vegas cosplay


Finished my Vulpes Inculta/Female Legion Courier cosplays 3 days before comic con B)
So did a test run to make sure it all works.

My friend will be bringing a Pip-Boy for me at con for my female Courier cosplay ovo

But oh man I am so excited for this cosplay, it’s been something I’ve been trying to make for 4 years now :’D


Some Gladion selfies from this past weekend.
Wig is a stand-in since I didn’t finish the proper one in time.

Team Skull is Jez Roth
Lillie is Chechecat cosplay

Something recent
I’m adventuring in Las Vegas and I was fortunate enough to meet up with Roxy Chan at Otakon Vegas. Vegas is fantastic for really cool photoshoot locations, but super great for the cosplay or cons though. You’d think it’d be huge right?
Naaah. :<
It’s really different out here.

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A current photo of my entire Fallout prop collection. All made by me minus some official merchandise and 3D printed doodads. Most items are just common household items, craft foam, insulation foam board, Foam core poster board, sintra and trash. I try to spend as little as possible and it has taken 7 years to get to this point. Now if only I can finally get back home from this out of town job I have been on for over a month and start pumping out some new props.


And here it is, photos of my Joshua Graham cosplay taken in the actual Zion Canyon, Utah, off the Emerald Pools trail. Bless my photographer and good friend @archangelcodpiece for taking these photos and going on a hike with me in the middle of July. Zion is truly gorgeous and I can understand why Joshua considers it holy and worth protecting. I’ve never seen somewhere so beautiful.


Now I’m prepared for the apocalypse! Well, at least regarding bottle caps…

Worked on a new improved version of my bottle caps for my Piper cosplay the last couple of days 💪

Also I decided to start selling these on Etsy since I’ve found quite a liking to making them and also to save up founds for future parts of the cosplay.

If you’re interested in owning your own stash of caps and be prepared for the apocalypse check out my Etsy store please ❤️  🤗

Just finished up my Maria pistol from Fallout:New Vegas. I achieved this by using a Browning Hi-Power airsoft pistol, bondo, printable vellum, regular weight printer paper, amazing sculpt and rub-n-buff. It came out more gold than polished nickel since I failed to do a test area first. Oh well, I will Just have to make another one!