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#20. Diet

Juice Ortiz/Reader

“Baby,” Juice protested, nervously watching as you threw a ton of different vegetables into the shopping cart. “You don’t—”

“Don’t you dare tell me what I need, Juan Carlos!” she snapped, tossing in another head of lettuce. “5 pounds. 5 pounds!


“I am not goint to let 5 fucking pounds get between me, and my weight goal for our wedding!” She growled, glaring at me dangerously. I backed up a little and held my hands up, praying she would take mercy on her own groom-to-be. “I have eaten salads for the last two weeks, don’t care if I have to eat lettuce and carrots for the next two as well; I will meet my goal. I have to! I can’t! I just—“

“Baby!” I yelled, finally grabbing her attention, as well as everyone else’s in the produce section. I slowly stepped closer and wrapped her up in my arms, pulling her into my chest so I could kiss her forehead. I had to try and calm her down enough to avoid a panic attack. “Listen to me, ok? Focus on my breathing.”

Her breaths were coming in shallow whimpers, a hiccup or two breaking her gasps every now and again.

“Baby, no diet—nuhuh! Let me finish—” I stopped her, looking into her watery eyes, “No diet is worth this! You have been angry, and irritable, you’ve been getting migraines like crazy, and you are stressing out so bad, you’ve been having more attacks in the last few days, than I’ve ever seen you have in the two years we’ve been together.

“Now, I know you’re just 5 pounds away, and I am so, so proud of you for all the hard work you’ve put into this. But I also know that you’ve been pushing yourself too hard lately. Water and salads for two weeks? That is wildly unhealthy, and that’s coming from the club Health Nut.” I said, smoothing her hair off of her forehead. “And Hap has told me just how gorgeous you look in your dress, baby. I promise, you don’t have to kill yourself just for this last little bit.”

“I know…” she whispered, burying her face into my shoulder, “I’m just so nervous though… So many charters are coming in, and we still have to get the club straightened up, get it stocked, and your sisters are flying in and—”

This time, I pulled her chin up and interrupted her with a kiss, pouring all my love and devotion for this girl into it. 

“Gem, Lyla, and Tara already have all of that covered, and we’ve had the guest rooms set up for almost a week now. And trust me, all my other brothers are going to adore you. But, please? I want you to enjoy these last few weeks of your bachelorette life, not stress over the small stuff. Ok?”

“So,” she drawled out, sniffling as smirking up at me, “What I’m hearing is that I should put on my skimpiest dress, and go out with the girls for a few more nights of freedom?”

I growled low, tightening my grip on her hips before playfully biting her lower lip, “Alright, missy, I think it’s time I take you home and spank that sass right out of that cute ass of yours.” I crouched down and threw her over my shoulder as I grabbed her bag and hauled her out of the store—abandoning the cart full of rabbit food.

“Juice,” she giggled, swatting my ass, “The food!”

“Forget the food. Shopping can wait.”

Shout It Out

Sakura and Sasuke are caught in a stalemate. How Sakura came to wear the Uchiwa.

She stares at the patch and considers.

How does one go about asking such a thing?

She’s a married woman, happy and secure in her love. Her husband (she’ll never be too old to giggle at the thought!) is not the man she expected as a girl. He’s more. He’s better. He’s soft in ways she never could have expected.

She doesn’t know how to talk to him about this.

They were married on the road. Their blissful early days of floating from village to village on a cloud of bliss are not yet behind them, but Sakura thought it would be wise to visit home. If their first anniversary arrived before they even announced the happy event to her parents and their friends, she knew the havoc that would reign down upon them.

Especially from a certain loudmouth.

So, home they went, for a pit stop, just a week darling, I promise! And all the things they hadn’t thought about reared up in front of her like a great tsunami of bureaucratic bullshit. A license had to be begot. An announcement made. Modification to their wills. The certification of her rights as a representative of the Uchiha clan. A formal name change.

It was the name that struck her.

Haruno Sakura is no more. She’s Uchiha Sakura now.

It shouldn’t surprise her, how much that entails, but it does.

There’s a lot of baggage in a name.

Old, ancient names like this one, come with a fleet.

They’re a family. They’ve always been a family. Making it official between them makes it no more or less so.

Sakura and Sasuke are a unit. Indivisible, unassailable, unsinkable. They are solid. And she knows it. She feels his love in her bones at night, with his heat seeping into her and the press of his hand at her hip and his lips on her face and-

It’s still hard.

It’s a sore subject.

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Groceries with Destiel ft Sabriel
  • Gabriel: Sammy! (holds up chocolates)
  • Sam: Put them down. (places vegetables into cart)
  • Dean: (rushes to Castiel with pie) Cass!
  • Castiel: No, Dean. (places fruit into cart)
  • Gabriel and Dean: (pouting as they stomp their feet)
  • Sam: Both of you stop and put those items back.
  • Gabriel and Dean: (go off together)
  • Castiel: Why do they always do that?
  • Sam: They think they can get their way if they double team.
  • Gabriel and Dean: (both chewing gum)
  • Sam: Didn't we just say no candy?
  • Gabriel: Technically, you said no to my chocolate.
  • Castiel: You both knew what we meant.
  • Dean: (pops his bubble) Well, were your guys innocent baby boys, Daddies should specify orders.
  • Sam: (glares at Dean)
  • Castiel: I'm going to specify both of your spankings when we get home. (tugs Dean by his ear)
  • Dean: OW! Owwww! Owww!
  • Sam: (drags Gabriel along with the cart)
  • Gabriel: Oww! Owwww! OWwwww!

Name : Kim Seokjin
Element: none
Age: 24
Personality : will blind you with his charm and cheerfulness, loves to laugh
Extra information : is very extra, yes, that’s how he sells his goods
Backstory : left the earthkingdom and his earthbending family to make it big in the city on his own but ended up selling fruits and vegetables with his cart on the streets, loves his job nontheless even though it won’t bring him big money

Admin Merl

All’s Fair (pt 6)

Originally posted by exosback

Member: Exo Baekhyun

Type: Fluff/Slight Angst/Slight Smut

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10

You swallowed hard, taking a quick look behind you as you made breakfast. Baekhyun sat on the small island counter behind you, staring intently at your back as you cooked. Your face was hot and you tried to convince yourself that it was because of the stove in front of you but you knew better, you knew it was him.

