vegas wedding rivetra

Ahh what the heck guys I got such a cute idea but tell me if it’s dumb ok. Idk I think it’s cute it’s probably not.

But you know how in most reincarnation fics they remember everything eventually. Sometimes in bits and pieces or like,the first time they see each other or their fingers brush.

And so I thought about the popular headcanon that Levi would have married Petra or they were secretly engaged. So what if they met on the street or their eyes met or were exchanging money and their fingers touch.

And all of a sudden everything comes back and they remember everything. Their names, and secrets, and late night talks. All the unfulfilled hopes and long looks and not-promises. And they both just feel so relieved they finally found each other.

And they like get married within a week lmao. And all their friends and family are freaking out but the thing is they have this entire history behind them plus maybe centuries of waiting. They wanna finally do what they’d always wanted to do but couldn’t. So everyone’s like Petra PLS don’t do this you just met him but it doesn’t matter they’re getting hitched.

// tl:dr I was wondering if reincarnated rivetra would bother with dating again when they already know each other.

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lazy mornings rivetra Vegas AU + headcanon

You’re all really too nice to me.

  • I’m going to cut to the chase.
  • Morning sex.
  • My headcanon is that Petra is secretly-not-so-secretly a morning sex person.
  • And in this world they’re no longer hiding anything from anyone and don’t have to sneak out of each other’s rooms or keep quiet.
  • Because it’s their room now.
  • Although they still can’t be too loud or else the neighbors will complain and that’s so embarrassing.
  • Anyway, on lazy mornings where Petra doesn’t have class or work and Levi has the day off, they totally have slow, fuzzy, sigh-and-giggle morning sex.
  • Levi cooks breakfast. In this life he’s a much better cook.
  • Petra walks around the apartment in an oversized shirt and undies, barefoot.
  • Sometimes she’ll lie down on the couch and watch the saturday morning cartoons. Levi will sit down next to her, and on rainy days she mutes the tv. He’ll lie down too and rest his head on her chest or belly and she’ll run her fingers through his hair.
  • They just listen to the rain and each other’s breathing/heartbeats.
  • Sometimes they’re all satisfied and sleepy from the sexing and food so they nap like that.
  • Or they’ll go out on the fire escape and Levi will have a smoke (he doesn’t smoke so much anymore) while Petra drinks coffee and they’ll look out at the city.
  • The cat joins them and cuddles up next to Levi or Petra for warmth.
  • They’ll kind of talk about plans for the day but it’s all very vague and never concrete. Just sort of “hey if we feel up to it we can go out and do x y z”
  • If their phones are charged, they’re on silent during these mornings. If they’re dead, they stay dead.

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Moving toguether headcanon? :3

Gonna do this in the Reincarnation AU of mine, y’all.

Ok, so in Vegas Wedding Rivetra, Levi moves into Petra’s apartment the day after they get married.

As they walk into the building, Levi trails behind like a shadow and does not say hello to the neighbors when Petra does. He does, however, frown when Petra goes into a different apartment and comes out with a cat.

The first thing that he says as soon as they walk into her apartment is a very testy “Am I wrong in remembering that you didn’t like cats?

Petra laughs and says “Are you worried about the fur everywhere?”

Then after a beat of silence as they both watch the cat run out of Petra’s arms and onto the couch (Levi winces), Petra replies that yes, Levi’s right, she didn’t like cats. Now that she thinks about it, it’s because they’re not sociable and tend to walk off on their own and hide out by themselves.

Now she thinks maybe cats reminded her of Levi before she even knew she missed him.

Levi gets all embarrassed and starts moving in his boxes and Petra kind of gives him a little smile.

He cleans the apartment thoroughly, even though it was pretty nicely kept before. He sets up his computer and Petra empties out a drawer for him. She thinks his clothes look just perfect in her dresser.

Levi hangs his jacket up in her coat closet and Petra feels like everything is turning out just as it should have when the next day she grabs her coat and it smells like the leather of his jacket and him.

Petra wouldn’t mind having unpacked boxes around for a while but Levi gets straight to work. Not much changes in terms of decor because his apartment was pretty bare. 

Levi has trouble figuring out how Petra’s shower works at first.

He puts his toothbrush in the little cup on the sink, right alongside Petra’s, and they both kind of stare at it for a second, really happy.

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so in the vegas wedding au, how does petra let her dad know? (if you answered this already sorry i prob missed it)

The first thing she wonders, as she opens the door, is if her father can smell him.

The second thing she says, after “Hey,” is “Please sit down.”

For the third time that day, Petra aches for the cool press of Levi’s mouth against her nape.

