Planting Edibles in Hancock Park.

These handsome metal raised beds needed to contain some new edibles for the spring. I employed lots of companion planting to promote pest control and pollination. Professional maintenance twice a month will keep these beds happy and productive.

Dill with Cucumber, Broccoli, and Nasturtium.

Leeks with Chives and Carrots

Two varieties of Blueberries to promote cross pollination.

Strawberries with Borage

Spinach with Peas and Squash

Raspberries with Turnips and Yarrow.

Too good not to try again

Growing corn again

It was just a whim. It was early Saturday morning and I was trying to get to the community garden on time — sounds like a silly idea now, probably don’t need to be too precise, not like anyone was waiting for me (although I’m sure the weeds were busy growing). I stopped off to buy a few pepper plants and I was about a half cup low on coffee, so not up to my usual questionable level of mental…

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Spring Garden Update (2015 - Part One)

Spring Garden Update (2015 – Part One)

Home Garden

I started my second round of spring planting this weekend. It began on what was a beautiful afternoon at the nursery and the place was hopping with what I’m sure were many like minded gardeners. We all hovered back and forth around the large selection of available tomato and pepper plants (many other plants also) looking for our favorite varieties. I ended up coming home with nine…

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Time to plan(t)

Not one to rely on long term weather predictions from even the most reliable sources, I nonetheless have a strong feeling that this winter is not going to be too harsh at my locale. There’s something about the trend in temperatures that makes my middle age backyard farmer’s bones feel there won’t be any very late freezes this year. Of course, this could just be a way to make sure everyone keeps…

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This is a very useful tool for scratching out weeds, breaking up clumps of dirt, removing stones and debris from the soil and for leveling out flower or vegetable beds prior to planting. It has a long 60" handle that has been weatherproofed and features a steel ferrule for added strength. The head is made of powder-coated carbon steel and is 12" wide with 12 teeth. Gеt ìt rìɡht aωαу!m! I lovё ìt!

Wizard Games: The Reaping, Part One


Why is it so dark? Sarah thought. She tried to look around but there was no light source to speak of. What did she remember? She flew home from her summer job, read a bit of her sorcery textbooks to ensure she didn’t forget any small details for when school started again, had a small dinner of rice and vegetables, and went to bed. So what happened from then until now? Was she dreaming?

Sarah pinched herself. The only outcome was a stinging pain, no flicker of conscience. If this was a dream it was quite vivid, but somehow Sarah knew she wasn’t dreaming. She just wished she was.

Somewhere in the blackness there was a light. She tried to move toward it but something stopped her. She fell onto her knees. Gasping in pain she felt her ankle only to find a chain connecting her to the wall. How did she get here!? Who took her to this place and why!?

There was a chuckle outside of the room. Sarah couldn’t see a silhouette then but she had only to wait a moment before a cloaked figure walked into the light. The cloak itself was a flowing ebony abyss with blood red swirls and skulls floating in it. The hood of the cloak covered half the figure’s face. What was visible was half of a pale skinned face, the bottom of a long, thin nose and underneath that was a wide grin with sharp, shimmering, white teeth. There were small tufts of silver hair poking out from under the hood, but Sarah had no idea who this figure was or if they were even human. “W-where am I?” Sarah tried to sound strong but her voice came out as a measly whimper.

“Try not to ask too many questions, tribute. As they say, ignorance is bliss.” The stranger laughed. “At least for now.” They voice was lower and sounded female, though Sarah couldn’t be sure. She glared at the stranger, trying to see their eyes under the hood. Before she got a glance the hooded one stood up and turned around, trying to hide their appearance. “I’m not worth learning about, tribute. In fact, you probably will never see me again. But I’ll be watching you.” The words seeped from the stranger’s mouth like poison, each word making Sarah feel sick more than the last. “Every moment from now on, I’ll see everything you do. You’ll never be able to find me or stop me, so try not to get too worked up over it.” They laughed.

Sarah tried to stand but fell to her knees again. “Who are you?”

The figure looked like a silhouette once more as they walked closer to the exit. “For all it’s worth, you may call me the game-master. You won’t live long enough to see me again. You would have to survive the game, and even then I may not grace you with my presence.”

“Game-master?” Sarah was confused and terrified. Her voice was little more than a whisper.

“You are one of my precious tributes.” Sarah could almost hear laughter infused with the words. “I’ve made a little game to connect the spiral once more. It’s been so broken up for a long time. Maybe we can’t unite the lands themselves but maybe we can force all of the worlds to communicate with each other once more.”

Sarah sneered. “How is kidnapping me going to help you do that?”

The hooded figure chuckled again. “You assume I have only taken you as tribute? You are one of twenty-four tributes. I didn’t have the resources to take two from each world in the spiral, but I managed to take from twelve of them. The other worlds will hear about the game from the others I am sure. In the end, the result will be interesting.”

“You kidnapped us for political gain?” Sarah coughed. “I still don’t understand.”

The stranger scoffed. “Of course you don’t, silly human. All of the worlds will be forced to react to a game where twenty-four residents of the spiral are forced to fight to the death. It will cause uproar. They will have to make sure it never happens again, they will have to unite to capture and punish me.”

No matter how Sarah rationalised it, the game-master’s motives made no sense. “Surly there are other ways to unite the spiral. Are you sure you’re not just using that as a cover to your real motive?”

“Maybe I am.” The game-master answered. “Does that somehow change this for you? If I was doing all of this just for my own enjoyment that would still make no inkling of a difference to you. And who knows? Maybe I am lying and really just doing this because I am a horrible person and nothing more.” The figure walked over to Sarah and cupped her face with their hand. Sarah gasped. She could see the game-master’s eyes. They were glowing red with heavy circles underneath them. The game-master looked like they hadn’t slept for days. “So tell me, if you were to see me as a simple sadist with no motive but recreation, would it be more satisfying?” They grinned.

Sarah shook her head. “I-I…” Sarah couldn’t answer. Words abandoned her. She didn’t know what to say.

The game-master sighed playfully. “I would say something along the lines of ‘you should prepare to meet your maker’ but you don’t believe in God, do you?”

“N-no…I don’t.” Sarah wanted to struggle but she was paralyzed by the intimidation of the game-master. Whoever this was, they were terrifying.

Sarah felt the hand that was cupping her chin slide away. She looked up to see the game-master walking away once more. “Well, I am a busy person. I have to get back to preparing the game.” They burst out laughing, almost like a child. “You might want to try getting some sleep, tribute, tomorrow will quite the day. If I want to make this a true game I’ll need to assess your skills when you are without magic.”

The room went black as the door was closed and the last sliver of light slipped out of sight. Sarah felt tears fall down her face.