vegas draft


Hey guys I just wanted to explain this,

This is a list of all the players that HAVE to be protected by their current teams going into the expansion draft with vegas. This means they hold no move clauses or otherwise wording of their contract does not allow them to go to vegas. 

These players DO count towards their limited protect player spots. There are two ways to protect players:

7 Forwards, three defensemen and 1 goaltender


8 skaters and 1 goaltender.

But don’t be too worried because this is not the final list. I do not believe anybody can be added to the list however players can be taken off. For instance, the penguins would be in a tight spot because they would want to protect Murray instead of Fleury but they would HAVE to protect Fleury in this position. MAF can waive his no-move clause at any point making him draft eligible. 

And another reason not to be worried about this list. All players in their rookie and sophomore years are exempt from the draft. That includes McDavid, Marner, Matthews, Nylander, Eichel, ect. I do believe Matt Murray does not count because it’s my understanding that the AHL is also considered “professional” (the specific line says first and second year professionals and does not specify NHL).

And Players who have “career ending” injuries but who are still under contract will not be eligible. This will take off players like Nathan Horton leaving the leafs with plenty of movement. 

If you have any other questions i went more in depth with the expansion draft here or you can send me an ask!

although i’m pretty sure that the guys working on the las vegas team have narrowed it down to desert nights, golden nights, or silver nights, 

Holy Shit I don’t want them to be the aces. I don’t want cp fans to be enabled like that 

literally any young “attractive” player chosen for Las Vegas during the expansion draft will be dragged through the mud and compared to Kent Parson and I think that’s absolutely fucking bullshit. 

you all know this is gonna happen

Concept: the Vegas expansion draft happens. By some miraculous miracle (it’s rigged) the players chosen are every single member of team North America. We all live together in harmony as our children tear up the ice in Vegas (where some of them legally cannot drink/gamble lol). The end.