vegascon 2013

So I was going to get Jensen and Ty to sign this too but Misha got his hands on it first. He looked at it then at me and dead serious he goes “that Benny was such a fucking cock block” then he drew Dean’s dick, paused and says “why the fuck did I make his so big?” and proceeded to make his huge haha. I just laughed and shook my head and he smirked and winked at me. The little shit.
The auto says “Amanda, nice piece” I’m assuming he meant his own? Haha

Dean, you know, he’s never had a home, it’s been the backseat of a car or a motel room, and all the weapons are on the wall, the memory foam, and he can actually take the picture out of his wallet. It was a poignant moment for the character to have a sense of belonging somewhere, being able to put his stuff down and not have to leave. Of course he’ll always be travelling, but it brings a whole new element to the show, to have a home base like that. Potentially. When I first read about it I said this is a game changer. This could really open up these guys to a whole new way of dealing with things. I think it’s cool.
—  Jensen Ackles (x)