February 8th 2015, about 185 pounds.

Unfortunately I believe I am starting to peek. However, if I were to start eating more I think I can put on much more muscle. I simply don’t consume enough to grow, and I simply don’t have enough money to purchase the kind of diet I have in mind. Also on a side note I am completely done with milk based protein powders, only vegetable protein powders from here on out.

Regardless of this road bump I am extremely happy with the progress I’ve made, and I don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

By the way this is the first picture I have ever posted of my body on any type of social media, and the beginning of my fitness journal here on tumblr. I doubt anyone will have any questions on fitness or nutrition but let me know if you do.

Post Workout Vegan Protein Smoothie!

This is honestly the tastiest concoction and the only thing that gets me to the gym everyday! I reward myself with this smoothie. It’s healthy, filling and has enough of what you need for the day so I count it as my lunch during the week.

This is my secret to losing weight and toning up recently.

All you need is to throw together in a blender a cup of almond milk, small scoop of peanut butter (if you want), 1 banana, handful of blueberries, heaped tbs of chia seeds, 3 scoops of vital protein pea powder (chocolate one is delish) and however many ice cubes you want. I like to add extra ice cubes and less almond milk so that it turns into a yogurt like consistency. It’s thicker and feels more like you’re eating a meal.

You can get the Vital Protein ($44.95) and Chia Seeds ($7.95) from Healthy Life or other health food stores.

Elle xo