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Omg the fic was soo good! Exactly what i was looking for, Im just sad it was the only one... Thank you so much for the recommendation, and please, any other 'kara talks science with Lena' fics you find, send them my way. I really appreciate it

Aahh, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! <3

Here are a few more that I was able to find.

Kryptonian Science:

Black Mercy AU - ijedi

Word Count: 3, 020

Summary: Kara has the best day of the life, spending time with her wife and daughter, discussing science with Jor El, Zor El, and Eliza In Ze, and generally enjoying her life. But this ideal life is not real. 

Kara’s Dilemma - carmsfics

Word Count: 19, 974 (and counting)

Summary: What if Kara’s pod was programmed to offer Kara information via subliminal interface so that during the time it takes to transport Kara to Earth she is educated and informed of what’s she’s getting into and ready to undertake her mission to provide and protect Kal-El? What they did not account for is the time she spent in the phantom zone where the on-board computer continued the lessons not only covering languages, customs (observed from Krypton) but also information about Krypton’s technology and science.

Earth Science:

The Egg That Binds Us - babydragon73

Word Count: 5, 894

Summary: Kara gets paired with resident bad girl Lena Luthor for a week long science project. She’s not looking forward to basing half of her grade on someone who doesn’t care about anything….or someone with mysterious green eyes and a heart stopping smile. Can she make it work?

Woke Up Married - MrRigger

Word Count: 15, 735 (and counting)

Summary: Lena and Kara never met, until a science convention in Las Vegas. One drunken night later, they wake up in bed together. No problem, except they’re both wearing wedding rings…

Chemistry - mmwoods95

Word Count: 3, 699 (and counting)

Summary: Kara is not a baker. Lena shows her the science of it. The both of them get their chemistry on, in more ways than one.

Lena Gets Baked - DavidB1000

Word Count: 666

Summary: No matter how famous, no matter how smart you are, even the best science experiment can go awry, and in Lena’s case, it unfortunately has the side effect that you’d get from smoking too much Marijuana.

All I Need Is Uranium - Aeon_Wolf

Word Count: 3, 696

Summary: Imagine person A as being a science major of some sort. Person B, being playful, tells person A “I have the Fluorine, Carbon, and Potassium. All I need is Uranium.”


One of Lena Luthor’s biggest turn ons is her girlfriend, Kara Danvers, babbling about science. Fluff and smut ensue.

Science and Love (And Other Incompatible Things) by LucidMagic

Word Count: 3, 196 (and counting)

Summary: The house of Ze is known for their warriors. The house of El for their scientists.

So, Kara, with the immediate blood of both, is equally inclined to choose either of the two. One to protect and serve. The other to analyze and create.

In another life, she might have been a warrior, renowned and noble, shielding those from harm. She may have brought peace to a city at some point.

(In another time, she could have been a hero.)


An AU where Kara is a scientist and Lena can’t understand the strange engineer in Lab 9.

Happy Reading! :)


Fish’s Guide to the Legion Part 22:  Alerio

Part 1:  caesar

Part 2:  lanius

Part 3:  lucius

Part 4:  vulpes

Part 5:  aurelius

Part 6:  silus

Part 7:  dead sea

Part 8:  alexus

Part 9:  antony

Part 10:  otho

Part 11:  cursor lucullus

Part 12:  joshua graham

Part 13:  burned man

Part 14:  ulysses

Part 15: captain curtis

Part 16:  siri

Part 17:  ranger stella

Part 18:  melody

Part 19:  canyon-runner

Part 20:  strange man

Part 21:  karl


“Look at you. You gotta be more careful out there, baby.”
“I can handle it, Benny. You know I’ve lived through worse.”
“That’s just it. You keep pushing your luck like this and one of these days you’re gonna come home to me in a box.”
“I’ll be fine, I promise.”
“You better. And you better stay a while this time, too. I’m gettin’ real sick of waking up alone.”


As requested by anon: favourite romantic E/C photos. 

1. Thomas Schulze and Colby Thomas, Hamburg, 
2. Antony Crivello and Kristi Holden, Las vegas (here: TV performance), 
3. Ron Bohmer and Sandra Joseph, US tour, 
4. Peter Karrie and Glenda Balkan, used in the Canadian tour, 
5. Anthony Warlow and Ana Marina, Australia/World Tour, 
6. Ciaran Sheehan and Glenda Balkan, Toronto, 
7. and 8. Kristi Holden and Anthony Crivello, Las Vegas, 
9. Colby Thomas and Thomas Schulze, Hamburg. 

