vegeta the family man


(This one is warm and fluffy, I promise).

“Papa, lookit!”

Vegeta grunted and looked up from his breakfast. His eyebrows rose when he found his daughter standing on the tiled kitchen floor wearing what could best be described as a bright red pillow.

Bra beamed at him. Vegeta would go to his grave before admitting how his heart melted each time she did.

“I’m a staw-bee!” she announced proudly.

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The Briefs DBZ/S Fancast

I did one for the Son family as well [x] As i said in that one, this is based on the idea that if Hollywood were to remake a live-action DB flick and give it some justice, these are the actors I think would come close to being a good match to the character. 

Tim Man as Vegeta-  I had to borrow someone else’s idea for Vegeta, because all of my other previous choices didn’t really convince me until I saw this guy. At 5′5′’, Man is about the right height to play Vegeta,  and has a similar body-type. Man has been featured in movies such as Onk Bak 2 and Ninja: Shadow of a Tear. Though he is a stuntman, he has played minor roles as an actor and has the potential to become a main lead like others have before him . Scott Adkins was my other pick for Vegeta, but he’s a bit taller than what Vegeta should be lol. 

Rinko Kikuchi as Bulma Briefs- Besides being beautiful, those who have seen Pacific Rim know Kikuchi is adept in playing a character who is intelligent and strong-willed…

Booboo Stewart as Future Trunks- He played Warpath in X-Men: Days of Future Past, has done stunt-work, and is, well, hot af. Oh, and he looks great with long hair. Super important.

(I didn’t do Bulla/Bra because she’d be too young or nonexistent during DBZ/S. and I didn’t do Mai because she isn’t Trunks’s wife (though it is implied she later will be). Also, I’m simply not a fan of the pair.) 

The three faces of Vegeta

These are just some thoughts and feelings after reading one of those fanfics that portrayed Vegeta as a “:multifaced/multi-personiflied” being. 

This guy is fascinating as a character to read and write because these so-called personas of his are so numerous and contradicting when they emerged in response to his surroundings , and bring out so much diffirent feelings from fans when reading/watching DB. At first look, he’s arrogant, prideful and ruthless, but deeper it’s a entire world. He’s sometimes eloquent in speech and calm in attitudes, but sometimes crazy, funny and just downright goofy and stupid. In battle, he shows those traits of a warrior Prince : straightforward, aggressive, smart and cunning, so that everyone hates and fears him, but sometimes in fact he’s just trying to cover his own fear - and when his fear shows, he just looks like a poor lost puppy. He comes as fearless and no-bullshit, but once in a while, he’s brooding and drowning himself in depression and confusion. We even saw him shed tears of despair and sadness. He is loud and rude and unbearable most of the times, but he can also be shy, well-mannered, quiet and reserved.

Today i want to look at this image well exploited in fanfics in a different perspective. There is a saying that goes :

I’d like to think Vegeta, like us, has three faces. He shows the world the first face, only his family and friends see the second face, but no one can penetrate the walls he built throughout his life to see his TRUE face. 

The first face is the “cold-hearted, arrogant, prideful. ruthless, scary, aggressive, no bullshit” Prince and warrior’s face that makes everyone hate and fear, and maybe in time, respect, but still keep a distance with him. I think the pictures for example explain themselves. 

When he kills the Saibaiman:

When Nappa lost to Goku : 

When knew about the fate of his planet and killed Dodoria :

When he killed Android 19:

and beat Imperfect Cell

When he was controlled by Babidi:

The second face is when he met Bulma, met and had Trunks, and a few people (the Z fighters) came closer to him and he showed it more in time I wouldn’t say that he calls these people friends, but what can you expect from them and Vegeta himself? They just came closer compare to the rest of the universe. I call that family and friends. Suddenly, he is no longer that all-powerful, invincible warrior. He is just an emotional, moody, lonely man of few [rude and harsh\ words and a hot head, who is recklessly and stupidly  focused and self-will in his life goal, shy and awkward with romance, has a gentler side that he rarely shows. Aside from the childish Saiyan rivalry with Goku, sometimes he’s just crazy, fun-loving and NERDY. 

