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021-GoChi or 006-Vegbul Pleeeeease???😊

A/N: Oh gosh it’s been a while since I did Vegebul, so I hope you don’t mind me taking this opportunity to write for them, since you, uh, gave me a choice and all >.>

Prompt 6: “I will always be there to protect you”

Words: 764

Time Setting: Post-Buu


Communication wasn’t exactly their strong point.

She knew by now that communication was the glue used to hold relationships together. Commitment was important. Trust was vital. Being there was nice and made things easier. But communication was the key.

And they sucked at it.

“Vegeta!” She snapped, glaring up into the night sky at his silhouette. “What the hell are you doing on the roof in the middle of the night?


Of course his response was no response. Like always. Since forever. She yelled and he barely gave her the time of day. Communication at its finest.

Having to deal with the brooding prince was nothing new. Bulma had just hoped to maybe have some more time together considering all that happened. She’d had to comfort Trunks one too many times from nightmares related to Buu now. And, well, with all the events of that time, she’d expected Vegeta to come home with a bit more willingness to help out.

“What do you want, woman?”

Oh. Amazing. He had more to say. “We need to talk, Vegeta!”

“We’re talking now.”

“No, you jerk,” she snapped. “Come down here so I can talk without yelling maybe? Be nice for once in your -”

When he actually hopped down from the roof to stand in front of her – arms still crossed and body turned away, mind you – she cut off. Gasped a little. Then put a hand on her hip and smirked. Funny that he’d so easily jumped down. Usually she had to yell and rant and force her way to get what she wanted. This time, he’d given in without much of a fight at all.

“All right,” he said. “Talk about what?”

Now that she had his attention, her frustration simmered. Now what? She was sure she’d wanted to discuss something but she hadn’t expected him to plop down so quickly. Maybe things had changed.

“Why’d you do it, Vegeta?”

His stance wavered ever so slightly. “Do what?”

“Die on me,” she said, forcing the words through her teeth. “Call it a sacrifice all you want, but -”

“Woman,” his voice quiet but clipped. “Why do you think I did it?”

Bulma huffed, running through a list of ideas in her mind. It was so hard to think of him doing anything selfless. Sacrifice was one of the most selfless acts, but… Well, Vegeta had never been that type.

“I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking,” she quipped back, crossing her arms. “Seems like you were just trying to copy Goku to me.”

Dark eyes turned on her. Wide, shaking eyes. “How dare you presume such nonsense.”

“Then tell me.”

“I did it for you, woman!” Vegeta snapped, his voice no longer quiet and brooding. “You and the brat and -”

“Oh, did you?” She challenged, stepping toward him, poking his chest. “You saw what sacrifice like that does to people. Chi-Chi and Gohan are strong. You think Trunks would have been okay without his father? You think I would have been okay?”

His eye twitched. “You would’ve been safe.”

She rolled her eyes. “Oh, and that’s all that matters?”


His quick response threw her off guard. She blinked, stared back at him. He grabbed her wrist, squeezed lightly, kept her close to him. Even as his eyes remained hard, she saw warmth hidden behind them.

“It’s not all that matters,” he went on. “But it’s the top priority. Kakarot understood that, too.”

Stunned, Bulma could do naught else but keep her lips closed as she processed the words. Had he ever said something like it before? Not to her knowledge. She wanted to rant about his decision to just up and sacrifice himself, nevermind the fact that it hadn’t done a lick of good. She wanted him to know it wasn’t okay to leave them so easily like that. She wanted him to admit to caring, to admit it hadn’t been for his own selfish prideful reasons.

And in the end, she’d gotten one of those without even fighting for it.

Her eyebrows raised at the realization, then lowered slightly as she turned a sly smirk on him. “Oh, so now you’re going to get sappy on me, is that it? ‘Oh, precious Bulma, I’ll protect you always.’ Something like that?”

His eye twitched. “Tch.”

“It’s okay,” she laughed, falling against him. “I know that’s what you meant.”

As his arms came around her, he grumbled. “Whatever.”

Communication. They were still pretty bad at it, but in their own way, she could see progress. And that alone made her heart warm.

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