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Mac: Any last words?

Jack: Well, I don’t know! I ain’t gonna say I love you or anything!

Mac: Yeah, I don’t love you either

MacGyver 1x13 “Large Blade”

The behind the scenes interview/photoshoot of Lucas Till and George Eads for MacGyver, aired by Entertainment Tonight last Friday

A few of you requested I post it, so here you go! 😊


Jack: What took you so long?

Mac: I thought you were out chasing leads?

Jack: No…No, I watch your back
It’s my job, remember? We talked about this

On a side note, I’m finally getting the hang of getting these gifs done more quickly, so I hope you guys like them!


John Feldmann: *lifts Calum up from behind*
Calum: Every time!


Jack: I’m guessing plan A involves you climbing down there?

Mac: Or you could do it, I could walk you through what I was thinking

Jack: {laughs} I’ll get the next one

Mac: Deal.

From episode 5: Toothpick

Imagine...Getting Married To Alex Summers In Vegas

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*Not my gifs

(Y/N): Dammit, Alex. 

Alex: Wha…?

(Y/N): We’re married. And we’re in Vegas.

Alex: Uh…? Love you, (Y/N)?