He’d been driving you crazy in the week since you guys had slept together. He was still playing the game, and you weren’t sure whether to laugh or cry. He wasn’t ignoring you, and that was a plus, but was this really any better?

The casual smirks that followed his teasing touches were replaced by cold stares and scowls. His lips didn’t curl up into the usual smile, but stayed pressed together, and you couldn’t deny the fact that you found it terrifying.

“You’ll catch a cold if you stay like that,” you found yourself trying to scold him. Before you probably would’ve sounded like a mom, but now the words came out as a soft whimper. Your head turned to look at him again, watching as he raised a brow at you.

Your eyes watched the water droplets from his hair fall down onto his bare shoulders. Actually, everything else was bare too, save for the towel he had wrapped around his waist.

He hopped off the counter, and you tried to keep your eyes from watching the way the towel hung on low on his waist as he neared you. You turned back to the pan, staring at the eggs as they fried.

“I am cold actually,” he spoke into your hear, his voice smooth and cool, and you shivered, still not used to this new Baekhyun. His arms wrapped around you, his bare chest pressing into your back as his head landed on your shoulder, the wet strands making your shirt damp. “You’re warm.”

“I meant wear clothes.”

His hand moved up to grab your chin and turn it, and he lifted his head to look at you. There it was, that blank look he’d been giving you for days. His arm that was still around your waist tightened, shooting sparks up your spine, and you hated the effect he had on you.

“But I like touching you,” he spoke casually, and you mentally kicked yourself as you felt your face heat up, despite the lack of feeling in his words. His arms left you just as quickly as they’d wrapped around you, and you were left alone, the eggs that you were frying already half-burnt.

You hated this.

You grabbed two plates, transferring the food equally before moving to the table. Baekhyun was waiting patiently in his chair, and you debated on whether or not to deny him food unless he put on some clothes. Then again, you had a feeling he’d find some way out of it all while getting you flustered.

You set the plate down in front of him before plopping down in your chair, but before you could begin eating you were interrupted.

“Yah!” he said rudely, making drop your food back onto your plate helplessly. “This is totally burnt, I can’t eat this!”

“Just eat it and stop complaining,” you groaned, rubbing your temples.

He scoffed, leaning forward with his elbows on the table. “No, I actually made you a good dinner yesterday so this isn’t fair. I want another.”

He wasn’t wrong. Along with the continued teasing he was also starting to actually cook more. The meals were simple, but it wasn’t like he was giving you cereal every night. He was actually trying and making you good food, so he definitely had a point. But you weren’t going to tell him that.

“Well you can’t have another- we’re out.”

“Out of eggs?”

You sighed, nodding. “Yeah, we’re out of everything really. So eat your burnt eggs and I’ll go to the store for groceries in a bit.”

“No, I’ll go. You never get any good food.”

“Yah what?” you scowled at him and scoffed again, standing up and you groaned again because the towel didn’t seem to be staying on his hips and your hand moved to cover your eyes. “Okay first go put on some fucking clothes. Second, I don’t want you to come home with nothing but candy and ice cream so I’ll do the shopping. At least I shop healthy.”

“Well you could stand to get something tasty. Fine I’ll just come with you.”

You groaned, your face planting in your hands as you heard his footsteps come towards you, his hand landing on top of your head. You kept your hands glued to your face, because that stupid towel really did seem to look like it was about to fall any second.

“Fine,” you muttered, and before you could say anything else you felt his hot breath against your ear, making you shiver.

You heard him take in a small breath before he spoke, his voice low. “Keep your eyes closed, my towel fell off. But you’ve already seen it all so it wouldn’t bother me if you did look.”

You resisted the urge to move your hands and smack him. His hand left your head and you waited for what seemed like ages until you removed your hands, blinking to adjust to the light. You eyes rested upon a white, fluffy horror next to your feet, and you felt your face get hot as you realized that he wasn’t lying.

“Yah!” you yelled, biting your lip. “Pick up your towel!”

“I’m still naked!” he yelled back and you groaned, wondering how you were going to survive a trip to the supermarket with this man.

The trip there was fairly quiet, but as soon as the doors slid open and you walked inside, you felt a wave of uneasiness. You walked in front of the shopping cart as Baekhyun trailed behind. He’d offered to push the cart himself and you reluctantly let him, and you were busy filling the cart with vegetables and meat along with other necessities.

“Okay we should probably grab some dry snacks because I don’t like having to cook while watching a movie,” you muttered, and you suddenly felt the cart rush past you into the next aisle. After almost running into a middle aged woman with the cart, Baekhyun apologized sincerely before continuing, still going just as fast. You groaned, running to catch up to him, stopping to apologize to the woman before rushing after him.

You stopped in front of the cart as Baekhyun grabbed a box of one of the shelves, holding it out to you. Before you could scold him, your eyes landed on his face, taking in his ecstatic expression.


This was the Baekhyun you knew.

His eyes were wide and his lips formed a pout as he held out the box of cookies. “Can we please get this? Please please please please-” Your mind felt blank as you watched him plead in front of you. He started stamping his feet quickly like a child and your head began to spin as you wondered what brought on this change. “I promise it’s really good. It’s not even that unhealthy see they’re really tiny so I’ll only eat one I promise-”

“I- Fine, fine just…yeah fine,” you stuttered, turning around and walking back to the dairy section to grab some milk. Why was he like this? He had been so cold for a week and now he was acting as if nothing happened. You sighed, rubbing your temples as you wondered what the hell was going on.

You heard him call from behind you, “Can I get a few more snacks? Please please please I’ll get stuff you like too I promi-”

“Yeah sure,” you called back absentmindedly, biting your lip. You began to walk faster, trying to avoid him as you landed in front of the milk. You grabbed one, opting to hold it instead of going back to Baekhyun to put it in the cart.

After walking around the aisles, finally free of Baekhyun and his bad cart-driving skills, you found yourself thinking again. Why was he acting like this now? What happened to being rude? You’d seen him smile more in the past 30 min you’d spent shopping than in the whole past week.

Was this really that much of a game to him? Did he like messing with you like this? Sure you hadn’t completely accepted his feelings but you didn’t think you did anything wrong. He had just assumed that you two were in a relationship without even talking to you about it and at the time you didn’t really know if you wanted it or not. You had your own reasons for not just going along with it.

