can come to room temperature.

Heat your oil over medium high heat in your grill pan (or skillet - cast iron would work great here)

Cook each chicken breast tenderloin on each side (the chicken will let you know when it is ready to be flipped - it will come up easily. if it is sticking, it is not ready). about 2-3 minutes per side depending on the thickness. 

Combine all ingredients for your dipping sauce. Adjust the amount of honey or liquid to your desired thickness. I prefer my dipping sauce to be a perfect mix of loose and thick (almost like chicken wing sauce). 

Taste as you go and adjust to your preference.

(you could also coat the entire chicken tender in this sauce. it’s that good - do what you please)

Garnish chicken wings with fresh cilantro, a squeeze of lime and serve! 


Naan and Samosa Dipping Safari from the Food Truck - Namaste Cafe located in Disney Springs.

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Hey Rose, aside from Chanukah, what are some other ways to show that Darcy is Jewish? Thank you!

So this depends on a few things, including how religious you think Darcy is.  Everything I’m saying applies to any character, btw, but I’m tailoring my responses to a young unmarried Jewish woman living in NYC with primarily non-Jewish friends, which - hey - I’ve got plenty of experience with!

Options include:


Hanukkah (Chanukah is fine, transliteration from Hebrew is weird) is obviously a big one, but it’s not the only one.  

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Unclench, Deborah

Read the fic here!

The chatter of the PTA moms bounced around the meeting room as Nicky packed up the left-over brownies. The brownies, as always, were a hit with the moms and kids alike (and John and Karl, who usually downed about six a piece in a disturbingly short amount of time) and Nicky liked to provide a sugary snack for the meeting amidst the catered celery sticks with low-fat, low-carb vegetable dip. Nicky always made sure Alex and the boys ate their salad, but sometimes a man just needs some chocolate to get through an hour of rich, gossiping white women dressed in their Sunday best for a Tuesday night meeting in a fucking high school classroom which included finger food and (likely spiked) punch. Honestly, sometimes Nicky wished Alex would deal with the PTA, but Nicky also didn’t want a law suit, so it was probably for the best Alex stayed away.

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Any advice for falling asleep? Your insomniac page is great, but in a few days I have school and sleep will be a bit more important. And if anyone has advice on first day of school stuff? I've done this multiple times but still I'm panicking

Establish a night time habit, on a schedule. Washed up by such time, Snack by that time, in bed by this time, and so forth.

Let me tell you how I’d govern you if you were one of my charges.

Firstly, your bed should be a nest.make sure it is cozy. If you need the physical anchor of turning down the bed, then make the bed in the morning. Ritual and habit make this easier for humans.

Snack comes 2 hours to 90 minutes before sleep (you should be eating dinner earlier in the day if you mean to stay healthy). It contains small portions of protein, a carb that is vegetable based (so lunch meat and a salad or a bit of cheese and some vegetables dipped in humus), and a glass of warm turmeric milk. This is made by heating a bit of oil, mixing in a tablespoon or two of turmeric and some fresh ground black pepper. This is heated through and then the milk is added. Heat through again and serve. My readers call this the “chill” recipe. If you’re older than thirty, you should have a glass of wine.

Next would be washing up, done an hour or so before bed. This contains your usual nightly ablutions like tooth brushing, removal of cosmetics, a warm soak, whatever you fancy.

Pajamas help to anchor a pattern, a “sleeping state”, but if you cannot abide clothing, then have a special blanket with a texture to it, or a light and refreshing smell you spray on your pillow that is used for nothing else, no other application. I know it sounds odd, but human memory links very heavily to scent and texture without realizing it. Habits like fetching the glass of water, putting out the dog, locking the doors, and so forth become triggers for the sleep stage. So these things, over the course of two weeks or so, done at a specific time immediately before bed should establish the sleep rhythm.

Then you would have a half hour or so to lie in bed and read some non-fiction, do a crossword, and so forth. Mental stimulus of a specific type, triggering the logic centers, has been shown to help the mind set aside the emotions of the day, thus quieting the tendency to have thoughts wander. Studies also show this type of thing should not be done on an electronic device unless you wear special yellow tinted glasses. Blue light disrupts sleep patterns.

Then you should lie down and close your eyes. Some people find that white noise is very helpful - a fan or static or the sound of the sea. Try it. If you cannot stand it, then it isn’t for you. Some people like music, though I’d recommend something without lyrics.

