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that line in guardians of the whills about chirrut never catching the scent of fear from baze compared to the rogue one novel chirruts death scene with baze *terrified* ugh kill me

ugh, wow, i hadn’t thought about that but yeah, thanks for murdering me, anon

Sweat and dirt and smoke and filth permeated everything, and among them came another odor that Chirrut had not known since he was very young, and had almost forgotten.

The scent of fear.

It was pervasive. It mixed with the odor of frying food and nearly rotten vegetables sold in market-vendor stalls. It threaded into the smoke of the endless mining, and it rose from the refugees desperate for a way off the moon, and from the stormtroopers encased in their armor who brandished their authority with a coward’s bravado. It was everywhere, from everyone.
Despite his best intentions, it even, sometimes, was a scent that Chirrut caught from himself.

But never from Baze.

—Guardians of the Whills by Greg Rucka

“Chirrut!” Baze called. “Come back!”

Baze was terrified. Chirrut was not.

—Rogue One novelization by Alexander Freed

Dat First Kiss

First kiss
Ralof had gone off hunting that morning and you were anxious. It was long after sunset and he still had not returned. Snow began to fall and you worried even more. What if he got caught in a blizzard? What if bandits got to him?! What if- suddenly you saw a torch in the distance and Ralof cheerfully whistling as he made his way to your home. You sighed in relief and met him at the front porch and and was taken by surprise when he dropped the furs on the floor and wrapped you in a hug and kissed you full on. His lips cracked and warm and beard tickling against your chin. Your face turned red as you pulled back and he mischievously grinned. “I missed you too /y/n/ ”

The war had been taking a great toll on Hadvar lately and you were concerned. Often he would come home so tired, yet he would sit at his desk until dawn. He was getting headaches and even some of his colleagues were concerned. Taking the matters into your own hands you pulled Hadvar away from work early and took him by a nearby river and sat. You had made him a meal and afterword you let him lay his head in your lap and tell you what was troubling him. The war, the soldiers, the strife. To the end he began to get drowsy and you leaned forward and to kiss his brow. But as you pulled away he quickly pulled you back to kiss you. His lips were soft and gentle against your own. When you pulled back both of your cheeks warmed.

Vilkas was a hesitant and awkward man. And the same could be said about him being a lover. Although he loved to teach you things and hold your hand, he was not a very ‘touchy feely’ person. He loved to have his own space. Although you loved Vilkas you had to admit sometimes having him in arms reach would be great. So when you and Aela talked about it. A mischievous thought came to her mind. When you left to go to the market she went to sit with Torvar an earshot away from Vilkas as he read a book and grinned.
“I wonder why Vilkas hasn’t kissed /y/n/ yet.” she said with a wink. Torvar quickly caught on.
“Aye. Maybe he is scared.” he added.
Aela smirked seeing the nord’s grip on the book tightened.
“Perhaps he should take council from his brother.”
“Or the maid! We all know he is the woman of the coup-”
Soon the door of Jarrschovar (sorry butchered that name) shut loudly and Vilkas walked to the market hearing their laughter behind him. Turning be saw you kindly talking with the vegetable vendor. Pulling you gruffly away he kissed you passionately. Pulling back you blinked and smiled. His cheeks turned red as he looked up and everyone quickly looked away. He smugly smirked at you. And went for another one.

Farkas loved to show his affection. Yet he did not want to hurt you. He knew his wolf was restless and he didn’t know what his wolf would do. So he began to avoid you. Which caused his restlessness to become worse, you were saddened and eventually followed him to his room and shut the door.
“Farkas…are you mad at me?” you asked sadly. Your eyes gleaming. Farkas’s heart stabbed and he quickly stood and hugged you tightly. “No no no!….I….I am afraid to hurt you.” he said.. When he felt you slump with relief he leaned back and looked at you hesitantly. You shared his gaze and leaned closer. “I am not made of glass.” you whispered, and he quickly took your shoulders and kissed you shyly. Blushing you smiled. And Farkas felt an unfamiliar calmness inside of him.

