Falling In Reverse - Epilogue

A/N: alright so if you can then whilst you’re reading this chapter I want you to play Take Me As I Am by Au Revoir Simone cos it kinda inspired the ending somehow. Like if this were a scene in a show or movie, that would be accompanying it.

Spencer hadn’t been in this area of town for nearly two years. Twenty two months to be exact. Not that he’d had much reason to visit this area before he’d met her anyway but after she’d disappeared from his life, he didn’t want to go anywhere that reminded him. Reminded him of everything he’d had but had lost.

He’d signed the divorce papers, he didn’t feel he had much choice. And then he’d wallowed and grieved for a few months before deciding that he needed to pick himself back up and get on with his life. He was no longer a husband and no longer a father. After advice from Rossi he booked into see a counsellor. He had a lot of  angry feelings that he hadn’t known what to do with. The counsellor had helped him realise that none of this was his fault, nor was it Y/N’s. The counsellor had voiced thoughts that Spencer had pushed to the back of his mind because he’d been angry with her for shutting him out, that losing her child had put her into a depression which had controlled her actions. It had been a major shock to both of their systems, hers even more so as her body had been so prepared for motherhood, a motherhood that had been cruelly taken away. All of those hormones running through her body, and really now that Spencer could think about this logically, he could understand how her mind had been so clouded.

He hadn’t seen her since that day in Vegas. Hadn’t heard from her at all in fact. Her father had contacted him to make arrangements to pick her things up from the house, him apologising to Spencer profusely for the way things had ended. Her father had seemed to understand some of Spencer’s pain, clasping him on the shoulder as he’d left.

He was in a much better place now though, he’d even allowed himself to be set up on a blind date the other week by Derek. It hadn’t been the most successful of outings but he was getting out there again, something he hadn’t seen himself doing for a long time.

Spencer turned down the street where the bookshop where Y/N used to work was. He knew the owner had passed away a few months ago, it had made the local headlines as she been a much loved member of the community. He spied the storefront, wondering what would happen to it now and noticed that the sign had been replaced already.

“Charley’s Chapters”


He crossed the road seeing the closer he got that the store seemed to be undergoing some kind of renovation. The bookcases were all pushed to one side and covered up, and there was various pots of paint scattered around the place. Standing closer to the windows still, he was suprised when the door that led to back room opened and out walked Y/N.

She stopped, seeing him standing outside the shop almost immediately. Spencer watched the emotions on her face change from suprised to scared, then to something he couldn’t read. She crossed the room and unlocked the door, opening it up to him.

Hesitating only slightly he stepped inside.

“Hi,” she said quietly, brushing a strand of hair back behind her ear. Her cheek had a smudge of pale blue paint on it and he wondered if she even knew it was there.


“Well this isn’t awkward at all,” she grimaced momentarily, her eyes flickering around the room before meeting his.

“No, of course not,” he raised his eyebrows and then studied her. She looked good. Still perfectly beautiful in his eyes, although she looked a lot more together than the last time he’d seen her. The light was back in her eyes again.

“So, Charley’s Chapters?”

She nodded. “Sal left the store to me. She didn’t have any children. I deliberated for weeks over whether to come back and then one morning I just woke up and realised I was ready. Vegas wasn’t my home, here is.”

Reid nodded not quite knowing what to say right now. It turned out, he didn’t have to.

“Spencer I’m sorry. For the way I treated you, for the way I ended things.”

“Y/N, you don’t need to…. ”

She interupted him, “Yes, I do. I was horrific to you. You were hurting too and I just… I just shut down. All I remember thinking is that we were only together for the baby and because that wasn’t there anymore, that we weren’t either. These voices in my head kept telling me you hated me for losing him and just wanted us to have another baby straight away. I couldn’t handle anything.. ”

“Please, you don’t need to explain this to me,” Spencer reached out his hand to touch her arm, then dropped it rapidly. She looked disappointed somehow.

“I do. I wanted to write to you, I wanted to call you, to tell you how sorry I am. I threw away everything we had. I was going to try to make contact once I’d been back here a few weeks, once I was settled. I kinda had it all planned out, a big apology but now…. I just…. ”

She swiped at her face, the paint smudge smudging even more when a tear wetted it. She took a deep breath, biting her lip before the words she’d wanted to say for months fell out. The words her therapist that had gotten her through these past two years had told her she should send to him in a letter if she really meant them, that maybe there was still a chance.

“Spencer, I miss you.”

He was taken aback, shocked by the emotions in her voice and her words.

Still, he found himself immediately replying.

“I miss you too.”

The air seemed to grow lighter and both Spencer and Y/N felt something spark inside of them. Just something small, possibility maybe. Hope?

They’d done everything backwards when they first met but here they were, two people standing in front of each other, all of the heartache they’d endured both between them and separately no longer hanging over them like a storm cloud. Instead they had the knowledge of what had happened between them, and how they’d both dealt with it and moved on. And they also had the knowledge that they both missed each other.

Perhaps…. Perhaps if they did things differently this time?

“Spencer, erm…. I was going to go and get some lunch. Would you maybe wanna join me?” her words shook, nerves coating them. This wasn’t the cocky, confident girl from the plane.

Spencer opened his mouth and closed it again, a million and one reasons to say no to her rushing through his brain. And then suddenly, just the one reason to say yes to her. He wanted to. And that was enough.

“Sure. Just…. One thing?”

She nodded and he reached into his messenger bag and pulled out a clean handkerchief, reaching out and wiping at the paint smudge on her cheek, cupping her chin with his other hand. It came away easily now that her brief tears had wetted it.

She smiled at him, realising what he had done and he smiled back. As he pulled his hand away they both felt a burning warmth where the contact had been made.

“Better?” she asked him.

“Better,” he agreed.


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[This fic was requested anonymously, enjoy! Warning: Contains mild smut]

           "I said I’d be there didn’t I?“ I asked, mildly struggling as I held my phone to my ear with my shoulder and lifted my suitcase into the trunk of my car.
           "Don’t use that tone with me, I’m not there to punish you for it,” Jared chided and I rolled my eyes tossing my backpack into the trunk as well.
           "Well you act as if I am days away, I’ll be there in four to five hours depending on how traffic treats me,“
           I got in the car and put on my seatbelt, taking a mini break from the hustle and bustle of travel.
           "Is it my fault if I missed you?”
           He said it light heartedly but a pain clawed my chest and I closed my eyes. I wanted to be there already, I wanted to be with him already, I wanted to hold him. We talked on the phone all the time but it wasn’t the same, god it was insane to think he could possibly miss me as much as I had missed him. I just wanted to tell him everything right then and there but we’d have time for that later.
           "I missed you too, I…“ I took a minute to compose my voice.
           "Hey,” he said softly.
           "What?“ I murmured.
           "Just get here already-”
           "AND BRING BACK MY SHIRT, I KNOW YOU TOOK IT WITH YOU!“ I heard Shan faintly yell which brought my spirits back up.
           I laughed lightly and so did Jared, “I’ll meet you at the restaurant, I love you,”
           "I love you too, drive safe,“ he said.
           I tucked my phone into my bag and typed the address into my GPS before I set off for Vegas.


           I had gotten ready at the hotel and I was all but shaking with the anticipation of it all. The place was absolutely jammed, but when I managed to squeeze through to Fiamma Trattoria the crowds were less immense. Moving over to the hostess she looked up at me with a small smile.
           "Can I help you?”
           "Yes, I’m with Thirty Seconds to Mars,“
           She looked a little skeptical for a moment and I quickly reached into my clutch to pull out the I.D Jared had sent me.
           "Ahh, yes, right thi-”
           "Would you mind just telling me where they’re seated? I kinda wanna make my own way there if that’s okay,“
           "Of course, they are just in the back corner booth to your right,” she said kindly and not in a forced way.
           I thanked her, moving in the direction she said. I saw him before he saw me and for a moment I just stood a little bit away and watched him with a small smile. He looked like Jesus with his long locks and the golden backsplash behind him. He looked good in his black suit jacket with embroidered sleeves, they all looked really good, and they all looked like home.
           Shan noticed me first and he must have nudged Jared under the table because he turned his head and found me. A slow grin spread across my face and he stood up from the table as I closed the distance between us and almost tackled him back into the booth.
           There are little things the body craves that you don’t realize until that craving is satisfied. Like I hadn’t realized my body had craved the strength of his hug until he had me in a bone-crushing vice, I hadn’t realized I had been craving his cologne until it wrapped around me like a blanket, I hadn’t realized I had missed his lips so much until the covered mine. Every cell in me had craved him and now he was here.
           "Jesus guys, save it for later,“ Shan teased, and we reluctantly broke apart.
           "Hey Shan,” he enveloped me in a tight bear hug and gave me a kiss on the cheek.
           "How ya been Y/N?“ Tomo asked giving me a hug as well before we all sat down.
           How exactly had I been? That was a tough question, so I answered instead with how I was now as opposed to how I had been.
           "I’ve been good, I missed my idiots,”
           Jared’s hand grasped mine under the table and I turned my head to look at him. He didn’t say anything, he just looked at me in a way that only he could. Giving his hand a tight squeeze I reached up with my free hand to take off his sunglasses and tuck them into his coat pocket.
           "That better?“ He asked.
           "Worse, actually,”
           The guys laughed and I rested my head on Jared’s shoulder.