This should, over time and through discipline, reset the mind into a habitual cycle. I recommend that you begin this process around 8:30-9pm in order to fit a standard circadian rhythm. It should mean eight hours of healthy sleep, rising at about 7 or 8 o'clock.

This is my advise on sleeping. I obey none of it, of course and know of no human who does. This is regrettable. That’s why we have the club.


Chicken & Vegetable Potstickers with Spicy Sesame Dipping Sauce 

I took the night off from cooking yesterday and decided to make these chicken and vegetable potstickers from Target (Archer Farms brand). However, I did make my own dipping sauce to accompany, and it was quite fantastic. The dipping sauce is to be adjusted according to your taste, but here are the ingredients I used: rice vinegar, Bragg’s liquid aminos (low sodium soy sauce is fine), Sambal chili paste, sesame oil, raw honey, pinch of sugar, sesame seeds, a little bit of water, sesame seeds, and fresh cilantro. I highly recommend the potstickers. They are easy to cook, and they taste amazing. 


Treasure Chip Dip & Golden Guac - Takes 45 min total, good for a party of 8-10 snackers. Serve in bowls with cucumber or carrot spears, or chips.

Here’s a fun fact! This dish can also be made completely raw! All of these ingredients are great in their pure forms - yes, even the tempeh. If you decide to do this raw, I recommend marinating the tempeh for at least 2 hours, and dicing up your vegetables even tinier than the pictures. You can also shred your spinach and add in your guac in a layer or in tiny pockets throughout for a surprising treat. The best option for consuming this raw would be to pre-make this and keep in the fridge to marinate all together, and allowing to adjust to room temperature prior to serving.

1 can refried beans
1 can seasoned black beans
1 zucchini
1 cup washed spinach
1 mango
1 package tempeh
1 giant hass avocado (use two if you can’t find biggies)
1 jar of your favorite salsa
1 tbs lemon juice
1 tbs maple syrup
½ box cherry tomatoes
½ yellow onion
½ red pepper

seasonings: chili, cumin, lime, sriracha - you can use any seasonings or even a vegan/gf taco seasoning packet (I STRONGLY recommend buying from a whole foods store where you are getting real spices and no MSG or milk powder, etc.)

1 3” (or higher) bakeware

alternative and additional ingredients:


Vegan cheese!

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F

Tempeh Topping

1) Crumble up entire package of tempeh in a bowl

2) Mix in in 2 tsp lime juice, ½ tsp cumin, 1 tbs maple syrup, salt, pepper, and sriracha

3) Spread out onto a greased pan (or lined with parchment paper) in ½” thickness

4) Bake until browned (about 15-20 minutes) mixing around occasionally to prevent sticking- this goes on top of your treasure dip

We baked our tempeh while we were prepping the dip. This saves you a bunch of time. Efficiency!

Treasure Dip

1.) Wash your veggies

2.) Dice your mango, onion, pepper, avocado, and zucchini and set aside. I used a spiralizer for the zucchini and cut it up into 1” sections. (I didn’t actually cut it up and it was bad news )

2a.) Now that I’m confessing my mistakes, also cut up your tomatoes. I didn’t cut mine, as you can see. If you don’t cut these, they will turn into mini burning-lava-mouth-ruining explosive pockets of doom. Seriously folks.

Now comes the layering! This can be executed in nearly any order, EXCEPT you want to put refried beans first as they are hard to spread.

layer 1 - 1 can evenly spread refried beans (make sure to check for any lard in the ingredients)

layer 2 - ¼ of the diced up onion, red pepper, and zucchini (feel free to add more as desired) 

layer 3 - ½ cup diced mango

layer 4 - full can of black beans

layer 5 - DICED tomatoes, more onion and red pepper

layer 6 - 1 cup layered spinach

layer 7 -  ¼ cup diced mango and rest of zucchini

layer 8 - a thin layer of salsa

Bake this for 30-40 minutes or until you see bubbles rising from the bottom. Cover and set aside to cool.

While baking, you can make some guac to accompany the dip.

Golden Guac - blend the following on a low setting to maintain a thick texture

½ giant avocado - or 1 full avocado
½ mango
½ yellow onion
salt & pepper
1 tbs lemon juice

I never write fanfic and I ship Swan Queen hardcore. But I was looking at this rather lovely gifset and reading this post about the Swan Queen/Swanfire/Rumbelle BroTP and somehow I wrote an angst/fluff post Season 5a Swan Fire Queen fic. It’s not very smutty because I don’t do terribly well with willies.