But what he was doing was just straight up fucking with you.

You felt your anger rise slightly, and you turned on your heel only to find Baekhyun standing right behind you, wheeling the shopping cart around. He grinned at you sheepishly, and you were confused until your eyes dropped to the snacks that filled the cart in front of you.

The candy, sweets, chips, cookies, and of course ramyun created a mountain of junk food, covering all the vegetables you’d picked up earlier. You groaned again, setting the milk down before grabbing packages of the junk food.

“I said a few,” you muttered, walking away to place the food back where it belonged. Your mood was getting worse by the second and your head was getting more and more cluttered with thoughts of how awful Baekhyun was being.

You heard the squeak of the wheels behind you as he followed. “Wait please we have like no snacks, come on please?” He held out the last word and you groaned, not mentally prepared to deal with a cute Baekhyun. “I’ll do whatever. Please please ple-”

You stopped and turned around, and he stopped the cart just in time. You dropped the items back in, earning an ecstatic smile from your roommate before walking to the register.

The entire way home you were grumpy, and as soon as your front door shut and you were both inside, you dropped the groceries on the counter, turning on your heel to walk to your room. Before you could take two steps, Baekhyun grabbed your arm, pulling you back.

“What?” you snapped, and he scoffed, jutting his chin towards the bags.

“I’m not putting these away alone,” he said smoothly, before he tugged your arm again and pulled you into his chest, his arm wrapping around your waist. Your eyes widened and you watched as he stared at you, biting his lip, his face otherwise expressionless. “You know,” he began, his voice calm. “It always surprises me how little it takes for you to get so flustered. That’s one point-”

You snapped.

Before he could finish you pushed him away, making his eyebrows shoot up in surprise. “What the hell?” you asked, your voice higher and breathier than you wanted it to be. You groaned. “You…all week you’ve been acting like this and then we go outside and you’re suddenly all happy-go-lucky and now you’re back to this and I…do you hate me that much? What did I even do to you? I wasn’t leading you on so I could sleep with you what kind of person do you think I am?”

“Then what were you doing?” he shot back, his eyes dark as he neared you again. “You played with me so I’m playing with you, what so wrong-”

“What’s wrong is that I didn’t realize what I was doing to you while you’re being so two-faced and you’re acting this way on purpose because you actually want to hurt me.” You started to feel the tears stinging your eyes and you rubbed at them quickly, trying to keep yourself from being so emotional.

He could already see the tears forming, and you watched his expression soften as he neared you, his hand stretched out. “Wait, no why would I want to hurt you? I just…oh no don’t cry please don’t cry,” his voice was barely a whisper now as you continued to back away from him.

“Why are you doing this huh?” you asked, your hands moving up to wipe the tears as they slowly began to fall. “I’m sorry okay, I’m sorry that you got hurt. But please stop, I don’t know what to do-”

His slow movements suddenly turned fast, and everything was a blur as you felt yourself being pulled into something warm. He was holding you again, but not in the teasing way he’d been doing for the past week. His arms were warm around you, like that time your cat had passed away. he was comforting and soothing and you felt yourself melt into him.

“I’m sorry,” he muttered, and you felt his lips land on your head. “Please…please don’t cry. I didn’t want you to cry. I just wanted…I don’t know.” He was stuttering now, trying to find the right words.

You took a shaky breath and pushed him away lightly. His arms stayed wrapped around you tightly but you had room to look at him, watching his face filled with concern. 

You noticed the bags under his eyes first, and wondered if maybe he wasn’t getting enought sleep. His lips were slightly chapped, and you began noticing other small signs that he wasn’t taking care of himself. You’d forgotten the words that you wanted to say, and your hand reached up to his face, your finger running softly over one of the bags of his eyes before moving down to run over his chapped lips.

He was staring at you now too, and the sheer proximity of you both was probably what prompted Baekhyun to do what he did next. As your finger stayed pressed to his lip, his tongue peeked out to lick you and you gasped slightly. Your finger didn’t move though, and you felt his warm breath against it as he took a shaky breath.

“Do you want me to let go of you?” he asked quietly, and your hand retracted, falling back at your side as you felt you face heat up. You swallowed hard and shrugged, your mind fuzzy. Your eyes squeezed shut and you tried to clear your head before something-

His breath was warm against your face as you felt what you thought was the first brush of his lips. When your eyes opened again you realized his lips had stopped about a centimeter away from yours, giving you room to stop him. Your tongue peeked out to lick your lips softly, and you heard a sharp intake a breath before his lips pressed against yours, kissing you softly. 

You were responding to the kiss and you mind was spinning and as soon as you felt the first swipe of his tongue against your lower lip you mouth opened, letting his tongue inside. The first time he had kissed you, you both had been unbelievably drunk. Now that you weren’t you could feel his every movement and you savored the taste of his mouth. 

A moan escaped you and you felt yourself being pushed against the cold counter. Baekhyun broke the kiss to plant kissed up your jaw.

“Do you have any idea what you do to me?” he muttered and you gasped as his teeth bit down lightly against your neck. His hands moved down to grip your thighs as your back pressed into the counter, his hips pressing into yours and making your arousal grow, and your head was spinning as his lips were about to meet yours again. 

The never did though, and he stood in front of you, his hands gripping your thighs so tightly that you had a feeling there would be marks. You blinked at him a few times, watching his eyes squeeze shut and his breathing begin to even out. You watched him swallow before his eeys fluttered open again, and he muttered an apology.

You apologized as well, and he released his grip on your thighs, stepping back to look at you. You watched as he ran his fingers through his hair, his cheeks pink and his clothes rumpled and you realized that’s exactly how you felt: messy. You weren’t sure about anything and you were afraid to say yes in the heat of the moment in fear of things ending badly later. If you were going to get in a relationship, especially one with someone you already lived with, you didn’t want questions. 

You needed to figure this out. 

“Baekhyun,” you breathed and he nodded slightly, letting you know he was listening. “I think I should leave.”

His eyes widened and panic set in on his face, and his hands came up to grab your shoulders as he stuttered, “N-No wait don’t like move out you can’t do that I mean I’ll stop I promise but don-” His long string of words that kept you from explaining were quickly cut off by your hand covering his mouth, making him silent. 

