Requested (very smutty) ///I tired lol// :
Nate Maloley
Please baby

You were on tour with Nate, the current location you guys were at was Las Vegas. You were getting ready for the club you and the crew were going too. “Hey Nate?” You yell from the bathroom “yeah?” He says walking into the bathroom. “Could you zip these up. It was the zipper to your black dress you were wearing. “Damn baby, you looking hot” he says grabbing you by your waist pulling you close to him. He starts to kiss you and you kiss back. “Hey you guys ready?” You hear John yell from outside of the bedroom.
You guys arrive at the club. You walk to the bar area. You take a shot of vodka, and bring one for Nate to take. You walk to the vip area and tell Nate to take the shot and he does.
You walk out to the dance floor and start to dance with a girl and her group of friends. You see Nate watching you, biting his lips. You point to him and tell him to come dance with you. He walks out the vip area and starts to dance with you. You start to grind against him, and twerking on him. You fell him get hard and you turn around to kiss him. You guys start to make out, he grabs your ass and gets deeper into the make out. You guys stop making out and he whispers in you ear “let’s go back to the hotel?” By now you’ve had about 5 shots each and been at the club for a while now. You both were feeling the adrenaline from the shots. “Okay” you say grabbing his hand and walking out the club.
When you get to the room you take your high heels off and walk to the bedroom. The hotel room was pretty big, it had a living room, a kitchen, a big bedroom and a balcony. You walk into the room to see Nate sitting on the bed waiting for you. You walk towards him and he meets you half way. He kisses your neck then your shoulder. He unzips your dress while you moan in pleasure. He continues to kiss your neck as you take his pants off. He stops kissing you and takes his shirt off. You let your dress fall and you are left whit nothing but your bra and panties on. You grab Nate’s hand and lead him to the bed. He sits on the edge of the bed. You sit on his lap straddling him. You start to kiss him. Leading down to his jawline down to his neck. You push him down to lay on the bed. You start to run your hands up and down his stomach. You move your hips back and forth, you lightly rubbing yourself against his hard junk. You feel him get harder and harder, him moaning your name with his deep raspy voice. “More baby, I need more of you” he says. You get off of him while he lays on the bed fully. You take your bra off and panties. You get on the bad and begin to take off his boxers. You lick your lips before revealing his dick. A whimper came out his mouth. You begin to rub up and down his dick. A couple seconds later you use your mouth while your hand is working the bottom half of his dick. Making eye contact with Nate, you wanted to see him moan your name. Nate grabbed your hair lightly tugging on it. You begin to deep throat him moving your head up and down, hollowing your cheeks out when coming up then filling them back up when going down. He began to twitch, he pulled you hair harder as he came in your mouth. You swallow and wipe your mouth with your hand.
Nate inhaling with deep breaths. Your mouth being tried you sloppy kiss up his body. You sit on his dick making yourself moan as it touches your entrance. “Please baby” he says holding your hips. You put his dick slowly in you. Moaning as he fills you up with his hard dick. You begin to bounce, your tits moving with your body movement. You set a pace that hit your G-Spot perfectly. You watch his dick disappear into you making you wetter. He grips your hips helping you bounce on him perfectly. “Oh fuck yes baby, keep riding my hard dick” he says watching himself go in and out of you. You start to make your pace faster and deeper into you. “You like that daddy?” You say rubbing your clit. “Yes lil mama keep going, I’m almost there” right when he said that you felt like electricity flow through your body. “Almost there baby” you say tilting your head back.
Nate flips you guys so he is on top. He grabs your hands and places them on top of your head. His dick deeply going into you. Nate feeling you surrounding him. You dig your nails into his back leaving scratches. Seconds later you reach your climax, Nate following right after you. He slowly slows down then pulls out of you. He then goes down on you and begins to lick you. Sticking his tongue deep in you while rubbing your clit. He licks all your juices, then sticks two fingers into you. Fingering you while rubbing your clit. You begin to feel fuzzy, your hips moving up for him to go deeper. You moan his name with pleasure. You hit your climax again. He licks you clean making you Take deep breaths your chest rising high then back low. You begin to feel dizzy, you reach for the water in the side of the bed and take a drink. You wrap the bed sheet around you while Nate puts his sweats on that was on the floor from earlier in the day. You eventually get up and put your bra and panties on. “So when is round 2?” Nate asks as you buckle your bra. “Hmm… I don’t know, I’m feeling sore already” You say walking to Nate and wrapping your arms around his waist. “Okay” he says spanking your ass. “Why didn’t you do that earlier?” You say winking. You clean up in the bathroom and walk out to Nate sitting in bed watching tv. You hop into bed sitting next to him. He places his cold hand onto your warm inner thigh. You look at him, seeing him smirk at the tv knowing that your thighs were sore. You kiss his cheek and watch tv with him.


Well I officially finished Crush 60 today and couldn’t be happier with my results! I’m excited to complete it one more time along with starting booty boot camp to get me ready for Vegas in June… Thank you @aubernutter for being so awesome and inspiring, I started the program when I stumbled upon your tumblr one night and wanted to look as good as you! And thank you @bbbenwilliamson for making such a kick ass program, it definitely kicked my ass and for that I’m thankful.

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Left 205
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