vegas pro 8

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i'm editing my first short film for the first time and i'm so nervous, any tips? also do you have any youtube beginner videos you'd recommend? I have adove premiere pro

just trust your gut. it’s especially hard at the beginning though. have you worked with premiere before? if so, then trust your gut. if not, just spend a few hours before editing to JUST watch various youtube tutorials. i’m sorry i don’t have links, i don’t use premiere and i figured out how to use sony vegas pro like 8 years ago so i’m not sure what i did. just practice. before you start the full edit, import and edit with just ONE scene you really enjoy, and play with it. have the youtube tutorials on your phone for refrence and try stuff out. drag and drop, add music. if you figure out more stuff you can separate audio from video and play the voiceovers over another clip. editing is extremely complicated and totally intimidating, but it’s also an intuitive process as well. as you’re trying to piece together your film, keep youtube open on your phone or whatever and look up something WHENEVER you need help or want to do something and don’t know how. be descriptive: “how to edit voiceovers in adobe premiere pro” if youtube comes up short, google is always there to save you. don’t be afraid to google things every few minutes. editing is a skill you have to build, but with your own short film you should have an easier time of it because you get to craft it how you want to. good luck! i’m here if you want to ask anything else!


song: bucchigiri infinite generations by psychic lovers (the second op of bakugan battle brawlers)
program used : sony vegas pro 8 and paint tool SAI

here I am again with another fake anime opening of “the cheer squad” hope you guys enjoy it !

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I love so much your drop pop candy animation!! It's so cute and that ending ; v ; it got me. btw I wanted to ask too, which programs do you used to animate the vid?

Thanks so much! >< I drew images on Clip Studio Paint then put everything together using Sony Vegas Pro 8. This site is good for making gifs though