           I gasped as Jared yanked me into one of the empty dressing rooms and he locked the door behind us. For a second I stupidly stared wondering what his deal was before the light went on in my head and warmth pooled into my belly.
           "They’ll be wanting you soon,“ I whispered.
           "Well I want you, now,” he growled.
           He moved to me as I moved to him and we collided in a feverish display of unbridled desire. His hands were everywhere, his tongue moved against mine in a way that made my knees weak and my pussy wet. With an expert speed I unbuckled his pants and reached into them to curl my hand around his shaft.
           A small groan escaped him and I smirked nipping his lower lip as I stroked him.
           "I missed you, baby,“ I whispered.
           He backed me into the dressing table and I hopped up onto it, his mouth burning a trail down my neck as his hand moved between my legs. My breathing hitched but I ensured never to take my eyes from his.
           "You’re so wet for me,” he whispered, and I wrapped a leg around his waist to move him closer.
           "We don’t have much- oOh,“ I gasped, gripping the lapels of his coat and resting my cheek against his as his middle and ring finger moved inside of me while his thumb rubbed my clit.
           "Make that sound again, I missed that sound,” he purred, his teeth sinking into my shoulder.
           "Please fuck me, I need you to fuck me,“
           He was more than willing to oblige and he was quick to pull a condom from my bag and slide it on. And in one lithe movement he yanked my undies to the side and shoved his cock inside of me. I tried so hard not to leave any mark on him that the camera’s might pick up, I tried so hard not to make a noise in case we might be found out, all I could do was bite my lower lip and move my hips to his as he rammed into me fast and hard. I had been away from him for three months so it didn’t take me long to cum and when I did he quickly covered my mouth and laughed lightly in my ear.
           "Mmm, I like it when you scream for me Y/N, but you have to be quiet now,” he said huskily.
           "Jared to stage in fifteen minutes, Jared to stage in fifteen,“ a voice said over the walkey I had been given.
           I clutched onto him as he pounded into me harder and after a few more minutes he came. We stayed that way for a couple of seconds, panting, holding each other, our bodies still joined. He tenderly moved, tucking a lock of hair behind my ear and his lips brushed against mine gently.
           "When are you leaving me again?” He whispered, and I stroked his hair for a while before we finally parted and began to clean ourselves up.
           "I umm,“ not before a gig, I really shouldn’t.
           "I… I’ll actually be leaving when we hit Toronto… and I won’t be able to rejoin you guys until Tulsa,” I said quietly.
           He was silent for too long of a time.
           "December? You’re going to leave until December?“ He asked.
           "I have to, as shitty as it is this is how it has to be right now. I could have a real shot here to make this business great and in a year or two-”
           "A year? Two,“ he said flatly.
           I turned to look at him, "I don’t want to leave you, but travelling is necessary right now and when everything is more stable-”
           "Y/N what are you saying here?“
           I looked at him in mild confusion, "I’m saying that how things are now is how it’s going to be for a while-”
           "I don’t want you to go, these past few months I’ve barely seen you-“
           "When you go on tour or to a movie set it is the same thing!”
           "No it isn’t!“
           I sighed, "That’s because I was your assistant, I went with you everywhere, you paid for everything, but now I have a chance to be successful too. I have a chance to do something good, you’re the one always telling me to chase my dreams and provehito in altum. So what if we’re apart for a-”
           "Is it wrong that I want to be with you?“ He demanded.
           "No! That’s not what I’m saying-”
           "If we barely see each other I don’t even get why we’re together,“
           I flinched, physically recoiling from him. I could tell by the way he stepped forward and his eyes softened that he didn’t mean it, not completely anyway.
           "What are you saying here, Jared?”
           "Jared Leto to stage, Jared Leto to stage,“ the irritating voice crackled out.
           Biting my lower lip I looked down at my feet.
           "Y/N I… look I… I gotta go,” he whispered, wanting to say more but he reluctantly left.
           "I do too,“ I croaked, remaining in the empty room for a little while longer.


           I watched him on the widescreen backstage, wiping a few stray tears from my cheeks. I loved him so much, I loved him more than I could ever love anything, but if this is where he wanted to end it then I would be okay with that. I would be okay with the precious few years we had together even when we weren’t a couple, I’d be okay with the memories, I’d be okay knowing that for one incandescent second I had the heart of an ethereal being. Just knowing him would be enough.
           Deciding to go back to the hotel to grab my things and drive back to LA I turned away from the T.V.
           "I’m sorry, I’m going to do one song that is completely different tonight,”
           I whirled back around to the T.V. Is he insane? He’s being broadcasted live; he can’t just deviate from the set like he’s playing a regular gig or something.
           "Now, this song is for someone very important to me. She, almost transcends a description to be quite honest. She told me something though and I didn’t really want to listen, I still don’t, but I want to support her. This song is my way of telling her to provehito in altum, do what you gotta do, but come back to me… because you’re home and I’ll be waiting.“
           My hands had moved to cover my mouth as the tears came at a much faster pace. I could scarcely breathe as the music began to play.
[Come Home- One Republic *Note: I listened to it and imagined Jared singing it and thought he would do a fire fuckin’ cover. Hopefully you agree*]
           "Hello world
           Hope you’re listening
           Forgive me if I’m young
           For speaking out of turn
           There’s someone I’ve been missing
           I think that they could be
           The better half of me”

           I was shaking, a strangled sound between a sob and a noise leaning towards happiness escaped me. Clutching my chest I slowly moved up the stairs to the side of the stage where I could see him standing.
           “They’re in the in the wrong place trying to make it right
           But I’m tired of justifying
           So I say to you

           Come home
           Come home
           'Cause I’ve been waiting for you
           For so long
           For so long
           And right now there’s a war between the vanities
           But all I see is you and me
           The fight for you is all I’ve ever known
           So come home

           I don’t know where the camera was but suddenly my blotchy and tear streaked face was on the large screens behind him but I didn’t care. I couldn’t stop looking at him.

           “I get lost in the beauty
           Of everything I see
           The world ain’t as half as bad
           As they paint it to be
           If all the sons
           If all the daughters
           Stopped to take it in
           Well hopefully the hate subsides and the love can begin
           It might start now yeah
           Well maybe I’m just dreaming out loud
           Until then

           Come home


           I waited in the same room he had left me in until his set was over. When he walked in I didn’t give him time to say anything before my lips were against his and my arms were around his neck.
           "I love you, I love you,“ I whispered between kisses.
           He lifted me into his arms in a tight and bone crushing hug, "Just come back to me, I’m with you Y/N until the end, just come back,”
           "I will,“ I rested my forehead against his and closed my eyes.
           "I love you, Y/N, you pain in the ass,”
           I smiled, dusting his face in feather light kisses before looking into his beautiful blue eyes.
           "We’ll make this work, I want this to work because I want you,“ I hugged him tightly.
           "You have me, Y/N, you’ve had me for years,”
           I closed my eyes, feeling him kiss my hair and hug me tighter. I never wanted him to let me go.