“I’m not moving out, I just think I shouldn’t stay here for a few days. Maybe I’ll go visit my parents this weekend okay? We can think about this separately, and then talk about it,” you were surprised at how calm your voice sounded. This was rational rigtht? No games, no random sex, just staying away and actually thinking about it.

He nodded slightly in agreement, and you uncovered his mouth. He bit his lip worriedly and replied, “You are coming back though, right?” 

“Yeah, I will,” you muttered, pushing yourself away from the counter. “Um I’ll go pack some things. I won’t need much it’s only a weekend.” He nodded and the apartment was plunged into silence again as you went to your room, grabbing a bag and shoving clothes inside while calling your mom, letting her know you’d be staying over for the weekend. 

You mom was excited to see you, and it dawned on you that it had been a while since you’d seen her. As you headed to the door with the bag in your hand, you watched Baekhyun curled up on the couch, watching some game show. He looked at you, his eyes droopy and his lips in a small pout as he spoke.

“Bye, see you soon!” he tried to say cheerfully, but it honestly came out a bit pathetic. “Call me or you know just let me know when you get there safe.” 

You smiled and nodded before heading out the door. Your mom’s place was around 2 hours away, and you prefered driving yourself so you did. You had been driving for a while, and were about fifteen minutes away from your parents house when you got a call. 

“Mom?” you answered, and you heard her muffled voice over the phone. 

“Hi sweetie, I just wanted to let you know that um…your cousin decided to pay a surprise visit. I thought I’d tell you before you got here. I really do was to see you but I don’t know if you’re willing to…deal with her.”

Your cousin was probably the worst human being on the planet. You two hadn’t gotten along in years, and a lot of it had to do with your different ideals. You were okay with her views on topics, because she was allowed to have her opinions. She however made a point to tell you that everything you thought was wrong and continuously tried to convince you to change your views and God even thinking about it gave you a headache. 

“Ugh…Mom,” you groaned and you heard her give an uneasy laugh.

“It doesn’t look like she’s leaving anytime soon…I’m sorry…” your mom knew that there was no way in hell you were going to deal with your cousin. You’d rather go back home to Baekhyun and so that’s what you did. You tried calling him to let him know but he didn’t pick up, and you spent the drive home listening to music and judging people who didn’t use signals when they changed lanes. 

You weren’t exacly happy to have gone so far and not seen your parents, and then drive all the way back home, but when you finally got home, you sighed in relief. Driving didn’t bother you at all, but you weren’t used to driving for more than an hour or so, and that was over three hours. 

Your grabbed your bag, stretching and rubbing your back as you went up to your floor. Baekhyun still hadn’t responded, and you assumed he had gone to sleep, so when you got to your door you tried to open it carefully, trying not to make any sounds incase he had fallen asleep on the couch. As the door opened, your eyes widened as you saw the state of your living room and kitchen. 

There were beer cans strewn over the floor, some on tables but most of the empty ones on the ground. The television was on, playing Star Wars but nobody was watching. Your eyes landed on the couch where Baekhyun seemed to be lying face down on top of something. 

You smelled something burning and your eyes flickered to the kitchen, where you saw a shirtless man cooking something on the stove. 

“Junmyeon?” you muttered, your voice high pitched and questioning. He turned to you and flashed a grin before turning back to the burning mess. 

You had only been gone for three fucking hours.

You heard someone call your name and you looked back to the couch, where Baekhyun lifted his head. He looked drunk as hell, and then you realized he wasn’t lying down on something, he was lying down on someone. Sehun pushed Baekhyun up slightly as he turned his head to look at you, his eyebrows scrunched together. 

“You,” groaned Sehun, craning his head to look at you. “I thought you told us that you didn’t wear pants.”

All’s Fair Mini Masterlist

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kansama  asked:

Hey hypaa it's me ya girl and I have come with an hc request b/c as much as my thirst sustains me, on the weekends I live for that cute shit, so: Domestic HCs? Pretty pls? Like who is the first to volunteer to go shopping with Iggy, or who is the absolute WORST when it comes to making the bed or doing laundry? ❤❤


Also, I didn’t include a reader in this because it wasn’t specified, so I hope this is what you were hoping for~

• Prompto is the first to volunteer to go grocery shopping with Ignis. Noct went once and it was a disaster because he kept sneaking the vegetables out of the cart, never again.

• Gladio is actually pretty good at washing the laundry, but he can’t fold for shit. He’s used to Iris doing that part, but on the road he’s notorious for just dumping a crumpled pile of clothes on the bed with a helpless shrug while Ignis facepalms.

• Noct faceplants into the pillow and immediately knocks out, clothes and all. Prompto takes off Noct’s shoes and tucks him in most of the time.

• Ignis is the only one who religiously makes the bed, especially after the group leaves an inn after a night. Everyone tries to tell him that it’s not necessary because housekeeping does that, but Ignis is physically incapable of leaving places less put together than how he found it.

• Gladio knows he can’t cook for shit but he will try and steal bits of food from Ignis while he’s cooking. He was not perturbed by the stinging snap of the back end of a cooking spoon whenever he was caught. In fact, it just encouraged him to try it more.

• Prompto has a routine when he wants to help Ignis cook. He’ll make one pass by the cooking table nonchalantly, sparing only a glance. Then he’ll come back and hover a bit in the general area. Then he’ll start up random conversation with Ignis while inching closer and peering at the cookbook on the low. By the time Prompto is at the table, Ignis is holding out a measuring cup or a vegetable to the blond boy with a little smile on his face.

• Back when Gladio and Noct were training at the Citadel, Noct actually walked into the showers when he thought Gladio was out and caught him singing. Noct was embarrassed asf but also really liked Gladio’s singing voice yet never told him that he was there to hear it. Now Noct kinda stealth hovers outside the door while Gladio’s in the bathroom, hoping to hear him again.

• Noct took Prompto fishing once. Prompto ended up hooking the back of his own pants with the line and giving himself a wedgie. He immediately gave up on the sport. Noct never let him live it down.

… okay I gtg eat dinner now but WOW THAT WAS RANDOM ASF AMIRITE

anonymous asked:

tododeku -- "love of my life" (ehuehuehue *kissy face*)

They’re in the grocery store when it hits Shouto again. They’re standing in the cooking oil and condiments aisle, and Midoriya is helping an old lady lift a jug of vegetable oil into her cart. He’s wearing his bright, pleasant smile, the one where his eyes go big and his freckles kind of fold up with how wide he’s smiling, but it never fails to gain people’s trust. Shouto watches him wave off the lady’s thanks, and something in his heart swells.