No, I can’t explain it either, but here’s the fic nobody wanted for the threesome no one really ships:

Almost Instinct

She doesn’t know how this happened. She isn’t even sure what this is. But Emma is curled at her left side, head tucked into the crook of Regina’s neck and hand cupped beneath her breast. And Neal has his nose pressed against her right hip, his legs sprawled and his arm flung over them both. He snuffles in his sleep, because even after all these months he’s still like a barely house-trained stray dog. Their son lies peaceful in another room and what was broken isn’t mended, it can never be mended, but it’s still somehow whole.

Did it begin when Neal staggered up the front steps of 108 Mifflin Street, half-dead and inexplicably covered in dust and peacock feathers? No, it was before that. Maybe it was when Emma came to her door. The darkness had been banished from inside the woman who had once been a savior, but it lingered in her eyes, her slouch, the angry twist of her mouth.

She didn’t look at Regina as she said, ‘How do you live with it? The things you did were so much worse than me. You killed hundreds of people. I don’t know. Thousands? How the hell do you live with yourself? But then I guess you don’t have any choice.’

‘There’s always a choice, Emma.’ Regina smiled grimly at the flash of recognition at her words. ‘I don’t have to live.’

‘No, I didn’t… I didn’t mean…’ For the first time Emma looked her in the eye, with shame and a little defiance.

‘I could kill myself,’ Regina continued relentlessly. ‘When I think about it all, when I really remember… I deserve to die for what I did. I think everyone can agree on that. But if I die, then what? Nothing is made better. So I tell myself that the perpetrator of those atrocities was her, the Evil Queen, and I’m… someone else. I’m her heir – I inherited her powers and her debts and it’s my job to use one to pay back the other.’

‘And does it help?’ Emma whispered. ‘Do you really believe you’re two different people?’

But that wasn’t a question that had just one answer, and so she invited Emma in. Then she invited Emma for dinner, and when she thought about Emma going home to that gloomy house, bought by the person she wanted not to be, Regina invited her to stay.

They shared a space and their meals and few words, but somehow found a precarious equilibrium. It seemed to Regina that Emma was like a spinning coin: on edge, still upright, but heading for a fall. Henry had fallen too, out of hero worship with the mother he’d once idolised and into a sullen, wounded and untrusting distance. He shied away from Emma’s touch and Emma flinched from Regina’s when she tried to offer comfort.

It made her long for Hook, of all people. It made her wish he’d survived to offer Emma those smiling banalities she’d once seemed to find comforting. Regina had always considered him obnoxious and his obsessive love too much, but for the love-starved Emma it had perhaps been just enough. Regina wished his death weren’t another weight bowing down Emma’s permanently hunched shoulders.

It made Regina miss Robin too: his dependable solidity and calm decency. But he was with Marion now, not as dead as Zelena had claimed, and she was far more worthy of him. Besides, Regina had no time for anything but Emma and the pain inside her, eating her up from the inside.

And then one Wednesday in the middle of April Neal was on her doorstep – and when Emma saw him, she let out an awful, rasping sob and fled.

Regina ran a bath for him and watched with complicated tangle of emotions as Henry hugged him and cried as raggedly as his other mother. It was jealousy she felt, yes, but also such joy for her boy that he could have this joy. The good emotions Henry coaxed from her had always been stronger than the bad. It was what had saved her. She still hoped it might save Emma.

Gold had told Neal most of what he’s missed while he’s been… wherever he’s been. Another realm? The Greek Underworld? It wasn’t clear. Regina told him the rest, and he hunched his shoulders and scratched the back of his neck when she explained what Emma had been through – what she was still going through. The rasp of nails in his hair was too loud in a house that had been too quiet for too long.

‘Um,’ he said. 'That sounds really bad?’

Another genius to add to her collection, Regina thought, and thought it again when Emma finally came home and she’d no sooner walked through the door than Neal turned her back round with an arm around her shoulders and marched her to the nearest bar. They returned at some ungodly hour of the morning, both staggering drunk.

'Of all the irresponsible…’ Regina said to Baelfire, but he was already half asleep and she let him weave across the floor to the sofa and collapse across it.

Emma she supported up to her room. Regina eased the jacket from her shoulders, but her fingers hesitated at the hem of her tank top, until Emma raised her arms like a sleepy child and Regina sighed and pulled it off her. She looked away as she unclasped Emma’s bra then snapped open the fastening of her jeans. Emma’s legs were unshaven where they’d once been smooth and there was a stale smell to her skin. It filled Regina with an inexplicable tenderness.