What’s up Vegas 👋🏼 Getting ready for tonight like….. ( pic by my buddy #ryanastamendiphotography / glam by #evilyn_mua / hair by #beautybysarah / #4janine on the reflector 👌🏽 )

CEO!Luke Part 10

Warning: Smut

Luke’s POV:

Soft whimpers next to me wake me up. I flutter my eyes open and see Y/N slightly sweating and whimpering. I think my baby girl is having a wet dream. I smirk to myself as I know how to fix this little situation. I unwrap my arms from her warm naked waist and gently lift the sheets off of her. Last night’s events wash over my mind as I remember how good I made love to her last night. Every thrust, every kiss, every moan was perfect in such a beautiful way. I make my day down to the spot I love pleasuring the most. I spread her legs gently trying to not wake Y/N up. I kiss up her both of her thighs before diving in for my breakfast.

Y/N’s POV:

I feel heat and some sweat forming on my face and lower back as I can’t stand still in the sheets. My mind is dreaming of the lovely man next to me. My breath hitches as I feel a wet tongue flick my clit once then doing it again once more. I moan as my dream is getting steamy. My body is pressed down against my bed making me unable to move. Luke’s tongue pleasures me even more as his strong arms prevent me from closing my legs. “Ugh Luke” I moan slightly waking up. No no no no no please don’t wake up. My eyes open as I see that my dream is a reality. I see Luke in between my thighs going at it as I throw my head back in pleasure. I grip the bars on my bed frame to stabilize myself from pouncing on him. Luke’s tongue dives deeper into my entrance as he keep working. I feel my release coming faster and faster. “Luke please I’m gonna cum” I cry out as he grips my thighs harder. He growls and moans into my entrance bringing me closer to my orgasm. “Ugh yes yes right there” I yell arching my back as Luke sucks hard on my clit. Luke doesn’t say anything as he enters a finger into my entrance and pumps it fast. “Yes!” I scream not caring about my neighbors. “Luke I’m coming!” I cry out gripping the bars on my bed board tightly arching my back all the way. A few seconds later Luke’s head pops up and he has on his casual smirk. He looks me straight in the eye and sucks my juices off his finger. “So what were dreaming about baby” Luke asks crawling over me. “You” I blush taking his face into my hands. Luke ghosts his lips over mine. “Oh yeah? Was it a good dream?” he asks kissing down my neck. “Very but not as good as real life” I say closing my eyes giving him access to my neck. He leaves open mouth kisses down my neck and up again biting my ear. “I would recreate your dream baby but I don’t think we would wanna miss our flight to Vegas” he says kissing my forehead. I shoot up. “Oh shit that’s today?” I ask. “Yes” Luke chuckles. “Shit I need to pack! I have so much stuff to do!” I say panicking. “No you don’t” Luke says calmly getting up and pouring himself a cup of coffee. “What why?” I ask. “Clara already packed your suitcase for you when she snuck in yesterday” he says. “How do you know about that?” I ask getting out of bed. “She told me” he says plainly. “People honestly need to stop doing things behind my back! It’s stupid and I hate not knowing things! Especially you two, you guys are the worst when keeping secrets from me! I mean what’s the point!? Why the fuck am I always the victim!?” I scream as tears swell down my face. “Hey hey hey baby sh calm down” Luke rushes over to me taking my face in his. “I’m sorry for not letting you know about a lot. Now that I think of it, it was so rude of me and I’m so sorry angel” he says peppering my face in kisses. “Please just let me know things and be honest with me. That’s all I ask” I say taking a deep breath. “No more secrets” he says looking in my eyes then placing a sweet kiss to my lips.

My body relaxes as his kiss calms me down. “Are you all packed as well?” I ask sweetly laying my head on his chest. “Yes and I packed myself yesterday after my meeting” he says proud of himself. “Good boy” I say patting his chest before sipping his coffee. “I am a good boy you know?” he grins sitting on my counter. “Whatever you say” I laugh. “When’s our flight?” I ask. “Around 2:30” he says. “Then why am I up at 7 in the morning!?” I shout at him. “Baby you were having a wet dream!” he says putting his hands up. “So who cares!? I wanted it to continue!” I laugh heading to the bathroom. “Aw I’m sorry love let me make it up to you” he says following me. “Do my dishes” I snort entering the bathroom. “Fine I will if you let me shower with you. It saves water!” he says. “Ugh fine” I say accepting his offer. I turn on the shower dipping my hand in to make sure the temperature is just right. “Come on” I smile grabbing his hand. We both step in the shower letting the warm water flow down our bodies. Luke grabs my waist and kisses me. “I forgot to say good morning” he chuckles. “Aw morning babe” I say against his lips. “You called me babe” Luke smiles. “Well yeah I mean you are my boyfriend now” I smile wetting my hair under the water. “That’s right love” he grins rubbing some shampoo in his hair. “I’m so happy you’re my girl now” he kisses me again. “And I’m happy to be your girl” I blush as we switch places. “You ready for Vegas?” Luke asks washing out the shampoo in his hair. “I am! It’s gonna be fun” I smile excitedly. “Me too especially since it’s our first trip together as a couple” he says sweetly. “Aw I know I’m excited to spend some time with you somewhere else besides here” I say. “I know the city can get a bit much but we are going to Vegas for a week it’s gonna be much more hectic” he chuckles. “Ugh I know but we will have fun. It’s a good celebration place for Clara and Michael” I say.

After we finish up our shower, we dry each other exchanging a few kisses here and there. We both get dressed for the plane ride which will be a few hours so I plan on sleeping on the way. Luke makes us some eggs and bacon while I collect all the toiletries I need for the trip. Makeup, check. Toothbrush and toothpaste, check. Hairbrush, check. Hairdryer, I assume the hotel will have one. Mouthwash, check. Advil and Ibuprofen, check. I pack some tampons and pads just in case because you never know. I open my cabinet under the sink to find a box of condoms. I take them out and head to the kitchen. “Luke are you bringing condoms?” I try to ask without blushing or laughing. He looks over at me like I’m a cute little schoolgirl. “I wouldn’t bring those darling” he says. “Why you don’t wanna have sex with me?” I ask frowning. “Of course I do baby it’s just we’re going to Vegas” he says flipping some bacon. “Oh true” I say realizing. “Okay then” I say walking back to the bathroom. I chuck the box back into the cabinet and shut it. I recheck everything I packed to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. I zip up my little bag and head out to find my suitcase. “Luke which one is mine?” I ask looking at the two black suitcases. “Uh the one on the couch I think” he says. I pick up the suitcase from the couch and toss it on my bed. “Breakfast is ready baby” Luke says. “Okay thank you I’ll be over in a second” I say unzipping the bag. I wonder what Clara packed me. I open it up to find a pink sticky note with Clara’s hand writing on it. This bad boy will come in handy tonight ;). I take off the note to find a high neck sleeveless little black dress. Holy shit I think to myself. I was about to hold it up to get a better view but I immediately pulled it back down because I don’t want Luke to see it. I smirk to myself knowing that Luke’s reaction will be wild when he see’s me in this. I neatly fold it and tuck it nicely back into my bag. I get off my bed and grab my shopping bag with all the new lingerie Luke had bought me and secretly pack them as well.

Looking through all the other clothes Clara packed me, I noticed that she packed me a vibrator. Oh my god I’m going to kill her. I snort loudly making Luke notice. “What’s funny?” he asks eating his eggs. “Clara packed me a vibrator!” I laugh loudly falling back on bed. “You won’t be needing that” Luke says sternly at me. “Aw baby I know” I say making my way over to him. “You are all I need don’t worry” I giggle kissing his cheek. I take a piece of bacon from his plate and bite into it also shooting him a wink. Luke chuckles and shakes his head at me. I look over at the clock that read 11:30. “When should we head out?” I ask Luke. “I would say in like an hour” he says. “Okay sounds good” I say heading over to make my bed. My phone begins to ring and Clara’s name pops on my screen. I swipe right to answer. “Thanks for packing my suitcase” I laugh. “Aw you’re so welcome! Did you see my little note?” she asks. “Yes it was very nice of you” I say. “Your gonna look so hot. I bought a matching dress as well to go with yours” she giggles. “You bought the same thing?” I laugh. “No just another black dress” she says. “Oh okay” I say. “So how did last night go?” Clara asks referring to Luke and I’s conversation. “It was good. I get to call him my boyfriend now” I giggle looking over at Luke. “What!? Really!? Aw yay! I told you, you two were cute” she laughs. “I guess we are” I laugh along with her. “But this trip is about you and Michael remember?” I ask. “I know I know but it also is a trip for all of us to enjoy you know?” she says. “Oh yes definitely I can’t wait” I say looking at myself in the mirror. “It’s gonna be amazing” Clara says. “Anyway you two leaving in about an hour?” she asks. “Yeah we will meet you guys there” I say. “Okay great I’ll let you know when we arrive cause Michael lives a little further away from the airport” she says. “Okay sounds good. See you then babe” I say. “Bye babe love you” Clara says hanging up.