Bulma advances :

On great Saiyaman’s clothes:

On Saiyan hair:

With Trunks in the GR :

Stupid thing he says:


On nerdy Gohan :

On Future Trunks’ death : 

Good father and husband :

Caring but shy lover : 

Ballet Dancing: 

The third face aka the TRUE reflection of who he really is is a strange one, in Vegeta’s case, so cue more of my ranting here.

WE audience see it all the time because he has so many private thoughts shared with himself in the series. But did he truely not show it to anyone in-universe?

As time passes and life changes, Vegeta changes. At the beginning, all everyone see is his first face. Later, more people see his second face because he opened up enough and let them be his ‘friends’ and family (Bulma, Trunks, Piccolo, Krillin, Yamcha…]  But he still lies too much to the world most of which he hates and put too many layer of walls around himself, keep many things to himself (see in Battle Of Gods when he didn’t tell his wife anything) and i doubt even his wife/family who took him a decade to accept and come to cherish, those who “understand” him, can ever see the true face. However, i think he DID show his true face to someone only, and that someone is Goku. 

The only time he cries in canon:

This is where he lost everything. Even the spirit to fight. They say in his last moment, a man shows who he really is. I think the same goes for Vegeta. . This is the true vulnerable core of his being ended up in tears. This is his third face. 

All the way to Buu Arc when he tailked about his true feelings and intentions : 

This was supposed to be a life and death battle. It suddenly became Vegeta realizing a confidant and a listener. This is what really was in his head, his true feelings, the expressions of this third face, and they just FLOWED like crazy in front of Goku after he dumped his family like nothing. 

Both times, Goku is there listening and understanding, even if it’s just Vegeta talking to himself, to his true self. 

In fact, There are times when he just talked to himself AND Goku at the same time, this is one of them. 

Wow did he just enter Goku’s dream and say what he really felt? In his “number one” speech (he talked to Goku as well) He reflected on his third face that time : the persona who only fought for pride, which was pissed off by those who are  stronger. 

And his third face showed more than just in “reflections.”

(Source written on gif) 

This scene is in Kai so i’d like to think of it as canon. It is symbolism. Nakedness in spiritual visions and dream represent the exposure of the true inner vulnerable yet innocent and honest self. It shows that this is Vegeta - The true Vegeta, without his clothing (cultural and social barriers), without his scorning Goku’s Earthly gentleness like earlier (the ever present false egotistic pride and prejudice in Vegeta’s case), without shame and distrust (another constant factor with Vegeta)

This is his true self, who he really is. The thing here is, he chose to expose himself like this in front of Goku and Goku was THE LEAST a friend of his at this time.  And yet,  Vegeta trusts him this much, and would only share his third face with Goku in the series. It is not surprising, because since they met his life and his self-worth depended on Goku soo much he wouldn’t even know his own third face aka who he really is without Goku’s influence.  

In this perspective, I think Vegeta was crazy special. He had someone to show his third face to, to share it with, who is willing to understand and accept his third face.   Like the quote says, we never show our third face to anyone, only the first to the world and the second to those we love. 

anonymous asked:

After episode 112, when Vegeta reminds to Kyabe of the promise that he made to him, in some Hispanic fandom have a theory that say Vegeta'll go to train Kyabe to the Universe 6, after the universal tournament, and he'll live on the planet Salad during the years that Bulma's family and Goku's weren't seen. But I'm not very happy with the idea that Vegeta leaves his family, like Goku, to be the master of Kyabe. I want to know what do you think of that?

I’d find it very, very strange if Vegeta ever left his family at this point in his life, and for such an extended amount of time. I could see him visiting Universe 6, and even training Cabba for a while, but Vegeta’s always remained by Bulma’s side, even during the first seven-year gap before the Buu Saga, and we’ve seen how possessive he’s been during Bulma’s pregnancy, and how nervous he was about Bra being born, etc., so I doubt Vegeta would ever leave his family for years.

Also, if I recall correctly, by the end of DBZ, Bulma mentioned to Goku that he hadn’t “visited us” for a long time, and when Goku leaves to train Uub, Vegeta tells him he’ll have a bit of fun in the Tournament and then he’ll go home, so I think Vegeta has actually become a family man now, even if he’s still obsessed with training, of course, I think he’ll mostly do it by Bulma’s side.