Midoriya wanders back over to him, blowing his wild curls out of his eyes. There’s still the hint of a smile on his face, and the expression is so familiar, so Midoriya, Shouto kind of forgets everything for a moment.

“Shouto?” A small crease appears between Midoriya’s eyebrows. 

“I’m in love with you,” Shouto says.

Green eyes widen. A slow flush blooms across his cheeks, and Shouto watches as his freckles seem to fade away. He’s suddenly overcome with a fondness so prominent, it’s like a physical wave of sunshine washing over him. 

“What’s—so suddenly,” Midoriya stammers.

Shouto smiles. He nudges the cart full of their groceries. “Let’s go home, Izuku.”

“Okay,” agrees Midoriya. He smiles back. “Let’s go home.”

Grow (Yoongi x Reader)

He’s rude, like his feral plants.

More magical BTS here

fluff, 4.2k words, yoongi/reader, fantasy au

“_______?” There’s a tap on your shoulder.

Drowsily, you blink your eyes open. “Hmm?” you mumble, still half-asleep.

“Did you get that? We were going over our new roles and you’re in charge of getting the vegetarian feed now,” the student head, Jongin, says.

Eyes still barely open, you nod sleepily. “Oh, yeah, okay,” you say, not entirely processing the information. Your leg has fallen asleep; you wince.

“Well, okay, then,” Jongin replies, sounding unsure. “I guess everything’s finalized. I’m going to turn the papers into the coordinating teacher now.”

It’s only when the door is firmly shut behind the student head do you truly awaken, mind whirling.

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Feb 20th - Marriage/Living Together

betaed by @ilovebeingintroverted

Happy Gajevy week yall

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Living together wasn’t as bad as everyone made it to be. By everyone Levy meant Mira, Laxus, Evergreen, Lucy, and Macao and Wakaba. They all complained about their partners, lamenting about the small habits they had, like not putting the toilet seat down or never putting away the milk. Though despite all of that each of them would swear up and down that they wouldn’t have their living arrangements be any other way.

Bisca and Alzack, on the other hand, seemed to be the happiest about living together. They never seemed even slightly irked about the other’s smallest habits. Before moving in Levy had taken Bisca in confidence and asked her if she’d had any tips on living with someone.  Bisca had shaken her head and got that faraway look that she always had when talking about her family. She’d smiled and just said to Levy, “you know, after awhile, the little things just don’t bother you anymore.”

So with that under her metaphorical belt Levy was ready to move out of Fairy Hills and move into Gajeel and Pantherlily’s homey cottage. Gajeel, Lily, Gray, and Natsu helped her move, carrying her boxes while Lucy and Levy made sure they were well hydrated and went over some of the finer points of editing in Lucy’s own story. After all of her boxes were moved into the house Levy and Lucy treated the boys to dinner which… was mostly a mistake as they later realized the mages had eaten them into desperate need for more money. But as jolly as her first few days were there were a few apparent problems.

One of them was the lack of room for Levy’s library. Gajeel and Pantherlily’s house wasn’t large but it wasn’t small. The main room was a living room and a kitchen. It had two bedrooms, one for Gajeel (and Levy now) and the other for Lily but stuck between the two bedrooms was a small room which Gajeel had previously used for storage and extra iron treats he’d found.  It had been cleaned out so that Levy would have a room for her books. They quickly realized that the small room wouldn’t cover for a library as the shelves that they had made barely held up half of Levy’s collection. So the three of them got to work building more bookshelves and they tried to find some wall space, but soon even that was diminishing and the books which Levy loved so much were not. So the project was put on a backburner until a surplus of money had been accumulated so that they could flesh out the project of building Levy a proper home for her beloved books, meanwhile they had found a home on Gajeel’s floor which was fine until Gajeel needed to get up in the middle of the night and he stubbed his toe on a particularly large tome which made him stumbled and land on another and so on. By the time Gajeel had made it into the hallway he was exhausted and trying really hard not to curse loudly and wake up his partner who had somehow slept through his bumbling.

Another problem was the temperature. Living in a cottage was nice except that Gajeel had a tile floor and Magnolia was known for getting extremely cold during winter. Gajeel however liked the cold, he liked the burst of feeling when he rose in the morning from his warm bed. He liked the frosty window glass and aesthetically Levy couldn’t really disagree. However waking up and feeling the temperature drop dramatically when she moved her arm outside of the blanket was not something she was fond of. After a few arguments which mainly centered around whether or not the couple should buy some rugs to cover the cold floor (Gajeel didn’t want them because he’d have to wash them {which Levy promised she would do} and because Gajeel didn’t like the feel of the rugs against his feet) they decided that Levy would just have to own many pairs of slippers. So the house was speckled with small fuzzy shoes so that no matter where Levy was in the house she could always put on a pair. (Gajeel did love the way she walked around the house during winter, piling layer after layer onto herself so she looked like a marshmallow, waddling around with a small cup of tea or cocoa in her hands.) Pantherlily even adopted the slipper habit, though Gajeel refrained.

The most prevalent one was the one of diet. Not that the food that Gajeel ate on a regular basis was unhealthy per say (it was, but apparently big appetites of solely fatty and meaty foods as well as some tempered iron for dessert were less damaging to an Iron Dragon Slayer than a normal mage) but it wasn’t a very wide variety. Levy was the first to go grocery shopping once they began living together and she came home with a cart of vegetables and proteins. Gajeel raised an eyebrow at the foodstuffs.

“What is this?” He asked.

“It’s a vegetable, Gajeel. People eat them. They’re healthy.”

Gajeel snorted and tossed the green thing on the table as he helped Levy unload the products she had bought. “What is this?”

“It’s a smoothie maker.”

Gajeel frowned before placing it on the counter next to him. “And this…?”

Mavis Gajeel, you act like you’ve never eaten anything but carbohydrates and meat!”

Gajeel blinked at her. Levy rolled her eyes. “And I can’t believe that you’re the cook between the two of us.”

“My food is good and it’s filling!”

“Yes Gajeel, but it could also give Master Makarov a heart attack with everything you put in it.”