This trip is going to be amazing I can just feel it. My best friend is getting married and I have a new boyfriend who brings me so much joy. I smile to myself walking out of the bathroom. “Ready to go princess?” Luke asks with his suitcase by the door. I don’t say anything. I just walk over to him and kiss him hard. Luke stumbles back a little but takes my waist in his hands. I moan into the kiss and pull away a few seconds after. “What was that for?” Luke smiles. “You just make me happy that’s all and I’m just super pumped to be going to Vegas for a whole week” I laugh. “Aw baby you make me happy too” Luke smiles bringing me in for one more kiss. I pull away and grab my suitcase as we both head out to Luke’s car. We put our luggage in the trunk and climb into the car. “Off to the airport we go!” Luke says putting his sunglasses on. I turn up the radio and we both jam out. The ride to the airport was about 25 minutes. I texted Clara saying that we were here and she responded that they were about 5 minutes away. We park and Luke gives his keys to a valet. Luke hands me my suitcase and takes his out as well. He takes my hand and we both walk into the airport lounge. I sit and wait while Luke gets our tickets. I see Clara and Michael walk in and I wave them down. “Hey guys!” I say. “Hey Y/N!” they both say giving me a hug. “Where’s Luke?” Michael asks me. “He’s getting our tickets at the moment” I respond. “Okay I’m gonna go get those okay babe?” Michael says to Clara. “Yeah I’ll be here” she smiles as he walks off. She smiles as we both sit down. “I’m so happy we’re going on this trip together” she says. “Me too! Thanks for inviting me!” I say. “No problem you were the only one who I wanted to bring anyway and I knew Mikey wanted to bring Luke because their best friends and somehow you guys are a couple now which makes everything even more exciting” she laughs. “Aha I know it’s insane” I say looking at Luke with Michael.

“We have to help each other look good tonight because it’s our first night out” Clara says. “Oh yes of course! You definitely have to help me get my dress on. That thing has so many straps on the back” I laugh. “I know but you will look amazing I promise” Clara says. “Alright you two, ready to get our party on?” Michael says. “Absolutely!” Clara says jumping up. I stand up and walk over to Luke. He takes me hand as we head over to security. They check our bags and we were all set to go. We wait a few minutes until we heard our flight being called. We all aboard the plane and find our seats. “Want the window baby?” Luke asks me. “Yes please” I giggle sitting down. Luke takes his spot next to me and gets comfortable as we wait for take off. The plane was about to speed down the runway as Luke takes my hand. “I hate this part” he says looking scared. “Aw Luke it takes a couple of seconds. It’s okay, I’m here” I say taking his hand and kissing it. “Just close your eyes and lay your head back. I’ll let you know when it’s over” I say comforting him. I look over to see Michael. “He has always been scared of this part” he says. I return back to Luke looking at his scared facial expressions. “Close your eyes” I say. Luke closes his eyes and leans his head back. The plane speeds up faster as it rushes down the runway. I lean my body onto his chest hoping it would make him feel better. As the plane calms down into the air, I lift up and kiss his cheek. “You’re all good now Luke, it’s over” I say whispering to him. He opens his eyes and takes a few deep breaths. “Thanks princess” he says taking a sip of water. I kiss his cheek once more as I look out the window admiring the fluffy white clouds. Luke and I order some snacks as our appetites grow. “Here you go” the flight attendant says to us handing us two bags of pretzels. “Thank you” Luke and I both say. I snack on on them while watching a random cooking show on the little TV. My body begins to tire out so I lean my head on Luke’s shoulder. I place my pretzels down and take a sip of my water before I decide to have myself a little nap. I cuddle into Luke’s shoulder and close my eyes drifting off.

“Baby” Luke whispers kissing my forehead a couple times. I flutter my eyes open. “Yeah?” I ask. “We are about to land sweetheart” he says. “Oh okay” I say lifting my head up and looking out the window to see all the pretty buildings Vegas has. We were instructed to put our seatbelts on for the landing. We do as they say as the pilot lands the plane. After that we all gather our things and head off. The flight attendants and the captains all thanking us for flying with them. “Hello Vegas!” Clara yells loudly. We all chuckle at her but adore her excitement. We head over to retrieve our luggage. It didn’t take as long as it usually does which was awesome. “I think a cab is already here to take us to the hotel guys” Michael says looking at his phone. “Sweet, let’s go” Luke smiles taking my hand. We all walk out to see our cab. “I’ll take this for you Miss” a kind gentleman says to me. “Thank you!” I say handing him my suitcase. We all climb into our cab. It’s not one of those gross yellow ones like New York has. This one was very nice. I lean against Luke closing my eyes again still tired from the flight. “Y/N!” Clara shouts. I whip my head up. “What!?” I say. “No time for sleep! It’s party time and it’s only day one!” she says. “I know I’m just gaining back my energy to let it all go later on tonight” I say as Luke takes me in his arms again. Clara chuckles. Driving for about 10 minutes more we finally arrive at our hotel. “We’re here!” Luke says. We all get out and get our luggage walking over to the front desk. “Good evening Mr and Mrs Clifford” the receptionist says to Clara and Michael. “And good evening Mr and Mrs Hemming’s” she smiles at Luke and I. I glance at Luke and he winks at me. “Welcome to Caesar’s Palace, how may I help you?” the lady says nicely.

“We would like to check into our suite please” Michael says to her. “Of course sir, the suite is all set for you. Here are your room keys. Enjoy!” she says. “Thank you very much!” Michael smiles back. “Here Luke” Michael says to him giving him a key. “Thanks man” he says. We all head towards the elevators and ride up to the our floor. “This place is really nice” Clara says. “Ugh I know” I say agreeing with her. As we reach our floor, the elevator makes a ding noise as the golden doors open. We all walk out and head down the hall to our room. Suite 101 is written on a small silver plaque next to two huge elegant doors. Michael swipes the key card and opens the door with both of his hands. My eyes widen with amazement. Michael was right. This place does have everything. “Look familiar Luke?” Michael laughs at Luke. “Haha yes it does” Luke says looking around. “Alright your guy’s bedroom is on the right and Clara and I’s is on the left” Michael says to us. “Let’s go check it out love” Luke says taking my hand. I smile as we both walk to our room. Luke opens our bedroom door and it’s just as amazing. “This is unbelievable” I laugh falling on the bed. Luke gets on the bed and starts jumping. “What are you doing?” I laugh at him. “Making sure it’s stable enough” he says. “For?” I ask. “For when I fuck you hard duh?” he chuckles.  “Oh god” I laugh blushing a little. He stops jumping and lands next to me and grabs my body. “Hello” he chuckles kissing my cheek. “Hi” I giggle as we begin to play wrestle. Luke ends up pinning my hands above my head. “How in the world did I end up on the bottom!?” I laugh. “I got skills baby” he chuckles kissing me. “Okay Christian Grey get off my best friend now, we have to get ready” Clara laughs. “ I am not Christian Grey, Michael is definitely him for sure” Luke responds getting off me. Clara sticks her tongue out grabbing my suitcase. “I’ll see you soon” I laugh kissing him. “Okay love” he says. “Boys do whatever guys do while Y/N and I get ready” Clara smiles. “Yes ma'am” both boys say giving off an army salute.

