A repost.
Today November 11th, 2017 marks the day Bulma Briefs Va, Hiromi Tsuru was confirmed deceased. A horrible tragedy: Hiromi was found dead in her car at the age of 57. The second Dragonball character to be ever introduced, one of the biggest side characters..
I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of pain Nozawa and the other voice actors are going through right now. Thirty years together in the studio..gone like that..I’ve watched Dragonball many times in different dubs and I first watched it in Japanese. This hit me hard..hard enough for me to break into tears. Thank you for playing a gargantuan role in my childhood Hiromi, you’ll be missed by me and every other Dragonball loving fan. Rest in peace old friend..may Shenlong watch over your soul.


Vegeta/Bulma story aesthetic (ri-edited) 

Dragon ball/Dragon Ball Z/Dragon Ball Super

I decided to re-edit my aesthetic with the addition of some new events in the series (Bulla over all) to thanking all the VegeBul and DB general fans who had reblogged the first original post!

PS:maybe in future with the finish of DBS I put the end of Z ;)!  


Goku’s the number ONE fan of Vegebul and Papa Veggie!

After the last chapters of the manga, Goku seems to be a “bad father”, but he’s so good that he’s able to recognize that now Vegeta is. And even though he gets angry because Vegeta doesn’t want to train to stay at Bra’s birth, the truth is that Goku always celebrates when he’s a family man.

Goku knows Vegeta more than Vegeta can imagine and he knows what his weak point is. 

And if we count that in some adaptations of Fukkatsu No F’, Goku literally threatens to Vegeta to hold his hand, warning that they may hurt Bulma, referring her as “Your dearly Bulma” this’s more obvious.