Gajeel harrumphed and sniffed at the strawberries that Levy had picked up. “Fine.” He said. “But I’m not cooking any of this stuff.” He decided that he didn’t like green food, that green was an unnatural color for edibles to be.

“That’s okay, I’ll just cook it-“

“Yeah, no.”

“What do you mean no?” Levy argued, placing her hands on her hips.

“Shrimp, you can’t cook for shit.”

“Well if I don’t cook it and you won’t cook it then it’ll just rot here!” Gajeel scowled. Levy knew how much he hated the smell of rot, it burned in his sensitive nose and even the word made his schnoz twitch. “I’ll cook it and you’ll teach me how in a way where I don’t-“

“Burn down the house?”

Levy gave him a Look. “Yeah, sure. Aaaand you’re eating some.”

“Uh uh. You can eat it if you want but I’m going nowhere near it.”

“Gajeel, your diet isn’t healthy!”

“Green food isn’t healthy.”

“It’s very healthy. It grows out of the ground.”

Gajeel crinkled his nose in disgust. “So does fungus. We don’t eat that.” He argued.

“Look at the bottom of the bag.” Levy responded. Gajeel sifted through the rest of the groceries and pulled out a bag of mushrooms. “Those are the healthy ones.” Levy said with a sense of pride. Gajeel dropped them like he’d been burned before hesitantly sniffing them.

“Just try some vegetables.  Tonight with dinner I’ll make a salad. No cooking required just a knife and water to wash the vegetables. Trust me, you’ll love it once you try it.”

Gajeel grumbled but when dinner came he tried the new foods and decided that he disliked them. Pantherlily (traitor) applauded Levy for making such a fine salad and almost devoured whatever Levy herself didn’t eat. It looked like Gajeel had lost that fight and that the scourge of flora would remain in his house.

But besides for those few arguments most of what Bisca said rang true for Levy. The little things like the fact that Gajeel always left hair in his hairbrush instead of throwing it out or that he didn’t put the cap back onto the toothpaste after using it and let the excess toothpaste dry around the mouth of the bottle until there were multiple layers of crusted tooth-cleaner where there shouldn’t have been had stopped bothering her after a while. After only a month living with him she felt at home, and she was.

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How would the RFA react to realising that they had evident lipstick marks on their lips (and probs face) because MC had worn some and kissed them? And then people would approach them or smth and ask them about it (Plus points if they found out in public lolol)? I saw this fan art of Zen smothered in lipstick marks and I would love to know how the other’s would react// lolol I love your blog!! Keep up the good work!!! U3U

Thank for request anon-nim!

This may or may not get a lil’ NSFW up in here~ 


  • you were about to inform him
  • but he had a morning lecture
  • far be it from you to tell him that he had lipstick on his jaw
  • he went on the bus like that
  • he walked into class like that
  • and then one of his friends piped up, slapping him on the back
  • “damn Yoosung, getting some morning action!”
  • they all whoop in excitement
  • everyone else in the room turns to the commotion
  • he turns into a literal tomato
  • wiping down his face frantically, he finds the wine coloured lipstick smeared on his hand
  • poor bb
  • but he feels warm inside and giggles under his breath while the rest of the students file in
  • all day, he’s unconsciously brushing his fingers over the spot where you kissed him 


  • he walks in to rehearsal feeling on top of the world
  • as you watch him with a dreamy look in your eyes, you’re jolted back to reality
  • there’s a bright pink lipstick stain right on his cheek
  • you’re never making out with him in the trailer ever again
  • you get up from your chair, wanting to quietly inform that you hecked up
  • but a stylist approaches before you reach him
  • “Zen-ssi, y-you have some…uh…lipstick…let me just clean that off. they’re about to start filming.”
  • Zen turns to you with a smirk
  • you want to crawl into a hole for eternity
  • when the scene is over, Zen runs to you
  • and drags you back to the trailer
  • “jagiya, as my manager, you should’ve been taking better care of me…”
  • you look down in embarrassment
  • but he lifts your chin and places a chaste kiss on your lips
  • “but as my lover, that was the best care you could ever give me.”


  • it wasn’t intentional
  • honest to god 707
  • you were just following instructions
  • you didn’t realise the consequences would be this chaotic
  • she had a kiss mark on her neck
  • she took orders in that state all morning
  • until an older lady pointed it out, giggling at how cute it was
  • and Jaehee was reduced to a puddle
  • when it slowed down, Jaehee turned to you
  • “MC is there something you want to tell me?” her arms crossed, failing to look upset (she actually really liked it)
  • “uh…well your apron said ‘kiss the cook’. I was just following instructions. they weren’t clear about the next step…”
  • she wasn’t holding back
  • Jaehee grabbed you by your collar and kissed your neck
  • “revenge.” she whispered
  • now you had to serve customers with a kiss stain~


  • you were still sleepy while you were doing your makeup
  • so your aim was terrible
  • and you didn’t process that the lipstick you were wearing was on his nose (hehe alliteration)
  • all the employees stared at him as he walked towards his office
  • he was about to go to into a board directors’ meeting
  • but before he could even close his office door, Jaehee pulled him aside
  • “Mr. Han, have you not checked the state of your face? you have lipstick on your nose.”
  • quickly wiping it off with a handkerchief, he continued on to the meeting room
  • as he was walking, he sent a text to you reading:
  • ‘I will leave something longer-lasting than lipstick stain when I get home.’


