What Happens in Vegas (An Everlark Story!)

Title: What Happens in Vegas

Rating: T (For this chapter)

Characters/Pairings: Katniss, Peeta, Madge, Johanna, Gale, Katniss/Peeta, Gale/Madge, Finnick/Annie

Triggers/warnings: None really. Some swearing and drinking.

Summary: Katniss Everdeen is away on a Bachelorette weekend away in Vegas, when she wakes up naked in an unfamiliar room, with a familiar person, and a wedding ring on her finger. But she has no memory of what happened the night before. Neither does her old classmate Peeta Mellark, who she hasn’t seen since they were children, and is now a famous chef working in LA. As they try to recollect what happened and work out what to do, the press find out about their Las Vegas wedding, and afraid of the reaction of a quickie marriage and divorce, they decide to stay married. And so begins a journey for Katniss and Peeta as they try to navigate a fake marriage, family drama, developing feelings, a surprise pregnancy, and an old flame who is determined to keep them apart. Will they manage to overcome all the complications in their relationship? Or will it be too much for them?  

A/Ns: This was written to raise money for the @mores2sl challenge over on Tumblr. I would like to thank @mores2sl for hosting this challenge and to people who donated to this wonderful cause.I would also like to thank the people at @everlarkianarchivechat on Tumblr for their ongoing support with giving me feedback on this story. Lastly, I would like to extend a huge thank you to @katnissdoesnotfollowback on Tumblr for beta reading this story for me.

You can read it AO3 or FF.Net.  

Night Shift

I was liking the mention in TLD that Molly was coming over later to keep an eye on Sherlock at Baker St. so I thought I’d write a little something. This is sprinkled with angst, but it’s got some nice fluff too. And I also feel like it fits a prompt that @vegasring gave me a little while back. Enjoy! ;) (oh and this is almost 3k words. Will definitely be putting it on AO3 soon, but I kinda couldn’t wait to share it. Thank goodness for the read more option lol!)

“You want tea?” Molly asked as Sherlock tossed his scarf and coat onto the couch.

“Thank you, yes,” Sherlock agreed, taking a seat in front of his laptop.

Molly puttered around the kitchen for a few minutes, slowly setting up to make the tea. While doing so she glanced at the time. It was almost half past eight now. She hadn’t minded taking a long shift overnight. Especially since it was either that or stay with Rosie overnight. At this point it was a toss up which would lose her more sleep. Sherlock was a restless recovering addict but poor Rosie was an unsettled infant, missing something she could not fully express or even comprehend. At least here at Baker St, she didn’t have to hold back tears every time the baby woke up and Molly was met with a face which was only minimally comforted by her appearance. She could always see a tiny hint of panic in Rosie’s eyes, wondering where that other face was…her favorite face. Molly knew that it would take some time before she’d simply stop looking for it.

She walked over with the tea just as Sherlock was shutting his laptop.

“Nothing good?”

“Doesn’t London understand that I need to be kept busy at the moment?” he complained.

“Well that’s what we’re all doing here,” Molly responded cheerily as she settled into John’s chair with her tea. “We’ll keep you busy.”

“Drinking tea?” He rolled his eyes while taking a sip.

Molly shrugged. “Or whatever else you’d like to do. I’ll do anything.”

Sherlock looked over and raised a brow, prompting Molly to give him a warning glance.

“Obviously not anything. But you know what I mean.”

“You should have brought body parts,” he said with a sigh, setting his tea cup down.

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Castle Ficlet: Waking Up in Vegas 1/1

Waking Up in Vegas

Rated T

A Caskett AU

Prompt: anonymous asked:AU. How am I supposed to tell my mom that, in the high school’s graduation trip to LV, I came back married with her favorite author? (via @castlefanficprompts​)

For @i-prefer-west-side, who said she needed a pick me up this evening.

“Just breathe, Kate.”

“Oh, that is easy for you to say,” she snaps at the man at her side, regretting it the moment his grin widens. Apparently he enjoys her ire. Of course he enjoys her frustration; he probably thrives on this shit. For all she knows, this is just another Saturday night for him. After all, he is New York’s new hot shot bad boy author; she’s seen him in the papers enough to know he is no choir boy.

Oh god, the papers. This is going to end up in the papers. This can’t end up in the papers yet, not before –

Covering her face, Kate groans into her palms. “I’m dead. I’m so dead.”

Her companion draws her hands from her face, shaking his head as soon as she can see him.

“Listen, listen, it’ll be fine.”

Fine?” she repeats, incredulous. “Do you remember the part where we –”

“Oh, I remember that very well.”

Grunting in annoyance, she tries to yank her hands out of his, only to have him hold fast. “Not that part, pervert. The part where – in a fit of complete insanity – we got married.”

He grins, his face lighting up at the reminder. “Don’t forget a lot of alcohol, too,” he drawls, lackadaisical in spite of his obvious excitement.

“Rick, will you just be serious?” she huffs.

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