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Which Juice Blend Are The Best Juice For Your Body?

The right combinations of fruit and vegetable juices can help you detox your blood and tissues and restore balance and health to your entire body. The benefits of this waste removal?

Great-looking skin, energy and an overall sense of well-being.

Skin-Detoxing Juice Recipe: 1-2 cucumbers. Add a small piece of apple for sweetness.

Anti-Aging Juice Recipe: 
1 ½ cups of water or milk,
1 cup blueberries, ½ cup strawberries , 1 large leaf kale (thick stem removed) , ½ medium beet.

Libido Boosting Juice Recipe: 2 cups coconut water , 2 stalks celery , ½ banana, a small piece of ginger, ½ avocado, a handful of basil, 3 figs

Immune Boosting Juice Recipe:
1 small beet , 3 carrots , 8 stalks celery, 1 stalk broccoli, 2 cloves garlic

Stress Relieving Juice Recipe: 2 large spinach, 3-4 stalks of broccoli , 3-4 stalks celery , 1 large or 2 small carrots

Drinks for health ♥

Hi Guys! All of us know that we should drink a lot of water, right? But sometimes water is just boring all the time or some people don’t like it. So what we should drink for healthy, good skin and even for fat loss?

1. Green tea

It can boost your metabolism, reduces the risk of heart diseases and protects against dental caries!

2. Water with lemon

On an empty stomach can make miracles ;D It improves skin condition, cleans organism and boost metabolism.

3. Smoothies and fruit/vege juices

Every fruit and vegetable have other properties, but all are healthy and have a lot of vitamins. But If You buy ready-made juices, read product composition! Avoid that with sugar and salt[sea salt is better, but still check how many there is!], You don’t need that.

4. Infusion of nettle and horsetail

It improves skin, hair and nails condition, You should drink 2-4 cups for day, but I drink usually 1-2 only and it’s ok too ;).

idk if these have all been mentioned before (they probably have but w/e) but here’s some super easy self-care tips if you’re like me and want to be clean but don’t always have the energy or time for a full shower

  • face wipes make great fake showers. up and up/target brand makes these wonderful wipes that have lil bumps on them to exfoliate and they work great for removing makeup/sweat/whatever other stuff is on your skin and don’t leave a residue. they come in several different scents, all of which are pretty subtle; my favorites are cucumber and apricot.
  • paper towels wet with cold water also works well and will close up your pores and wake you up
  • yes to ________ makes wonderful body butter that moisturizes really well without leaving an oily feeling on your skin and doesn’t have much of a smell
  • if your hair is oily but you don’t like to use dry shampoo (idk it feels weird to me) brush your hair a few times over from the roots to the ends and then put it up, you’ll feel a lot cleaner with it out of your face/neck
  • stand in front of a fan/open up a window and get some air flowing over your skin
  • wear looser/thinner/less covering clothing and let your skin breathe
  • eos makes shaving cream that can be used wet or dry and it’s v nice
  • clean out your ears with q tips and then clean your earbuds off with some tissues or something too
  • mentos gum has a really nice sugar-free mint flavor that tastes more like toothpaste than actual gum so it feels like you just brushed your teeth
  • clean underwear. just. clean underwear
  • eat/drink things that are chilled and don’t have a lot of extra flavors in them, ie juice, vegetables, water, tea. stay away from coffee and dairy products because those will probably increase the mucous buildup in your sinuses and if you’re like me and you get really bad hay fever/allergies that is definitely no bueno
  • change your sheets and/or put a clean blanket down under you
  • clean your phone/ipod/computer surfaces (just rubbing a clean, dry washcloth over the screen and stuff should work fine)

anonymous asked:

What's your opinion on drinks like Naked or V8Fushions? I used to think they were really good for me, but I noticed they have things other than just fruit/veggies in the ingredients.. What do you think?

Let’s take one of those and dissect it because doing both would take too long.

The label advertises ‘100% vegetable juice’, ‘essential antioxidants’, ‘heart healthy’. 

Ok. So. 100% vegetable juice? Really? How is it 100% vegetable juice when it’s from concentrate AND it has a whole bunch of added ingredients in it?

Ingredient list: Tomato Juice From Concentrate (Water, Tomato Concentrate), Reconstituted Vegetable Juice Blend (Water and Concentrated Juices of Carrots, Celery, Beets, Parsley, Lettuce, Watercress, Spinach), Salt, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Flavoring, Citric Acid.

Concentrate is made from vegetables that are heated down to a syrup and the water removed and made into a concentrate. It could have been stored like that for months. And then the water is added back.

During the process of concentration, a lot of flavor is lost, which is why you see ‘flavoring’ in the ingredient list. This flavoring can come from Petroleum that is usually contaminated with carcinogens, and it could also have hidden MSG in it. 

Also, a can of v8 juice contains 920 mg of sodium in it! That’s more than a third of the daily maximum, IN ONE CUP. 

Furthermore, when you consider that this product is supposedly made of vegetables and fruits, why the hell is it so low in fiber? Where has it all gone?

After looking at all the evidence, I would stay away from v8 and this type of juices. I will add links to my sources at the bottom so you can click and read more details about it. Foodbabe has information about Naked and other juices as well, and also offers a solution at the end and teaches you how to chose the right juice. 

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