  • We met in Vegas one night and woke up next morning in a honeymoon suite naked, hungover and married AU
  • You are my annoying next door neighbor and you keep me up all night with your partying AU
  • You’re an underwear model and there’s a giant billboard of your toned body just across from where I work so I have to look at you every day AU
  • We accidentally switched our suitcases from the airport terminal AU
  • We live door to door and your loud singing in the shower every evening annoys the shit out of me AU
  • We meet every day on our lunch break by the hot-dog stand and one time I forget my wallet so you buy me a hot-dog (it was not a date ) AU
  • You are my dentist and I have the bigest crush on you and one time you give me too much laughing gas so I end up telling you that AU
Send in a symbol for a starter based off these AU scenarios!

Send 🔄 for mun’s choice!

🎓 - Muse A just found out that they’re going to be valedictorian, while muse B just found out that they’re not going to graduate unless they pass all of their final exams. Muse A decided to take pity on Muse B and tutor them.

💍 - Muse A is going to be deported because they forgot to renew their visa. Muse B, their best friend, offers a solution; marriage, so that Muse A gets instant citizenship.

👓 - Muse A is a tech geek who works in IT at a business company. They loose their glasses one day, and Muse B, the CEO of the company, returns them to Muse A.

💪 - Muse A is a fitness trainer, and Muse B is someone who wants to get in shape.

👑 - Muse A is a prince/princess who wants nothing more than to rise to power. In order to become king/queen, they must marry Muse B, a prince/princess from a rival kingdom.

🚔 - Muse A is sometimes commits crimes(okay, they commit a lot of crimes), and Muse B is the police officer who always gets stuck booking them.

🔞 - Muse A is a stripper, and Muse B is their most generous patron.

⚖ - Muse A is a criminal defense lawyer, and Muse B is a law student studying underneath them.

💋 - Muse A gets lonely one night, and decides to order a prostitute. Muse B shows up.

✋ Muse A tries to hit on Muse B, but alas, Muse B is mute.

🎤 - Muse A is an upcoming artist, while Muse B is already mega-famous. Their managers want them to fake-date as a PR stunt for publicity.

🎰 - Muse A decides to go to a casino while in Vegas one night, and get super drunk. They wake up in bed the next day with Muse B, and find out that they got married.

⚽ - Muse A and Muse B are from rival sports teams(add which sport, or mun will choose!)

✈ - Muse A gets upgraded to first class and sits next to Muse B, a rich entrepreneur.

Sweet Nothings

Requested: Yes; Can you make a really fluffy imagine with frank where you guys are laying down together in bed and are talking about their futures together and ends with frank whispering sweet nothings to y/n

Pairing: Frank Iero x reader

Warnings: Fluff

   "Can we get a cat?” You asked snuggling closer to Frank. He wrapped an arm around you and frowned. 

   “What about another dog? A puppy maybe.” He said. You sighed and shook your head.

   “Nope I rather have a kitten. What about later on?” You asked. He sighed. 

   “Fine. Would you ever wanna get married? Like to me?” He asked looking down at you. You nodded. 

   “Yeah. Can we get married in Vegas? Like just one night we’ll go without telling anyone and get married.” You asked looking up and meeting his gaze. He smiled. 

   “I don’t see why not. What color will your dress be? You would look good in a yellow dress. Maybe brown.” He said jokingly. You hit him softly and laughed. 

   “No you goof. What if I don’t even wear a dress? What if I wear some old jeans and one of those really old Pencey Prep shirts. That’s it.” You said seriously. He chuckled.

   “I don’t see why not. Could we bring the guys though? They wouldn’t be too happy if they couldn’t come.” He said shrugging. You nodded and smiled.

   "Wouldn’t dream of not inviting them there. We should do it before you guys play a show. And just announce it on stage. Everyone would freak.” You said giggling. 

   “Yeah we could do that. What if I wear a Jason mask. Like at the ceremony.” He said scratching at his stubble. 

   “That can’t be the worst thing they see at Vegas weddings. Can we get a bouquet of grass. Just grass from like their lawn or something.” You said laughing at the thought of you in jeans and a tee shirt holding a bouquet of grass while Frank stood next to you in a Friday the 13th mask.

   “You’re so weird babe. But if that’s what you wanna do. Can we stay in Jersey though? I don’t think I would be able to leave.” He said yawning. 

