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*thought it would be handy to have a list of my youtube videos so far as a guide for anyone starting off or needing some inspiration. I’ll keep adding to the list as I upload more*

Vegan tip #1!

So I was making my batch of almond milk this morning, and I thought to myself ‘this is a great way for people to get their calcium without drinking milk from cows’.

How to make almond milk:

  • Pour one cup of almonds into a measuring bowl.
  • Pour one cup of water into the same measuring bowl to soak overnight, approximately eight hours.
  • After eight hours, pour that into a blender.
  • Pour three more cups of water into that blender.
  • Blend.
  • Get a jar, put a cheesecloth over it, pour the almond milk into the jar.
  • Drink the delicious homemade almond milk!

For the extra almond crumbs, I like to put that into my cereal.

* Calcium is a mineral. Minerals cannot be destroyed, but they can be leashed into the water, so make sure you don’t throw out that water that you soaked your almonds in. Some of your calcium is in there!

Vegan Apps

We are all familiar with the phrase “there’s an app for that,” but are there any apps that could help me out with my vegan lifestyle? 

From vegan recipe apps, to vegan restaurant finders, there are many different vegan apps to choose from, some free, and others cost a small fee. Here’s a list of some useful vegan apps that are worth the download.

HappyCow VeginOut 

The HappyCow app provides a list or map of the nearest vegetarian and vegan restaurants and stores to your current location. With listings in over 100 different countries, this app is perfect for finding veg-friendly spots while traveling. The free version of the app gives you a list of the nearest vegan, vegetarian, and veg-friendly spots, and allows you to search your surrounding up to 25 miles. For less than three dollars (Canadian) you can buy the full HappyCow VeginOut Guide app. The app lets you submit your own restaurant and store reviews, upload photos, and save favourites on your device.  

Cost: Free | Available on: Android, iPhone 


Have you ever read product labels and wondered if all the ingredients are vegan or not? The Animal-Free app allows you check if an ingredient is animal-free or vegan. With hundreds of listed ingredients, you can search for a specific one and it gives you a write-up and lists why the ingredient is or is not animal-free. The iPhone version of the app has a barcode scanner option that allows you to simply scan the product’s barcode to let you know if the product is vegan/ vegetarian friendly (the scanner only works with HD camera’s and with iOS 4.0 or above). 

Cost: Free | Available on: Android, iPhone

Vegan Recipes!

A decent vegan recipe app called “Vegan Recipes!” by NetSummitApps grabbed my attention. The free (for a limited time) app gives you hundreds of different vegan recipes that are sorted into categories (breakfast, salad, pasta, cookies, etc.). The app also offers some vegan tips and recipe videos. This app is a great spot to get recipe ideas quick off your phone, but it doesn’t allow you to search for a specific recipe. If you like browsing through new vegan recipes, this app definitely delivers.

 Cost: Free | Available on: Android