In the morning, she arched an eyebrow at Neal’s groaning, bleary-eyed misery and carried the full breakfast tray past him and up the stairs to Emma’s room. Emma was awake already and she smiled when she saw the food, though her eyes were black-shadowed.

'You’re both idiots,’ Regina said.

Emma was already eating, yellow yolk coating her lips. 'I know.’ The bacon slice she’d folded in two and stuffed straight in muffling her words.

'You need to wash,’ Regina told her.

She didn’t expect Emma to listen, but soon she heard the gushing of the guest shower. She leaned against the bathroom’s closed door, the heat and the moistness of steam seeping through the hinge, and felt a constriction in her chest that might have been hope.

She was still there when Emma emerged, hair wet and lank around a face that had the ruddy glow of health for the first time in weeks. Regina knew that it was only the heat of the shower, and yet. Their eyes met and something else clenched inside her when Emma smiled tremulously.

It was love, she realised with horror. How long had it been there, hiding in plain sight? Since before Emma became the Dark One, certainly. Now she knew its shape she could find it in her memories even of that terrible year in the Enchanted Forest, when she’d missed Henry so desperately. Her love for him and her love for Emma were all knotted together, hopelessly inseparable.

Henry didn’t go to school that day. All four of them watched the Indiana Jones movies together, not talking much, only eating popcorn and the vegetables dipped in hummus that Regina insisted they all have. Henry’s eyes darted between them and he moved often, taking it in turns to snuggle into each of their sides.

Regina wasn’t sure why she let Neal stay. He was a terrible influence on both Emma and Henry. Junk food she most certainly didn’t buy started to appear in her kitchen cupboards and Henry used language she’d never taught him. She would have given everyone involved a stern talking-to, but Henry’s smile was finally boyish again – just like his father’s – and she so crossed her arms and said nothing.

She put up with the practical jokes that were neither funny nor practical. The shampoo they’d swapped with rotten eggs stank so badly that she had to use the guest bath for three days, but she did it without much complaint. The designer clothes they replaced with cheap knock-offs didn’t look very much alike. Emma hid her grin beneath her hand when she saw Regina wearing them anyway, and she pretended not to notice.

But Regina drew the line at crashing her car – the car Neal shouldn’t have been driving anyway, though who could blame him for preferring it to Emma’s yellow disaster? That little faux pas got him banished from the house for three days. If she’d caught Henry and Emma sneaking him food from the leftovers in the kitchen, she would have stopped them, but she never could seem to catch them in the act.

When the bell rang, she thought it would be Neal. She’d decided he’d been punished long enough. But it was Gold.

‘Come to plead his case for him?’ she asked, an amused twist to her lips that wasn’t entirely feigned.

But this man wasn’t the same one who’d occupied so large and destructive a role in her life. He shook his head, looking away. She found his meekness almost offensive. How could she push, when there was nothing to push back against?

‘I wanted to thank you,’ he said, ‘for taking him in. He could have stayed with us, but he wanted to be there for Emma and I… I know he needed me to let him go.’

‘Emma’s glad to have him around,’ she admitted grudgingly.

He nodded, looking down again. ‘I’m sorry.’

‘For Emma?’

‘For a lot of things. For leading you down the wrong path.’

Her eyes flooded with sudden and shaming tears and she turned her back on him. ‘It was my choice to walk it.’


‘I’m sorry too – for Belle.’

He laughed, not his old manic cackle or his dry half-cough, but a genuine sound of amusement. ‘Oh, she forgave you long ago, did my Belle. She’s good at forgiveness – just like Bae. Sometimes he seems more like her son than mine.’

She smiled at that, blushing when he caught it – too open and fond.

‘You’ll look after him, won’t you?’ he said as he left.

She didn’t know quite what he meant – or maybe she did. It happened one day when Emma was out, back to work as the sheriff at last. She and Neal had meant to run through his own job options, but he’d looked out of the window at the clear and merry blue of the sky, and somehow she found herself lying on the grass beside him, beneath the blossom of her apple tree.

‘It’s crooked,’ he said.

‘That’s because Miss Swan cut off one of the branches.’

He laughed, the carefree and joyful sound she didn’t understand how he could still produce. 'Bet you couldn’t decide if you wanted to bone her or kill her.’

