vegas dancers

Ring (Exotic Dancer!Taehyung)

Plot: #048: “We accidentally got married in Vegas oops” with exotic dancer!Taehyung

Word Count: 840

A/N: so for everyone that doesn’t know a couple days ago, I did a poll for this request bc there were two options, there was stripper/exotic dancer!Tae and then there was bartender!Tae and stripper!Tae won by one vote so it was really close but both AUs would’ve had a similar theme to what this drabble is with a few differences of course so if you did want bartender!Tae, you could replace anything related to the dancing with bartending but when I saw this request, it just sounded so funny to me and I had to do it so here is exotic dancer!Tae!!!!

You have no idea how any of this happened. You didn’t know why you woke up with a ring on your finger and an arm around your waist. You remembered going to your friend’s birthday party in Las Vegas, the exotic dancers you and your friends had jokingly hired showing up around midnight. You remembered filming nearly every second of your friend’s embarrassed look, even the dancers started to laugh when they caught onto what had happened. You remembered flirting with one of the dancers, the two of you dancing together for most of the night. You remembered all of your friends circling around as the dancers began to take their shirts off, the birthday boy only staring at his best friend who only laughed even harder.

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And that’s a wrap. I just got back from finishing my last scenes on Teen Wolf. I have to admit, I’m pretty sad to be leaving that show and that family. I’m also a little worried about the fact that I’m kind of unemployed now and only have this show to fall back on if I don’t find other work soon. I mean I could go back to my roots and become a dancer. I’m sure my Mom would be proud if I told her I retired from acting to chance my dream as an exotic dancer in Vegas… But I don’t think my husband would approve of that career move. 




Club Dance Studio– Bang Bang

TDA Vegas & Orlando 2016 Best Dancers

Mini Female:

Kiarra Waidelich (The Rock Center for Dance)

Diana Pombo (Stars Dance Studio)

Mini Male:

Artyon Celestine (Murrieta Dance Project)

Jonathan Paula (The Dance Zone)

Junior Female:

Emma York (Danceology)

Bostyn Brown (Club Dance Studio)

Junior Male:

Holden Maples (Just for Kicks)

Parker Garrison (Stars Dance Studio)

Teen Female:

Emma Sutherland (Dance Industry Performing Arts Center)

Morgan Higgins (Denise Wall Dance Energy)

Teen Male:

Sage Rosen (The Company)

D’Angelo Castro (Dance Town)

Senior Female:

Taylor Sieve (Larkin Dance Studio)

Jayci Kalb (The Dance Centre)

Senior Male:

Lex Ishimoto (West Coast School of the Arts)

Jonathan Wade (Dance Unlimited)

Really cute AU I thought of.

Modern!Bilbo; stays in his house all the time, reading and working part-time at a bookshop, and his 29th birthday comes up and his cousin Primula says for his birthday she’ll get him out of the house; and take him to Vegas.

Naturally Bilbo’s like “Party city?; Nope” but she makes him go; and she even goes with him to make sure he doesn’t stay in the Hotel the whole time.

One night she takes him to see “The Company” which is basically a Magic Mike-type show, she knows he’ll secretly enjoy cause he’s actually homosexual.

She even fuckin gets front-row seats and Bilbo’s just sitting there all awkward when the dancers come out and holy shit; the main dancer is SUPER HOT, like sure all sexual-male dancers should be hot but this one is all tall and dark with long, black hair and these blue eyes, that Bilbo can’t help but like watch him the whole fuckin time.

Thorin notices this really cute guy in the front row just looking at him; and sure he’s performed in front of a lot of people but this guy is just so amazingly adorable and Thorin almost fucks up the routine cause of the golden-haired beauty in the front row staring at him. ヾ(。◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ


Eva Igo– Babe


Bostyn Brown– Black Lake




Jenna Valenzuela– At The Beginning