Of course, that’s just my opinion, I’d never even heard that theory you’re talking about before…

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Vegeta hears Black murdered his wife. Gets mad. Great family man, etc.
Goku hears Black murdered his wife and son. Goku flies into a rage he hasn’t been in since he fought Freeza the first time. “lol too late Toriyama Goku doesn’t care about his family, factual”

Vegeta gets mad and it’s super duper proof he loves Bulma.
Goku gets enraged perhaps more so than we’ve ever seen before, and people still refuse to accept he cares about his family.

The dance gets old.

DBZ vs Super...

Was anyone else kinda… dissatisfied with the end of the Zamasu Arc? And in Super in general? But why? The villain was pretty new for this franchise, and we got some great reunions and sucker punches to the feels. So why DOES this feel so unsatisfying?

I’ve wondered about it, and really, I think the biggest difference between DBZ and DBS is that the latter begins when all the characters already have closure. And with the exception of Future Trunks getting to actively see how his father cares for him now, Dragon Ball Super has never satisfied (or properly built) the anticipation, or call for character or plot resolution that fans bank on, that requires a battle arc to resolve it. 

I mean, think about it.

DBZ began with the tension left over from Piccolo Jr being “allowed” to live after Goku grants him his blessing with a sensu–and viewers felt a tenuous peace on Earth after that. Goku becoming a father was also a HUGE deal for his character as well, and a massive shift from the little squirt audiences knew and loved.

And then Raditz came, and the series fucking exploded. The impact of its momentum was even felt all the way to the end of the Buu Saga in Vegeta’s immensely satisfying redemption and humility towards his one-sided rival, Goku. And the Saiyan Saga was filled with game-changing exposition and unprecedented drama, and fans were invested like hell in all these outcomes–varied and in many ways giving fans something to grip onto even when power scaling became ridiculous.

….And of course, the events laid out in the Saiyan Saga–even BEFORE that, as fans wondered where the mysterious wild boy Goku came from anyway–blew up even FURTHER. Without launching into an exhaustive list, the significance of this saga and the amount of emotional payoff and anticipation provided were huge. 

Same can easily be said for the Android and Cell Saga–corresponding with all the power scaling going on, we had new character dynamics for our main cast that helped shape the entire future of the series (Vegeta and Bulma especially), increased the cast itself, provided battles with incredible payoff to invested fans (Gohan going SSJ2, anyone?) and also–gave us the second death of Goku, which was intended for keeps. Way to keep us on the edge of our seats yet again–and build up anticipation, excitement and speculation, when we know there’s even MORE DBZ to come ahead! 

And, can you deny it? This piece of shit was amazing. Vegeta’s mid-life crisis and, growth and the completion of his character arc, spanning nearly the entire franchise, was amazing. Many “what ifs” were at stake, new characters arose, world building expanded and in some ways, the stakes (and mistakes) were bigger than ever. Everybody even DIED. Buu was unlike any villain the series had ever seen. And whether you like it or not, nobody saw Saiyaman coming. And in the end, Goku came back to life and became a family man once again.

And lastly, the very end of DBZ, although an epilogue to Dragon Ball Super as well, isn’t that far off from the end of the Buu saga, either. Goku is a family man and restored to life. Vegeta is chill as fuck. Piccolo is whole again and also chilling. The aliens of the Freeza Saga aren’t relevant anymore, and 17 and 18 have settled down. Tien, Chaotzu, and Yamcha have all completely fucked off. To be fair, Goten and Trunks have also kind of fucked off, too. Gohan is done being the child compelled to fight–and has settled down to fulfill his dream to become a scholar. And while Uub, Pan and Bra all have the potential to be interesting, that feels more premature than unfinished business. Goku is kind of a dick and takes off with Uub to train and visit his fam (I’m discounting GT entirely here, btw) but other than that.. meh?

Now, I’m not saying the movies haven’t provided some interesting retcons and world expansion, either. But let me ask you–are you on the edge of your seat, waiting to find out what’s gonna happen with Beerus and Whis next–or are you sitting back wondering when something interesting might happen that could involve them? 