   “Of course. I wouldn’t dream of leaving the streets of Jersey. Still too many adventures to have. Too many memories.” You said running your hand under his shirt and over his tattoos. 

   “Do you remember how me met? At the old dive bar in Monroeville.” He said chuckling. You nodded and smiled. 

   "Of course I do you dropped a mic stand on me while I watched you play. Do you remember our first date?” You asked laughing at the blush creeping onto his face.

   “Yeah. I can never forget. I tried to be smooth and put my arm around you but ended up breaking your nose. I had to drive you to the hospital and everything. I thought I totally blew it with you. I was so shocked when you called me back that night. That’s when I knew I was in love with you.” He said fondly. 

   “Honestly I don’t think I would have fallen for you if you hadn’t broken my nose. It was such a pivotal point in our relationship. It was like a sign of all the wild things to come really.” You said. 

   “Really? You really like putting up with all my shit?” He asked surprised. 

   "I mean I don’t like it but I love you so I just let it go. I wouldn’t change a thing.” You said closing your eyes. He rubbed your back softly and rested his head on top of yours.

   “Good because I wouldn’t have it any other way.” He said squeezing you a little and holding you close. 

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Hello! Do you know any taekook arranged marriage au? (๑・v・๑)

Sure can do anonnie! Ohmygosh im exhausted im going to crash so sorry if i dont make sense.

Premeditated Jeongguk’s not sure when the case became about getting back together with Taehyung instead of finding out who killed his fiancé.

My Prettiest Husband And I’m thinking ‘bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways/ Maybe just the touch of a hand/ Oh me I fall in love with you every single day/ And I just wanna tell you I am/ I love you my Mr Annoying Brat.

Marriage of Convenience  Taehyung needed a husband because he had been in a situation where ‘no husband, no money’. Jungkook needed a normal happy marriage but being stucked with taehyung was more curse than blessing. Sokay! If Taehyung wanted to act childish, Jungkook could do the same

Married Based on this request:  So at first jeongguk doesnt love tae but tae always loves him since eternity.

A Pack’s Pride Growing up Taehyung was told all about his alpha, his mate and how they would bring peace and strength with their union- because the union between Taehyung and Jeongguk would be the union of their packs. Taehyung always thought this mate was going to be Prince Charming. He never expected Jeongguk to detest the very scent of him. He couldn’t even say no to all this, his marriage to Jeongguk would unite the two packs; he had a responsibility, his pack was depending on him. 

Shake the Glitters off Your Clothes Now Jeongguk’s sick of set-up dates. Taehyung just wanted to celebrate for being employed at 24. Somehow and in some way, both get tangled under fine bed sheets with rings, handcuffs and a discarded beret on the floor. The last time they checked, this phenomenon only happened in Vegas. One night stands were overrated anyway.

This took quite a lot of effort from Admin H and I to compile so I hope you enjoy this! Also, big cheers because Admin H is back! She has saved me on some many occasions it’s not even funny. Bless her lovely soul.

♡ Admin N(ezzie)

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Okay, how about 'We met in Vegas one night and woke up next morning in a honeymoon suite naked, hungover and married AU' with Everlark. :)

Her mouth is so dry, Katniss is pretty sure she could grow a damn cactus in it.

It’s an effort to get her eyes open, sleep crud gluing her lashes together. But as soon as she does, she immediately regrets it. The traitorous morning light pierces her unsuspecting pupils, and she groans as she sluggishly lifts her hand to block it out. Suddenly, it’s like her head starts pounding all at once, and she whimpers pathetically.

How much did she drink last night? Forcing her eyes open again, she squints at her hand.

And immediately frowns when she notices the pearl ring on her finger.

Struggling into a sitting position, she swallows a liquid burp as her stomach lurches, and then she shakes her head. “God,” she croaks, hoping her voice carries far enough through the suite she’s sharing with Madge, Johanna, Delly and Leevy for the latter’s bachelorette party in Vegas. “Whose jewelry did I steal last night?”

“Uh…” A distinctively male voice rumbles beside her, jolting her awake fully. “You didn’t steal it. Pretty sure I gave it to you.”

Horrified, Katniss’ head snaps around to the source. Which is a terrible idea, because all at once her stomach and head protest in unison, and as soon as her eyes land on the man next to her—the last man she’d ever expect to find in her bed, again—-bile rises in her throat, and she swings back in the other direction to puke her guts out on the floor.

Peeta sighs behind her. “Quite a melodramatic response, Katniss.”

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