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bleed, honey
bleed, honey

‘bleed, honey’ is a track that i started writing during my time in florida back in august, i wrote the chorus first and then pondered and obsessed over the rest of the song for the whole week, meditating on it as we swam in the ocean at ormond beach. this is a little acoustic version that i wanted to share it with you; the full version sounds quite different! lyrics under the jump:

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Suzanne Vega - Luka.


Courier’s glasses broke in a fight or something. Courier can’t see a thing and gets pretty aggressive due to… that. Yes Man has cause to worry

[based on how i was playing FNV without my glasses last night and was trying to find my way around. couldn’t tell where the edge of this one cliff was, dropped straight down into group of deathclaws because they’RE THE SAME COLOUR AS THE ENVIRONMENT AND I DIDN’T SEE THEM]

The Vinyl of the Day is ‘Solitude Standing’ by Suzanne Vega, 1987. It’s the most popular and critically acclaimed album of her career, powered by the hit ‘Luka’, a story of child abuse which earned her nominations at the 1988 Grammy Awards, including Record of the Year,  Song of the Year, and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. 

Suzanne first achieved a degree of fame with her debut album ‘Suzanne Vega’, which received critical acclaim and sold 250,000 copies, proving that there was still an audience for personal introspective music in a decade marked by blockbuster pop albums and MTV.  But when it came time for her to record this second album, she experienced a case of writer’s block. Fortunately Suzanne had a large catalog of songs she’d written over years, and so ‘Solitude Standing’ includes music which she’d written as far back as 1978! The combination of the older songs and the newer material added up to a very cohesive collection in keeping with the album’s theme of being alone. Two tracks were even inspired by mythology and history–the jazzy and cinematic “Calypso,” which is the name of the nymph who kept Odysseus on an island, preventing him from being with his wife; and the somber “Wooden Horse,” inspired by the bizarre story of Kaspar Hauser, a young German man from the 19th century who claimed he was held alone in a dungeon since childhood.Of the album’s urgent and dynamic title song whose lyrics portrayed solitude as a living thing, Vega explained to Rolling Stone in 1987: “I was living with someone for two years, in one room. And I’d moved from living with someone to living alone, and I was sitting alone in this room that I’d gotten for myself. There was nothing in there, and suddenly the whole song took shape.” 

‘Solitude Standing’, which replaced the delicate acoustic textures of her self-titled debut with more dramatic arrangements, of course includes Vega’s career song, “Luka,” surely one of the biggest hits ever written about child abuse. But it was the energetic folk-rock production of “Luka,” thick with ringing guitars and pushed by perky drums, that brought the listener inside a song that suggested the darkness that can lurk behind a neighbor’s door. The title tune confronts personal loneliness with a similarly powerful performance, while “Ironbound/Fancy Poultry” makes a downtown landscape sound comfortable and homey. Well-turned tunes like “Calypso” and “Gypsy” recall the softer textures of her debut. Ironically, Vega’s next big hit would come when the English production duo DNA made a dance hit out of “Tom’s Diner,” a loving tribute to a coffee shop that opens the album. A couple of interesting bits of trivia about ‘Tom’s Diner’ is that the record has it divided into two parts; first the acapella lyrics to start the album, and then the instrumental without lyrics to end it! It wasn’t until DNA mixed the two that the song became a club hit. Also, ‘Tom’s Diner’ was used as the model piece in the development of the MP3 compression algorithm. Thus, Suzanne Vega has earned the title, “Mother of the MP3.”! 

Overall, this album offers a beautiful selection of great songs with deep, insightful and moving lyrics, from one of the best alternative/folk artists of the 80s.

battlersexual  asked:

I literally picked New Vegas up again today after a year of not playing it because someone reminded me it existed and all the memories came flooding back. Your statement should NOT be controversial.

It’s not that 4 is a bad game really. It’s good. But it really, really doesn’t hold a candle to New Vegas. Some folks in some discord chats I know just simply don’t know any better ‘cause they started out on 4 and anytime I say “but new vegas tho” they’re like “nawwwwwww”

So much about New Vegas is just…friggin better than 4, or even 3 imo (that’s the REAL controversial opinion I have, being honest, I’ll get 3 fanboys disowning me for that shit)

The world building is better in NV, the factions are more believable and can be more deeply explored, but the biggest telling point is that unlike both 3 and 4, NV is your own story far more so. It isn’t hampered by an underlying plot of “gotta find dad” or “gotta find kid” and you’re way more free to explore the world around you without guilt and pick your own sides more organically. 

