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mathmusicreading  asked:

For Vegas Wedding Rivetra, how would they respond during a blackout?

Let’s say this is a blackout caused by a storm

  • Levi breaks out the candles, flashlights and blankets.
  • Petra’s laptop was charged just enough, and she starts watching a movie with Levi.
  • Mishy is sitting in his lap, hiding from the storm.
  • They watch “The Day After Tomorrow” because Petra is feeling a little cheeky.
  • Petra gets a call from her dad, who’s very concerned.
  • Is she ok? Was she at home when it happened? Do they have enough water and blankets? 
  • She has to insist that he stay at home since there’s a raging STORM, and promises she’s fine
  • Later, Mishy knocks over a potted plant and Petra has to cuddle Levi out of his bad mood.
  • Luckily they have enough candles and batteries and make it through the blackout just fine.
  • Hanji texts Levi “lol did u get stuck in the storm”
  • Levi responds “no. waters out. i hope u showered recently”
  • Hanji replies with a silly face emoji.
  • Mike was in Hanji’s apartment. He slept through the storm and woke up into pitch darkness.
  • He kinda fumbles through the apartment until he finds Hanji in the kitchen fiddling with a radio they’d found while looking for flashlights.
  • They make sandwiches and other foods since the fridge is dead and they might as well eat it before it goes bad.
  • Moblit finally gets a day off, he sleeps in and is glad when his phone dies.

anonymous asked:

can i ask about more hc about mike/hange or maybe nanaba from vegas au?

Of course!! I’m always excited when people show interest in the vegas au.

Since you didn’t have a specific headcanon question, I’ll just answer with everything that pops into my head.

  • Anecdotes:
  • At first they called each other just “Mike” and “Hanji” but that evolved into Hanji calling him “big guy” or “the big guy” and Mike calling them “Zo”
  • One time Hanji was going through some papers from work, really focused & lost in thought. They walk into their room and slam the door behind themself without realizing Mike had been walking behind them and talking to them. He got a bloody nose.
  • Hanji got nail polish on Mike’s couch once while they painted their toenails.
  • The color was Sparkling Garbage by Orly
  • It was a birthday gift from Levi.

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