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Cosplayed today as a gender-bent Chloe Price from Life is Strange!!! It was so fun and for a last minute cosplay it turned out verrrryyyyyyyyy good!!! I’ve never felt more punk rock in my life.


(。+・`ω・´)   Akui and Tsuki’s adventures at the con! Tsuki-chan and I were passing by, then we stopped by a group of awesome people who gave us strawberry pocky and we decided to play the pocky game! XDDD


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I'm more of a fallout 3 man myself. New Vegas didn't really have a post nuclear war feel for me. It just felt like real life Las Vegas but with angry cosplayers

we know which cosplayers won


F.A.N.G Street Fighter V Cosplay - YM® Gdl

Sabemos que es cumpleaños de Ichigo, pero no seria asi sin sufrimiento (?). Fresa, nosotras te amamos y te consolaremos, aún cuando Rukia te dejo atrás :‘v los corazones despechados no toman las mejores desiciones. Si Rukia cambio de husbando, nosotras no :'v

Creditos:Cancion: Bleach Ending 29 (Re:Pray)
Edición: Cleon Li
Programa utilizado: Sony Vegas 13.0
Cosplayer: @03chi_ryu28,quién dio su permiso para usar su trabajo.

Este video se hizo con el único proposito de entretener y sin fines de lucro
Por y para fans


Grand Prix Las Vegas 2017: Cosplayers e Vintage

Disney Chandra, Embalmed Venser, the Cecani twins and more… fun w/ Magic Brasil! This dude was a blast. What a nice crew!

Love when he like does the double take at Amonkhet Chandra: “W-WOW!! THAT’S so NICE XD”

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My name is Blue, but I’m better known as TheCosplayBunny. I’ve been cosplaying for about five years and in that time I have learned so much and met so many wonderful people. Cosplay is exploding right now, its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years and that is amazing, however, it comes with challenges.

Recently a movement has begun called #NotJustPixels. This movement targets those who steal cosplayers pictures to gain a larger following and more likes. So why is this a problem? There are so many “Hot Cosplay
Girl” and “Amazing Cosplay” pages and websites it’s crazy. Normally this would not be an issue but many of these pages don’t source the original cosplayers or photographers.

I have personally experienced this and it’s awful. Selling prints and making appearances is how I continue to cosplay, so when I saw one of my prints on one such page, completely unsourced, I was shocked. I basically work as a nonprofit; all profit I make from sales are immediately reinvested into the next costume, I never see a dime. I was heartbroken because someone I didn’t even know was taking my hard work, and claiming it as their own.

This has to stop. Cosplayers put an incredible amount of time and effort into their art, not to mention a lot of money. When you see a beautiful cosplay photo you must remember, the person in that photo paid for everything you see. The wig, the shoes, the makeup, the costume, even the photo itself (photoshoots aren’t free). So I am urging you to join this movement.

If you see someone posting an unsourced photo of a cosplayer, call them out on it or report them for misuse. It’s not right, it is stealing. Help us end this awful practice, share to spread the word! #NotJustPixels

Photographer: Double Take Las Vegas Cosplayer: Me! (TheCosplayBunny)