“Pull out the lingerie Luke bought you” Clara smiles. I pull them out and lay them on the bed. Clara’s eyes widen at the high waist one which didn’t have a matching top. “This will go perfect with your dress!” she smiles. “Because you only want skin showing since you have those straps” she adds. “Oh true” I say smirking. “Sweet what about you? Let me see your dress” I say smiling. “I will be wearing this baby” Clara says pulling out a gorgeous black dress. “Damn babe that screams you” I laugh. “I know right!” she giggles. “What about shoes?” she asks me. I smirk and pull out my favorite red heels. “You bitch!” she yells. I laugh falling on the bed. “What!? It matches!” I protest. “Those are gorgeous!” she says taking them in her hands. “Thank you” I respond. “How about you?” I ask. Clara pulls out sparkly dark green heels. “Dark green is your color Clara and the sparkles match your personality so you’re all good” I say. “Aw you’re the best. We are gonna be the hottest Charlie’s Angels ever tonight” she smirks. I laugh at her as she heads to the bathroom. “Wanna do hair and makeup first?” she asks. “Yes” I say. We both did our makeup and hair. Clara straightens her hair while I add some waves to mine. “Alright time to get dressed!” she smiles. I look at her noticing her not wearing any lipstick. “Wait” I stop her. I go through my makeup bag and pull out some light pink gloss for her to match her makeup. “Close your eyes” I smirk. She does and I apply the gloss on her lips. “Now rub” I say and she does. “Now open” I say. Clara looks in the mirror and frowns. “You are my best friend” she says hugging me. “Aw” I laugh. We both head out to get dressed now. I slip on the lingerie Clara demanded me to wear as well as my dress that fit like a glove. “Damn these straps do look good” I say looking myself in the mirror. “You look amazing Y/N” Clara complements me. “Aw thank you, now time for you!” I smile.

I help Clara put on her dress. “Fits like a glove as well” I say. “Do I look okay?” she asks. “Stunning” I smile. We slip on our heels and smile at each other before opening the door to see the boys. Michael and Luke are sitting on the couch all dressed up for the night. The clicks of our heels must of gotten their attention as both of their heads raise up from the TV. “Damn you two look amazing!” Michael says looking at us. “Aw thank you” I respond. I look over to Luke to see him smirking. “Why are you smirking?” I tease. “Because literally everything you wear makes me hard” he groans. “You look stunning though baby” he says kissing me. “Thank you” I giggle. “Ready to go party?” Clara asks us. “Let’s go!” I say taking her arm as we all walk out. We all gather into the elevator and I click on the ground floor button. “What club are we going to Mikey?” Clara asks him. “Hakkasan” Michael responds. “Oh god” Luke laughs. “What?” I ask him turning around. “Let’s just say things get wild there” Michael smirks. Clara and I both look at each other and make a funny face. The silver doors open as we all get out. The club was about a block down so it wasn’t that bad of a walk even though I almost broke an ankle from my heels. Loud music pounds from inside the club as my heart races excited to have a night out. We got in fairly quick and a waiter guided us to a booth. The club was filled with people dancing and singing along to the music. Once I get a few drinks in me, I will become one of them. A waiter comes over to us and we order a round of shots. I move closer to Luke as he puts his arm around me. The waiter comes back with a tray of tequila shots for us and places it on the table. We all pick one up and raise them in the air. “To Clara and Michael” I smile. “To Clara and Michael” we all repeated as we downed our first shot. We all order separate drinks all well. While we were waiting for them, we all discussed about how happy we are that we aren’t working. “Here you guys go” a waiter says placing all our drinks on the table and we thank him after. About a half an hour into our night out, Clara and I have had a few more drinks than the boys. We all were laughing and just enjoying each others company when Partition by Beyonce blasts through the speakers. “This is my jam!” Clara and I both shout simultaneously looking at each other. “No way let’s go dance!” she shouts at me taking my hand. I accept her hand as we head to the dance floor. We left our heels at the table because we don’t wanna break anything on our first day here. Clara and I mush ourselves in the crowd of people and begin to dance along with them. Alcohol rushes through our veins as we dance and lip sync the song. We laugh and giggle with one another enjoying our girl time.    

Luke’s POV:

Michael and I laugh at how excited the girls got when Beyonce came on. We watch as they went to go dance. “We will let them have some fun tonight” Michael says moving closer to me since the music is so loud. “Oh yeah they deserve it” I say agreeing with him. “You happy you and Y/N are official now?” he asks me. A smile comes across my face just hearing her name. “So happy man so happy” I smile sipping my drink. “Good for you man she’s lovely” Michael says. “I know” I smirk. We both look back to see that Clara and Y/N have vanished off into the crowd of people. “Should we be worried?” I ask Michael. “Nah I’m sure they’re fine” he responds. “Are the rooms soundproof again like last time?” I ask. “Oh yeah they are. I requested it” he grins. “Aha of course you did” I laugh. “Oh shut up, you would too!” he protests. “I would have your right” I laugh. We both sip our drinks and look at the dance floor still seeing no sign of the girls. “Holy shit” Michael says with wide eyes. “What is it? I ask. “Look!” he points laughing.

I look over to see Y/N and Clara on top of a table dancing and singing along as people crowd around them cheering them on. I burst out laughing as to how funny this is but in reality Y/N’s body moving to the music makes me gulp. Her perfect hips swaying back and forth as she gives high fives to those around her. Her hair being whipped back and forth making her look like a goddess. My goddess. “God I’m lucky” I laugh throwing my head back. “We both are” Michael laughs as we clink our drinks together.

Y/N’s POV:

After Clara and I’s little performance we head back to the booth. “Did you see us!?” Clara shouted at the boys. They both laugh and nod. “You guys know how to put on a show!” Luke says accepting me in his arms. I burst out laughing clearly drunk. “You looked so fucking good out there baby” Luke whispered in my ear biting it a little. I giggle at his small actions. “Thanks it was fun” I giggle. It was about midnight when we all decided to head back to the hotel. I carried my heels in my hands because my feet were killing me from dancing. Luke gave me a piggy back ride as we head back to the hotel. “Did you like my dancing Lukey?” I giggle into his ear. “Yes baby I loved it. You looked so sexy out there” Luke responds laughing. “Thank you. Wanna know what else you would love?” I giggle against his shoulder. “What would I love darling?” he asks. “What I’m wearing underneath this dress” I smirk giggling into his shoulder. Luke picks up his speed as we arrived back at the hotel. We all rush to the elevator and Michael presses for our floor button. The doors open as Luke takes my arm sliding his key card making the doors open. He immediately throws me over his shoulder and walks straight to our bedroom. “Have a good night guys! And use protection Mr Pussy Magnet!” Clara yells loudly giggling at her words clearly as drunk as me. Luke shuts our door. “Put me down! Put me down!” I yell hitting his back. He finally does as I gain my balance on the floor. “Take the dress off and get on your hands and knees now” Luke demands. “No!” I pout like a little girl crossing my arms and stomping my foot. “What did you just say to me?” Luke asks. “I said no!” I say to him, not afraid of his dominant side. “You want spankings then?” he asks. “Maybe later but right now no!” I pout. “Fine then what do you want?” Luke asks taking off his shirt. His bare chest making me gulp. My eyes darken and I smirk up at him. His face turns completely innocent. “I wanna climb you like a tree and ride the living the hell outta you” I burst out taking off my dress. “In fact, I’m going to do that” I smirk as my body is revealed to Luke. “Sweet mother of god” Luke says admiring my body and noticing my high waist black lingerie. “You like what you see Lukey?” I smirk walking towards him. “God yes baby you’re so sexy” he says sitting down on the edge of the bed. I straddle him as he cups my ass giving it a squeeze. He spanks me as I gasp. “Baby I don’t want any foreplay do you think you’re wet enough?” he asks. “I’ve been wet” I giggle as he growls and flips me over. “As much as I love seeing you wearing this, it has to go” Luke says taking off my lingerie. “Lukey I’m on top” I whine as I push him so now he’s on the bottom. I straddle him again and fumble with his belt. I eventually take it off and throw it away onto the floor. “Princess you feel how hard I am for you huh?” Luke asks. “Yes Daddy I do” I giggle unzipping his pants. Luke lifts up his hips so I can fully take them off. I slide his boxers and pants down his legs and take off his socks as well throwing those away as well.

