vegeta and bulma favorite moments

This is a scene from Battle of Gods (the movie) which has sort of been known for all its Bulma/Vegeta glory because of the frequent interactions between the two, but in all honesty–this is my favorite moment between them. Here, Vegeta is softly warning Bulma about Lord Beerus/Bills because he’s the God of Destruction, someone they shouldn’t mess with. However, Bulma is more annoyed/ticked off at the blatant disrespect of her home and family, and definitely more concerned about his well-being after his fight with Beerus.

It’s just a nice parallel to DBZ-days where he was sort of weirded-out with her taking care of him and would yell at her to leave him alone, but now he doesn’t mind that she’s supporting him up or even bothers to raise his voice. As subtle as this is compared to the other scenes, it just shows how far they’ve come and highlights the individual growths they’ve had because of their relationship. Vegeta, who was ruthless and haughty, shows concern for his family in a non-condescending way. Bulma, who was fickle and hot-headed, is fiercely loyal and displays the strong-will she’s always had without it being a joke. Despite both being known for their feistiness and short tempers, it’s in this moment we see that these two have matured and have actually nicely complimented each other even though in the beginning, they were meant to be this random pair that wasn’t supposed to make sense. Ironically, their unconventional relationship was what made and has been making them so relatable/likable.