Don’t get me wrong. It’s COOL to think about what else could have happened, and Super is trying to fulfill that role–but it’s failing. Aside from Zamasu/Black being a new type of villain for the series, there was really nothing in the expanded world building beyond showing us how there are multiple universes, prior to him showing up that compelled our anticipating his arrival, either. In fact, the real ringer fans have been waiting for since we learned of there being different universes, has been our interest in seeing more mother fuckin Saiyans.

That’s right.

THIS little piece of shit. 

In a series that has already found closure, if there is ONE catharsis that fans have wanted to see for decades, it’s HAVING THE SAIYANS, AS A PEOPLE, TAKE CENTER STAGE. Whether through some freak resurrection, or another universe where Saiyans are still alive and kicking, (or dying to see Raditz come back and power up just so we can get another character who’d have a lot to redeem for and enrich the lives of other characters around them) we’ve vied for a pipe dream that has been rife with interest and speculation since we found out they’d effectively gone extinct the moment we learned about Goku’s heritage. Come on, show us the world building. Make Vegeta nostalgic and pull at his heart strings. Let them be useful somehow–get fucking creative like the Buu saga was! Don’t make them be lame or disappointing. Let them be taller and cooler looking than Cabba. Respect the hype. Surprise us with some PLOT. And show us some canon fucking fighting female Saiyans already.

Thankfully, Super threatened to have another tournament come up and an opportunity for Vegeta to see the original Saiyan homeworld, Salada, and that and the birth of Bra are what us fans are clinging to desperately right now. Cuz with Zamasu dead, it’s back to a series with closure again, and Vegeta and Goku goin’ Blue, power scaling even more to GET STRONGER, JUST CUZ.

Vegeta with Bulma & Trunks Translation

Translated from the official Dragon Ball Super Exciting Guide (Story Edition).

The warrior and the bond that he formed with his family. After the fight with Freeza, Vegeta started living on earth and became kind of a family man. An aloof man like him having people he wants to protect is what makes him stronger!

After the unexpected happened, Vegeta and Bulma became a couple!? 

After his home planet and Freeza, who he depended on, were both annihilated, Bulma somehow sensed his loneliness beneath his arrogance and asked him: ‘how about you come and live in my house?’


Bulma: Why don’t you come too? You don’t look like you have money for lodging.

Ever since he started living in Bulma’s house, Vegeta spent all his time training.

And the impossible child was born!!

After the humiliation that he suffered after losing to Freeza and his frustration after being surpassed by Goku, Vegeta trained nonstop. Bulma was drawn to that high pride of his and then, a child was born!


Goku: your father is Vegeta, right, Trunks?

-The youth Trunks who came from the future is the grown-up version of this baby.

Vegeta: I knew it! You bastard! How dare you do that to other people’s wives? Why don’t you give him naked pictures of your own wife, Chichi?

-While he’s a mighty warrior, when it comes to his wife, he loses his cool?

Trunks: Dad is way too strong!

Trunks inherited his father’s self-confidence. Being the child of Bulma and Vegeta, Trunks’ curiosity and confidence in himself are both high, and he’s equipped with a great sense when it comes to martial arts. Moreover, he greatly admires his strong father. Trunks can transform into a super saiyan ever since he was a kid.


Trunks: I’ll show you that I can win without using my left hand!

-Trunks is gifted and received special training from his father. His self-confidence and abilities are similar to his.

Vegeta: looks like Trunks will win *snicker*.

-Vegeta is also a parent who’s enthusiastic about his son…!? Even when it comes to his son, Vegeta is burning with rivalry toward Goku.

He now has a family and for the first time in his life, Vegeta is fighting for someone other than himself.

He’s a man who fought until now for the sake of his pride and to fulfill his ambition. When Buu appeared, humanity was in a pinch, and his desire to protect his family prompted him to self-destruct!


Vegeta: take care, Trunks.

-When he hugged Trunks for the first time, he conveyed his love along with the warmth of his body.

Vegeta: farewell Bulma, Trunks and Kakarrot.

-After ensnaring Buu, the proud man scatterred…

Bulma: W-What’s this unease that I’m feeling? Vegeta…

-Through the bond that they share as a couple, Bulma felt an unease at the same moment Vegeta self-destructed.

anonymous asked:

Do you ship Vegebul? Why?

