vegeta attacks cell

My reaction to Vegeta having a relationship with Bulma and Trunks (and how I got on this ship) in the following order of quotes from Trunks Saga to Buu Saga....

Aww Veggie’s gonna be a daddy! ^^

*falls over alongside Goku*

DA FUK? THERE’S NO WAY HE’D BE DESPERATE ENOUGH TO TAP THAT! NO WAY! (Back then I wasn’t too fond of Bulma)  

Okay so Vegeta doesn’t like Bulma or Trunks…How did these two get together again?  

Trunks sure cares about his dad even though his dad is being a major jackass to him… 

OH NO! NOT MY BBY TRUNKS! Vegeta? Are you showing emotion? *Vegeta attacks Cell* HOOOOOOLY SHIIIIIIT! …that didn’t do anything did it?? ._.

HOLY CRAP! VEGETA’S BEING A DAD TO LITTLE TRUNKS! :D *Vegeta accidentally hits Trunks in the face*….close enough ‘-’

Wait…Vegeta is MARRIED now? But I…and she….and you…. Okay. Fine. They’re married. A lot can change in seven years I guess.


Hell. Even Vegeta doesn’t know how him and Bulma got together.

Goku may be an idiot but even he can see right through your bullshit Vegeta.

Vegeta? What are you doing? Otherworld? Wait what? Don’t tell me he’s? Oh…I can’t *Vegeta blows himself up* ALL OF MY CAN’T ;~;

*sees Bulma and Trunks crying* MY ‘CAN’S ARE MISSING IN ACTION!!! T^T

*Newly revived Bulma happy to hear Vegeta’s voice again* aww_she_really_does_love_him.jpeg

*Bulma yells I love you Vegeta* Wait…Did she just?….#DEAD (I missed this line as a kid and I just heard it several months ago)

*Trunks holding his dads hand after finding out he’s alive again* #DEADANDCURRENTLYGOINGSIXFEETUNDER

*while I’m still in my grave* You know what? I’m cool with this relationship… ‘-’

That’s how I feel in love with this relationship. Granted how they got together is still a mystery to me. Hell I never thought that out of all people Vegeta was gonna be married with not one but TWO children on a mud ball of a planet that he now calls home. In my wildest dreams I never thought I see that coming. With Bulma of all people. Hell maybe it’s a mystery to them like it is to me but yet I’m in love with it. I don’t know how I got on this ship but dammit I’m gonna sail with it to the ends of the earth!!! ^^/