She rolled onto her elbow to glare at him and his grin just widened. 'Yeah, that’s the look.’

He leaned in – it was definitely him, but she didn’t lean back. And then his lips were on hers, and it was far softer than she would have expected, if it had been something she’d thought to expect at all.

When his tongue traced a gentle line around her lips she opened them for him. He took the invitation, but nothing more. One hand supported him and he touched just the index finger of the other to her chin. Like her, he knew what it was to be held too tightly. She realised there were many things he and she shared, different from those they each shared with Emma. Maybe she could forgive herself for liking the great oaf quite as much as she did.

When the kiss finished they both rolled onto their backs to stare up at the cloudless sky and the shadows of apple leafs across it.

'Was that about Emma?’ Regina asked.

'Why’s everything got to be about Emma?’ But then he added, 'Have you seen yourself? You’re hot. That was about you.’

It didn’t happen again, but she caught him watching her in quiet moments, and sometimes she caught herself watching him. Whatever he claimed, it had been about Emma. Or at least what she chose to do about it had everything to do with Emma. But for a while they were in a new equilibrium, far more stable than the last, and she thought that maybe they could stay that way forever. Emma smiled now. She went to work and she went drinking with Baelfire and she talked about her time as the Dark One very little.

Sometimes when she and Emma stood shoulder to shoulder in the kitchen, Emma chopping vegetables with her lip caught between her teeth, wisps of her bright hair brushing Regina’s face, Regina thought they’d found their ending, as happy as it was likely to get.

But then one evening when Henry was staying with Paige and they’d been doing nothing very much – just Neal and Emma watching reruns of Cops and Regina reading – Emma caught her sharing a look with Baelfire.

‘It’s OK,’ Emma said. ‘You can tell me.’

‘Tell you what?’ Regina asked, years of practise keeping her voice calm while her heart thundered.

‘I know it’s time for me to move out. I’m still paying rent on the house. I can move back in next week – quicker if you want.’

‘Why would I want that?’ Regina asked, genuinely baffled as Neal stared gravely at them both.

Emma shrugged, an awkward gesture that always made her look like a sulky teen, ill at ease in her woman’s body. ‘This has to end, right? Might as well do it now. Rip the Band Aid off before it gets stuck and you get that stupid brown gunk all over you. I don’t want to be your brown gunk.’

Emma smiled lopsidedly, as if she was joking, and Regina’s tension melted. She knew what she had to do – what it was long past time she admitted. Emma flinched away from her as she reached out, but she didn’t let it put her off. She rested her knuckles against the curve of Emma’s cheek as she said, ‘It never has to end, you idiotic girl. Why would I want you gone when I love you an absurd amount?’

Emma’s eyes widened, her lovely long lashes framing them. Then she closed them, drawing in a sharp breath as she pressed her cheek against Regina’s hand. ‘Really?’ Her voice was very small.

‘Yes, really.’ Regina knew that Emma sensed her moving closer, the warm puff of her breath against Emma’s mouth. But Emma didn’t shy away this time, and when Regina’s lips slid against hers she sighed, half-vocalised, and then clasped her own hands desperately in Regina’s hair and held her still as they kissed and kissed and kissed.

Quite a long time later, Emma drew back with a gasp and Regina knew that she’d finally remembered Baelfire. ‘Neal…’ Emma said, and he just smiled awkwardly at her, so Regina cupped her other hand around his cheek, stubbly where Emma’s was so, so soft, and pulled him to her for a kiss.

‘Oh,’ Emma said. ‘Oh.’

They took turns kissing Emma after that, kissing her lips and neck and ears, which made her giggle and squirm away. They kissed her until she’d softened wonderfully with pleasure. Neal did most of the work getting them out of their clothes, but it was Regina who first took Emma’s breast in her mouth and it was everything she hadn’t let herself imagine.

There was little talking after that and less thought. If they’d paused to think they might have stopped and none of them wanted that. There were only noises that weren’t words and the warmth and comfort and messy enjoyment of each other.

That was the clearest beginning in a story that had many. A false start, she sometimes thought, when they argued bitterly and pressed against each other’s wounds. They survived it though, as well as Henry’s discovery of their strange entanglement, his reaction hovering undecided between horror and joy.

Maybe it would end one day – maybe it should. But as Regina held Emma against her heart and Neal against her hip, she let herself believe it wouldn’t. That this, whatever it was, would remain enough.