  • he was finally finished with his work (it wasn’t really work, he was trolling people on FB)
  • you realised that you didn’t have much in terms of edible food (Saeyoung don’t fucking drink the expired milk)
  • you had to bribe him with kisses to help you with the groceries
  • he was more than willing to oblige after that
  • the shopping was going fine (despite the fact that he kept chucking the fruits and vegetables out of the cart)
  • until a little girl pointed at him and yelled “mummy, why is that boy wearing lipstick?”
  • mortified, the girl’s mother apologises profusely as she dragged her away
  • you just stood there, trying to rub your face off with your hands
  • Seven turned back to you, an oddly innocent smile plastered on his face as he moved your hands away from your face
  • “thanks for giving me some of your lipstick jagiya.” he sang
  • you walked out of the store


  • you were about to warn him
  • you swear
  • but he rushed out the door
  • he had a meeting with the curator of a neighbourhood art gallery
  • and the curator stifled their laugh as they pointed out the lipstick stain on his eyelids
  • thanking every higher power that your lipstick was a light colour
  • he quickly wiped it off and continued with the meeting
  • when he came back home, he was ready to ambush you
  • and he did
  • while you were reading on the couch
  • he pulled you into a bear hug and started tickling your face with his hair. “jagiya why did you attack me like that?”
  • you stayed silent
  • “you can’t attack a man like that~”
  • grinning you kissed his eyelids again
  • “take two.” you growled and scampered away
  • he ran right after you


  • he lay in your lap while you both read
  • after sometime, he fell asleep
  • you laid a kiss on the centre of his forehead
  • and fell asleep
  • when he woke up, he toddled to the bathroom
  • when he encountered his brother smirking at him
  • Saeran was still sleepy, so he couldn’t muster up enough fire in his voice
  • “why are you staring at me hyung?”
  • Seven just couldn’t hold it in anymore
  • “nice kiss stain.” and he walked into his room
  • Saeran was left confused as he resumed his journey to the bathroom, finally relieving himself
  • he finally processed his brother’s words as he walked past the mirror
  • in a panic he rubbed his hand over his forehead, desperate to remove it
  • he ran back to you, shaking you awake
  • “what’s happening?” you murmured
  • “why did you do this to me?” the lipstick was all over his forehead now and he sounded genuinely upset
  • your face dropped
  • “I-I just wanted to show my affection for you.”
  • he held your hand, scooting closer towards you
  • “do it again, please.”

Edit: the Jumin one is specially based on a comic by @thedailymushroom. Go support them in creating more amazing art~

Attention Tantrums
 "Mum,“ your daughter wriggled around in the built-in seat of the shopping cart as she tried to reach for a row of lollipops, “lollies.”
“No, no, honey. You’ve got blueberries,” you tapped on the case of berries as you gently pulled your daughter’s stubby arm back to her side as she whined and shook her head.
“No, lollies!” Your daughter complained, wrinkling her nose and continually shaking her head.
“They’ll ruin your teeth, baby,” you frowned as you squeezed a few avocados, checking how ripe they were.
“Please, mum? Please, mum?” Your daughter questioned, tilting her head in the process as you selected the avocados you wanted and put them in a plastic bag.
“I already said no,” you shook your head at your daughter as you softly let the bag of avocados drop into the basket section of the cart. Your two year old shrieked at this, making you give her the stare you had learned frightened her into behaving.
“They didn’t have the red ones so I got the yellow peppers, instead,” Harry’s voice spoke from behind you just as he rounded the corner to see you staring at your daughter as she started to weep and wipe her eyes, softly sobbing at your angered features. You weren’t exactly fuming or anything, you were just tired of your fussy daughter.
“Thanks,” you cleared your throat as you turned to take the bag of yellow bell peppers from your husband and place them in your shopping cart.
“Why’re you crying, love?” Harry frowned as he made his way towards his weeping daughter, his hand going to hold the back of her head as his long thumbs went to sweep the salty tears from your daughter’s rosy cheeks.
“I want lollies,” your daughter whined, shrugging her shoulders in discomfort from being buckled in her seat, restraining her from reaching what she had been asking you for. You silently watched out of the corner of your eye as Harry plucked a lollipop from the line of candy and handed her one, making her passionately shake her head at Harry, pouting her cutest smile.
No,” she grumbled, crossing her chubby little arms as she shook her head.
“Why?” Harry tilted his head, curious to know why his daughter hadn’t taken the candy.
“Let her be,” you sighed, turning as you threw another bag containing vegetables into your cart, knowing how difficult your daughter had been acting all day.
“D'you want a different flavor?” Harry bent over as he cooed at your daughter, only making her shake her head more.
No,” your daughter pouted as she furrowed her eyebrows at Harry.
“No?” Harry mimicked your daughter as he pressed his larger forehead to your daughter’s tiny one, shaking his head in the process before his hands snuck under her arms to tickle her. “No?” Harry smiled as your daughter squealed and laughed at his tickles as he nuzzled his nose against your daughter’s little cheek as he continued.
“No,” your daughter cried out as she slowly became angry and started pushing Harry away from her, “‘top it.”
“Kisses,” Harry tapped his cheek as he turned for your daughter to kiss his cheek.
“No,” your daughter pouted as she shoved Harry away with her palms, starting to grumble and whine, “mum… Mum, help.”
“Leave her alone, babe,” you warned, knowing how your daughter could be when it came to her being grumpy.
“'Top it! Don’t like you! Don’t like you,” your daughter yelled with one last shove, making Harry step back before your daughter broke down in tears, “mummy.”
“Sh,” your furrowed your eyebrows as you paced towards your screaming child, her fists wiping her tired eyes as she cried. After unbuckling the safety belt of the seat, you quickly hoisted her up and out of the cart before forcing her head down on your shoulder to muffle the screams she was emitting as she cried.
“Could you just check out for me? I need to put her to sleep,” you grumbled as you bounced in place, trying to sooth your daughter into calming down.
“Yeah,” Harry finally choked out with a little nod of his head before you thanked him and rushed your tired daughter to your car, putting her to sleep the moment you closed the car door. Before too long, Harry came along with your groceries, making you buckle your daughter into her carseat before getting out of the car to help Harry pack up the baggage. A silent car ride later, you pulled into your driveway before Harry parked the car and the two of you starting unpacking.
“Could you take her in?” You squeaked as you loaded up on the bags, trusting in your strength a little too much. After getting Harry’s approval, you made your way inside to drop off the first load of groceries before your daughter’s screams sounded and you rushed out to see her fighting off Harry.
No! I don’t like you, I don’t like you! You’re mean! Leave! You’re not my mummy,” your daughter groaned as she kicked at her father.
“Y/D, stop it,” you ordered as you pushed Harry aside and grabbed your emotional two-year old before turning and taking her into the privacy of your home where you could safely put her to bed and then help Harry with the rest of the groceries. Before too long, you had made your way downstairs to see Harry sprawled across your living room couch as he flipped through television channels.
“Everything’s put up,” he croaked, his eyes never leaving the television screen as he sent a nod behind him, towards the general direction of the kitchen.
“Thanks,” you breathed out, padding over to where he sat and joining him on the couch.
“It doesn’t seem as if she’s taking to me as easily as we thought,” Harry spoke up after a few minutes of watching television.
“She’s just not familiar with you, yet. It was just me and her for seven months. She’s still trying to adapt to having you back,” you shrugged, yawning as you reclined, laying your legs over Harry’s thighs.
“Yeah but I’ve been home for two weeks, now,” Harry turned to look at you as his palm slightly raised, his fingers twitching as he awaited your response.
“She’s a mommy’s girl,” you shrugged once more as you settled into the couch.
“She hates me,” Harry sighed as he threw his head back to stare at the ceiling.
“She does not,” you rolled your eyes as you stretched your legs.
“She told me so,” Harry widened his eyes as he turned to look at you.
“She’s three,” you responded, staring at Harry’s hurt features.
“Well, I need her to like me. It makes me feel bad when she treats me as if I was some stranger. I helped make her,” Harry sighed as he bowed his head to stare at his fumbling fingers.
“You’re trying to be her friend,” you rolled your eyes as you sat up, “you’re her parent, though. She’s supposed to hate you and make your life hard. She does that to me all the time.”
“She’s my little baby, Y/N. I don’t like being her punching bag,” Harry frowned at you.
“You don’t think she’s roughed me up before? The thing with Y/D is, you have to show her she’s the daughter and you’re the parent until she’s mature enough and disciplined enough to know what’s not okay,” you explained with a shrug of your shoulders.
“I don’t know how you do it,” Harry shook his head.
“It’s parenting, get used to it,” you laughed as you craned your head up to peck his lips.