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Silly headcanons for Petra, Levi, and Mishy, <3

  • When Levi first takes Mishy to the vet, Mishy doesn’t jump around in his cage or anything.
  • No he just slinks to the very back of the kennel, curls up tight and starts making sounds like he’s dying. Long, high pitched meowing and whining.
  • And it totally distresses Levi the whole time.
  • Petra’s not with him so he doesn’t know what to do, and he keeps glancing at the cage in the passenger seat, trying to soothe Mishy with “shhhhhh” and “It’s fine.”
  • Doesn’t work.
  • Mishy freaks out on the way back too and when Levi walks back into the apartment he feels like he’s tortured the poor cat.
  • He definitely cuddles Mishy and apologizes telepathically.
  • Sometimes Mishy will sleep on Levi’s belly and Petra will show up in the room, really tired and say “Move Mishy so I can sleep.”
  • And Levi’s like “You have the whole rest of the bed to sleep on.” And doesn’t move Mishy.
  • Mishy doesn’t like Hanji and Levi is super smug about it.
  • Mishy accidentally scratched Levi’s face once, and Petra thought he’d be more pissed about it.
  • But
  • Levi “can tell that he’s sorry.”
  • When Levi gets up for work, Mishy gets up too and follows him from the bedroom to the bathroom and just watches as he brushes his teeth. He leaves once Levi turns on the shower.

I wonder if Levi is ever like “Petra, why do you ALWAYS let Hanji sleep in the bed with you. Why can’t you just send her to the couch so I can get a proper sleep after a long day of work.”

And Petra is all sincere puppy eyes like “Oh no, but Hanji is always so sleepy after eating and she says the couch is stiff and cold ("I know Petra..”) and oh I just can’t send her away when there’s a proper bed for her to sleep in. I mean, really, Levi, it’s just one night. It’s fine.“

She doesn’t mention that in all her sloppiness and long limbs Hanji might just be a better cuddler. 

Oh and she actually likes staying up till 4 am talking about nonsense like teenagers at a sleepover. Levi always grouches about wanting to get rest. Ugh what a grandpa.

I could see reincarnated!Levi being like “so when are we hitting up the nearest court room for the wedding?” And Petra’s like wow how am I gonna explain this to my friends from this life and how will you explain it to the people you know.

And Levi’s Levi so he’s just “I don’t give a shit lol”

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If you're not too swamped with asks, musical taste headcanon? :)

Vegas Wedding Rivetra! Woo!

  • Levi was a Blink 182 fan in high school
  • Petra really likes Marina and the Diamonds but doesn’t care for Lana del Rey
  • You know who DOES care for Lana del Rey?
  • Levi. Levi likes Lana del Rey.
  • Also Drake. He’s a casual listener.
  • And the Arctic Monkeys.
  • Petra has an Arctic Monkeys CD in her apartment and Levi’s a little horrified she never finished listening to it.
  • By the end of the week she knows all the words and Levi is a little proud until he realizes she will NOT stop singing the songs oh my GOD Petra, please! Be quiet!
  • Petra also likes Simon and Garfunkel which Levi thinks is adorably nerdy. 
  • Levi does not like concerts, really. Petra does. She thinks they’re fun.
  • She tries to get him to go to a Marina and the Diamonds concert but he flat out refuses, hell no.
  • They end up going to see Kendrick Lamar and they have a really nice time, actually.

this is their priority list

  1. get hitched
  2. kiss a lot
  3. kiss some more
  4. generally give no fucks
  5. find everyone else
  6. call every university and see if any employees are named hanji
  7. perfumeries with employees named zakarius
  8. hold hands maybe
  9. what kind of jobs would erd gunter and auruo have
  10. stress out over that
  11. find them by accident one day
  12. happiness

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kind of broad and vague, but are there any things they're really picky and/or particular about? maybe things that didn't exist in their previous lives or things that just never came up? just wanna know everything about them aaahhhhhh.

Ah okay okay

  • Levi works out, probably because his body can’t handle being idle. He was too used to training and running and fighting and exercising a ton in his old life.
  • And this is the silliest most ridiculous thing because it’s a gym
  • But he hates when there are other people in the gym
  • Just. He doesn’t like waiting for equipment or having to wipe down the sweat left behind or dealing with how PACKED the gym gets every January when everyone starts their new year’s resolution.
  • To remedy this he takes up kickboxing and likes it better because it’s usually just a small group of enthusiasts.
  • He didn’t have to deal with gyms in his old life. Everyone just trained without equipment or he could go off on his own to practice on 3DMG. His teamwork marks are 2/10 after all.
  • He also hates bubble tea. 
  • He only likes using Tide when washing his laundry,
  • Petra prefers Downy.
  • Oh, Levi hates it when the time on the microwave clock is incorrect.
  • It drives him up the wall.
  • Petra doesn’t pay much attention to it, but as soon as daylight savings happens, Levi’s right there, punching in the new time.
  • He hates it when he hits the ‘close door’ button on the elevator and it doesn’t go fast enough. 
  • Especially if he was trying to ride the elevator alone.
  • Petra hates when her nail polish chips
  • If it starts to flake she removes it all and puts on a fresh coat as soon as she can
  • She has a special disdain for the spritzer ladies who work perfume counters in department stores
  • Now she cannot stand the scent of Chanel No. 5
  • High heels without platforms are not allowed on her feet
  • Traffic jams make her frustrated and antsy
  • Levi hates them too but Petra becomes visibly irritated and will squirm and tap her fingers on the driving wheel and shift around in her seat
  • She’s particular about what brands of frozen pizza she will eat.
  • She hates people who don’t turn off their phones in the library
  • This one’s consistent across all universes, but she can’t sleep if her nose is cold.