Here is the official track list for SHADYXV! The two-CD collection of greatest hits and compilation of all new music.

CD1 (new music) - click here to see the larger version of the picture

  1. Eminem - ShadyXV
  2. Slaughterhouse Ft. Eminem & Yelawolf - Psychopath Killer
  3. Eminem ft. Kobe - Die Alone
  4. Bad Meets Evil - Vegas
  5. Slaughterhouse - Y'all Ready Know
  6. Eminem Ft. Sia - Guts Over Fear
  7. Yelawolf - Down
  8. D12 - Bane
  9. Eminem - Fine Line
  10. Skylear Grey, Eminem & Yelawolf - Twisted
  11. Eminem - Right For Me
  12. Eminem, Royce da 5'9 , Big Sean, Danny Brown, Dej Loaf & Tricx Trick - Detroit Vs. Everybody

CD2 (Greatest Hits)

  1. 50 Cent - I Get Money
  2. D12 - Purple Pills
  3. Eminem - Lose Yourself
  4. Obie Trice, Kuniva, Bobby Creekwater, Cashis, & Stat Quo - Cry Now (Shady Remix)
  5. Yelawolf - Let’s Roll (ft. Kid Rock)
  6. Slaughterhouse - Hammer Dance
  7. 50 Cent - P.I.M.P.
  8. Eminem, 50 Cent, Cashis, & Lloyd Banks - You Don’t Know
  9. D12 - My Band
  10. Obie Trice - Wanna Know
  11. 50 Cent - Wanksta
  12. Obie Trice - The Setup (ft. Nate Dogg)
  13. 50 Cent - In Da Club
  14. D12 - Fight Music
  15. Yelawolf - Pop the Trunk
  16. Eminem - Lose Yourself (Original Demo Version)

The Loft



After arriving in Vegas, we got ready at the hotel we werestaying at, The Bellagio – one of the nicest hotels there.

The boys had paid someone to go find me a dress to wear while I was showering and such. It was a tight, short black dress that defined each curve of my body. We all got ready in the same suite; I was sitting on the floor in front of a mirror on the way doing my make up. I didn’t feel like curling or doing anything to my hair so I just let it air dry. After finishing my face, I stood up and stripped, forgetting the boys were standing around the suite getting ready themselves.

Johnson laughs from across the room standing in his boxers, “I love how close we all are, amuses me how we have no boundaries anymore.”

Cam puts in, “I think the boundaries were eliminated on the night-“

I pick up a show, black vans, and throw it at him and say, “Shut up Cam!”

He laughs before saying, “That was a good night, you have to admit.”

I laugh, ignoring his comment.

The night before my birthday was a good night.

I slipped on my dress that was laying on the dresser and made my into it. I couldn’t zip it up so Matthew walked up to me and told me to turn around.

He slowly moved his hands up my back and zipped it.

I moved around it in a bit and shook my hair before turning around to ask the boys, “Do I look okay?”
All of their jaws were dropped, and I am pretty sure Sammy almost got a hard one.

“Okay, I’m taking that as a yes,” I say slipping on my red velvet high heels and walking towards the door of our suite.

“You guys coming?” I say while holding the door open.

They all cough and adjust their pants, walking towards me. Gilinsky being the first one to walk up to me.

As we walk down the hall and into the elevator, he puts his arm around my waist, “(Y-Y/N), you look amazing. I don’t even know-“
I interrupt him, “Shh. You don’t have to say anything. You look hot, too G.”

We both laugh a little before we finally reach the lobby. After leaving the hotel and getting into a limo, once again, we head to a different place.

Minutes after, we arrive at a mansion. We get out of the limo in the dark, cold air and Jack helps me out of the car, making sure my clumsy ass doesn’t fall in these heels.

We walk to the doors of the insanely large house and are greeted with two large security men at the door.

“Who are you guys”

Cameron speaks up for us, “Cameron Dallas. Nash Grier, Jack and Jack, Shawn Men- should I go on?”

The security men open the doors for us and say, “Have a good time boys, and you too pretty girl.”