{A/N: Not edited, will do soon. This one was a little weird but I just wanted to post an imagine for you today and I hope you are all having positive days!}

Morning Street Market · Vietnam

With the surge of food truck culture nationwide the past few years, more and more people are accustomed to eating on the street. We still have the occasional friend that is uncomfortable eating street food (can you believe we’re still friends with them?), and generally most of our eating in the U.S. is still done in traditional venues like restaurants. But in a country like Vietnam, the street is where all the action happens. It’s where you not only grab your meals, but also where you shop for groceries. For our first Vietnam story, we wanted to give you a look at a local street market in Ho Chi Minh City.

External image

External image

As you walk around and explore the city, you can’t help but notice how many markets there are. You can turn a corner and down a small alley there could be a vibrant morning market filled with fresh veggies, meats, seafood, and freshly cooked meals. That’s how we discovered this hidden gem. Located at 137 Trần Đình Xu in District 1, it’s within a few blocks from where our apartment is and we’ve been stopping by most mornings to eat breakfast and soak in the culture. As you stroll down this tight corridor, dodging motorbikes mind you, there exists a slice of daily life for locals. Vendors vend their goods in front of their home and shoppers stroll through picking up what they need for a home cooked meal.

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

You can literally find everything you need here. Proteins like chicken, pork, shrimp, crab, still- flopping fish. Fruits like dragon fruit, mangoes, longan, rambutan. Since we haven’t started cooking at home yet, there’s no shortage of street food to eat. There’s classic Vietnamese noodle soups like Hủ Tiếu (pork base with rice noodles) and Bún Riêu (crab and tomato broth). There’s , Bánh Mì with freshly baked baguettes that just melt in your mouth, and you can even end your meal with your choice of Chè (desserts). We also love that most street food vendors here cook a different item daily. One morning it might be Cháo (porridge) and the next it will be Chả Giò (crispy spring rolls). The variety is endless and the energy of this street makes you wish you had enough stomachs to taste everything.

External image
Bánh Khọt: Mini fried pancakes

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image
Hủ Tiếu: Pork base noodle soup

External image

External image
Bún Riêu: Crab and tomato base noodle soup

137 Trần Đình Xu, District 1 - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Well, no wonder the Thieves Guild is struggling! Their headhunter is terrible. ‘Oh, look. An Orc in full dwarven armor just knocked over a vegetable cart with his gigantic war hammer! That man has the finesse I need for my secret society of stealthy stealth thieves!’ I think Brynjolf needs to take his own miracle elixir, maybe grow himself some common sense.
—  My boyfriend, who then failed Brynjolf’s test and still got in

Bucky x Reader One-Shot

Summary: It’s Bucky’s turn to do the errands where he meets a very excited fan and an embarrassed individual.

Word Count: 2,557

Warnings: Major, super Bucky fluff

Note: Bucky’s POV. Guys this has got to be my most favorite one I’ve done so far!! And because you guys deserve major fluff from after Part 5. 

Originally posted by secretly-buckybarnes

(GIF not mine, credit to the owner)

We were running out of food in the tower so it was my turn to do the food run and whatever errands that needed to get done. I didn’t mind, in fact, I volunteered. I’ve been on missions one after the other, so it was nice to just relax and take time for myself for a change. So when the topic of errands came up, I jumped at the chance.

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Once Upon A...Whatever (Part 1)

Pairing: Dean x Reader (Female)

Summary: Cinderella AU The Reader is a peasant, always getting into trouble on the streets of Lawrence. The Captain of the King’s Guard has had enough of her ways and forces her to work in the castle for the royal family, the Winchesters. The Reader reluctantly agrees to work in the palace despite her dislike for the royals. Little does she know how much of a ride she’s in for, when she mistakenly bitches out the green-eyed Prince, Dean. 

Word Count: 5,905

Warning: Language, Mention(s) of Prostitution 

Author’s Note: This is going to be my Cinderella AU (with a hint of other classic stories) series! Get pumped! Please note that this is only Part 1. Please also note that the Winchesters won’t be making an appearance until Part 2. Also, I apologize for the length. Part 1 will be the longest out of the series. It’s background stuff and getting to know the characters. Which also brings me to my next point, there are a lot of SPN characters throughout this series so don’t blink. You might miss them. Leave me comments, honest opinions, and a thumbs up if you like anything you read :)

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“Showtime in 3…2…Go!” Charlie whispered loudly, giving you a hard shove. You threw Charlie a glare for a split second, before colliding into a farmer’s vegetable and fruit cart. You knew how to throw yourself in front of a moving cart by now. You could have done without the extra push from your friend. You were a professional, dammit.

Before you knew it, frantic hands were already scrambling to help you up, with a very worried voice.

“Oh my, goodness! Are you alright dear? You came flying out of nowhere,” You smiled inwardly. It was almost too easy.

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