He wanted a kiss…badly. But the thing was you two had gotten so busy that you didn’t always have time to have him get his charming ways in. So instead. He made a set up. Going to the hot springs he purposely went put to the deep part and began to flail. You gasped and saw him go under and cried out. Half drowning yourself you were able to bring him to shore. Pushing his chest you cried and gave him mouth to mouth and sniffed but gasped as he kissed back passionately. You roughly pulled back and gasped seeing him smirk. You huffed a blushing mess and walked off. He thought he had won until he had to sleep outside that night…

He had been waiting anxiously. Doing all he knew to win that elusive kiss. But yet you had not fallen to his charm. So one day, when you had complained about having to do spring cleaning he became intent. “I WILL HELP YOU LASS!” he said quickly and standing up. And the next day he did all he could do… Getting close to you when getting supplies. Compliments. All the works. Much to his disappointment you were oblivious to his turmoil. That was until he slumped into a chair. Tired from the chores. You smiled and walked over and set a plate of food in front of him and fluidly kissed his lips so easily he didn’t even react properly. Instead of kissing back like he planned he looked at you dumbfounded. You smiled slyly and winked before sitting to get your own meal.

Jzargo was a very charming khaijiit. And you were a very shy nord. And nothing made him feel happier than seeing your shy smile and your cheeks pink. Of course he kept it in your boundaries of course. Although he was working his way into getting that precious kiss. Today he had decided to visit you in your studies and create you flowers from ice and fire. You blushed as he offered you a fragile looking flower that glowed blue his smile causing your face to heat. “I found it in the mountains. It is quite rare. Like you, desert flower.” he said softly. He slowly leaned forward and kissed your lips. His lips warm and whiskers tickling your nose. You smiled and hesitantly kissed back much to his joy.

Zootopia: Canon, The Canals = Rainforest District

After watching the movie for the fourth time I can confirm a couple things:

1.  The Canals is the exact same biome as the greater Rainforest District. When Nick & Judy ask Bellwether to work the city’s cameras. The system they used displayed the standard map of city which specifically zoomed in on the Rainforest district. Can anyone guess where the cameras were that they accessed? Right in The Canals, name plastered on it! Meaning the savage jaguar chase scene technically took place in The Canals: which would explain all the rivers and bridges we saw.

Thus The Marshlands owns all of Zootopia’s swampy bog goodness. Though I’m still in favor of spreading concepts like we see above to a Riparian/River District since not all water environments are identical.

2. Theory confirmed. Zootopia certainly uses false trees.

Not only does digging through concept art confirm my suspicions that it was at least considered but a closer look a Mr.Mancha’s Treehouse reveals that most of it is actually made of grey concrete with overgrowth spread upon it, much like the Tree looking pipes seen above. Combining this with prior evidence of the sprinkler system and Palm Tree Hotel: its hard to contest this not being the case.

3.  Bunnyburrow does have bunny themed barns like in the concept art. Though one can only be seen shortly in the far background when Judy Hopps returns to the farm late in the movie.

4.  Nick Wilde foreshadows swapping the nighthowlers with grapes. No No, not ten seconds earlier when the grapes are spilled. Not in the car when he comments he thought they only grew carrots. But in an opening scene when he is “lecturing” Judy and passes by a vegetable vendor. Nick swipes some grapes, eating a few and putting the rest into his chest pocket.

5. A sheep reporter was the first to pose the question if there was a connection between predators and going savage. COINCIDENCE!!? Maybe…

6. On armadillos and pants

As you can see Armadillos have exceptionally stubby feet and didn’t undergo extreme transformation when sentience was obtained. In other words, their butt is still on the ground… though he is breaking the world by somehow wearing a belt. So I’m going to head canon that as a buttoner… don’t give me that look! I have a very erratic preoccupation with detail!

I’ve got others, but those will be their own posts.