As soon as we step inside the house, the smell of luring alcohol and the scent of harsh drugs surround us.

The house is crowded with people, people I never thought I would ever actually see in front of my own two eyes.

Not only just about every single famous person off social medias and the internet, but famous music artists as well. Everyone under 25 was here.

This is crazy.

Most of the boys look at me with the protective look.

“Guys, have fun. You guys definitely deserve it. And if something happens, I’ll be fine. I’ll find one of you. I promise,” I say in a sweet tone, yet loud over the blaring music that shakes the floorboards beneath my feet.

The boys start hugging me before walking away.

When Nate hugs me, I hear him say into my ear, knowing no one else could possibly hear,

“Have fun, lil mama. Please be careful. Oh yeah, by the way, you’re looking good tonight.”

He winked at me walking away.

The only boy that didn’t leave was Gilinsky, leaving us alone.

I see a boy a couple feet away turn around and see us, and yell “G! Where you been bro?”

The boy walks over to us and I realize who it is, it’s Justin Bieber.

I’ve only met him once, and it was with Matt. But it’s still so surprising to see him; he’s gotten so big.

“Oh shit, hey! I haven’t seen you around in so long-“ He pulls me in for a hug, and holds me for a second.

I hear Gilinsky cough loud and start a conversation.

He’s already jealous.

“So, where can I get (Y/N) a drink?” Jack asks Justin.

Justin takes us through the crowd of dancing people to a table topped with bottles upon bottles of liquor and flavoring.

Justin gets caught up with someone else, leaving Jack and I alone at the drinks.

“What are you feeling? Pineapple? Cherry?” He asks me, pouring alcohol into a red solo cup.

“Surprise me,” I say smirking at him and then leaning up to kiss his cheek.

As soon as our drinks are ready, he hands one to me.

“Are you okay with my drinking?” he asks me.

“Jack, you’re allowed to have fun, too.”

We put the cups to our lips at the same time, and I start chugging the toxic drink, pushing as much down my throat as possible.

After more than half the drink is gone, I squint my eyes with the burning feeling on my tongue and back of my throat.

“Damn babygirl, you good?”

I nod and grab his hand, bringing him to the darkness of the beaming colorful lights in the room surrounded by dancing people.

We stop in the midst of people, and I turn myself around, pushing my back against his chest. We’re still holding our cups with one hand each, his free hand wrapped around me, his hand placed on my hip.

I start grinding against him, our bodies moving in one motion, back and forth. I put my free hand behind me, grabbing his neck.

I grind harder and harder against him, getting frustrated.

The alcohol is kicking in, and I want him so badly.

I turn back around to face him, our faces barely touching, our bodies still rubbing up against each other roughly.

The tension starts to become unbearable and he leans down to whisper in my ear, “I want you.”

He breathes heavily on my neck, knowing that makes me weak.

I let out a light moan, letting the music guide my movements against him.

People around us are oblivious, and it’s okay because all we’re focused on is each other.

Our faces are touching and he moves his hand up from my lower back to my jaw. He tilts my head up to make our lips touch.

His plump lips move quickly and harshly, his tongue invading my mouth instantly. He releases our kiss, lingering the taste of his alcohol on my lips. I reach up and whisper to him, “I’m not done yet.”

I start to kiss him again, bringing him as close to me as possible when I feel liquid being thrown at me.

I gasp coming off of Jack’s lips and turn around to see who just threw alcohol at me.

I’m soaked in whipped cream vodka; I can smell it.

I turn around to see Madison Beer standing in front of me with two friends, one on each side of her.

“What the fuck was that-“ I begin to say, but get interrupted by her pushing me against Jack, making me fall over.

“That’s for being on my man,” she says in a bitchy tone.

HER man?

Oh fuck no.

I stand up and push her as hard as I can while saying, “Touch me again, do it. I dare you. I’ll beat the shit out of you twice as worse as last time.”

She stands back up and I feel Jack tell me to stop when seeing people surround us and turn all attention on me. The boys rush over quickly to see what’s going on, of course.

