vegetables every day

i got a coupon for groceries so i bought a TON of fresh vegetables but forgot i’m going out of town in a week so i did the math and if i want my coupon to be worth it i have to eat 10 servings of vegetables every day and tbh this challenge is daunting in ways* i did not anticipate

*too much fiber!

Eat the same.

Since I finished master thesis and went back being alone, I ate every day 90% the same every single day.

bread, low fat cheese, cottage cheese, low fat yogourt, tons of fruits, liquorice,black coffee

… and I have my order of it. Fruit first, then coffee, cottage cheese, bread with cheese on.

Now I am working as a doctor student, at lunch time I ate pasta with olives and vegetables every day.

That how it look like, when I have Asperger, I do the same thing, while with eating disorder, I don’t eat high calorie, with anhedonia, I cannot get joy from the taste from food. Someone said I was wasting time if I wouldn’t go for treatment, I doubt that. Because I never had time arranging my own life rather than be told to do. Now my life is social-defined and officially sick and wired, but I like it.


Akashi Seijuro Head Cannons

Actual baby



·       Most animals respect Akashi but never truly warm up to him with love and affection. Akashi pretends this doesn’t bother him.

·       Akashi is especially good with horses, but most dogs growl at him and cats tend to run away.

·       Nigou was the first dog that didn’t shy away from Akashi and that secretly means the world to him.


·       Fleece jackets

·       Chalk on a blackboard

·       Fancy stationary

·       Scent-free soap

·       Elaborate, ornate wood carved statues and weird knickknacks

·       Ugly-ass, home-made Christmas ornaments

·       Color-coded closets

·       The food pyramid

·       Chapped lips

·       Finding an awesome rock and giving it to someone you love

Quirks / Irks

·       Akashi has a ton of joke books hidden under his bed.

·       Akashi is terrified of his foot or leg falling asleep when he is in public.

·       Akashi always eats an orange and green vegetable every day because when he was little his mom told him it was a law.

·       When he was little, Akashi would always draw the ugliest pictures but the teacher and students always said his pictures were amazing.

·       Akashi thinks home-made gifts are the best and would literally melt if his S/O made him anything ever.

·       Akashi doesn’t like big, open spaces; they make him feel small and nervous.

·       Classical music puts Akashi to sleep almost instantly.

·       Akashi hates when people leave out pieces of chalk that are too small to write with.

Love / Affection

·       Akashi’s first crush is someone exactly like his mom and at the time it doesn’t weird him out at all.

·       Akashi will never let go of his S/O’s hand first, ever. Even if he is cooking or doing homework and it’s kind of ridiculous.

·       Akashi is the Emperor of Awkward Hugs.

·       It’s true Akashi would put his S/O on a pedestal. He would actually think they are the greatest person who has ever lived.

·       Akashi is lousy at productive arguments with his S/O. He never wants to have a disagreement in public, but is still puzzled sometimes in private when his S/O explains their feelings to him.

·       Akashi wouldn’t hesitate to let his S/O know he thinks they are making a bad decision, but will always let them try anyway.

·       Despite basically owning every space he occupies, Akashi wants his S/O to make him feel safe and wanted wherever they are.

·       Akashi will probably think his S/O is the funniest person on the planet.

Emotions / Feelings

·       Akashi gets emotional when he sees families in the park together.

·       It doesn’t bother Akashi anymore when he tries to make a joke and his teammates all fake-laugh.

·       Akashi thinks he is in general, a lot sadder than his other side.

·       Akashi gets especially sad or lonely around holidays.

·       It would take a very long time for Akashi to be comfortable enough to bring his S/O to his mother’s grave. But once he does he will always be glad he did and it will probably be one of the best days of his life.  


Some more feather comparisons

Smaller people are allowed to talk ‘greedily’ about food or about 'pigging out’ on unhealthy food or enjoying food but if a chubby/fat person dares to do the same suddenly we are terrible and just HAVE TO eat only one (1) vegetable every day until we reach a thinness threshold that’s supposed to magically improve our lives. Then, and only then, are you allowed to freely express enjoyment in food. I don’t make the rules.
Decolonize Your Diet: Guidelines for Daily Living

Cook your own meals. Be creative and have fun in the kitchen.

Eat beans often, preferably every day.

Garnish your meals with slices of avocado and fresh salsa to add both nutrients and flavor.

Eat fresh fruit every day. Serve fruit with chile lime salt or make aguas frescas or smoothies.

Eat five servings of vegetables every day. Serve them in stews, in tacos, or in a chile-based sauces. Learn to grow or forage quelites and verdolagas as these are exceptionally healthy greens.

Eat native foods such as nopales, amaranth, chayote, squash, corn, chiles, beans, chia seeds, and berries. Work these foods into your meal plans as often as possible. Learn about what plants and vegetables are native to the region where you live.

Make your own corn tortillas and serve them instead of bread, store-bought, or flour tortillas.

Cook with herbs such as epazote, cilantro, mint, oregano, thyme, cumin, coriander, and cinnamon. Herbs and spices contain powerful phytonutrients and add complexity to flavors. If you can, grow herbs native to the Americas, such as Mexican oregano, hoja santa, papaloquelite, and epazote.

Try home remedies, such as herbal teas, when you have a minor illness (coughs, colds, headaches, nausea, cramps, stress, sleeplessness, etc.) Yerba buena (mint), canela (cinnamon), ginger, and manzanilla (chamomile) are easy ones to start with: they taste good and are comforting.

If you have access to land (your yard, a community garden, an empty plot you can claim, a balcony with large pots), grow some of your own food.

Practice gratitude and humility. Give thanks for your food and honor the knowledge, struggle, and recipes passed down to you by your ancestors.

Get involved in food justice issues in your community, extend solidarity and material support to indigenous groups where you live, honor boycotts (such as current boycott of Driscoll Berries), and support the labor activism of food chain workers.

To make room for these changes, minimize or eliminate processed foods, fast foods, white sugar, white flour, meat from CAFOs, and dairy from animals that are fed hormones.