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Welcome to Willow Grove Gardens! Michael and Ruth have worked tirelessly for years to create such a beautiful farm filled with fruit trees, vegetables, wonderful people and great cooking. They are always in search of help, and of interested people who they can pass their abundant knowledge down to. If you’re interested in working here with me, or in the future; message me for their contact information. We work six hours a day, five days a week, Sunday and Monday being our days off. There is a separate house in the property where all of the WWOOFers live together. We have unlimited access to any food grown on the property, along with anything in their kitchen. On Saturdays we set up at the market and help out with customer service and other general things such as loading and unloading. Wednesday and Thursday mornings we spend half of the work day preparing the CSAs and delivering them. Again, if you’re interested in working in Washington state for a while, shoot me a message! Everyone here is wonderful and its always great to meet new people.

Photography by Victoria Robidoux

Grow Your Own: ‘Edible Yards Proliferate in Vancouver Neighbourhoods’

From The Vancouver Sun:

The landscaping installed by young entrepreneurs Katie Ralphs and Ruth Warren is a far cry from the patchy lawns and scruffy rhododendrons that are near ubiquitous in front yards across much of the city.

Lush caches of rainbow chard, peas, beans and lettuce dot Vancouver’s Riley Park neighbourhood between 18th and 29th avenues, in some places as many as two, three and even four yards on a block and a half dozen yards adjacent to a city bike lane.

Ralphs and Warren — the twentysomething proprietors of City Beet Farm — maintain 17 yard gardens all within ten blocks of each other, essential because they move themselves and their produce by bicycle.

Similar businesses — Inner City Farms, Frisch Farms, Barefoot Farms and Yummy Yards to name a few — are converting dozens of Vancouver yards into micro-farms, paying the owners vegetables as rent.

Yard farming is hitting the mainstream, at least in Vancouver, according to Jennifer van den Brink, who specializes in vegetable garden installations and garden maintenance for Yummy Yards.

“It started out that we were just doing conversions in yards that we were then going to farm, but a lot of people just wanted help starting their own vegetable garden,” she said. “So, most of what I do now is installations for people who want to grow their own food.”

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(Photo: Steven Godfrey)