Now that we are both naked I admire the man laying desperate for me. I giggle climbing back up to Luke. “Come to Daddy sweetheart” Luke smirks as he opens his arms out for me to take. I gently sit on his hard length and grind our bodies together. “Fuck baby” Luke groans from the instant pleasure. “You like that Lukey?” I giggle as I grind harder onto him. Luke growls as he now grabs my waist. “Hell yeah I do baby” he hisses guiding my hips back and forth. He throws his head back as do I. “Baby girl I can’t wait much longer. I need to be inside you now” Luke groans. I get up from his body and off the bed. I run over to the lights and slowly dim the lights creating a more sexy mood. I skip back to the bed and crawl over to Luke kissing him slowly. I take his cock and slowly enter him inside me making us both moan. “Shit you’re so tight Princess” Luke moans as I continue to kiss him. “Ugh Daddy this feels too good” I moan as I sit up. I start to bounce to get things started as Luke’s hands grab onto my hips to guide me. “Fuck yeah baby just like that. Ugh fuck you’re perfect” Luke moans as my hips bounce on his. We do this for awhile enjoying this position as I begin to get tired. “You getting tired baby?” Luke asks me. “Yes” I whine out. “Come here lay down on my chest” he says. I do as he says and he hooks his arms around me and bucks his hips up into me making me cry out. “Ugh fuck oh god” I cry out as Luke starts to pound me. The only sounds in the room are our skin slapping and our moans. “Shit baby you feel so good around me” Luke moans. We attach our lips as Luke spanks me a couple times. “Shit Luke I can’t hold it much longer” I whine into his chest. “Yes you can Princess, if I am, you can too” he hisses. “But don’t you wanna cum?” I cry out. “God yes I do but I love my view even more” he smirks. I sit up again and start to bounce on his length. His hands land back down on my hips balancing my body. I grab my breasts and tease my nipples gaining more pleasure. “That’s it baby tease yourself” Luke groans. “Daddy I can’t hold it I’m sorry this just feels way too good” I cry out. “Lay on your stomach for me now” Luke demands. I get on my stomach as Luke straddles me from behind. “Ass up a little” he says. I raise my ass so Luke can enter me. “Shit” Luke hisses as he enters me fast. I moan instantly almost cumming at the feeling. “Hold on baby” Luke warns me. I grip as much sheets as I can preparing for Luke’s next move. Luke places his arms on both sides of my body and starts to pound me from behind. “Ugh fuck” I cry out. “You like baby girl? You want more? Tell Daddy you want more” Luke asks. “Yes!” I say. Luke thrusts into me and pounds me repeatedly so fast I’m about to cry. The pleasure I feel in absolutely insane. I scream into the bed as Luke keeps going. “Shit I’m gonna come baby girl I hope you are too” Luke moans loudly. A few more thrusts and I’m screaming. “YES YES YES YES UGH FUCK!” I cry as tears run down my face from the immense pleasure. “FUCK BABY YES UGH FUCK FUCK FUCK!” Luke yells into my back as he cums inside me. “Holy shit!” Luke groans catching his breath as he pulls out. He kisses up my spine to check up on me. “Baby you okay? You’re crying” he says noticing my tears. “Did I hurt you?” he whispers. “No that was just really great” I smile into the sheets. “Aha it was wasn’t it?” he chuckles lifting me up into his arms.

“Ready for bed my love?” he whispers down at me. I nod letting out a yawn. “Me too baby me too” he says covering us with the sheets. We get comfortable in a spooning position as Luke wraps his arms around me bringing me as close as possible to him. “Goodnight beautiful” Luke whispers into my ear. “Night Daddy” I giggle closing my eyes and drifting off into a deep sleep.

Lost In The City

Calum Hood Imagine

Today was the day! You were finally going to see your boyfriend after months and months of missing him and you couldn’t be more excited. You and Calum had been dating for almost a year. In fact, next week was your one year anniversary, which was the reason you were flying out to go and see him. You had been saving for the trip for about a month and even though Calum had offered to pay for your plane ticket you wanted to pay for it yourself instead. You had been completely packed since last week, but had repacked at least four times since. But now, it was three hours until your flight took off. The U.S part of their tour began in Las Vegas so that’s where you had decided you would meet him. You would then stay with him and the boys on tour for another two weeks before you flew back home. Calum wanted you to stay through the entire rest of the tour but due to different credits you needed at school you unfortunately couldn’t afford to stay any longer than two weeks. But that wasn’t going to stop you from seeing him completely. You were tired of only being able to hear his voice through static filled phone calls and see his face through your laptop screen. You wanted to feel his arms around you and hear him whisper in your ear how much he loves you. You missed him so much it hurt and you were ready to have him back again even if it was only for a short while.

The sound of a shrill car horn brought you back from your thoughts. Excitedly, you slung your duffel bag over your shoulder and hurried out the door to the awaiting taxi. Two hours later, you were seated on the airplane that would take you to Las Vegas, headphones in and ready to sit through the long flight, having opted to wear a comfy tee shirt and leggings for the trip, wanting to avoid discomfort on the plane ride. The chime of the seat belt sign went off signaling that the plane was about to start moving so quickly before you would lose a signal you texted Calum to let him know you were taking off.

Hey babe, just taking off. Be there soon! :)x

Nestling further back in your seat, you closed your eyes and let the rhythm of the music in your headphones take you away.


You were jolted awake by the sound of the captain’s voice.

“Good afternoon everyone and thank you for flying with us. On behalf of all the crew here we hope you have a fantastic stay in Las Vegas.”

Once the plane came to a complete stop and the seatbelt light was off, you gathered your belongings and made your way off the plane. You took a breath of fresh air as you exited and followed the signs to pick up your bags. Switching your phone back on, you saw that you had a text from Calum.

Do you want me to pick you up?

Looking around you saw that a small group of girls had begun to notice your presence. Being the girlfriend of a band member had its perks, but you never really liked all the attention. You knew that the moment Calum arrived here it would be mayhem, so you decided you would call for a taxi instead of subjecting both him and you to mobbing. Dialing the number to the yellow cab service, you requested that someone be here to pick you up and he said he would be here in fifteen minutes. Heading out to grab your bag, you noticed a small pack of girls trailing after you, some with their phones out and obviously taking pictures. You were just about to call Calum when you felt someone tap your shoulder. Turning around, you saw a girl who looked to be about fifteen.

“You’re Y/N right?”
“Uh, yeah I am.” You smiled at the girl.
“Aren’t you Calum Hood’s girlfriend?”
“I guess you could say that, yeah.” You chuckled.
“Is he here?”
“No, he’s busy with all the tour and album stuff you know.”
“Is the album coming out soon?”
“I keep telling him to kick it in high gear, but it’s not my decision. I know it’s going to be good though.” You told her.
“I know it will be too” The girl beamed. “Can I, uh, maybe get a picture with you?”
“Sure thing!” The girl snapped pulled out her phone and you leaned in, smiling as she snapped a picture.
“Thank you so much! And uh, could you tell Calum I said hi and his music inspires me?” The girl looked down shyly.
“Of course I will! I know he loves hearing about how much people love his music.”
“Thank you!” You smiled at her before walking away and pulling your phone back out to call Calum. It rang four times before he answered, meaning he must be busy.
“Y/N! Have you landed?” He sounded excited, which made you even more happy to see him.

“Yep, just landed and I’m at the airport!”

“Oh my God I cannot wait to see you. Can I come pick you up?”

“It’s okay, I called for a taxi and they’re supposed to be here any minute.”

“Babe! Why’d you do that? I thought I would pick you up!” You could practically hear his frown.

“Because there are already a bunch of fans here and I know you don’t have the energy to fight through a crowd right now.”

“But I miss you.”

“And I’ll be there in like twenty minutes babe, don’t worry! I’m a big girl.”

“Alright but you better hurry. We’re almost finished recording for the day which means we’ll have the rest of the day to spend time with each other.”

“Ugh I can’t wait to see you! But I have to hang up now, I see my bags on the belt.”

“Okay, I love you and I’ll see you soon.”

“I love you too Cal.” You hung up, grabbed your bag, and found the taxi you had been looking for.

The driver looked to be about forty. His hair was slicked back and fit the Vegas cab driver pretty much to a tee. His nametag read ‘Bernie’ and he looked like driving a cab was the last thing he wanted to do. “Where you goin’ hon?” He asked in a gruff voice. Where were you going? You had completely forgotten to ask Calum which hotel he was staying at. You tried to remember the arena he was playing thinking that maybe the driver could take you there and Calum could pick you up but you blanked on the name.

