Kitchen garden at Bolen residence by Gardening Solutions


Vegetable beds by the front door! Who ever heard of such a thing?

These are 3 1m x 1m raised beds, 300mm deep, that I built by our front door. I was in a hurry to get vegetables in before the hot weather started, so I bought some DIY plastic beds, potting mix, compost and chopped pea straw from the hardware store.

I know we have good river soil hereabouts, but there are some tough and tenacious weeds here too. We are plagued with two kinds of caltrops, kikuyu and storksbill.

My solution was to remove the top 5cm of soil and spread it around the garden further out. This broke the mat of weeds and I covered the soil with 2 layers of weed mat.

In the beds we have several different types of tomato, corn, zucchini and assorted herbs.

Why plant so close to the front door? Several reasons.

First, pest control. People come and go all day, this scares off the blackbirds and thrushes that love to scatter my mulch.

Second, ease of watering.

Third, they block the sun and glare that bounces off of the dry ground in summer. Associated with this is the fact that corn is such a tall, summer plant. This should block the afternoon sun from our windows. The corn will be gone by winter.

Lastly, they block a direct access from the road to our door, improving feng shui and security.

An afternoon’s work with lots of benefits.


Planting Edibles in Hancock Park.

These handsome metal raised beds needed to contain some new edibles for the spring. I employed lots of companion planting to promote pest control and pollination. Professional maintenance twice a month will keep these beds happy and productive.

Dill with Cucumber, Broccoli, and Nasturtium.

Leeks with Chives and Carrots

Two varieties of Blueberries to promote cross pollination.

Strawberries with Borage

Spinach with Peas and Squash

Raspberries with Turnips and Yarrow.

Too good not to try again

Growing corn again

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It was just a whim. It was early Saturday morning and I was trying to get to the community garden on time — sounds like a silly idea now, probably don’t need to be too precise, not like anyone was waiting for me (although I’m sure the weeds were busy growing). I stopped off to buy a few pepper plants and I was about a half cup low on coffee, so not up to my usual questionable level of mental…

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Spring Garden Update (2015 - Part One)

Spring Garden Update (2015 – Part One)

Home Garden

I started my second round of spring planting this weekend. It began on what was a beautiful afternoon at the nursery and the place was hopping with what I’m sure were many like minded gardeners. We all hovered back and forth around the large selection of available tomato and pepper plants (many other plants also) looking for our favorite varieties. I ended up coming home with nine…

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Time to plan(t)
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Not one to rely on long term weather predictions from even the most reliable sources, I nonetheless have a strong feeling that this winter is not going to be too harsh at my locale. There’s something about the trend in temperatures that makes my middle age backyard farmer’s bones feel there won’t be any very late freezes this year. Of course, this could just be a way to make sure everyone keeps…

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This is a very useful tool for scratching out weeds, breaking up clumps of dirt, removing stones and debris from the soil and for leveling out flower or vegetable beds prior to planting. It has a long 60" handle that has been weatherproofed and features a steel ferrule for added strength. The head is made of powder-coated carbon steel and is 12" wide with 12 teeth. Gеt ìt rìɡht aωαу!m! I lovё ìt!

If I could, I would spend a lot of money, now, on a very small house that would cost very little to maintain and sustain itself on a day to day basis in the future. I would build it on property near a river and I’d pay for an attractive and well-built stone wall if it made sense to and leave as many gates as possible free to open. Arch archways. I would make sure I have room for tiers of raised vegetable beds, perhaps on a hill, with a dug out underneath for mycology and growing fungi. Herb gardens in sunny meadows. Bees of course and nut and fruit trees and a system for training water to collaborate in its own recycling. A separate kitchen and in and outdoor showers plus a fish pond and a good-sized weeping willow. Lettuce and rhubarb for its tissues. A natural cellar. I’d spend most finding a place and equipping it for sustenance.

If I could, I would spend a lot of money, now, on a very small house that would cost very little to maintain itself, later. 

‘Scandal’ Star Bellamy Young Rocks a Cabbage Headdress in New PETA Ad

Bellamy Young for PETA (Photo: YouTube)

Scandal’s Bellamy Young is PETA’s latest covergirl, posing in a new ad promoting veganism.

While her onscreen persona Mellie Grant has a weakness for fried chicken, Young has been vegan since she was in college.

“I went vegan in 1988 which seems like a thousand years ago but it was the right choice for me,” Young says in a behind the scenes video from the shoot which we’re premiering exclusively. “It happened, sort of, just in a moment at college; it’s been terrific for me.”

In the ad, Young sits atop a bed of vegetables with the slogan, “Being vegan keeps me young.” Get it? It’s her last name.

Bellamy Young (Photo: Courtesy of PETA)

“That little, small voice in your mind and in your heart that makes you curious about being vegan is something you should listen to, because that’s the sound of your conscience making you be compassionate,” Young urges in the PETA video above.


A rigid structure,
sliding across my damp shoulders leaving a bubbly residue.
Verdure seeping out my pores,
warm singe wash away my sins.

Sheltered by walls of multicolored rays. Sleeping in vegetations bed of cool rains. Breath flowered by stems of sentient seeds, that believe in me.
I confess, the length of prevalence touched my soul leniently.

Marching through virescent grass as I may,
hissed a zesty tinge to my gray.
Seasoned with memory shards of my birthday.
Savored by natures equipoise; earth day.


(poem challenge day 6- favorite season as metaphor)

i honestly want to stop moving and vegetate on this bed. i do not have classes tomorrow. i do not have aikido this thursday. i do not have induction this saturday. i did not promise strangers that i would play board games with them tonight. i do not have homework this week. i did not fail a class that i have to repeat next semester. i am not in benl. i do not have bad skin allergies. i am not a sinner. i do not have responsibilities. i do not have a board game club to establish. i do not have friends that have left islam. i do not have to worry about them. i did not skip prayers. i did not relapse. i do not have four more months of uni to endure. i am not a bad daughter. i am not a bad sister. i do not have to grow up. i do not have to manage stress. i do not exist. i do not exist. i do not exist. i do not exist. i do not exist. i do not exist. i do not exist. i do not exist. i do not exist. i need to see a counselor

Soil Moist JCD-012SM 3-Ounce Bag

Soil Moist JCD-012SM 3-Ounce Bag

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buy now $5.47 [ad_1] Soil Moist water storing polymer products. Reduces plant waterings by 50-percent, reduces transplant shock and soil compaction. Ideal for all plantings, indoor and outdoor: containers, baskets, trees, shrubs, vegetables, flower beds and turf. Remains effective in the soil for 3-5 years. Three-ounce bag treats 35 – 4-inch pots and 14 – 10-inch baskets.Reduces plant waterings…

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