Yeah they’re my favourite couple in the Dragonball franchise, I’ve never really been asked about it before.. so I guess:

When the pair first meet back on Earth (after Vegeta fights on their side against Frieza), Bulma is the only one who isn’t afraid to stand up to Vegeta and actually convinces him to stay with them – Vegeta who at this point was clearly their biggest potential threat. She’s as strong-willed as he is when it comes down to it, so they won’t take any shit from eachother, which is why they work well.

Bulma is really independent and intelligent, she doesn’t need Vegeta, she choses to be with him. Although they fight stubbornly, they still highly respect eachother’s strength and differences. She gives him his space and he can be himself, but she also brings him out of his comfort zone once in a while because she knows he needs it.

She’s also very kind-hearted, which is a kind of person Vegeta has not had in his life, he’s needed someone to care about him and someone to care about back. She’s a good match for him in every way – fiesty, beautiful, intelligent, kind and generous.

Surely their relationship grew from lust, but then it slowly grew into true feelings as time passes throughout Dragonball Z and into Super. Trunks is born and Vegeta still stays with her after the Cell Saga of his own free will, instead of leaving as you’d expect of a ‘heartless’ Saiyan warrior. Then during the Buu Saga he even sacrificed his life for his family in an effort to thwart Buu, confirming his affection by telling Trunks to “take care of your mother” before knocking him out for his safety.

After Buu’s defeat and everyone is resurrected we move onto Dragonball Super, where we see Vegeta being a family man (as best he can), as the family go to the amusement park he promised Trunks about. My final bit of evidence is during Bulma’s birthday where she gets smacked to the ground by the God of Destruction (whom nobody has a chance at defeating), Vegeta absolutely loses control and holds his own against the God inflicting damage on him as a mortal Super Saiyan! (and he still holds a grudge against the God for it!)

You cannot convince me to not ship them..

Holy shit character development

Dragon Ball Super Spoilers. Fuck off if you aren’t caught up.

Fuck right off.

Everyone concerned fucked off?


So Vegeta is our favorite resident asshole lowkey family man.
But check out THIS piece of character development that happened LITERALLY IN THREE EPISODES…

Like, Mirai Trunks shows up and has to explain to everyone why da'fuq he there and Vegeta -dad of the year he is- calls Trunks a coward and a disgrace for running from the fight with Black. Perfectly predictable behavior out of Vegeta. We expected this. He was always awful to Teen Trunks. Yeah he had some (!!) character development and is now Dadgeta, but you know he wouldn’t cut his grown-ass son slack.



In episode 56, Vegeta looks at Trunks and says if things go bad, to take Mai AND RUN AWAY.


Like, he chastises Trunks for fleeing from Black, and like a GD day later is like “take the time machine to the past and have babies with Mai and forget about this fucking mess”


You smiled at your son when he was reunited with Mai

Vegeta is such a Trumai shipper that he just fucks established canon with his massive cock and is like “naw, run from the fight, it’s all good, I don’t mind fam”


this family is the worst thing to happen to me.

Fuck me

I swear I miss Piccolo so much

How about make him relevant again…. Or make him stronger….. Or both

I would take Filler Episodes too, but with good old badass Piccolo……

I love uncle Piccolo. I love how he treats Pan…. But why can’t he be strong AND a family man, like Vegeta? Super is always about Saiyans….. SAIYANS, SAIYANS, SAIYANS! Its really pissing me off.

Even the Filler Episodes are full of saiyans…. (Copy Vegeta Saga)

Super is nice. I love Super, I love the new Arc. But fuck you for making Piccolo weak as fuck. His death against Tagoma was just needless just like his participation in the U6 Tournament. Toei/Toriyama please stop hurting the Piccolo Fans so bad. Stop hyping Piccolo up all the time when its going to be a disappointment in the end anyway.

Remember that one Preview? I think it was Episode 28 or 27, with Piccolos and Gohans training? I was so hyped for this shit, I couldn’t wait to see this Episode.. And what was it? An entire recap Episode with 30 seconds of Piccolo and Gohan. Thanks! But go on Toei, make more Episodes about Pilaf and co! Thats great!