Captain America Chavez and other thoughts on her

So Hawkeye 3 gave us the very first look inside America’s living space and gave us the first ever look at her future. It’s super exciting if it wasn’t so damn disappointing. This interpretation of the character is one I commonly see but feels like such a surface level reading of the character. We see an American flag in her room and we see her become Captain America Chavez. America Chavez’s name is America she isn’t American. She is another worldly princess who is hispanic. I don’t see this all american stuff, I don’t see her having an American flag in her room, hell I don’t even see Sam Wilson doing that and he’s freaking Captain America. That’s like the most option A character reading I’ve ever seen.

Also while Miss America existed as a comic many, many years ago she isn’t a legacy character because Miss America wasn’t even a canon Marvel hero really. Also America Chavez just took the name because her name is America. She isn’t trying to one day become Captain America and for a woman who has always been about embracing yourself she doesn’t seem to be about legacies. She is America Chavez she isn’t into the roles. Then let’s get into her being inside of shield, like I don’t see her settling down to an agent. America is in the Ultimates as a person who makes sure the Ultimates don’t screw up the multiverse.   America isn’t there to take orders and she was with the Young Avengers because the situation called for them to get together (and then they became friends). America works with teams but only for important reasons. She is royalty if she was going to take a legacy it should be her mother’s.  

Then Marvel has a real issue with America Chavez in the sense she only exists in one reality. Showing a future here is totally contradicting her powers. The reality of the future that totally won’t exist they show means that America shouldn’t be there, conflict, universe ends done. That is a storytelling issue because obviously America’s existence very much affects the whole universe so any future they show has to include America’s contribution because otherwise so much changes. It’s a struggle for sure but it means if you want her in your future you should really make it worth our time. A lot of people like it so I don’t want to take it from them but you know.

While i’m at it i’ll mention so far I don’t care for Lisa America’s new girlfriend in the Ultimates. I’m super glad they showed her having a girlfriend but she looked like such a generic comic book girlfriend. She really needs to date another super because civilians and supers dating doesn’t tend to work out. They become death bait and stuff. I am still on team Amerikate, it should happen, after what Marvel did they owe us AmeriKate. That said I will take just about any super hero. Give us Caroline Dean, if you aren’t going to use the runaways might as well give America a Space Princess girlfriend. Give her Xavin, give her someone who is like “Oh yah, this character is bi, deal with it.”  Let’s do it, let’s get gay.

These little things are exactly why I think America Chavez needs her own series. America really needs things laid out about her and really it should be by a writer from a similar background as America establishing it. She has so much amazing potential but I don’t want some random writers who aren’t even attempting to understand the character to establish stuff about her. I mean where does America see her place in the world, how are her relationships, how does she see herself in the multiverse, there is so much to dive into in her past. I don’t want her to just be the gay best friend who helps the heteros through man trouble. We’re seeing America stretched to her limits in the Ultimates and I love that but I want to see more of her in her own series. I want her perceptive and Marvel fans deserves to have a lesbian POV character, they never really have. America is so cosplayed, so popular, so amazing let’s not give her option A writing and let’s see her get expanded in great ways.