“Uh, what’s the name of the arena here.”
“There are a lot of arenas here sweetheart, this is Vegas not Kansas.” Bernie spoke in an irritated tone.
“Um, what about a recording studio.” You spoke shakily.
“Well which one?” He rolled his eyes.
“Uh, can you just take me to the closest one.” Maybe you would get lucky and it would be the same one. Or maybe Calum could pick you up at whichever one you were dropped at.
“You got it.” Before you even had a chance to buckle in, the cab lurched forward and you and all of your belongings were thrown forward.
“Could you please put your seatbelt on?” Bernie huffed.
“Yeah sorry.” Your cheeks turned red as you scrambled to strap yourself and all your stuff in, which you were glad you did because the ride wasn’t the smoothest.

Ten minutes later, the cab pulled up to a dilapidated building with a plastic sign stuck in the dead grass reading “Lyncher Records”. You were sure this couldn’t be the place.

“Are you paying with cash or card? Bernie looked at you expectantly.

“Uh, cash I think, hang on.” You fumbled through your purse looking for your wallet.

“I don’t have all day hon.”

“I’m sorry, I’m looking, uh…” Your wallet wasn’t in your purse. How could it not be here? You had it in the airport, there’s no way you had lost it.  

“Don’t tell me you’re broke.”

“I’m not broke, I just think I lost my wallet.”

“Get out.” He spoke bluntly.

“My boyfriend will be able to pay you when I see him, please can you take me to the next recording studio?”

“No money means no ride sweetcheeks, now get out of my cab.”

Sighing in defeat, you slung your bag over your shoulder and got out of Bernie’s cab before he sped away leaving you behind in his wake. You could feel tears come to your eyes as you realized that you were all alone in a really sketchy part of Las Vegas with no ride and no money. Pulling out your cell phone, you clicked on his contact to try and reach him for help.

“Call cannot be completed as dialed.” The monotone voice of the operator rang out. No service. Of course. Your last option was to go inside the rickety old recording studio and see if you could borrow a phone. Cautiously, you stepped up to the door and tried to turn the handle, but it was locked, so you precariously knocked on the door. Immediately it swung open and you were faced with a tall, muscular man with an unkempt beard and bloodshot eyes.

“Who are you?” His grizzly voice asked.

“Um, is Calum Hood here?” You tried to keep your voice strong, but this man made you uneasy.

“I’m the only one that lives here baby.” You cringed at the nickname.

“Wait, you live here? I thought this was a recording studio.” You were thoroughly confused that’s for sure.

“Honey, this stopped being a recording studio a long time ago. But if you’re looking to make some noise I’m sure I could be of service.” He looked you up and down and gave you a smirk and you began to back away from the door.

“N-no that’s okay, I was meeting my boyfriend at a recording studio and I guess I’m at the wrong one. Thanks, bye.” You turned around and took off down the dirt road in the direction that Bernie had gone, mentally cursing him for taking you to a “recording studio” that didn’t even exist anymore.

Finally, after about a half hour of walking you made it back to civilization, well if you could call it that. It was almost dark now, and it seemed you were in the shadier area of Vegas. Holding your head high, you continued through the city trying to ignore the awful noises coming from the dingy alleyways. All of a sudden you felt a presence behind you. Out of the corner of your eye you saw two figures that seemed to be following you, but at enough of a distance that they thought you wouldn’t notice. Terrified, you reached into your pocket to see if you had enough bars on your phone to call Calum and have him come to your rescue. Switching it on, you saw that you had nine new texts and six missed calls all from Calum.

Babe, it’s almost 7, where r u?
I thought you said your plane had landed???
babe c’mon i miss you!!!!  
seriously y/n you’re scaring me where are you?
please tell me you’re okay
baby please respond
I swear to god if you’re hurt…
i’m coming to the airport to find you.

At least he was looking for you, but in a city this big it was unlikely that he would ever find you unless you called him. Since those texts had come in, it was clear your phone was finally able to call him. The men behind you lingered on, and you were praying that it was just a coincidence. If they tried something it was unlikely you would be able to fight off both of them at once and equally unlikely that Calum would get here in time.

The phone buzzed in your ear as you waited for Calum to pick up.

“Y/N oh my god! Are you okay? Where have you been! We’ve looked everywhere where are you?” His voice was filled with panic.

“I’m sorry Cal, I wasn’t sure where to meet you and so I told the cab driver to take me to the nearest recording studio but I lost my wallet and so he left me at this awful place and I didn’t have service and I had to walk all the way here and it’s getting dark and there are really creepy men behind me and I think they might be following me and I don’t know where I am and…”

He cut you off. “Okay tell me what you’re next to, I’m coming to get you.” His voice was calmer now, but had a firm edge to it that calmed you a little as well.

“Um, I see a bar on the left, and…I think it’s a strip club on the right.” You tried to remain composure while you were on the phone with him, but the presence of the men behind you was flipping you out and you just wanted Calum here.

“Darling, I need you to be a little more specific.”

“It’s Al’s Bar to my left and…”

“Okay I know right where you are. The tour bus drove through there last night. Stay right where you are okay baby?” HIs voice sounded through the phone.

“Cal, what about the men following me?” You whispered so they wouldn’t hear and you heard Calum take a sharp breath.

“Baby listen to me, I want you to keep walking forward okay? But cross the street and speed up a little and see if they follow you. Stay calm baby, you’re so brave and you’re going to be okay. I’ll be there soon okay.” His voice was soothing and you immediately did as he told you, looking both ways and briskly crossing over to the other side of the sidewalk.

“Calum will you please stay on the line with me? I just…I need to hear your voice right now.” You choked out.

“Of course baby, just keep walking forward and I’ll be there soon.”

Suddenly, you heard a loud whistle come from close behind you.

“Hey baby, no need to run away. Does the kitten wanna come over and play?”

You whipped your head around and saw that the two men had crossed the street and were now only about ten feet away from you.

“I don’t have any money and my boyfriend will be here soon. Leave me alone.” You told them in a firm voice and you could hear Calum beginning to panic on the other line.

“Aw don’t be like that baby. We just want to have some fun.” The other man slurred. Clearly they were drunk, but a few other men had joined them making you even more uneasy.

“Don’t come near me.” You spat, trying to appear strong.

“I’m almost there baby, just a little longer. Run if you need to okay?” Calum’s voice whispered.

“Don’t be a bitch.” The men spat as they advanced towards you.

“Baby, run!” Calum yelled, as he was able to hear the commotion. Immediately you turn tail and ran down the street, forward so that Calum would be able to find you. “I’m almost there, oh my god please be safe, I’m almost there.”

You ran as fast as you could, but your bag on your back was slowing you down tremendously. You could hear sound of the men running and shouting obscenities at you. Luckily most of them were intoxicated, but you could feel them gaining. You didn’t think you had ever been so terrified in your life, but you did as Calum told you and ran forward, praying that he would get here soon, but the click on the other end of the line made your heart sink. The call had disconnected.

“Aye, kitten wait up!” The men shouted behind you. You craned your neck to look behind you and saw that luckily only the one guy was sprinting after you and that the rest were far behind, much too drunk to run.  

Up ahead you could see there was a dead end and you panicked. If you weren’t running forward, how would Calum find you? Hoping for the best, you made a hard turn at the next  intersection. Rounding the corner blindly, you ran smack into a hard chest. Arms reached out to steady you, and when you caught your breath and looked up you were met with a pair of warm, chocolate eyes.

“Calum!” You cried, throwing your arms around his neck. His strong arms encompassed your whole body and pulled you impossibly close to him.

“You’re safe now baby, I’m here it’s okay.”

“I-Is that man still chasing me.” You stuttered.

“No, he’s gone baby. He saw your big strong boyfriend and figured he shouldn’t fuck with me. Or you.” He teased.

“Okay good. How did you find me?”

“I had to retrace some steps, but I knew where the bar was and I was already almost here. You should’ve just let me pick you up.” He furrowed his eyebrows together, giving you an ‘I told you so’ look.

“Alright, alright you were right. But just this once.” You chuckled and Calum kissed the top of your head.

“Let’s get you to the car, okay?” Calum grabbed your bag from your shoulders, heaving it onto his own and kept his arm around your waist, holding you close. He helped you inside the black SUV that he had driven to come a find you before buckling himself in and driving away from the nightmare you were in mere moments before.

