If you are looking for a special pair of shoes, here you go. The New York based label FEIT, founded by Australian brothers Tull & Josh Price in 2005, offers a nice range of handmade footwear and accessories. At FEIT construction leads design. The minimal modern aesthetic emphasizes construction techniques and the quality of the materials used.  The good thing, all FEIT products are handmade in limited volumes to ensure minimal environmental impact and maximum quality. And even better, all leathers are sourced from Italian and British tanneries and most are vegetable dyed. Vegetable tanned leather is tanned using tannins and other ingredients found in vegetable matter such as tree bark, wood, leaves, fruit, and roots. With every style you will find the story of it´s construction:

“The Hand Sewn Low is built by hand from start to finish by one master craftsman using an advanced Goodyear construction technique that produces a superior shoe.
The seamless one piece upper of the shoe is made from a single piece of vegetable tanned leather, hand stitched at the heel. Gusseted tongue reinforces the waterproof construction. Leather is left on the last for 10 days where light steam and humidity are used to tighten the leather, ensuring shape and fit. Buffalo leather is used for the footbed.
The leather is dyed with natural pigments so that the hide retains its natural state and ages richly over time. The superior construction technique and use of natural materials ensure that the shoe breathes and does not retain sweat or odor. An extra cork and buffalo leather insole is included with each pair to assist with in-between sizing. ”

FEIT offers minimal styles for men and women. I am especially in love with the bicolour black and white slipper. Although I am not sure which way round i prefer them.
Find out more about the lovely Price brothers and shop their extraordinary shoes there:

(all images and information courtesy of FEIT)


Ombra Mai Fu Cécilia Bartoli

“Ombra mai fu” is the opening aria from the 1738 opera Serse by George Frideric Handel.
The title translates from the Italian as “Never was a shade”. It is sung by the main character, Xerxes I of Persia, admiring the shade of a plane tree.

(words in Italian)

Frondi tenere e belle
del mio platano amato
per voi risplenda il fato.
Tuoni, lampi, e procelle
non v'oltraggino mai la cara pace,
né giunga a profanarvi austro rapace.

Ombra mai fu
di vegetabile,
cara ed amabile,
soave più.


Tender and beautiful fronds
of my beloved plane tree,
let Fate smile upon you.
May thunder, lightning, and storms
never disturb your dear peace,
nor may you by blowing winds be profaned.

Never was a shade
of any plant
dearer and more lovely,
or more sweet.

(source -wikipedia)