She gets in my face and looks down at me, with her being taller. I can smell the stench of weed coming off of her.

“How does it feel? To know he replaced you while I was gone?”

I start to look down, I feel like crying and I have no idea why.

Jack touches my back and I smack his hand.

She pulls my face up towards her and says to me quietly, “Surprised he hasn’t told you about how great it was, with him inside me. He told me I was the best-“

And there went the sadness, and the rage kicked in.

I pulled my arm back and swung at her face as hard as I could.

I got on the floor on top of her and hit her, over and over again. Trying to get my anger out of me.

Gilinsky tried pulling me off of her, but I hit him, too.

“Don’t fucking touch me, Jack.”

We continues hitting each other before the other boys stepped in and Matt and Cam pulled me off of Madison, dragging me outside.

“Don’t EVER fucking touch or talk to me again! You’d end up in the fucking hospital if it wasn’t for them-“

As I reach the door I hear Jack yelling at Madison.

When we’re outside, I sit on the curb and a few boys are there. I sit in between Matt and Cameron, feeling terrible in every way possible.

“(Y/N), are you okay?” Matthew asked.

I’m so fucking far from okay.

I break and drop my head into his chest, with him holding me.

Cameron reaches over and scratches my back.

I let out a weep, feeling my heart shatter.

Matthew says holding me tighter, “Babe, it’s going to be okay. I promise.”

Shawn from the other side of him, still standing up says to me, “You’re better than that, you’re better than her and you know it.”

I hear Carter and Taylor say to me, “And damn, you got her good. Her nose might need a little fixing soon.”

I laugh a little and sit up straight when I see Jack come out.

I look away, avoiding him.

Madison just made all the anger towards him come back.

I look at Matthew and tell him, “Take me home, now.”

He nods and stands us up, wrapping his arm around me.

Jack comes to me while Matthew is making a call to someone making arrangements.

“Babygirl, I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t have-“

I interrupt him, “Don’t. I just want to go home.”

He worries and asks me, “Wait, what home? You’re talking about the loft, right?”

I let out a breath, “Yes, the loft. I’m not going to leave. I promised. But don’t fucking talk to me when you come home. I want to be left alone. See you in a few days.”
He asks me, “How am I supposed to be without you for a few days?”

“I don’t know, fucking deal with it. I went seven months.”

I walk away from him and into the cab that has arrived with Matt waiting with the door open.

I say bye to the boys and get in the car with Matthew, sitting next to him, holding his hand.

As we drive away, I watch Jack’s face.

I can’t tell if he’s sad or jealous, or maybe both.

Matt looks at me and says, “You’re with me now, and it’s going to be okay.”

I give him a soft smile and say, “Thanks, Matt. For everything,”

He laughs quietly, “Of course. And by the way, you’re safe with me.”

I smile again and lay my head on his lap as the driver takes us to the airport.

Matt and I haven’t been alone like this, ever. And now we’re going to have the loft to ourselves for the weekend.


- - - - - - - - - - - -


A/N: next fucking part will fuck you up, warning




So here it is!! The title and cover artwork for my new single! Vegas Party coming soon!!! And being sent to top 40 radio and the club scene this month!!! CAN’T WAIT FOR YOU GUYS TO HEAR IT!!!  love you! Get ready for VEGAS PARTY ! #ManikaVegasParty

SORRY I’VE BEEN SO QUIET!! i’ve been CRAZY busy. i want to not be v badly. want to draw. all the things

but i haven’t had any time! so i’m hoping for some tomorrow. wanna do a cool louden swain piece that ISN’T in a comic style. YEA

ALSO!! it looks like i will be attending JAXcon 2016!

that’s right, like, a little more than 2 weeks from now i’m looking to be in florida. i am getting MAD cabin fever in iowa, i am sICK OF ALL THIS SNOW AND ICE, and i wanna be around friends so bad!! so baaaadd!!! so if i’m lucky, i should have g’n’g with me, AND MAYBE charms, but i’m not sure if those’ll be in fast enough. i think i might put in an order tonight, so we’ll definitely see!