I think that’s what I really like the most about New Vegas over 3 or 4. It’s unequivocally my character in my story. You wouldn’t ever get something like the option of sleeping with the person who tried to capture your kid/kill your dad and then kill them in their sleep afterwards, but since NV doesn’t have those weird constant familial moral hangups you can totally do that without shame to the guy who tried to kill you in the beginning. 

Wanna side yourself with one faction over the other? You can do that.
Good enough at talking? You can talk the final boss down in some cases and beat the game that way.
Wanna take over and run the whole goddamn New Vegas like a badass instead? Hell yeah bruh. And you can do it multiple different ways too, it’s so awesome and open ended, truly open ended, where 4 and even 3 only have the mask of being open ended.

I mean, really who would possibly have thought that the more open-ended you make your world and the less you railroad the player into your own all-important plot, the better your open-world game will be? Even Skyrim has the issue of having the one all-important quest line that you can’t really subvert yourself from without making it a point to avoid it and do other things instead.

I think the key difference is nuance. There’s a lot more nuance present in Fallout: New Vegas than almost any other open world Bethesda game in my recent memory. I’ve heard Morrowind being championed by fans as the New Vegas of Elder Scrolls games but I just haven’t gotten around to it, admittedly, I started at Oblivion myself.

I dunno. My thoughts aren’t exactly as well organized as they would be right now because I’m just responding with my heart but good gaping gap gooey god damn I love new vegas so much. And it’s not like the others are bad, it’s like comparing B+ games to an A game, honestly.

Tagged by @nichiiko! (I really liked your songs…especially A L I E N S, that was awesome and made the iPod list)

List 10 songs that you like:

1) Obstacles by Syd Matters (Alternative/Indie, 2005)
2) Tom’s Diner by Suzanne Vega (Folk Rock, 1987)
3) Casey Jones by The Grateful Dead (Rock, 1970)
4) O Superman by Laurie Anderson (Experimental, 1982)
5) Hard Times by Paramore (Alternative Rock, 2017)
6) We Love Burning Town by Jake Kaufman (VGM, 2014)
7) Otter Pop by Shawn Wasabi (Electronic, 2017)
8) Funky at Heart by Studio Killers (Electronic, 2013)
9) Saturnz Barz (feat. Popcaan) by Gorillaz (Contemporary R&B, 2017)
10) My Mercy by Chi-chi (Undertale Fansong, 2017)

These are just the ones that’ve been stuck in my head lately, there’s not really an order, reason, or rhyme for any of these.  Just good songs!

I tag @annekmt123, @vern-system, @le-poofe, and @ninjakirkki!

“(On the left) This is my younger brother and his girlfriend. My brother is an exchange student in America, so he and his girlfriend have a long distance relationship. They usually can’t take pictures together, so we took advantage of a day like this and came out. They are like the Altair and the Vega, and I am the bridge where they meet.”
(The Altair and the Vega is a well known love story in Korea about two people who were forced to be apart but found a way to meet at a bridge once a year on a certain day in the lunar calendar.) 
“You and your brother seem very close.”
“For over 20 years while we were growing up we were like cats and dogs, constantly fighting. However, now every time he comes to Korea he tells me, ‘How have you been, my best friend?’“

“(맨 왼쪽) 제 남동생과 남동생 여자친구예요. 남동생이 미국에서 유학 중이라 여자친구하고 장거리 연애를 해요. 그래서 사진을 평소에 못 찍어둬서 이렇게 날 잡고 나왔어요. 둘이 견우와 직녀고, 전 중간의 오작교죠.”
“남동생하고 무척 가깝게 지내시나 봐요?”
“자라면서 20년 넘게 견원지간처럼 엄청 싸웠는데, 지금은 한국에 오자 마자 저한테 ‘내 베프 잘 있었냐?’라고 말하더라구요.”