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Lovers’ Weekend Fic Rec

Because the last fic rec I posted went so well, I decided to take another shot at it. This one is going to be much shorter, though. So, this is going to be purely smutty and fluffy things. (Think of the smut as a warm up for what’s coming Tuesday with the @olicityvalentinesdaysmut-a-thon)

read. enjoy. leave comments. send messages. it’s much appreciated ♥


  • Nerf War // @spaztronautwriter - Oliver has to leave on Mayoral business which means Felicity is left alone with William for the first time ever || Sooo cute and wonderful! I love love love dad!oliver and felicity being a good (future) step mom to William.
  • Mr. Brightside // @deadlybingo - Felicity is forced to join a program that trades a year of teaching in a needy area for her tuition. || I only need a few words for this: The olicity teachers au we all need in our lives. Fan-fucking-tasting.
  • Baby Fever // @deadlybingo - Diggle has baby fever and it’s driving Oliver and Felicity nuts. || Silliness, puppies, and babies oh my! I love this story so much! The ending made me scream. No lie.
  • Physical Therapy // @adiwriting - Oliver needs a little help and Felicity is having too much fun teasing him about it || sooo cute and funny omg i could have read way more of Felicity harassing Oliver lmao

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Olicity Fanfic Recommendation

Hi, guys!
I know there hasn’t been any recommendation post in the recent past, and I still think it will take some more time until I will be getting around to do this weekly again, but at least I can give you some new recs to read.

I hope you will find something you haven’t read yet but will enjoy to read now.

Unnamed fic by @deadlybingo - A dialogue-only drabble in which Donna is out of town when Felicity catches the flu, so she calls in her favorite reinforcement to take sure her daughter is okay.
Very sweet!

Unnamed fic by @yet-i-remain-quiet - A dialogue-only fic in which Felicity realizes that since they got back together, Oliver avoids fighting with her. 
Really enjoyable!

The stuff that souls are made ofby @queensoverwatch - After Laurel’s funeral, Oliver has a panic attack in the limo. 
Heartbreakingly beautiful!

The arrangement by @queensoverwatch - A prostitute/gigolo AU with Starling City’s most in-demand gigolo and a Vegas-born call girl. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the rest…or at least, it shouldn’t.
Hot, hot, hot!

Just a crush by @felicityollies - Oliver gets annoyed when the neighbors’ nerdy teenage son has a total crush on Felicity.

Not all closets lead to Narnia (some of them take you home) by @mimozka - During a child’s birthday party, Oliver and Felicity both need some place to hide and end up hiding in the same closet. 
Funny and sweet!

Permission by @ourwritinginvein - A short dialogue-only fic about when Quentin asks Felicity if it was alright to move in with Donna.
Very funny!

Birthday Surprisesby @ourwritinginvein - A dialogue-only fic about Felicity waking up Oliver on his birthday.
So sweet!

Life aint easy as bodyguard by @angelofame and @the-silverforked-sky - John got Oliver a job as a bodyguard for Miss Smoak. But he was too late to find out that it is her 6 year old Joanna and not Felicity that he was going to protect.
I love single parent AUs, and I love Oliver as a bodyguard. This fic has both!

Thanks to all the great writers for their work! If you want to be included, just tag me or send me links to your fics, and I’ll check them out. It might take some time, though. 

You can find all my recs here. If you ever need them, the link is in the sidebar of my blog.