“I was so worried about you. All alone in sin city, my poor little girl.” He confessed.

“You sounded pretty calm over the phone. Honestly, it made me calm too. You’re my rock Cal.” You leaned over and kissed his shoulder that was exposed under the tank top he was wearing.

“I’ll always protect you baby girl. I love you so much and whenever you need me I will be here for you. I love you so much and I would die if anything happened to you.”

“I love you Calum.”

“I love you more.”

As the light turned red, he leaned over and gave you a sweet kiss on the lips. “I’ve missed those lips. We’ve got a long night ahead of us babe.” He winked at you and you playfully shoved his arm before entwining your fingers with his and kissing his hand.
“This is going to be an amazing week.”



Special (Calum Hood)

hey!! this is my first full, edited, real fic! i hope you like it cus i’m so ready to write a part 2 already. just request it in my ask! part 2 here!! and part 3 :) part 4 part 5 part 6 part 7 part 8 part 9 part 10

Originally posted by justafangirl0908

Pairing - bestfriend!Calum/reader

Requested? no, this was inspired by a dream i had last night

Word Count - 2.5K

Summary - y/n has been friends with the boys for three years, and she’s developed some feelings for a special one. but, he has a thing with someone else.

Warnings - alcohol mention, groupie mention, cursing, drama w Nia Lovelis lol



It’d been two months since the boys began their Rock Out With Your Socks Out tour, and two months since you’d settled your bags into the cramped, but comfortable tour bus the five of you and some crew would share for three more months. They didn’t need to invite you on the tour, for it had always been the natural thing for you to come along whenever they went somewhere far from where you all lived in Los Angeles. Fortunately, your job as a writer that worked for themself let you do that. You held the band together since you met them at some party in LA three years ago, with your ways of making sure none of them got out of hand with whatever it was they could get out of hand with. Whether it be girls, alcohol, poor time-management skills - whatever. You became their best friend, and it was just right that you were with them a shit load of the time.

All of your relationships with each of the boys were completely platonic, but there had always been something special about Calum’s friendly hugs and moments of laughter and harmless teasing and that one drunken kiss both of you could never - more so, would never - sweep under the rug. The kiss occurred a year ago at Luke’s birthday banger. It was held at the boys’ house, and around 1am, everyone decided to gather around a bonfire someone brilliantly decided to set up. You were sitting with Bryana to your right and Calum to your left, feeling nice after a few beers and shots of whatever was handed to you. Calum obviously had a bit more to drink than you did, but both of you were definitely not okay (lmao).

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Crazy (About You) (Part 2)

Request: Hey could you do a one shot where Steve and the reader have to go as a couple for a mission but they hate each other but they almost die and realize they care about each other and then at the end it’s all fluffy? Btw love your blog❤️❤️

Can I request a Steve/Captain America x Reader imagine where you guys are best friends and the reader starts having feelings for him but thinks he doesn’t feel the same so they distance themselves from him and Steve gets confused and after talking with the rest of the avengers about it he decides to confront the reader and then like the reader confesses their feelings and then like something cute can happen :))

Blog Tag: @ssprayberrythings

A/N: I decided to pair these two together because they seemed to be nice together, despite the differences in relationship. I had to change it up just a bit, though. This one was much longer than I had anticipated. Part two of two. See Part 1 here.

Warnings: Steve and reader get into a car crash

Word Count Total: 1913

Long Imagine #12

Title: Crazy (About You) (Part 2)

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Requested (very smutty) ///I tired lol// :
Nate Maloley
Please baby

You were on tour with Nate, the current location you guys were at was Las Vegas. You were getting ready for the club you and the crew were going too. “Hey Nate?” You yell from the bathroom “yeah?” He says walking into the bathroom. “Could you zip these up. It was the zipper to your black dress you were wearing. “Damn baby, you looking hot” he says grabbing you by your waist pulling you close to him. He starts to kiss you and you kiss back. “Hey you guys ready?” You hear John yell from outside of the bedroom.
You guys arrive at the club. You walk to the bar area. You take a shot of vodka, and bring one for Nate to take. You walk to the vip area and tell Nate to take the shot and he does.
You walk out to the dance floor and start to dance with a girl and her group of friends. You see Nate watching you, biting his lips. You point to him and tell him to come dance with you. He walks out the vip area and starts to dance with you. You start to grind against him, and twerking on him. You fell him get hard and you turn around to kiss him. You guys start to make out, he grabs your ass and gets deeper into the make out. You guys stop making out and he whispers in you ear “let’s go back to the hotel?” By now you’ve had about 5 shots each and been at the club for a while now. You both were feeling the adrenaline from the shots. “Okay” you say grabbing his hand and walking out the club.
When you get to the room you take your high heels off and walk to the bedroom. The hotel room was pretty big, it had a living room, a kitchen, a big bedroom and a balcony. You walk into the room to see Nate sitting on the bed waiting for you. You walk towards him and he meets you half way. He kisses your neck then your shoulder. He unzips your dress while you moan in pleasure. He continues to kiss your neck as you take his pants off. He stops kissing you and takes his shirt off. You let your dress fall and you are left whit nothing but your bra and panties on. You grab Nate’s hand and lead him to the bed. He sits on the edge of the bed. You sit on his lap straddling him. You start to kiss him. Leading down to his jawline down to his neck. You push him down to lay on the bed. You start to run your hands up and down his stomach. You move your hips back and forth, you lightly rubbing yourself against his hard junk. You feel him get harder and harder, him moaning your name with his deep raspy voice. “More baby, I need more of you” he says. You get off of him while he lays on the bed fully. You take your bra off and panties. You get on the bad and begin to take off his boxers. You lick your lips before revealing his dick. A whimper came out his mouth. You begin to rub up and down his dick. A couple seconds later you use your mouth while your hand is working the bottom half of his dick. Making eye contact with Nate, you wanted to see him moan your name. Nate grabbed your hair lightly tugging on it. You begin to deep throat him moving your head up and down, hollowing your cheeks out when coming up then filling them back up when going down. He began to twitch, he pulled you hair harder as he came in your mouth. You swallow and wipe your mouth with your hand.
Nate inhaling with deep breaths. Your mouth being tried you sloppy kiss up his body. You sit on his dick making yourself moan as it touches your entrance. “Please baby” he says holding your hips. You put his dick slowly in you. Moaning as he fills you up with his hard dick. You begin to bounce, your tits moving with your body movement. You set a pace that hit your G-Spot perfectly. You watch his dick disappear into you making you wetter. He grips your hips helping you bounce on him perfectly. “Oh fuck yes baby, keep riding my hard dick” he says watching himself go in and out of you. You start to make your pace faster and deeper into you. “You like that daddy?” You say rubbing your clit. “Yes lil mama keep going, I’m almost there” right when he said that you felt like electricity flow through your body. “Almost there baby” you say tilting your head back.
Nate flips you guys so he is on top. He grabs your hands and places them on top of your head. His dick deeply going into you. Nate feeling you surrounding him. You dig your nails into his back leaving scratches. Seconds later you reach your climax, Nate following right after you. He slowly slows down then pulls out of you. He then goes down on you and begins to lick you. Sticking his tongue deep in you while rubbing your clit. He licks all your juices, then sticks two fingers into you. Fingering you while rubbing your clit. You begin to feel fuzzy, your hips moving up for him to go deeper. You moan his name with pleasure. You hit your climax again. He licks you clean making you Take deep breaths your chest rising high then back low. You begin to feel dizzy, you reach for the water in the side of the bed and take a drink. You wrap the bed sheet around you while Nate puts his sweats on that was on the floor from earlier in the day. You eventually get up and put your bra and panties on. “So when is round 2?” Nate asks as you buckle your bra. “Hmm… I don’t know, I’m feeling sore already” You say walking to Nate and wrapping your arms around his waist. “Okay” he says spanking your ass. “Why didn’t you do that earlier?” You say winking. You clean up in the bathroom and walk out to Nate sitting in bed watching tv. You hop into bed sitting next to him. He places his cold hand onto your warm inner thigh. You look at him, seeing him smirk at the tv knowing that your thighs were sore. You kiss his cheek and watch tv with him.